Official: Biglia joins Milan on a three-year deal from Lazio

Lucas Biglia at Casa Milan on the 15th of July, 2017. (
Lucas Biglia at Casa Milan on the 15th of July, 2017. (

Lucas Biglia’s move has finally be made official, as the 31-year-old regista is joining on a three-year deal.

With Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli in China for the Rossoneri ICC matches, there is no live presentation or a triple handshake, but regardless, it’s now official: Biglia is a Milan player.

“Milan are delighted to announce the signing of Lucas Biglia from SS Lazio. The player has penned a three-year contract through to 30 June 2020,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s website reads on Sunday.

Biglia cost Milan €17 million plus €3 million of bonuses and is expected to earn €3.5 million per season wearing the red and black shirt. Lucas arrived in Milano on Friday evening and found many fans chanting his name. On Saturday, together with Leonardo Bonucci, he had his medical at La Madonnina clinic and also completed all the necessary athletic tests at training center Milanello.

Earlier today, a video of Biglia emerged online in which someone asked him what he has to tell the fans; Lucas, who probably didn’t sleep much over the past few days, answered ‘Forza Lazio!’, as he used to captain the Biancocelesti. The guy then told an embarrassed Biglia: ‘Not a good start, eh?’. Biglia and Bonucci will fly out to China and join the rest of the squad in the next few days.

The 31-year-old Argentine regista is the 10th purchase of Milan after Musacchio, Kessié, Ricardo Rodriguez, André Silva, Borini, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Andrea Conti, A. Donnarumma and Bonucci.


  1. Comment:forza Lazio forza milan doesn’t matter what matters most is who he plays for and his performance wish you the very best biglia

  2. Forza Lazio my foot. U better perform cuz there is money back guarantee on your deal. I trust he was just beig sarcastic.

    All this best Bigi.

  3. i see a better Milan next season… i hope Bonucci and Romagnoli partnership relive that of Madini and Nesta… i just can’t wait… Froza Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bonu nd Ramog is like when T. Silva is recievin lecture frm Nesta wch best pairing in d world of footbal, can’t wait to c my boy nackin, nd fu***** our rivals,,, forza lazio,, sowiii forza milan

  5. I think biglia is more important signing than luxury signings like conti, rodriguez and especially antonio garbage. Biglia is a leader, tough no nonsense dm AND deep lying playmaker rolled into one complete package. Anyone who watches AND plays football knows how important biglia role is. Put it this way, brazil ’94 and france ’98 wouldnt have won their wc without dunga and deschamps.
    Benvenuto biglia

    • I don’t think rodriguez and conti are luxurious signings. Upgrade of de sciglio plus de sciglio doesn’t want to stay so it is essential. Conti is definitely much better than calabria (awfully horrible in defense – poor and reckless tackles) and abate in defense and he can cross from Beckham type of position. Abate has to beat a full back before he can put in a cross.

      • I meant luxury signings in the sense that milan already had competent full backs before their signings. On the other hand, milan had no competent dm, let alone xabi-esque playmaking dm before biglia. Monto was good dm 5 years ago but he’s not the same player anymore, kessie is best playing as box to box cm and loca isnt even a dm.

        • Ricardo Rodriguez is a TOP signing! and one of the best LB in the world!

          Seriously what games have you been watching?

          Finally we have 2 decent full backs….. we didnt have a long time ago

          • I never said rodriguez’s average, let alone bad player. I said he’s luxury signing because milan already had 5 fb before he and conti came along. Sure abate, calabria and antonelli arent much but by god theyre not mesbah or taiwo. On the other hand, milan didnt have proper dm, let alone deep lying playmaker before biglia thus he is necessary signing.

        • Nothing competent about our FBs my friend. I mean I could agree that Abate and Luca are decent mid table players (if, and that’s a big if, both are healthy), but that’s about it. Thankgod I already forgot the name of our starting LB in the second half of last season.

        • Oh no my man… honestly heart broken this is coming from you, though your point is valid as regards the importance of Biglia, but needless to introduce RicRod in this, he is a super upgrade to DeSciglio at this time, he could do better elsewhere as i dont think he is that bad a player(i have seen a different DeSciglio in italy under Conte, very different) but his heart is clearly not with Milan for a long time coming. But lets not downgrade Calabria because of Conti, of course not all our players are garbage, and Calabria is one of them, he might not be worldclass but neither is Conti even though he is an upgrade to Calabria, both can give each other a run for their money when the dice is cast.

          • With all support for our youth players, I think Calabria simply leaves too many holes on his flank. I think Conte actually has a similar problem, but to a lesser degree.

            This might not be as crucial in a 3-5-2, but Calabria’s tackling and marking is also very lacking. All these issues could be improved through time and practice, but for now I don’t think Calabria is ready to have a starting place in a scudetto contender team.

            He has great crossing ability though, so there’s definitely something to build upon there.

        • Nope not luxurious. De sciglio has been wanting to leave all summer and we have just agreed terms with juve. Antonelli hardly put in a high cross from the side of the pitch. He needs to get to the byline to pull back a low cross. Furthermore, he’s 30 with series of injuries so he can’t be trusted anymore. Abate is 31 and always plagued by injuries as well. He doesn’t have the pace he once used to have. Moreover, he’s always playing opponents onside. Calabria can’t time his tackles well plus his positioning is susceptible.

      • @ck
        Sorry mate I have been busy lately so did not notice your comment about playmakers.

        Well, who do you think Mata is?
        Ozil in Arse nal
        Cute in ho in Livpool
        Fabregas in Chelski
        Lets move to Germany.
        Thiago in Bayern, not even counting their wide playmakers. Kimmich is coming up. And they have so many top quality versatile and technical players.
        Gotze in Dortmund
        Monaco is full of playmakers in France.
        Mr Ratti and Pastore in P$G
        How about Italy.
        Know Pjanic?
        Paredes in Roma?

        Don’t tell me modern football does not have/need playmakers – no matter what is the tactic.

        And do you really think none of those and others would consider a move to Milan if they shook that money in front of them instead of ‘luxury’ signings – as my pal Milan10 pointed out?

          • Not many girls like to watch football so what makes you so interested in football? Influenced by your dad or brothers?????

          • they do watch but they don’t follow as much unlike you and they hardly comment in blogs as well

        • So now you are not talking about trequartista. Mata fabregas parades pastore are not even playing.

          Suso biglia calhanoglu andre silva can be our playmakers in your context so what are you crying about??????

          Luxurious signing???? De sciglio has agreed to join juventus. So we are suppose to play with Antonelli or Vangioni. Which do you prefer???????? Continue crying since you have been crying since day 1

  6. Welcome! You are the silent type of player doing the essential things without even being noticed and I hope you do well to make us forget the blooper.

  7. We will have a very interesting season ! on paper we look golden , keep your chin up boys the Red and Black are back . Forza Milan !

  8. Mauri n locatelli are staying in milan n will be used! Welcome biglia! Now for d remaining clear out! Niang n who else?I guess paletta n nian pluz 40m shld bring in belotti! Mercato closed

  9. Welcome Biglia, you were always one of the players I admired most in seria a. I hope you still have quite a few years in you.

    We’ve grabbed Lazio’s Rock, and more importantly, Juve’s rock. Whose next? Hamichich? Niangolan?

  10. Very important piece of the puzzle and the best choice around in terms of experience and familiarity with Serie A.

    Welcome Biglia, do what Montolivo never quite managed to do.

  11. Squad status: 95%

    Last required element: Experience and pace up top to run the channels and for counter attacks


    • Rather i would wait for the ICC friendlies to end… to see how good are cutrone and crociata… maybe we dont even need aubameyang… because these both are pacey and skilled… i agree aubameyang is proven and tested… but still a small wait will not be bad…

      Anyways squad for me if aubameyang arrives

      Bonnuci musachio romagnoli

      Conti Rodrigues

      Kessie/Montolivo Bona/Hakan



  12. Mussachio bonnuci romagnioli

    Conti kessie biglia calahagolu Rodriguez

    Aubamayeng silva

    Gomez d
    Locatelli d
    Sosa am
    Abate d
    Antonelli d
    R. Sanchez mid
    Bonaventura mid/wing
    Suso am/wing
    Cutrone striker

    Monto, niang, bacca , De sciglio, paletta, zapata OUT
    Mauri, calabria on loan
    Keep locatelli

  13. I think biglia’s arrival can also ease up the pressure on youngsters like loca and mauri. Its understandable that loca as potential yet fairly unproven youngster wants to prove himself so he can climb the hierarchy stairs faster. But, if berto and deisler cases teach us anything, its that enormous pressure can destroy youngsters. Berto couldnt handle the pressure of being 20m rated player thus he always looked anxious, stressful and angry whenever he played, he never seemed to enjoy playing for milan. Biglia can prevent loca from trying too hard like that at such young age by mentoring him in trainings and showing him how to REALLY get the job done in big matches. Maybe then he can accept biglia as a mentor, not just another player eating up his space in starting lineup

  14. Finally I feel relieved. Gone are those days of..Taiwo, mesbah, boneror, onyewu, matri, gourcuff, ascerbi, Emerson,R. Oliviera,huntler. All of them combined not equal to Gattuso plus Kaka
    Let’s the Spirit of Football grace through the Milan players again. In my opinion, Aubu will give us quick result and fear factor but not a good value for money considering his age and inexperience in Seria A. I think Belotti will be better hold up striker upfront and allow more space for the wing backs and support striker to operate. He’s young, Seria A certified and versatile. I’m only concerned about how his performance would be in Europe. I think we need that R. Sanchez.. that boy is a beast. Combine him with experience Biglia and seria A certified Kessie… midfield will be like rock. What’s ur opinion guys?

    • Agree with you. Kessie and sanchez it’s like seedorf and edgar davids.
      Btw we need fast winger. Bale maybe …or .. messi

  15. 19yo Loca, if he think he can’t compete with Biglia, Kessie, Monty, Sosa & Mauri, how can he bench marchisio, khedira, pjanic, lemina, marrone, betancur + new environment in juve’s 4 2 3 1 ???
    he’ll get more chance here, seem like Montella will change to 3 5 2 / 3 4 1 2, also Sosa seem to go (give him to galata since they need sneijder replacement)

  16. Hmmmm, now that CHELSEA are no longer in pursuit of AUBAMEYANG and now after AGUERO, I say let’s go for AUBA now… The dude needs to come back home… BELLOTI ain’t bad, but 100-80 Million Euros for a one season wonder is way over the bar, I still believe Manchester United were robbed by paying 75 Million pounds for Lukaku… Alvaro Morata on the other hand isn’t as proven as AUBAMEYANG… AUBAMEYANG over BELLOTI and MORATA for me, I do hope we get him… I was really sad when he was sold back then, I knew he had a very bright future ahead of him… Andre Silva with Aubameyang upfront will be LETHAL……

  17. Now we got the ‘generals’ in defence and midfield. Both are captain quality, now who will be the upfront general??
    Will be cool to have another captain quality forward.

  18. I think Montella will keep 433 formation but has his players suitable for numerous different formations also. He once said we wants versatile players, chameleons

    I’m a bit worried for Calhanoglu and where to deploy him if Montella doesn’t use “one in the hole”. I don’t see him on wing or midfield

    • Actually calhanoglu doesn’t play behind the strikers at Leverkusen. He playes in left mid just like Bonaventura just that he can pass better than Bonaventura


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