Team news: Milan were without Gianluigi Donnarumma, Davide Calabria, Andrea Conti, Alessio Romagnoli, Leonel Vangioni, Manuel Locatelli, Giacomo Bonaventura, Suso, Gianluca Lapadula and André Silva. Kickoff time for the first match of the 2017/18 pre-season was 19:00 CET.

Goals: Cutrone (2′), Crociata (63′), Jose Sosa (83′), Gustavo Gomez (90′).

FC Lugano (3-5-2) – Pierluigi Tami
David Da Costa; Steve Rouiller, Fulvio Sulmoni, Vladimir Golemić (60′ Dominik Kovačić); Dragan Mihajlović (77′ Cristian Andreoni), Stefano Guidotti (66′ Radomir Milosavljevic), Jonathan Sabbatini, Davide Mariani (38′ Bálint Vécsei), Silvano Schäppi (60′ Domen Črnigoj;, Antonini Čulina (46′ Carlinhos Junior), Younes Bnou Marzouk.
Unused: Russo, Crescenzi, Martignoni.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Marco Storari (46′ Gabriel Vasconcelos); Ignazio Abate (46′ Mattia De Sciglio), Gabriel Paletta (46′ Cristian Zapata), Matteo Musacchio (46′ Gustavo Gomez), Ricardo Rodriguez (46′ Luca Antonelli); Franck Kessié (46′ Jose Mauri), Ricardo Montolivo (46′ Jose Sosa), Andrea Bertolacci (46′ Niccolò Zanellato (86′ Matteo Gabbia)); Fabio Borini (46′ Giovanni Crociata (86′ Stefan Simic)), Patrick Cutrone (46′ Carlos Bacca), Hakan Çalhanoğlu (46′ M’Baye Niang).
Unused: Guarnone.

Referee: Luca Gut.


    • Some websites are quoting Gianfranco Zola saying Chelsea should aim for Belotti rather than Morata, because he fits better as a replace for D. Costa .

  1. James Rodriguez signs for Bayern Munich…A loss for Milan becos we CLD afford d 2year loan deal at 10m…With option to buy…Mybe he was never in our plans…All d rumours​ were just media hype but I wld have loved such a high profile player in Milan…Now to one of auba, morata or Belotti…One of Dem n biglia wld be nice…Hope we win today

    • Hahaha looks more like we were never in his plan. It’s okay. Soon we will have CPL football back. In 3 to 5 years, we will have our prestige back as well

  2. Kessie looks good from what I’ve seen borini is borini.. Calhanoglu very quiet. I don’t think he suits the lw. I want to see 4-2-3-1 with Kessie and Montolivo at the back

  3. Yeah kesie looks good. All round play. From tackling to passing. Calhanoglu is indeed quiet. Bertolacci is not even on the pitch.

  4. Dollaruma renews…I have even forgotten dat we still have mauri in d mix…lugano is a direct rival in d Europa league, so dis is not a bad friendly afterall

  5. Tell me you are not impressed by Mauri.
    He should have been here instead of Pasalic last season.

    Mauri, Zanellato, Crociata, Cutrone, all have been playing superbly.

    Borini — out!

      • Indeed Crociata was a surprise for me as well. I did not expect him to play that well. Lets see how next friendlies go.
        I can say I am more excited about our these youngsters than I am about most of the new signings.

    • True. He’s been incredible. I didn’t know he was that good. I think we have some really good players in our youth system. Glad we are giving them a chance to prove themselves.

    • I was at work so I missed most of the game, watched from the 60th minute or so, but from what I saw, Mauri was FANTASTIC, from tackling to some really neat passing. Honestly, we shouldnt sign more players. Crutone as winger, Mauri in midfield, we’re good, lets have faith in out youth.

    • Very true! I was thinking exactly the same. I never understood why he doesn’t get a chance. I hope he will get it this year.

  6. Can I say ”I said so” for my support of Mauri all through last season?

    He is so good. But ofc some of you kept saying ”He does not get play time for Empoli”

    With Mauri and Kucka, we had the grit and b2b role of midfield anchored. But now Kucka is gone and probably Mauri will be gone too and we will have Bigila.

    Yay Gabbia is coming on.

    • I will have to respectfully disagree with you here my friend.

      Up to this point, including this game, Mauri hasn’t shown enough to be part of the team. A practice game against Lugano shouldn’t count for anything. Heck, didn’t we beat Real in the summer when Inzagi was in charge.

      I could be wrong, and he can be better than everybody we have. I’m just saying he hasn’t given me, and Montella apparently, any real reason to back him.

  7. Mauri has been superb in the second half, i see a bit of verratti inside him. Hopefully montella will consider him as a backup for this season.

  8. Mauri a big surprise… he is playing superbly lovely long balls through balls and also an assist for him… 9/10
    Crociato is making beautiful runs, goes back asks for ball passes make runs, overall lovely on wing and also scored lovely goal… 8.5/10
    Cutrone can be a lovely back up striker along… scored nice goal made space for chances… 8/10
    Zanellato- Adrien Rabiot of Milan, Similar looks similar play style, made few good through passes… 7/10
    Gustavo Gomes- what a jump to head the ball in the goal and also nyc closing in defence… have improved than last year and still have alot of room of improvement… 7/10
    Kessie played upto his expectation, needs to improve on chemistry and same goes for ricardo rodrigues and calahnoglu… Montolivo was controlling the play, i was happy to see long balls coming from him… Bertolacci showed same old story a few good balls and a few very bad balls… Borini will be shown way out in january and crociato will become back up winger… Niang does not improve… throw him out… Bacca does not fit to play style… rest all was okay…

    But at last i would say Mauri, Zanellato, Crociato and Crutone have alot of potential and they should be tested in the frendlies… and they can grow to be beasts in future…

    • And as i type Gustavo Gomez scores a lovely header from a cross
      What an assist from mauri to sosa… I dont thinka fter seeing this we need to sign biglia… still if we sign him his experience can be useful for Mauri

  9. The game was to give everyone a chance and the younglings are sure taking it. I hope Bartolacci leaves as soon as possible.


    MAURI or SOSA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mortolivo or Bertolacci (Mr. 20M)

    Impressed with Crociata and Cutrone

    1st half I like RR, KESSIEN (machine), Çalhanoglu was discret but didn’t play bad, he has got the quality but he can’t play as a winger….

    Gustavo Gomez… for those who don’t like him – he could be a good option for us….. just need to play more minutes and Romagnoli is “always” injured…

  11. and there you have it…..lord sosa doing his thing again……we must keep sosa.
    mauri was everywhere today, the way he distributed passes today was incredible and that assist to sosa was magical…..#keepSosa&Mauri…

  12. Mauri looked like a legend amongst others in midfield. What a performance to convince a coach.

    Niang will never change is wannabe star attitude, played awful and looked disgusting. Maybe he feels he’s the big boy i dont know… terrible!

    Good start.

  13. Game like this has completely no meaning besides getting the players to run and kick the ball around. Half the team won’t even be there when season starts…

    • all the more point when guys like Niang…can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t dribble, have no vision, etc… against FC Lugano…they really have no business being on the roster…especially, at his age and experience.

    • are you saying fitness and chemistry is meaningless? The younger of the players get a chance to prove them self, if they impress enough maybe they will be there next season. if you dont understand the meaning of match fitness and pre season then im sorry to tell you but you are clueless

    • Agreed, Joe. People are already drawing conclusions on our starting lineup. I mean it’s understandable, because it’s fun, but let’s not take things too seriously.

  14. Interesting player this Crociata.
    I don’t think Mauri has the body structure to play in that position in Seria A; let’s not forget we played a friendly game with Lugano.

    • Yes, let’s just forget his performance in the five games he played for us when we were completely shit in midfield. And his performances with Parma.

    • have you seen verratti’s stature and structure????
      buh yet he bosses the midfield like it’s his own living room.

    • No Body structure. What do you mean by that… Can you tell me how he is not fit for that posistion… Let me introduce a few players of that position and similar to your so called body structure…. XAVI, Verrati, Modric, Cazorla,Makelele, Kante… I seriously dont know what dis you meant by this comment

  15. Okay, I saw the second half. I think everyone played well – except Niang. His decision making is still poor.

    The youth team players were pretty okay. I definitely think Jose Mauri and J. Sosa deserve to be in the squad for depth. For those who think Kucka is better than J. Sosa, think again. Any way, no point in crying over anything, Kucka has moved on. He showed grit and commitment in the red & black jersey, but his fairy tale at Milano has ended.

    I think Milan is in for a good season ahead.. even if nobody else arrives again. The youth are showing great promise. A few departure: Niang, Bertolacci, Paletta, Vangioni… Mauri can still go on loan considering he needs to play regularly, but he MUST not be sold.

  16. Mauri was FANTASTIC. He was everywhere making some beautiful passes, he did much better than Kessie in first half. Cutrone was also good. Young Crociata scored but he is still very raw. Niang sucked up until the very end. Musacchio and Rodriguez looked very solid while Cahanoglu was pretty quiet.

  17. Mauri was fantastic but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and say someone doesn’t need to come in and start him over others. At Parma he was good at empoli he was non existent. He could be a good sub and has plenty of time to get better but he’s not ready to be a milan starter

    • Perhaps not, but we have Montolivo and Locatelli in the role he was playing in today, and Mauri can also play box-to-box. So he would be valuable to our side. Let’s see how the rest of the pre-season goes, because Mauri has never performed as well in my eyes as he did today. Hope it’s a good sign of things to come from him, he looks even hungrier and more determined.

    • ”At Parma he was good at empoli he was non existent.”

      he was not non existent at Empoli. He played solidly and the reason he did not play more is because Empoli preferred to play their own player — Assane Diousse more than a loaned in player Mauri.

      Completely opposite of what we did with Pasalic and Loca.

  18. I saw little of d game but I believe with some more work n signing of 2 more stars, we can do well! Fabregas or biglia, morata or belotti, exit paletta, niang, vangini, I’m torn btw bacca n lapa who shld leave or stay! Lapa plays with his heart, bacca is more clinical but seems offminded most of d time but loves milan! So who goes n who stays? With auba or morate coming in, either of lapa or bacca will be gud for depth

  19. i’ve no regret at all about JR, he just another player who think he’s too big to play in Milan just like morata & b.keita… madrid & lazio have accept our over (60m for morata & 25m for keita) but they refuse to sign contract & about JR, mendez ask us to rescue him from madrid at first place but he refuse to join us…

    • Agreed. I’d like to see Kieta here at that price. James Rodriguez is not worth anything near €40mil, let alone €60m. I’d welcome Fabregas with open arms though because he’s proven top quality

  20. Mauri did well but this is still preseason and the first game at that. So I won’t waste time making any big assumptions on him.

    I have seen Mauri in games last season I can say for sure that we really shouldn’t get too carried away.

    My thoughts were more focused on our formation and tactics.

    It’s really hard to tell but it looks like Montella is still determined to stick with a 4-3-3 formation. Curious to see how we will play with Abameyang and Andre Silva.

    We also have to keep Suso at all cost.

    Still need a top striker, definitely Abameyang since he’s a proven 30+ goals per season in addition to Fabergas, Biglia, Maia and Kjaer to complete the squad.

  21. Niang will be joining Fernabache next week for 18million, And Milan might complete the deal of Auba in china when they meet fo preseason match

  22. Anyone who watches football knows mauri is YOUNG and POTENTIAL thus he must stay. He couldve been milan’s best mf last season but the mgmt foolishly loaned him out.
    Bari got relegated too when milan loaned boban there. That didnt mean boban’s garbage. If ur gonna judge player’s performance then judge him specifically, forget about the whole team.
    Now, if someone at milan sells suso then i’ll know someone pushes his luck

  23. Have watched the replay 10x over and there’s one man I can’t stop thinking about Jose Mauri…..with just a little work to do, that guy will be a ★ trust me


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