Fassone: “Bonucci’s arrival a signal for the future, it would be nice to have one from Belotti, Morata and Aubameyang”

Marco Fassone during a Milan event in Guangzhou, China, on the 16th of July, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone during a Milan event in Guangzhou, China, on the 16th of July, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Marco Fassone has confirmed Milan will try to sign a top striker, talked about the Bonucci deal and said the new owners ‘immediately told me about their desire to bring Milan back to the glory days.’

The squad is in China for friendly matches against Borussia Dortmund (July 18 at 13:20 CET) and Bayern Munich (July 22 at 11:35 CET), but today they took part in an event organized by President Yonghong Li.

During the event, club CEO Marco Fassone, who was picked by Yonghong Li and Executive Director Han Li, to manage the day-to-day activities at Casa Milan, took the stage.

“It’s a great pleasure to be here with you today,” Fassone said, per Milannews.it & acmilan.com. “The first time I spoke with the President and with Han Li, they immediately told me about their desire to bring Milan back to the glory days. I realized that the club has a great appeal in China and that we were recognized as symbols with extraordinary players like Baresi and Gattuso, who are here today with us, and by lifting trophies, they made the club’s name known all over the world.

“It’s an extraordinary project and I find it particularly fascinating to try to unite Italy, home of football, and China, a true source of incredible passion. China is studying the world of football, which in Italy is a religion. We want to help this country grow and the project signed today is very important.”

Yonghong Li, Marco Fassone, Filippo Gallia, Franco Baresi watch as Han Li and Ms Ping Wang sign an agreement which has given life to "AC Milan Special Fund", a project that aims to support the development of football in Chinese schools. (@acmilan.com)
Yonghong Li, Marco Fassone, Filippo Gallia, Franco Baresi watch as Han Li and Ms Ping Wang sign an agreement which has given life to “AC Milan Special Fund”, a project that aims to support the development of football in Chinese schools. (@acmilan.com)

Fassone then continued: “As far as we are concerned, we have the responsibility of reconstruction an extraordinary Milan. We are really strengthening the team that Vincenzo Montella last year took to sixth place, thus giving us access to the preliminaries of the Europa League.

Since last April, when we took over the club from President Berlusconi, who wrote Milan’s history [he was Milan’s President for 30 years], we have come a long way. We have worked with Mirabelli to hand over to Montella an ever more competitive squad. With each passing day, very important top players at international level are asking for information on our project. That is a real honor for us.

“In addition to the stricter sports part, there is another important asset of our project which is Milan China, the new corporation whose role is to develop our Club commercially. This will help us get back on top of the world, I am sure [Milan are building on a huge revenue increase coming from Asia].”

Marco Fassone during a Milan event in Guangzhou, China, on the 16th of July, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone during a Milan event in Guangzhou, China, on the 16th of July, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

After the event, Fassone also spoke to MilanTV and Premium Sport, discussing the mercato and talking about the next objective of the Rossoneri management: signing a top striker to complete the XI of Montella in time for the start of Serie A and even in time for the Europa League qualifier.

“The signing of Bonucci? I was very skeptical. It was a crazy idea that I didn’t even want to try, but then Montella told us to continue pushing. We went forward and we closed the deal rapidly and quickly. It’s a very important sign to see that now players in Champions League clubs want to join us.

“Bonucci’s arrival is a signal for the future. Leo is a warrior and a leader who will give us a great deal, both on and off the field. If it was easier to deal with Claudio Lotito [for Biglia] or with Beppe Marotta [for Bonucci]? With Lotito it’s always more complicated to negotiate. You must always take it in good spirits because he’s one that takes the last drop of sweat from you to close a deal.


“The budget for the market? Fortunately, we are in China now and can therefore discuss with the owners what our resources are, because they are not unlimited. We must also work things out with the Coach, because the next two friendlies can give some indications to him and Mirabelli.

“A striker? When we return to Italy, we will get on the right path. We’re keeping all our options open and will certainly do something beautiful. Many names have been mentioned of very strong strikers. It’d be nice to have one from Belotti, Morata and Aubameyang. We’ll see who the choice lands on, although there are also other names who haven’t emerged in the media yet.

“Evidently, we are still thinking of doing something in that position.” The transfer market is still long and Milan now have a few more days in China to focus on football before the madness returns.


  1. “ We’ll see who the choice lands on, although there are also other names who haven’t emerged in the media yet.”

    I like this. We may just a surprise we never expected.

  2. Correctamundo mr fassone, milan’s budget is indeed not unlimited. No more pipe dreams. Also, whatever u do, please dont sell suso and locatelli. Montella has no merit whatsoever of asking u to pull nonsense like that

        • imo, even if we don’t sign a new striker and instead push for someone with more quality as a playmaker, then our attack would be set with Bacca, Silva, Cutrone.
          I haven’t seen any news saying Bacca is leaving.
          So in my opinion, we should still push for a real playmaker with that money instead of spending on a striker or Renato.

          • Yeah,we buy a quality playmaker and then bacca leaves on the last days of mercato.What happens then?Who plays upfront with silva?Hakan,Loca,Suso,Bona,Biglia,how many playmakers do you need?Now you will say Suso is not a playmaker…So how he has assists?Does not matter we have a playmaker or not.it is fine even if Donnarumma shows 20 assists end of season as long as we win.So much done,still your demands dont end.a team cant revamp fully in one mercato.We need to give time to our new owners.

          • Hakan is a playmaker mate. Suso has that quality too. Biglia also can act as deep lying playmaker. Even mauri and kessie are good at passing and setting up the tempo. I think milan have done enough for one mercato. Any other addition(s) is just a bonus as far as im concerned

          • Hahahaha playmaker playmaker. Which team plays with a kaka or Ronaldinho nowadays. This is modern football. WTF playmaker are you talking about????? Calhanoglu Biglia both are playmakers.

          • Well, if you guys are so adamant, I will save ”told you so” for the end of the season.

            I really doubt Hakan’s abilities tbh. I won’t be too harsh on him, but I’d rather have someone else than him in team.
            Mauri can be fantastic in box to box and being that, he is bound to have good tempo and passing and contributions. But that does not really make him what we need to make balls for the striker.
            Bigila…. I’d say Bonucci’s long passes are better than him.

            And please ck and deb, you know how good we have done without a playmaker? How good are other teams doing without playmakers?


          • Also, Deb, not every midfielder is essentially a playmaker.

            Also, I am talking about someone who is classy and proven.

            ck, which team does not play with a midfield general? Point out to me please.

            Playmaking role has evolved. But it has not been eradicated, and it never will.

            Suso’s problem is he is too much one dimensional.

          • Mourinho never ever plays with playmaker. He has the chance to sign james but he did not press on. He won the treble with inter with no real playmakers. Alex ferguson doesn’t have real playmakers as well. Scholes and Carrick are the only 2 he had throughout his entire career. Veron was too short lived. Even with the above mentioned names, they are totally different from the Kaka Ronaldinho type of playmaker. Ancelotti isn’t playing with a real playmaker as well. Xabi alonso is the only one. He’s not the type of playmaker u are talking about. And you know what, all 3 are successful

          • C’mon mate. Deco, lampard, sneijder, xabi, ozil, hazard are all playmakers. Mourinho loves playmakers, if only for their ability setting up counter attacks.
            Ance had ZIDANE, kaka, seedorf, rui costa, kaka, pirlo, pastore, verratti, modric, thiago, ribery and now james. He absolutely loves playmakers

          • You already have so many “I told you so”s saved up for the end of the season, at least one of them is bound to come true!

            Why always on a different page than the rest of the world mate? Does it somehow feel good or what?

          • Have you watched lazio’s game????? Have you watched Calhanoglu????? Both can spray long passes. Calhanoglu has more variations. He can chip and do some exquisite pass with outside of his foot.

            James????? Does he want to join us. In your view your want a big name trequartista but the fact is they don’t want to join us. What do you suggest. Calhanoglu suso are not good enough and biglia is not a playmaker in your opinion. James doesn’t want to join us. Continue whining. Really annoying kid.

            Milan10. I perfectly understands what playmaking is about and who are playmakers. Please educate your pal INK.

    • If Suso needs to be sold to pave way to bring in that top striker, so be it. If he stays, and Montella doesn’t play with him then it’s pointless.

      Regarding the playmaker issue, we have several deep lying midfielders, Biglia being the most prominent. We don’t need a number 10 type midfielder such as Kaka if we are going for a 3 man midfield. If we we’re to play the diamond, then I don’t think Hakan, Suso, Jack, or anyone else on our squad could play the at scudetto contenders level.

  3. Fassone is a very good speaker and very honest, we trust you fassone,montella and mirabelli to bring the best strikers to milan, i have seen so many negative comments from legends around the football world saying milan cant win even with bonucci,some say we cant win because of too many players and some say we didnt sign champions. We milanistas appreciate the work of our club and we know it wont be easy to win trophies straight away but we will be patient and i hope we will make those say negative things about our clubs hard work eat their words.

  4. Any idea of annual subscriptions milan have sold, I hope number increase from last years…..can’t wait to see full San Siro roaring for milan and putting fear on opponents…..

  5. Offer for bellotti- 55-60 mil+niang+palletta+ 2 yrs dry loan for locatelli.

    Incoming- 2 yrs loan deal for renato Sanchez, which covers for locatelli.

  6. Coaches comes and goes, new owners.. Still havnt realised milan lack playmaker. OH wait.. we already have playmakers. Zapata, andre silva, monty, kessie, and biglia, bona. The whole squad have playmaking abilities. Oh wait, none of those are real playmakers.

    Another season with full attention in backline and attack. Still no real playmaker since kaka 2009.

    • So r asking for a trequartista like kaka? Real doesn’t have 1. Chelsea doesn’t have 1. Man C doesn’t really have 1. PSG doesn’t have 1. Liverpool Arsenal doesn’t have 1. What are you talking about?????? Roma Napoil all don’t have 1. This is modern fooball

      • learn from Robert711.

        Playmaker = giving KEY passes. Real madrid, chelsea. psg, city have not playmakers who give key passes?

        • You want key passes. Biglia calhanoglu conti RR and Andre silva can do it. Not enough key passes????? Have you seen Andre silva in Confederation???? How his chip sets up gelson martins to shoot at goal. Have you seen how chis cheeky backheel sets up C ronaldo. Have you seen how his cross cum chip sets up pepe. Don’t know what crap are you talking about

          Your ignorance doesn’t mean that these players can put in key passes. Watch them before you say that they can’t do it

          • You are like allegri. He field the worlds most defensive midfield, and thought his strikers like ibra could act like a playmaker and as a striker at the same time.

            Problem was. Can a striker assist himself as a playmaker? All our injuries came from mr. allegri. our strikers not only act as strikers but also as midfielders. if pato had a real playmaker behind him he would never get himself so much injuried. The EXTRA stress on our strikers under allegri made the team collapse. Why? Answer: 3 defenisve mids for 3 seasons.

            Now you are saying andre silva should drop deep, and what? pass to himself? Imagine messi, suarez, neymar with flamini, van bommel and ambrosini behind them. Messi wouldnt even score 5 goals that season

          • Orhhh ibra is really a playmaker hahaha. Ibra is very good at playmaking and he likes to play outside the penalty box. He commented that he enjoyed playing with pippo and not pato and robinho. He doesn’t like to be a first striker and it’s true how his play making ability made players like boateng and nocerrino looked like world class midfielders.

            The defensive mids that Allegri had can’t be compared to what we have bought. Players like nocerino muntari can’t even make a simple pass just like Kucka. Pato????? He doesn’t have playmaking abitlity at all. His injuries???? Don’t you know that he was given substance to grow his body?????

            Calhanoglu kessie and biglia are decent passers. Both calhanoglu and kessie do venture into opponent’s box. So it is very different from Van Bommel. Ambrosini during his younger days does get into opponents box and he did score with his head.

      • What the hell are you talking about all of those teams you mentiond do have a playmaker ..
        Real have isco
        Liverpool have coutinho
        Arsenal have ozil
        Man city have kevin de bryne so what are u talking about those are all real nbr10 playmakers …and btw chelsea has hazard he’s sort of a playmaker

        • Yea, tell me how all the above mentioned is a trequartista. If they are not exactly a trequartista please ask Perfect10 what playmakers is he asking for????? Suso calhanoglu Biglia Andre Silva can all share the playmaking role. So what does he mean by we have no playmakers???????

    • Agree, but most of these day playmaker playing from deep postition. Today its a rare to see a real trequartista. I know your point that we lack creative player who have good dribbling skills, can spread the ball and giving key passes. James is a real trequartista but he already gone to munich. If locatelli’s rumour true please dont buy renato, pastore or ozil are the kind of player we needed.

  7. It seems we still have 120-130 mil for the mercato. Bloody hell, I can’t believe this anymore. This is even beyond surreal.

  8. Dear Mr. Fassone
    We just need another striker and that only if Bacca leaves. Why put more financial burden on your shoulders when we are already scudetto race material?

  9. i just don’t get it, why so many of u want to send Loca on loan to whatever club with whatever coachs & nobody mention to sell/release Sosa…
    Massimo Donati (new Albertini), Albertazzi (new Maldini), Paloschi (new Inzaghi)… all ruined cuz of loan,
    what it would be if we keep sokratis/darmian/astori/Acerbi rather than bonera/taiwo long time ago?
    keep Auba/SES rather than gilardino/boriello/matri/pazo?

    Locatelli must stay, sell/loan Sosa or even Monty i don’t care,
    Mauri also good enough to stay…

  10. Believe this is going to be a good season . Management won’t be able to please everyone but what they have done so far is great for the club . #forzamilan #weareback #wearemilan


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