De Sciglio close to moving to Juventus, Milan will reportedly earn €12 million from the sale of the fullback

Mattia De Sciglio during training at Milanello. (
Mattia De Sciglio during training at Milanello. (

Mattia De Sciglio is ready to wave Milan goodbye and reunite with Max Allegri.

De Sciglio told CEO Marco Fassone and DS Massimiliano Mirabelli of his desire to leave, and during the negotiation with Juventus for Leonardo Bonucci, Milan had reached a gentleman’s agreement indicating that Mattia will be joining the Old Lady in this summer mercato.

And now the gentleman’s agreement is turning into a real deal as according to La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sky Italia, De Sciglio is ‘a step away’ from joining Juve.

Negotiations between the clubs are in advanced stage, with the Bianconeri reportedly agreeing to pay Milan €12m for De Sciglio, whose contract with the club expires next season. There is still uncertainly over whether bonuses will be included. Mattia is wanted by coach Massimiliano Allegri.

Meanwhile, Gianluca Lapadula has passed all of the needed medical check-ups and can now sign with Genoa. The sales of Lapadula, De Sciglio and that of Juraj Kucka, will put €30m into Milan’s coffers.


  1. Please pack your bag n leave asap. We don’t need you. Happy enjoying being benched at Juve because i don’t see you replacing Alex Sandro and alex is nearing an agreement to extend his contract. WC year, don’t think you can join the party by sitting on the bench.

    • He needed a change in his career. He got confidence issues, was whole the time under massive pressure to emulate Maldini and he played in one of weaker Milans all time. He gave what he could.
      Best wishes DS!

      • He’s always played better for the Azzuri than he has for us, most of the time anyways.
        Good riddance and good luck MDS.

      • His comparison with Maldini was 3 to 4 years ago. If you can’t recover from such recognition or media attention after 3 years, you need to go. Confidence issue? I don’t know how join Juve will boost his confidence as competition for a spot is tough. If he feels that he is good enough for Juve first team, i don’t think he has any confidence issue. So he should pack n leave ASAP

    • @ck – to answer you from the prev article.
      Actually, I know plenty of girls who love football.
      Dunno where you get your data from.

      Show me where I mentioned even once the term trequartista. I will leave this blog if you can do.
      And yeah, Mata Fabregas Pastore – they did not play (according to you), and yet magically they have all those assists and goals beside their name, right?

      Luxurious signing is in the context of necessity/priority. We would ofc need LB when MDS left. But we should have gone for a quality playmaker before going after fullbacks imo. That’s what luxurious signing means here. Going for something instead of going for something we have a dire need for.

      And nice words from you for MDS who has been here all his life and tried to give his best. Bravo.

      • Hahaha you can check out number of appearances they had. All 3 names only played a bit part for their respective squad most notably Fabregas hahaha. Pastore was consistently left out as well. Mata doesn’t fit into Mourinho plan. Go and check out various websites such has whoscored. They have all their full appearances and sub appearances.

        Yeah plenty of girls that include you. Whiny naggy grandmother.

        We have plenty of playmakers if you are not talking about trequartista. Biglia calhanoglu suso andre silva. So what luxurious signings are you talking about. We have both playmakers and wing/fullbacks.

        As for de sciglio, giving his best????? I only seeing him giving his best in an Azzurri shirt. Most importantly, fasobelli tried to open contract extension with him for 3 times and he wasn’t even open to it. Yeah continue to support someone who rejected 3 contract nego and swapped for Juve.

        Girls like you can support both Milan and Juve. It’s not uncommon

        • You know, I am astonished that in this age, calling someone a ‘girl’ can be used as an verbal offense.
          Lets just forget the other minority terms related to race and sexual orientation, but to think people still use ‘girl’ intending to cause offense, is simply mind boggling to me.
          People like you need to grow up about your use of words.

          Fabregas had 16 appearance as starter and he scored 3 and assisted 9. 16 as sub and scored 2 assisted 3. How many Suso did, again?

          Pastore, almost left out of the squad. Made 17 appearances and assisted 4.

          Mata, doesn’t fit in, right? 19 starts and 6 sub in PL, 6 goals, 3 assists. Not even counting the 2 goals and 1 assist in Europa and 2 goals in Cup.

          Did MDS ever say he will sign the contract and gave false hope?

  2. MDS is a good example for everyone who thinks we are a youth development project. Almost all of our players coming out of our primavera won’t have a place in a team like ours. Very few from each generation in fact. That’s what we should expect and remember.

    And this generation already gave us one such player. And his fat agent.

    We all love these kids. But like a good parent, we have to learn to let go. Unless a career on the bench is what we wish for them.

    Good luck MDS. God knows you’ll need it in a squad like Juve’s.

    • Also, like i said, there are many next maldini, next maradona, next buffon or even maradona of gk around, that doesnt mean we have to believe the hype at face value. Win something worthwhile first, like real maradona and real buffon did in their youth, then feel free to overrate urselves

      • Once you reach the senior squad it’s should be only about one thing – how much can you help get those 3 points. It shouldn’t be about which you club you grew up with.

        Are you saying Cortone should have been given precedence over Lapa, for instance, just because the former is primavera. To me that’s highly unprofessional and non constructive for a CL team.

        Given a chance? That’s why Montella is there. If he thinks they’re good enough, by all means. But otherwise, like I said, this is not a youth hostel.

        Also, instead of PSG and city, why not use a better example – Real Madrid. I wouldn’t mind being where they are.

        • Because Madrid is one team.
          And the other sub-standard buying clubs are a huge majority.
          Like, shinter.

          It is not a youth hostel. But it is nice to see fans showing confidence in their own players instead of bashing and doubting their own and swooning over other clubs youth — youth is the keyword here, not other clubs consistent performers, but their one good season youth.

          • No need to bash anyone, of course. He’s not good enough, both parts should part in a dignified manner, and the fans must know how to say goodbye.

            But once you step on the pitch with our shirt in an official match, we as fans have every right to complain if you aren’t playing upto standard, regardless of where you grew up.

    • I have to disagree. If we do not give chance and believe in our players, then what are we?
      City? PSG?
      Obviously not everyone will be the top. But we should at least give the ones with promise, a chance to shine. If they fail, fine, move on. But they deserve the chance.
      We don’t know if Zanellato will turn out to be awesome or not. But how will we know if we don’t believe in him and not let him have a chance?
      The same goes for Bellanova, Vigolo, Iglio, Sportelli and so on.
      They need the chance instead of being summarily dismissed and being replaced by other club’s kids.

      As for Donnarumma, Milan10, mate you know very well he is quality 🙂
      And we need him between the posts and would be more relaxed with him instead of Perin there.
      If he leaves in a few seasons, fine, but we need those extra points he can save. And I am not speculating, I am talking on the basis of the points he earned for us when our goal was being battered by shots after shots last two seasons.

      • Yeah I’m with you on this, some things should never change, team identity is never overrated. Like you said earlier ink, we’re not PSG nor man city, we used to be champs using our own academy graduates.
        Even my friends which is not a rossonero thinks milan is a place of cultures, where champs were breed not bought.

        • Exactly.
          Not everyone will be Maldini.
          But if they showed promise, they deserve a chance.
          MDS failed to leave up to the hype, and is leaving. That is fine.
          But if we never gave him a chance? That would not be fine.

          But the farewell wishes of ”Milan fans” for their own player who has been with the team practically his whole meaningful life, is very unfortunate and sad.

      • I disagree with you on being biased with our youth team products that are not ready to work their socks off to become regular starters in this team… You have to work hard in training and when given a chance show what you can do…. I think the major problem is deciding who is good enough to stay and who isnt… Then 2, what do we do with those that dont meet the cut… If you look at barca.. They sell dose that dont meet the cut with buy back clauses… Chelsea loan them out with options to buy. . All this are strategies that we could put in place to check our mistakes…. But i totally disagree on giving any player special treatment because he comes from the academy/youth team..most of this player where signed at age 9,7 even younger.. They train every day in front of coaches…. So if they decide to let them go or promote them.. Then its justifiable

        • One word.

          If it is the coach – Montella – who decided that Pasalic should play every match ahead of Loca, based on his ”training efforts”, then Montella should be fired.
          And I am saying this despite being a supporter of Montella.

      • 1) milan’s youth couldnt help milan reach ucl spot. Thats a fact. Please dont let missplaced sense of sentimentality ruin ur judgement. Loca, calabria and others are simply not good enough yet hence the massive spending
        2) donna is ok player but he has bad character. He pulled stupid nonsense once, he’ll pull it again in the future. And when it happens, i hope he’ll still have at least 2 yrs in his contract so milan can still have bargaining power over his sale and they wont sell him cheap.

        • But, which Milan’s youth are you referring to that failed totally in the last couple of season after being given a chance, mate?

  3. Unworthy, unfaithful, unpatriotic son. Go and rot on bench. No more nationale call up. #end of career. Goodluck!!!

      • RR is one of the best LB and MDS is an average RB/ LB. 12m is an excellent price. He is limited, he can’t be better at juve

  4. Well Milan are about to earn some cash here which is good for that FFP bollocks (selling for a profit since he’s Milan academy graduate)

    Come to think of it, Milan only spent like 30 millions on one of the best CBs around, Bonucci

    Thanks for all and good luck in future

    Forza Milan!

  5. The players in the past dispensation were all C grade, hence their biscuit value. Bye DS, can’t wait for commencement of the new season.

  6. I’m keen to see how he’ll perform @ Juve. He is that one player you just felt wasn’t giving his best, had the ability to do but for some weird reason just never got it together. maybe he just stopped being interested and needed a new environment. Whatever the reason, I wish him well in his future endeavours.

  7. It’s so true that de sciglio just never seemed up for the task. Like he just didn’t care, that and many injuries definitely diminished memories of the first year he had. In reality de sciglio was only good for one year and we basically got bonucci for 30m plus de sciglio then that was a fantastic deal. I hope milan crush you in our fixtures this year!

  8. now we have no decent backup for RR..
    we need a decent backup…..antonelli is injury prone, calabria isn’t that assuring too…..
    we should probably get Matteo Darmian back.

  9. To me oo if not for the financial war that happened during berlusconi all this our youth sqaud will never smell first now for d Chinese and he should pack and leave .MDS can’t we stand pressure he should not forget you can never run away from your shadow he was never fit for Milan he knows it that’s why he wants to leave .I will not miss him though

  10. This De Sciglio attitude argument is ridiculous. He’s not uninterested, that’s just the way he looks. I remember people said all kind of things about Pirlo’s attitude throughout his career. Like he’s always half-asleep, he doesn’t care, he’s high …

    De Sciglio had an excellent and promising first year in Milan, then he stagnated and his performances was sub-par in the last two years. Only in a few matches he played like he always should have, example against Juve in the Coppa Italia final. He was near flawless in that match.

    Although I’m disappointed that he leaves, it was a good move for all parties. I will remember De Sciglio with that horrible gash on his cheek, when he played through pain until the last minute against Chievo like a warrior.

    • I completely agree about all these bogus mental analysis. The thing about MDS is simply not anywhere near to being good enough. I honestly don’t even recall ever being impressed with him too much, even when he was in the national team.

      He is a very intelligent player, with good tackling and marking technique, but he’s too slow, barely physical, barely existent in the air, and lacks the level of concentration required from a top defender. Plus, he’s not very technical in offense, with only a moderate crossing ability in his arsenal.

      Definitely agree that he showed the right fighting spirit many times. So did Poli, Lapa, Berto, and Pasalic. But they were all simply not good enough.

  11. Allegri recalling another boyfriend from a former team although maybe not quite as bad as Matri. Good luck anyway MDS, it’s a pity things didn’t work out.

  12. “Milan10 Jun 16, 2017 at 12:17 pm
    When juve accept de judas’ pathetic plea i want milanista121 and silver to write “BONADINHO AWYEAAH!!” on this blog’s article mentioning the deal” *double wink
    All in all, good riddance. Milan already have their luxury signings ready anyway. However, milan, as we know, still have one bad apple left to get rid of when plizz is ready to replace him. Wouldnt want de judas 2.0 on steroid. ‘shame on me if u fool me twice’ right?

    • Oh well that bad apple. If he performs, there is no need to love nor get rid of him. If someone comes in with silly money and if Plizzari is ready, we should force him out. Buy him a first class air ticket to Madrid. After that, his brother can train with out youth squad

    • By bad apple do you by any chance mean St. Donna the innocent, the just, the humble?

      We will ask this question again when he gets us the highest number of clean sheets next season.

      • Because milan have consistently been conceding >40 goals/season since donna emerged? If milan get clean sheet(s) next season, it’ll be because of bonucci – musa – kessie – biglia axis not euro u21 joker. I mean, this joker couldnt even keep cagliari at bay with his ‘saves’

  13. after Ganz now MDS, good luck btw… show them (juve) that Milan graduate of your generation is better than them (actually they don’t have…)

    • If we can get a big name striker, i am starting to believe. If we can get decent results in our opening 5 to 7 games then we can really challenge Juve. Am just worried our first 5 will put us at a huge disadvantage for title race

  14. Goodbye MDS. You were weak minded and not leadership material yet you were to become our captain someday which Shows our big desperation. I can’t wish you good luck as you’re leaving for Juve but I won’t wish you anything bad either.

  15. Hey friends from long milan fanatic..if there is any group of milan fans in Watsupp..pls add me..thanx….life long milan..rajashik basu

  16. We should keep him for rotation and sell abate if we could coz he is young i am sure if he gets some psychological treatment he can do what he is capable of

  17. I thought this kid is turning to be Maldini and shoulder the team to the glories 🙁 too bad he doesn;t reach to Maldini’s level can’t understand why.

    • U mean u WERE expecting him to be as good as maldini? Please watch maldini’s goal vs mu in ’88 and tell me de judas could pull it off too

  18. Comment:I just created a rossoneri group on WhatsApp now… join if yu ‘re interested +2348167668566….forza missn

  19. The player from primevera that publicly said is interested in playing for juve and now his desire come to pass,we as fans of Milan should wish him farewell not now that we are restructuring should we have unloyalist in the team,as for youth we have up to 5 of them played minimum of 5 matches last season and we ended in 6th position that is where their ability can get us,they just need more time in other small teams as a loan or sell with option of buy back like they did for Luca vido, I believe if their is anyone of them which exceptional management will retain him like Donna,local,calab,…I think soonest both loca and cala will be starter they just need more experience and learn from this new guys.forza milan

  20. Please don’t label anyone as the next maldini.

    It was too much of an ask for him and I doubt if there will ever be a new maldini.


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