Milan name 30-man squad for Europa League playoffs: Bonucci, Biglia and Romagnoli on the list, Bacca excluded


Vincenzo Montella has picked his 30-man squad from which he’ll be able to choose his 11 to face KF Shkëndija in the Europa League qualification playoffs.

Milan got past Craiova (3-0 on aggregate) and next week they will play the first leg of the Europa League playoff round, hosting KF Shkëndija at Stadio San Siro.

Montella has named a 30-man squad, with 7 out of them included on List B, which is a list for home-grown players (the boys on List B can of course play regularly).

There is also a free spot on the list which can be given to a new signing as changes can be made until 24 hours before the match. Leonardo Bonucci, Lucas Biglia and Alessio Romagnoli are on the list, as are Gabriel Paletta and Jose Sosa. Carlos Bacca, however, is not part of it.

After playing at San Siro on August 17th (20:45 CET), Milan go to Macedonia on August 24th to play at the Telekom Arena. Before these matches, the Rossoneri play Real Betis on August 9th in Catania.

Antonio Donnarumma (#90)Ignazio Abate (#20)Lucas Biglia (#21)Fabio Borini (#11)
Marco Storari (#30)Luca Antonelli (#31)Giacomo Bonaventura (#5)M'Baye Niang (#94)
Gianluigi Donnarumma (#99)*Leonardo Bonucci (#19)Hakan Çalhanoğlu (#10)André Silva (#9)
Alessandro Guarnone (#75)*Andrea Conti (#12)Franck Kessié (#79)Suso (#8)
Gustavo Gomez (#15)Jose Mauri (#4)Patrick Cutrone (#63)*
Mateo Musacchio (#22)Riccardo Montolivo (#18)
Gabriel Paletta (#29)Jose Sosa (#23)
Riccardo Rodriguez (#68)Manuel Locatelli (#73)*
Alessio Romagnoli (#13)Niccolo Zanellato (#45)*
Cristian Zapata (#17)
Davide Calabria (#2)*
Matteo Gabbia (#46)*

* Players on List B.


    • I was thinking Lucas from PSG, they will sell him now since they got Neymar he is a good winger at only 24 and can play as a midfielder two, very similar to Bonaventura but one step better pretty much in everything. And rumors say he will cost around 30 mil since PSG wants to offload him if we can include Bacca(PSG coach likes Bacca) in the deal too that will be superb deal. Other good player is Cavani who is not a winger but a CF, im not sure if PSG will let him go some say his place is in danger with Neymar coming, even tho they are not the same type of strikers. Any way the type of striker we need depends on which formation will Montela use, if he goes with 4-3-3 i say go for Lucas 30mil is nothing for player like him in today overpriced market.

      • nice one,u just spoke my mind,Lucas will be a great addition and we don’t have natural winger,he is better than all the wingers in our team by distance. no disrespect to them and also mayrez of Leicester city wants a move also,mehn what are we waiting for?

      • That is actually an awesome idea. Lucas has regressed since joining PSG. He was a monster back in Brazil.

        He has great attributes. Dribbles, crosses very well, scores, distance shot and pace for days.

        Could be a fresh start for him

    • It’s already time For “Reality”…Football is beyond a mere Game But a business of Truth, Emotions, focus and passionate Drive for Achievement, since we still have some reasonable balance let’s Get an established and prolific striker…Emirick Aubameyang is absolutely the Best, closest and most promising factor We NEED, let’s Scoop Him in time before the door will be permanently shot with respect to time, A Blend of Aubo. And Zlatan will bring about Maturity, Balance, Assurance and Dominance Up front. We don’t need much talk and anticipation @ this time Remember we are a Building team and Builders talk less and work More…we’ve Talked the Talk so let’s Walk the Walk.

    • He is a cancer.. I mean thank you for the good years (When we had Pirlo, Ibra, KPB, so it doesn’t mean he was that good back then, just had an awesome team) but give us a break already Mortolivo is like a corpse, an ever reversing corpse

  1. We should go for Stevan Jovetic. Inter want to sell him and he would be a great striker for Montella’s style of play. I am Montenegrin like him but I am not biased. Joveta is really a great player.

  2. I heard that mr. Li had risen transfers budget up by 57mil and it’s total of 117 now.

    In this case two options turn out to be better – Aubameyang and Belotti. It’s really hard to choose but that’s exactly a job of fassobeli. 28yr old ex-Milanista who is a bomber or a kiddo way younger but still bomber too.

    Option maybe Auba by now cuz we watch him playing so well for some seasons when Toro might be an year guy. Let’s see if he worth 100mil in this season.

    BTW who knows where has Auba’s plane landed?

    • please forget belotti, he is isn’t even a transfer target anymore.according to
      Aubameyang says he wants to stay at Dortmund …
      bacca isn’t in milan plans anymore.
      costa wants only atletico madrid…
      ibra can only come january…
      falaco is just an idea not likely to join….
      therefore Nikola Kalinic is the only option…..
      this is logic.. .

      • You also forgot to mention that Pioli said that he is counting on Kallinic for next season. That leaves Cutrone who is on fire as Milan deadliest weapon at the moment. It would be great if Milan keeps Bacca and forget about getting a new striker. Get a great winger or keep the money for January for any potential additions. Milan should make this sacrifice for Cutrone’s sake because the Kid is unbelievably talented. Talk about Barcelona letting Dinho go for the 19 year old Messi. Milan could do the same for Cutrone having seemed to be failing with Mastour.Now that football is selfish and greedy why give a your gem away. Milan should give Mastour to Dortmund with obligation buy. Mastour is too good I haven’t seen a talent as technical as him since Zenedine Zidane and Bergkamp.

        • If mastour’s too good then why should milan loan him to dortmund with obligation to buy? Have u even seen mastour play live? Zidane and bergkamp had even better ball control and vision than van basten and u compare him to mastour who doesnt even know what to do with the ball aside from doing cr7-like useless stepovers when he has it?
          Also, messi was already 2 time ballon d’or nominee when barca let ever declining dinho go. Please dont compare young messi to cutrone. Cutrone has potential to be good player but he’s nothing like messi talentwise and he sure as hell isnt ready yet to lead milan attack

        • lol Klum. Sorry but your statements about Mastour and how we should sell him to Dortmund just confirms how disjointed from reality you are.
          The guy is no great football player, I thought everyone knew this already.

          • Dortmund? why not?. Isn’t that what clubs like them do these days, Porto, Benfica, Monaco, and recently Atalanta, Napoli and Roma who is using Sassualo like Barcelona uses Sevilla to horn their young talents. Go and look into how much Monaco alone in the last four years have made by getting and selling young talents who were only just improbable names and talents until patience and perseverance paved their way to greatness in a club that gave them a chance. Lately Mbappe came straight from Monaco’s academy where he was scoring goals just like Cutrone. Without hesitation he would lead the strong Monaco sides. Now he is worth 180 Million in todays market. So of course I’m the one who is “disjointed from reality”.

      • +Milan, Kalinic is average. Nothing special but Belotti has enormous potential.
        Auba is awesome but 28 and although Dortmund has taken him off the market they’ll sell him for north of 80 mil. Is he worth that much? At best he can give us 2-3 more years at the very top.
        Falcao is overrated and wouldn’t do crap with tough Serie A defenses.
        If we can’t swing Belotti than let’s go for Costa. I’m not his biggest fan but the guy is good and crafty. He will make the deference.
        If we have any serious aspersions other than qualify for the CL than we need a top notch striker and another solid midfielder.

  3. Is Borini our next Bonera?

    Looking at current attack we really need one experienced striker like Ibra/Costa who will mentor Silva and Cutrone…

    • Idk about all that now that the management said we have a 30MM budget for a new striker… Not much we can do with that other than Kalinic. And maybe hope Ibra for January but i don’t think so bc of the wages

      • 30m transfer budget doesn’t mean we have to spent to a player with 30m value.
        We still go for Auba if there is installment agreement, we pay 30m this season, 40m next season, or any other way to get our sigining. Fassobelli has done great work so far in this mercato.

  4. Comment:milan is coming up again to the old glories all we need is costa is very hard and good in scoring

  5. i don’t know y we don’t value our own,no need for Costa,kalinic,belloti,falcao,when I know we have an early bloomer that we can develop in cutrone,this guy can turn into a star and if montella stubbornly sells this guy am so sure we will regret it no doubt ,buy ibrahimovic and use cutrone and silver for the time being as we awaits ibrahimovic in February

  6. Cutrone can be the next belotti or mbappe,let us forget about striker for now and see till January if both silver and cutrone can give us at least 25goals combined, it will be superb, after all mbappe was giving chance by Monaco, so also 100million balotti.forza Milan

  7. Comment:chillini said that selling bonucci will not affect juventus that they sold pogba,pirlo and vidal and still win the scuddetto last season but he forgot that last season no team in seria A bought quality player of high profile like milan has done, also he forgot that they didnt sell any of pogba,pirlo or vidal to a rival team like they sold bonucci to milan, come to think of it again pogba, pirlo and vidal never affect them because they bought players to replace them but for bonucci juve has lost a treasure which they will find difficult to replace him…..
    This season belong to milan.

  8. personally i think we need more of a winger than striker. cutrone is good enough. a winger can also play as a second striker so i think folsberg or keita should be the aim.

  9. Good to have these guys back…. And please my Milan brothers let’s show some respect to this Man R.Moto. because he’s been with us through rain and sun, let’s not divorce these guys like this just because we’ve found another love….its painful taking the captain’s hand band from you and giving it to someone who was once an enemy…..well Such is life… Its good to have you guys too….Roma, Bonu, Biglia….
    Go make them win Motella, We are everywhere with you…..
    #Forza Milan…♥ ♥

  10. Honorable, u are one of knowledgeable Milan fans, I mean why the heavy insults on montolivo by almost all Milan fans, this is total disrespect to a player who has never disrespected our club. Enough is enough pls, RESPECT MONTOLIVO.

        • If you all know how he have done in change room to the ac milan legend (seedorf that have done anything with milan jersey), than i bet you will not act like this.. who is montolivo? What he have done to milan compare to legend have done n how management treat them? Montolivo have through rain n sun? C’mon maaan.. montolivo can be Mighty Milan member coz of that reason.. AC milan is in crisis, if ac milan in glory day, he is not even an milan reserve team member!!! You must knorlw what team you have cheer for.. This Is AC Milan Bro!! The most successfull club in the world.. its not Torino!!

        • Hasn’t he football skills ? Is it a joke ? Montolivo was a great midfielder when he was brought from viola. And he was the best midfielder in a very weak Milan in the last 3-4 years. What has he done for Milan ? Are you serious or stupid with this kind of question ? What did Milan in the last 3-4 years to raise the value of the players ? Montolivo had a lot of injuries and this was the main reason of his latest weak play ! In your oppinion Pato and El Shaarawy were bad players. Also sheva at chelsea or kaka at real madrid. Monto is not as bad as you said, this is why I call you haters !

          • And then i call you a loser!! take high salary with almost nothing than injury, that was your worldclass player???
            Sory mate,iam AC Milan Fans!! Not seri b team fans, we are ac milan, n we are have high standar, our standar and the legend for us is like Maldini, Baresi, Sedorf n etc.. n please,dont you dare to compare our legend to your lover have achieve from his carrir!! not like your lover montolish#t!!
            Just go and cheer your worst captain ever n go to seri B team, this is AC Milan!! We have high standard!!
            And you!! Please tell me what cup have your liver have achieve in his carier??

  11. All in all, the squad is truly much better than previous seasons so i really cant complain. I dare say that with this squad, milan can take on any team in the world and get respectable results, so i tip my hat to fassobelli, the most important signings for milan this mercato. Having said that, i still think milan could do better at handling st situation. Montella shouldve kept his mouth shut and fassobelli shouldve sold bacca to everton/arsenal/west ham 1-2 months ago and used the profit to buy new st. They wasted too much time trying to buy that overrated belotti when auba was still available. Now theyre both out of the market and europe top leagues are about to start leaving only kalinic as the only option. Now, i still think kalinic is a poacher, a poor man’s van nistelrooy, not creative ss like cantona but considering his desire to join milan, i think maybe its not so bad buying a player who really wants to be at milan (unlike diego costa) after all as he could be tomasson 2.0 and kalinic – andre silva/cutrone/niang/suso might not be so bad (anyone who follows milan knows for a fact that milan always play better with 2 st up front). After all, just like fassone said, milan rebuilding is 3 yr project so we can still expect big signings in next 5-6 mercati. its not the end of the world milan miss out on auba now (auba has been flirting with clubs for 3 yrs straight now, make up ur mind goddammit).
    Regarding monto, what he did to seedorf’s unforgivable thus he shouldve never been milan capt in the 1st place (abate or abbiati were better candidates) but anyone who follows fooball knows he’s nice back up player for when injury/fatigue will inevitable set in due to tight schedule. I think he’s still least 10-15m rated player so why sell him and get badelj, who’s not an upgrade at all? As long as he behaves and acts as leader in dressing room (not on the pitch) then he should stay.

    • 100% agree.
      milan fans must be greatfull finaly having such a strong squad.
      mainly a defence.
      all the years b&g just tryed to sing big names up front
      making a empty show.
      but milan was milan alwys with a strong defence
      where i agree mostly with singing players who want to wear this shirt.
      then a man playing in a place where he feels home can show more
      and a man who is in his heart in another club will always be distractet
      to monto
      i guess sometimes it is just good to make radical decisions
      KEEP players in a club becouse they served in bad times but actualy always been awarage
      now we do not need monto
      we have biglica and a perfect sub in locatelli
      just time to say thank u
      and cioa
      does not meen whe disrespect him

  12. Right now with our line up we will be in a good pickle meaning one of our star players will not fit into the starting 11 no matter what. But that means we have depth coming off the bench. In a 4 3 3 romagnioli would be the one left out (not mussachio he is a beast) in a 3 5 2. Suso and likely either bona and canu get left out. 3 4 3 likely canu gets left out. It’s a good problem to have especially because were used to having mati fernandez and pasalic coming off the bench. I can see the 4 3 3 being the main formation, but he gives canu who isn’t a natural winger and suso more freedom to roam inside allowing conti and Rodriguez more space to whip in crosses. For me id like to see
    Conti mussachio bonucci Rodriguez

    Kessie biglia bonaventura

    Suso silva canu

    Then we have cutrone , romagnioli, locatelli, niang as decent subs. With calabria, antonelli and mauri there for depth. Abate and monto have no place in the new era

  13. There is a simple logic which everyone seems to have forgotten. Don’t sell your decent players if you can’t find any better replacement. So, even though I don’t like Bacca’s style, I think it’s a mistake to sell him for like 20m and then buy Kalinic for 25-30m. I guess we could wait until January if we can’t get anyone good now.

  14. Baca should not be sold , him and cutrone could sub each other , and why is monto still in the team , can we sell him already plz.

  15. What about Suso playing as ST?

    If no one comes and Montela chooses 3-5-2…
    They say Silva needs to be assisted and Suso is capable of doing this with his Spanish technique.

    ———– CALHANOGLU/JACK ———
    ———- SUSO ————————–
    ———————– SILVA ————-

  16. Bacca play with us last two seasons, and score up to 30goals then milan has no good midfielders, milan has come up with good midfielders let’s leave bacca to play with these players now, ahumada is a good finisher, he came milan with open heart. Forza milan

  17. One question – who’ll sub Kessie if (god forbid) he gets injured. Last time I read Jose Mauri was on his way to Bologna on loan and imo he was the only capable replacement on B2B position. Milan are still short of midfielders and wingers/inside forwards (Niang,Borini and Hakan are not effective enough playing out wide)

    • Well Montella said in an interview once that he still wants another mezzala. I read something about Marco Benassi from Torino but I think it wasn’t very reliable source but I think Benassi and Kessie are both box-to-box midefielders who could share that right midefield positsion.

  18. I think keeping bacca is logical since we can not get an upgrade of him in the current marcato and also let molto know his position in the team cutrone has a bright future so we should give him a chance and if Milan was in second position in December of 2016/2017 why wouldn’t I tip this current squad for the scudeto??

  19. Millan released Hachim mastour;

    overhyped and over_rated are the major factor that leads to his dismisal, please don’t let this happens to CUTRONE

  20. Dear All,

    This is my advise for Montella on the striker’s options. Carlors Bacca is a very good striker, it will be a great lose if Milan sells that guy. Abu & Balloti are good strikers because they had a great midfielder, and bacca was at sevilla. but we don’t hv that kind of midfielder then. so we have it now, and we have 4 strikers now. to me playing time is what calors needs if we give him that we will get the result we want. Montella should incorporate the guy into is plan, and stop going personal with him. to me calors sales is more of personal that football reason.


  21. Its clear montella wants d 433 formation n if dats d reality,,then what we,need now is a winger…an outright winger not makeshift bona, calhanoglu, borini or niang…we need someone like dual on d lwf, den d Mercado can pause for now…I believe cutrone given d chance can excel, with bacca n Silva, we shld be ok…I really think bacca will do well with gud wingers n a solid midfield…he delivered even when d team was below par except,of course dia is a rift btw bacca n montella dat we don’t know if….bacca is not a bad player…and for d wings, we can look at Lucas from PSG, d Guy is fast…mahrez is overhyped

  22. lucas is not even as good as Mahrez u guys saying the latter is average Mahrez who almost single-handedly won Epl for leicester city..carrying the bulk of the goals & assist responsibilities on his shoulders….has magnificent footworks & eye to pick a pass….current African Footballer of the year & u compare him to a Moura who just runs all day & make unnecessary dribbles….not even a starter like Mahrez…….SMH



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