Milan draw CS U Craiova, will face the Romanian side in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa League trophy prior to the final between Ajax and Manchester United at Friends Arena on May 24, 2017. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
The UEFA Europa League trophy prior to the final between Ajax and Manchester United at Friends Arena on May 24, 2017. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Milan have learned they will face Craiova in the third qualifying round; the match at San Siro is on August 3rd.

The Rossoneri secured Europa League with a sixth place finish in Serie A last season and today (Friday) the draw for the third qualifying round of the tournament took place in Nyon, Switzerland.

The seven-time Champions League winners were of course among the seeded sides and they drew Romanian outfit CS Universitatea Craiova. The side that is managed by Italian boss Devis Mangia finished in 5th place in Liga 1 last season.

The first leg is away on July 27, while the return leg will be at Stadio San Siro on August 3rd. It will be the first time the fans get to see the new signings – including Leonardo Bonucci – in action at the Meazza. Should Milan pass this round, they will have to get past another playoff round before the Group Gtage but with the squad the Diavolo are building, it’s clear that the objective is the final.

Before playing CS U Craiova, Milan face Borussia Dormund (July 18) and Bayern Munich (July 22) on the Chinese Tour. The squad – together with Massimiliano Mirabelli – took off on Friday afternoon.


  1. This is gonna be a piece of cake and I think Bonucci will get a goal on his debut. These days I suffer from excitement.

  2. —————– Donnarumma
    — Musacchio–Bonucci–Romagnoli
    ——————- Calhanoglu
    ———— Suso —– Andre Silva

    Or maybe
    —————– Donnarumma
    ————- Kessie —- Biglia
    —– Suso — Calhanoglu —- Bonaventura
    —————— Andre Silva

    wow, what will happen if we bring another striker.. AMAZING, grande Fasooobellii

    • —————– Donnarumma
      —— Kessie —- Biglia — Calhanoglu
      —– Suso — Andre Silva—- Bonaventura

      4-3-3 Formation

  3. Milan should get Renato Sanchez on loan. Don’t forget Kessie will be away in January for the Africa Nations Cup tournament and having Sanchez to the squad will be a great move.

  4. Milan must not underestimate them. This kind of games can prove to be very tricky as these teams are usually rushed with emotion and adrenaline facing big teams and that can turn to wonders.

    • Normally with this quality rooster we have now, there shouldn’t be any problems beating this Craiova side and similar opponents, no matter with which spirit they’re fighting. That’s why we pay a lot more bucks for our players. The problem is, our starting XI will be nearly completely new to each other and we are lacking automatism, which can result in cheap errors on the pitch. So Montella and his stuff will really have a lot of work to do.
      Forza Milan

      • I am from Craiova and i Know very well the situation of those kind of teams. So, agreed, Milan shouldn’t have any problem with this team, because it’s a huge difference beetween the 2 teams, the mentality, the quality of players, the management, the money, base of training, etc, but it is a problem with the official games. Don’t forget the last 2 years, when Astra Giurgiu met West Ham United and defeated them every time, when Astra defeated Olympique Lyon 3 years ago, Milan and the others occidental teams don’t have official games when are played first games in Europe and this can be a problem and Milan shouldn/t underestimate CSU Craiova. Milan is at the beggining of the training, there are a lot of new players who need to act as a team, CSU has an italian trainer ( Mangia ) who knows very well the italian football, who organises very well the team, they will put a big bus in their goal to try to not receive goals and for the new Milan will be a little tough ! By the way, CSU is not the same team with FC Universitatea Craiova, who won 4 championship titles and 6 romanian cups and the team that defeated 2 times Fiorentina in the uefa cup, in the 82-83 season, when they defeated the second time Fiorentina, FC Univ Craiova was the first romanian team that reached the semifinals of an european competition ( uefa cup ). CSU was founded in 2013, they have never won a trophy, until this year they hadn’t the right to participate in the european competitions, because they were founded for less than 3 years ! They don’t have excellent players, Andrei Ivan, the striker is overrated, is not so good. Baluta, the right winger is a decent player, let’s say a good player, the only danger in the CSU team. The defenders are poor, the goalkeeper has real problems with the low balls, the left fullback Briceag is decent, the defensive midfielder Zlatinski is a very rough player, Gustavo the brasilian AM is a technical player, but not so tactical disciplined player. So, I think AC MIlan must defeat CSU, will defeat them because AC Milan has a very good chance to achieve this trophy, but the game won’t be open, will be a game with few goals and maybe injuries, it’s a game for the youngersof Milan and the players who will play less games. Forza rossoneri !!!

        • You are absolutely right. That’s even the problem when playing friendlies and being hammered by smaller clubs which are further in preparation. Match fitness is such an important factor.
          And thanks for sharing your good knowledge about Craiova. Did the romanian league actually start?

          • Yes, it started yesterday with CSU Craiova beating Poli Iasi 2-0, with Gustavo and Baluta scoring the goals. Milan is Milan and they have to show us the best football from this game on, I have big hopes regarding AC Milan from now on. In 1989, in the final of CL cup, I was the only romanian boy in my house supporting AC Milan with Gullit and Van Basten in big shape, because all the romanians was supporting steaua bucharest… I was excited when they won the trophy after 2 goals of Gullit and 2 of Van Basten. Wonderful times !!!

  5. For midfield besides Biglia, Kessie and Calhanoglu, we also have Bonaventura, Locatelli, Jose Mauri, Montolivo, Zanellato, Sosa… SO we are well covered.
    Now we need to buy a striker and sell Ely, Paletta, Zapata, De Sciglio, Vangioni, Bertolacci, Niang, Bacca for as much money as possible.

    Bravo Fassone & Mirabelli!
    Forza Milan!
    We will rise!

  6. I’m just excited about this signing. I told a Liverpool fan this morning and he said I’m dreaming or perhaps insane, but to our greatest surprise, It’s already a done deal by evening. And he looked insane and perhaps dreaming when he later saw me. All hail Fassobelli! Forza Milan!

  7. I really don’t like Europa league. Another opportunity for our players to get injured against 3rd place from Romania or 4th place from Cyprus. Here’s hoping that this is the last time we participate in this tournament.

    • I too hope this is the last time we play Europa league. So might as well win it.

      It’s going to be UCL from then on.


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