International Champions Cup 2017: The Rossoneri squad

Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (
Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

The Rossoneri take part in the annual International Champions Cup which this year takes place in China. Milan will face Borussia Dortmund on July 17th at 13:20 CET at Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Central Stadium and then Bayern Munich on July 22nd at 11:35 CET at Longgang Stadium in Shenzhen.

Alessio Romagnoli and Suso have been left out of the squad in order to keep recovering from their respective injuries (rehabilitation for Suso, while Alessio will undergo conservative therapy for a meniscus injury). Mattia De Sciglio is included, as is new signing Andre Silva, who gave up on the last days of his vacations in order to join the team in China.

The squad will travel to China today (Friday), with the exception of Andrea Conti and Silva (*), who will go there on July 18th, and Jose Sosa (**), who will depart tomorrow instead.

Antonio DonnaurmmaIgnazio AbateGiacomo BonaventuraCarlos Bacca
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliHakan ÇalhanoğluFabio Borini
Marco StorariAndrea Conti*Franck KessiéGiovanni Crociata
Mattia De SciglioJose MauriPatrick Cutrone
Matteo GabbiaRicardo MontolivoM'Baye Niang
Gustavo GomezJose Sosa**André Silva*
Gabriel PalettaNiccolò Zanellato
Mateo Musacchio
Ricardo Rodriguez
Cristian Zapata


  1. Bonucci isnt a done deal yet… But you if we do get him… I am going to… I dont even know what i am going to do… But that would be super… But i will not believe anything until its official… I love this club… After years of mediocrity i feel like i am dreaming

  2. Good luck Milan.
    We have a good squad now.
    Just need to settle down calmly and the rest will take care of itself.

    PS -biglia is a done deal
    icing on the cake bonnucci and auba

    Can’t help but have a smile on my face.

  3. In less dan 24hrs fasobelli (transfer Gurus) made it easy jus lik dat of Andrea silver, am stil asleep, dnt blv diz until I saw him on d pitch, even in very sharp color TV, in red nd black, not black nd white

  4. In less dan 24hrs fasobelli (transfer Gurus) made it easy jus lik dat of Andrea silver, am stil asleep, dnt blv diz until I see him on d pitch, even in very sharp color TV, in red nd black, not black nd white… Great Fasobelli greatest Liiiiiiii

  5. Once we get bonucci, and bigilia, we need a striker and probably a fosberg to complete our squad, i can see mauri staying and lucateli loaned, maybe suso is going to be sold and fosberg or beradi will be bought.

  6. This is the kind of purchase we’ve all been clamouring for all this while. We only need one more complete striker, one good creative midfielder.

  7. Special thanks to yonghong Li for the new face of milan. Am enjoying milan approach to the transfer market. Forza Milan.

  8. Special thanks to yonghong Li for the new face of milan. Am enjoying milan approach to the transfer market. Forza Milan.

  9. Wow can’t believe this to my team that we can comeback like this because I’ve already loose hope on Milan but now we’re back into better.. we still need auba to Milan squad let’s make that snappy Almigthy Milan

  10. no no no… many young prospect ruined by loan move, better we keep Loca, Calabria, Cutrone, Plizzari (should) there are too young to go… sell the old backup or loan below-par (20+yo) players like A.Dona, Berto, MDS, Ely… U20 players will grown better in the hand of good coachs just like our, some Serie A (Atalanta the most) but no serie b/c/d…

  11. They said that one of the revenue streams will be from co-branding of credit cards with bank.. I just want to be clear here.. I am in full support of this new management.

  12. Bonucci Is On His Way To Milano, He Will Fly In Later Today To Complete His Transfer To Milan With A 5years Contract And Join The Rest Of The Team In China And Same Goes With Biglia Heading To Milan Headquater To Pen His Contract. Milan Will Reveal Both Together. Suso In Injured And A Possible Transfer Might Take Him To Totteham Wit The Price Of About 22millions.. Now One Of Belloti And Auba And G True Winger On The Left And Backup For Suso If He Will Be Staying Cuz I Dnt Trust In Borini On Either Wings. Forza Milan

    • I actually don’t think it’s a good idea buying a striker, I think Bacca is as capable as those players given he plays around quality players.

  13. Some clubs buy big players every season in england france and italy still they are still dwindling unlike Acmilan who have join them now without question Trophies have been knocking on our doors knock knock knock Acmilan can we come In cos we know how to accomodate them

  14. Comment:Europe league third round is out, we are going through to the next round. Hope the deals are good and done. Forza Milan winning all season. Auba please come to Ac Milan.

  15. Comment: Biglia joining today and Bonucci at Cass Milan to complete move


    big ups to sexy Fassone and Mirrabeli for jobs well done

    I just wish they can get us Aubameyang/Belotti and Forsberg to give us a more formidable and unbeatable team

    Forza Milano

  16. I wonder what will happen with Loca and Calabria as they are not included? Conti will join up later, but what will happen with them? It’s probably good if they get loaned out, but I think they have already proved themselves for us, and being Milan worthy, it would be a huge mistake to lose them. Season loan is fine so they get more experienced, BUT NOT with option to buy.

    Regarding the Bonucci deal, I’m lost for words… for 40 million… as it was rumoured that Juve turned down 70 million from City last year… But I wonder how he will perform as the leader as it feels as he is better performing with a leader – Barzagli – next to him, but in Milan he will definitely be the leader of our defence, we’ll see how it all turns out, so far this all feels too good to be true.
    I think Kessie will be a stand out performer though, hope he will be our new Seedorf!

    • What I find amazing is that the management heeded the words of Seedorf from years ago when he said 2/3 of this team didnt deserve the shirt. Well, we replaced 2/3 of the team in almost one mercato lol. If we end up with Aubamayeng, this will be one of the best transfer windows since Berlusconi took over in 86

    • i think they need to be given chance in milan instead of loaning
      They will get confident that way. It would be sad to see locatelli or calbria leave.
      I am still wondering why those two are not mentioned

      • Yes. What’s the matter?
        Both incredibly strong, good at protecting the ball, energetic runners, box-to-box. Difference is that Seedorf was a magician with the ball at his feet and was creative, while Kessie is good but not at that level, we’ll see if he gets there.

          • But he played in the mezz’ala position with us, and was great – in his younger days – in both directions, although never an “official” ball winner.
            @Alexmilan, he is better allround than Gattuso, and has different characteristics to Makelele, perhaps Vieira. I am being serious.
            Don’t see the similarities with Rijkaard either to be fair, perhaps Davids due to the energy.

          • “Although never an official ball winner” exactly mate, thus very different role from Kessie.
            Don’t see similarities with rijkaard? Rijkaard is the best cm ever mate, with Matthaeus close 2nd. Any self respecting cm would be proud to be compared to him

        • Difference is that Seedorf was a magician ??? My friend, just this fact makes a huuuuuuge difference beetween the two players !!! Seedorf was an incredible versatile attacking midfielder, with an incredible technique, Seedorf can’t be compared to Kessie, who is a defensive midfielder. Kessie can be compared to Gattuso, to Davids, Makelele, to Vieira, etc…Please, be serious !

        • Hakan is the closest thing we have to Seedorf’s playing style.

          I’d love to see a future midfield diamond replicate the good old days of the Pirlo – Gattuso –
          Seedorf – Kaka quartet

          Locatelli – Kessie – Hakan – Suso

          • Seriously man? If Locatelli is Pirlo and Suso is Kaka, we have won scudetto already last season

    • He is capable n i think Kessie will do very well. Although i’d prefer like seedorf but i think more like Kante of Chelsea. Anyway hes goin to have a great season in that middle three for sure

  17. I got 2 formations and line-ups that I would like Montella to try in the friendlys…

    Gianluigi Donnarumma
    Ricardo Rodriguez – Gabriel Paletta – Mateo Musacchio – Ignazio Abate
    Franck Kessié – Jose Mauri
    Giacomo Bonaventura – Hakan Çalhanoğlu – André Silva
    Carlos Bacca

    With the following to come on as subs: Luca Antonelli, Patrick Cutrone, Jose Sosa, Ricardo Montolivo, Gustavo Gomez, & Marco Storari

  18. Gianluigi Donnarumma
    Gabriel Paletta – Mateo Musacchio – Gustavo Gomez
    Ricardo Rodriguez – Franck Kessié – Jose Sosa, – Ignazio Abate
    Giacomo Bonaventura – Carlos Bacca- André Silva

    With the following to come on as subs: Luca Antonelli, Patrick Cutrone, Ricardo Montolivo, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Fabio Borini, Jose Mauri & Marco Storari

    3-4-3 does work out to be the best formation, especially given the talent that is not yet available. I left out M’Baye Niang and Mattia De Sciglio as they are being sold this window so no point using them.

  19. guys, apart from the fact that we got a great defender in Bonuci, I am also highly excited at the fact that we are now in the business of football now.
    Now, teams don’t just build a formidable team, but look at how to get other rivals weakens by ripping them off their stars.

  20. Does anyone know when the new jerseys go on sale? I haven’t bought one in a couple years, but now, I must support this new management. For years i refused to line Gallianis pockets. Has anyone noticed, not one purchase from Genoa? And their President is stepping down now? I knew it, and I called it out 2 years ago. Galliani was making dumb purchases from Genoa to line his pockets and Preziosi. Now that hes out, so is the president of the team? Makes too much sense. But yes, please tell me when the new jerseys go on sale? I will be buying a couple

    • New Jerseys are on sale already bro…. Mine arrived about two days ago, and now I’m going for the away Jersey too, it’s a beauty… Just like you, the last time I bought Milan Jerseys was in 2010/2011 season

  21. This is an awkward transfer and the price is way below the valuation of the player. I have the feeling it has something to do with Donnarumma going the other way when Buffon retires?

    • No, not at all, but more like player choice n thats really smart of Bonucci who conceeds that Juve era has come to an end. Smart thinkin unlike some whose thinkin are so dulled like Keita Balde

  22. The player wanted to leave juve, his family didn’t want to leave Italy, they’d never get 60 million from any other club in Italy. They don’t keep players if they want to leave plus he had a very strained relationship with allegri. Interesting to hear he’s about to be made captain I think it’s a good move certainly better better than montolivo and abate, maybe bonaventura can feel hard done by but I always prefer a captain that can see Everything going on in front of him plus he’s 6 serie a titles he’s done it all

  23. so many opinion in sport news tells milan make brilliant strategy when buy bonucci with 40 millions… and there is one opinion tells comparison between milan – bonucci and man city – kyle walker….

    even some liverpool fans tells how stupid their club missing this opportunity….

  24. I just cannot believe our defense will be if Bonucci arives. Bonnuci, Musachio and Romagnoli with Conti , Rodrigez as wing back, and Gigio as Gk. If Montela cannot at least finish 2nd on serie A, i dont know what to say.
    Boban should take his comment back few weeks before. Everybody know Bonucci is one of the best defender in the world right now.


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