Milan consider Locatelli off the market but the midfielder is reportedly concerned about limited playing time

Manuel Locatelli during Milan-Crotone at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on December 4, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Manuel Locatelli during Milan-Crotone at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on December 4, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Manuel Locatelli is reportedly concerned he won’t play a lot next season but the club’s position for now is to keep him.

Locatelli became a hero to the Rossoneri fans after his goals against Sassuolo (4-3 win) and Juventus (1-0 win), and he played an important part in last season’s team, stepping in the place of Montolivo, who had been dealing with an injury.

But with Montolivo returning, Jose Sosa (seemingly) staying and Lucas Biglia & Franck Kessié (and perhaps even another midfielder) joining, competition will be a much bigger next season for the 19-year-old.

La Gazzetta dello Sport, La Stampa and other newspapers in Italy have today linked Locatelli with Juventus, saying the midfielder is a target of Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri and that there will be a meeting between Locatelli’s agent and the Bianconeri in the coming days to work on a move. Their idea is to sign the Italian and then loan him out to Sassuolo or Atalanta for the next season.

According to, however, while it’s true that Locatelli is concerned about his minutes next season, the Diavolo have no intention of giving him away as Manual, whose contract expires in 2020, is considered an integral part of the technical project of Rossoneri boss Vincenzo Montella. It’ll be up to Montella to decide Loca’s place in the regista hierarchy, but for the club, he’s not for sale.

Alfredo Pedullà meanwhile reports that Sinisa Mihajlovic has asked Torino to sign Locatelli, so with Manuel wanting to play and Milan wanting Andrea Belotti, something can happen between the clubs.


  1. Can’t blame him really, he’s young and needs playing time… I want him to stay and be a starter even in our current line up, but what I want and what Montella will do is probably two different things… I hope that at least he gets loaned out as we shoul NOT lose him, he will be a world beater in a few years time.

    • What are you talking about, seriously? Locatelli to be loaned out? What has he done to merit such maltreatment? Oh, because Milan now has money to spend so they should just risk destabilising the boy’s growth by loaning him out? A world beater in a few years time, seriously? I must express my hate for that statement because it is so annoying. Locatelli is a world beater NOW, GET IT!!!?? He is the best midfielder in milan , better than Monty by far technically, tactically, and intelligently better than any of the mIlan midfielder too if you will. Milan would be foolish to let the kid go and please stop calling for a lone. I would rather give Bonucci back to Juve than give them Locatelli.

      • Locatelli is a world beater? Please stop, you are embarrassing yourself. We all love locatelli and do not want him to leave but to put it nicely, saying he is currently a world beater is very silly.

        • I’m only embarrassed about how ignorant you are of Loca’s ability and the situation with your ridiculous comment. If Locatelli is not a world beater when he has shined domestically and internationally, then I don’t think anyone can be with such form and talent. Thanks to Loca’s WORLD CLASS goals and performances against a tough side like Juve and Sassuolo last season, Milan is back in Europe. A word of wisdom to you is that if a youngster has shown himself to be a world class material at the biggest club, you don’t send them out on loan. You do that if they weren’t so brilliant becuase it ruins their form and motivation psychologically. I seriously hope you get it becuase I wonder what would have become of Maldini, Busquets, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta who all had a brilliant first season with their respective clubs and then to be shipped away on loan.

          If you have a better point than what I have just said please share. I don’t mind embarrassing myself for speaking wisdom. After all a scoffer will mock a wise advice and their are a lot of them around.

      • If you read what I said @Klum, I clearly said that I want him to stay and be a starter NOW and that I DONT want to lose him, and that’s why if anything, he should be loaned out if he isnt getting playing time.
        So chill out and read more thouroughly next time.

        • Well that is you opinion and you are entitled to it. My point is that Locatelli has no REASON to leave on loan to a lesser club when he has been outstanding at the highest level. So, I don’t think any of your points is valid when I THOUROUGHLY read your text. It’s utterly absurd to loan out Locatelli. Period.

          • Is it absurd if he leaves on loan, if the coach isnt going to give him playing time…? Dude, I’m not the coach, I’m just speculating on a blog, what both of us think and say won’t change anything…
            You’re not thinking straight mate.

        • And I don’t think you got the argument. It’s not whether or not Loca goes on loan to get more playing time if he won’t get it. Otherwise there is no point. I and the protesting fans on facebook do know that full well. But it is the absurd thinking that Loca should be loaned out when their is no fair reason for him to leave. It’s about what the Kid deserves that is just which is play time because he deserves it. Monty shouldn’t be playing. He may be Loca’s senior but the kid is far better than him. But of course I’m not thinking straight because I don’t think there is a fair reason for Loca to leave on loan in the first place.

          • I don’t think you’re getting the point here dude. Look at the level of competition he would be facing. Kessie and Biglia among new signings plus a couple of our retained players.
            We all get that sentimental attachment with players who come up through our youth system but that doesn’t mean we should put all our youth products and carry them on our heads. We’ve played the last 4 seasons with 100% heart and 0% money. It’s time that we balanced things out.
            Loca is a brilliant player and hands down better than Montolivo right now. Nobody wants to give such talented players away but we will have to make some sensible decisions here. Loaning him out seems a pretty good move for now.

      • Guy go and sleep i think u’re high, Locateli has great potentials no doubt but he’s not there yet. can u compare him with Kante of Chelsea FC of Hierra of Man U.. He’s yet to be a world beater i agreed.

        If you don’t like my comments come and beat me, am on third mainland bridge (Lagos, Nigeria)

  2. Milan should loan out to maybe a club like Torino for him to have regular playing time. Locateli needs playing time for him to develop well and the truth is he’s not going to get that playing time with Milan this season. Don’t forget the idea of Renato Sanchez coming on loan! It will be too much of a competition for locateli which will definitely affects his growth.

  3. Better send him for two years loan. He is good replacement for Montolivo. He still need to grow and time to play and Italian team tried to not only thinking about them self but must prepare for next Italian squad. Like what Germany league doing and see what they doing in Confederation Cup

    • “He is good replacement for Montolivo. He still need to grow and time…” seriously? So Locatelli who has shown himself 3 times better than Montolivo should leave on loan, so that the awful captain should stay until probably his retirement? KUDOS!!!

      OBS!!! Since Monty entered Milan, the club has been suffering until Loca showed up in the captain’s absence and the rest is history.

  4. i honestly hope he stay and learn from Biglia,top regista ini serie A. He need to train and learn alongside Biglia.

  5. This not true and I agree with Montella he is not for sale ..Locateli is going to be the one of best world class player when it comes to midfielder

  6. Selling him is a big sin of course, but I believe a loan would do wonders for him. He’s ready to play as a starter but not yet for Milan, and at his age, if you can’t guarantee him half the games in a season, then it’s best if he goes somewhere else and be the protagonist, then come back stronger and ready to lock down his position in the line-up of a great team like Milan.

    The rumors about the loan deal with Torino seems great, we get Belotti and Locatelli will mature under Mihajlovic in a good team that will fight to get into Europe. Their formation and style of play suits him and they have a problem in his position so he could play. There will be less pressure and he can really flourish there.

  7. Locatelli is off d market! He can flourish in a competitive environment like we are having now! But becos he is a homegrown talent does not make him any less impt dan kessie or hakan! Let him fight for his shirt n give him playing time in d cup games!

  8. Juve are engaging in psychological warfare with us. We captured Bonucci and now they target Locatelli just to prove that they are still the top dog in Italy. They know that he comes from a Juve supporting family so they got a chance.
    He’s worried about playing time at Milan? His chances at Juve will be fewer. He played 20 games last season for Milan. Not bad for a 18 year old.
    I think he will thrive in the 3-5-2 system Milan are gonna use next season, same as Pirlo did at Juve.

  9. 2 yrs dry loan. That’s it.
    He gets to hone his skills further and come back when he is ready.

    Keep the emotions aside.
    Just for a moment think about the Milan that you fell in love with, and now remember that midfield. Gullit, rijkard, ancellotti, Albertini, pirlo, seedorf, gattuso , rui Costa etc. The kid has long way to go before he is ready for Milan.

    The new ownership has set the benchmark where it should be. So I see no harm in letting locatelli leave on a dry loan​ to get more playing time and improve further.
    Because honestly he will get little minutes at Milan now.

  10. They should keep their Belloti let us keep oir Locatelli! He deserves to stay and reap what he laboured for. If he goes to Torino there will be no europa challenge/exposure for him, let him stay bak and get the European experience… that is what he really needs to grow not a loan

  11. I wish we could keep and play Loca. Montolivo, Sosa? Who are they for Milan and what have they achieved? This boy is only 19th and in a season achieved more than the other two in my opinion. He’s younger, more skilled and passioned so it should really be a no brainer but sadly, I’m not in Montella’s position …

  12. NO NO NO…!!!
    he’s rotation of Kessie & Biglia post,
    Kessie will go @ winter 4 African Cup, i rather lose Sosa even for free to keep Loca, R.Sanchez can come as Loca backup but not a replacement, i’m sure Loca will get more game time this season, we’ve many competition & oldies possibly injured/unfit…

    • There is not nations cup in 2018 January for international players ….. The one in January is for african based players…. The next regular nations cup is in 2019

  13. Milan got Locatelli and Mauri yet they went to offer €7m for 2 year loan for Bayern’s Renato. That is a clear message to the poor lads that they are not trusted and if am Locatelli’s agent, i would gladly take him away.

    I’m happy that the fans have started protesting the move on social media since morning with an hash tag message and am sure the management would listen.

    • I think its more like,Monti and Sosa will be gone soon, most likely at the end of this season if we cannot ship them out now.
      Locatelli’s future in Milan will be secured.
      I think the idea of Renato Sanchez coming in is to have a stable midfield core when the older guards are gone at the end of the season.
      Kessie, Biglia, Locatelli and Sanchez,

      • Sure, Renato Sanches is an allrounder unlike Locatelli and Biglia who are DM. Kessie is both DM and CM. Boy am I glad that Loca is going no where on loan or for sale. Thanks to the Milan supporters for seeing the point. THE KID IS WORLD CLASS. PERIOD!!!

  14. He has every right to be worried and if any fan thinks he needs to stay and try to win a starting place over the likes of Biglia they should have their brains examined. He needs to play regularly at a midtable team.

  15. D best thing to do would be to loan him out to a serie A club,without an option to buy.let him get enough game time so as to improve more.

  16. I just hope loca wont get a big head and pull a donna on milan in the future. He must also understand that even legends like boban, costacurta, del piero and pretty boy beckham got loaned out early in their glittering careers in order to get precious playing time

  17. Of course, because he is our own, he is ”not ready to play for us as a starter yet”.
    This is absolute madness.
    Locatelli should be at the starting xi this season. And that too for Milan, not any other club.

  18. Sosa is going to be playing a more advanced midfield position this season…. Like he did against lugano…. There will be three contenders for the regista position…. Renato is coming to compete with kessi… Hakan, bonaventura and sosa will compete for the other spot………

    Kessie……….. Biglia……… Hakan

    renato. S…….. Monty/locatelli….. Sosa/bona

  19. Comment: if he want to leave, we should sell him with buy back clause, Sosa has a year left in his contract he can replace him, for mauri am sure montolivo will force a move next season he will replace him too .
    better day ahead of us
    forza milan

  20. I got the answer, get rid of monty! no disrespect to the guy but we didn’t miss him when he was injured and he is not that much better than him, if at all. So get rid of montalivo and let locatelli play and learn from biglia!

  21. Can we give Juventus Captain Fantastic? Some people seem to think if he goes there he’d suddenly turn into something other than a very average and overrated footballer. Okay. Pirlo he ain’t.

  22. I dont see any reason why milan should sign renato sanches, we have got too many players, instead of adding more players why not give locatelli a chance, renato is a flop for bayern, but locatelli should also be patient cos he is just 18, most 18yr olds are still playing in the primavera,i dont think he should be too worried.

  23. I think the best option is loan him out too Other Serie A team. The 2nd option is too sell Monty so there will be more space in the REgista role for him. 3rd choice is to sell him with a buyback option (not to Juve)

  24. With current squad, I don’t think we should loan Loca. No one can convince me that Biglia and Monty will stay fit for the entire season, not a chance. And I think Loca should play in that role before Sosa (who should anyways be sold).

    Of course more playing time will be good for him, but it also won’t be terrible for him to train amongst a quality squad like ours. At his age, it make sense he doesn’t see regular football.

  25. Why loan him and why not rotate the team? A season is long and lots of injury can happen, we have league, cup, europa league that means a lot of games, why loan him and not let him gem with team, now that we have experienced players and younger ones we could form a core af players to play at least the next 5 y. We dont have backup players, maybe 2-3 weeks is loca in form and somebody not and we could rotate. Maybe some of the new signings isnt that good enough to play week in and week out, happened and will happen every season all over the world. My opinion keep Loca and he will get playing time and experience instead of loan him to a team fighting to stay up and not relegate because if u cant have a quality team around u, you cant get better as a player.

  26. In any means way out: terminate montolivo contract. if milan win seria a or epa and local isn’t, brothers is not fine. I want to win with this kid on this jersey.

    • I don’t agree with termination of Monty’s contract but I agree that Locatelli doesn’t have to be loaned out

  27. This season is the time for Mauri to play. Since Biglia is coming and Bona is fit, i do agree with the idea of loaning Loca out to Torino or other team except Juve or Inter. It is impossible to keep both Mauri and Loca if Biglia and Monty are in the squad.
    Unless Monty is sold or loaned out….the story would be different.

  28. Comment:locatelli is an awesome player and though he may not play much next season.He is still my favorite for sinking Juventus with dat rocket

  29. we have some players that have come to Milan that is on loan so i want Locatelli to get a loan deal that will developed him for us. when regular playing time on another club it will help us in the future. I don’t want locatelli to be sold to any club because he is our player and must enjoyed our new development.

  30. We’ll have to play at least 13 matches more as we had last year. A qualification round in European League, the group stage (6 matches), top 32 and top16, and another round in italian cup. But it can be even more. That’s around 1200+ minutes in every position.

    You say seriously, that Locatelli wont get enough playing time, when we have only 6 midfielders now (Biglia, Kessié, Locatelli, Sosa, Montolivo, Calhanoglu)?


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