Mirabelli: “Donnarumma has no price, we will not sell him for now, our offer was huge, we wanted to give the fans a symbol, we are looking for a ‘keeper”

Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Empoli at Stadio San Siro on April 23, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Empoli at Stadio San Siro on April 23, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Massimiliano Mirabelli said the order from the ownership is to not consider bids for Donnarumma and claimed ‘we are upset, as are our fans’.

Milan have been by far the busiest club in the world in the transfer window so far as they have already extended the contract of coach Vincenzo Montella and signed 4 men: Mateo Musacchio, Franck Kessié, Ricardo Rodriguez and André Silva.

But in the last days all the talk is about Gianluigi Donnarumma. The Milan goalkeeper decided he will not be signing a renewal, despite the fact that the 18-year-old was offered one of the biggest salaries in Serie A.

Now it remains to be seen if the Diavolo will sell Donnarumma for profit this summer (for reportedly €25-30m) or keep him in the stands until his contract expires. Speaking to il Corriere dello Sport’s Xavier Jacobelli yesterday at Casa Milan in an interview that was scheduled four days before Gigio’s decision, director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli spoke about the situation of Donnarumma.

“We threw a press conference about Donnarumma 17 minutes after the meeting with [Gianluigi’s agent Mino] Raiola? When you speak clearly, you can’t be wrong. And from the first day we’ve always spoken with clarity with our fans. On everything,” Mirabelli said in the interview posted this morning.

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli at the end of Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 21, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli at the end of Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 21, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“What about Donnarumma now? For the moment, nothing. The input from the ownership is to not accept bids. Also because, for us, Donnarumma has no price. We won’t sell him, for now. I have something in common with Raiola who said Balotelli is like the La Gioconda and Donnarumma is the Maradona of goalkeepers and both of them have no price [Mirabelli and Raiola are in a reported rift]? [Smiles] We wanted to give a symbol to our fans. And Donnarumma had everything to be that.

“He would have been a captain and frankly, the offer was enormous, considering his age and the burden for Milan: €25m net in five years means €50m gross for the club. Why did Donnarumma refuse? On a human level, we got hurt, because believe me, there was no negotiation; it’s not true that during the Thursday meeting there was tension with Raiola or that we were fighting him.

“The parties took note of the situation and everyone went their own way. We are upset, as are our fans. And I say that the utmost respect for the choices of Gigio and Raiola, everyone is free to do what they believe. Now we’re looking for a goalkeeper ‘da Milan’ [Perin, Neto and Leno are the options].”

CEO Fassone then intervened and commented on the interest of the Bianconeri in Gigio. “Juventus’ Marotta said that they have to consider the opportunity that is Donnarumma? I would be surprised if Marotta said otherwise. He’s very skilled and he’s interested in a goalkeeper, we’re here…”

Gianluigi Donnarumma salutes the fans at the end of Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of May 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma salutes the fans at the end of Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of May 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

As Jacobelli wrote on Saturday’s CdS, the original purpose of the interview was to get to know Mirabelli, who previously worked as a scout for Inter and was entrusted with the responsibility to bring back Milan, together with CEO Marco Fassone and under the guidance of Yonghong Li.

“In September of last year, when Marco Fassone introduced me to the Chinese’s point of view, I left my comfortable position at Inter and decided to leap in the dark. For eight months there were the postponements, twists, ‘closing’ announcements, slander, insinuations… it was a movie, in which Fassone and I played the role of the ghosts. It was like that until things unlocked in April.

“After all, my whole life has been a challenge. I came here without having saints in heaven [meaning having friends in high positions that supported him]. I work hard, every day. And this is my strength.”

Marco Fassone, Han Li and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on May 5, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone, Han Li and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on May 5, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Milan have been linked with a lot of players and more signings are expected until the end of the transfer market in August, and so Mirabelli knows he has a lot of work to do. “Cristiano Ronaldo intends to leave Real Madrid due to problems with the Spanish taxes? Well, if Real Madrid want Donnarumma then we’re ready to talk to [Real Madrid President Florentino] Perez [about CR7], but of course without starting from a price of €400m of which the Spanish press is talking…” Mirabelli said.

“One thing must be clear: anyone who plays at Milan and whoever agrees to come to Milan, must realize what the Milan shirt means and must aim to the highest goal in any competition. Starting with the Europa League [Milan will pay the qualification stage in July], passing through the Coppa Italia and coming to the league, in any competition we will target the most important goal.”

Milan move on, with or without Donnarumma with a sole goal in mind: creating a squad that is worthy of getting the Rossoneri back to the Champions League, after so many years of absence.


  1. Aaand the pole for Milan No. 1 is Perin.. what a dissapointment. A keeper with SECOND ACL injury priced at what? 15 mil? Leno at 20 mil is a bargain, and achieveable by cashing in on dollarumma.

    I say if dollarumma leave, it should be for more than 40 mil. Why? Because ederson moraes left monaco for that amount. Dollarumma’s contract may be ending soon, but we can make him worth nothing at the end of the season.

    • 1) everyone knows donna has no future at milan.
      2) his contract will run out just a year from now.
      3) most top european clubs already have their own #1
      Those 3 points are exactly why milan wont get more than 30m from donna sale, if they even consider selling him.
      I agree with u about perin. I said it before acl injury is 1 of 2 deadliest injuries in football. Remember the true legend (unlike donna) redondo time at milan? He’s legit one of the best cm/dm ever but knee injury (not 2) killed his performance ans eventually his career. Legends like ronaldo, gullit, sammer, shearer, del piero and owen also never fully recovered from that kind of injuries.
      Perin is good gk but if milan buy him then essentially they would be buying damaged goods

      • I knoooow riight? Perin didn’t have just one, but TWO ACL injuries! This is beyond damaged.. unless Milan Lab come with another miracles, then I think we should stay away from Perin.


          • If u ever suffer from acl injury then ur performance will decline, If u even recover from it. Thats the axiom.
            Some players recover but they lose their agility, speed, power and basically become injury prone player.

      • Although I agree with you their are exceptions. Take Kevin Stootman for one. He’s had a great year so there is a possibility that Perin can recover.

  2. this is what happened when he never playing (i hope milan never give him training too) for one season…
    – mentality going down
    – goalkeeper skill going down
    – price going down
    – stamina going down

    the only one thats going up is FAT ( hope he’s gonna be the same weight like his agent)…

  3. If Milan keep him in bench and does not give any play time and practice with first team, then does the law allow him to sue against Milan.
    I do not know the law, anyone please clarify the law.

      • No, there certainly are rules about freezing out players. Denying him access to the training ground is a legal matter and not something that can be done in this case. That is why Mirabelli responds “we’re here” about possibly negotiating a transfer to Juve or Real. Also, stating that he is part of the squad and Montella will decide points to the same thing: If we sign Perin, Donnarumma will stay as back-up, and in a year we will know much more about how injury prone Perins ACL injuries have made him, and in the meantime Gigio will have the time to reconsider the decision to leave. If he does, he will leave as milans backup keeper for free with very few games under his belt next season. Milan can also refuse his participation for Italy, almost for any reason. But to lock him out of milanello? Nope, that becomes a lawsuit, as you deny a professional under contract the chance to fulfill his duties of training to remain in peak physical form and home his skills etc.

  4. “Dictatorship ends starting with tyrannicide
    You must destroy the cancer at it’s root” dystopia by Megadeth
    I think this quote is relevant about Raiola

  5. I don’t recall the last time Milan has a world class goalkeeper. Antoniolli, Galli, Dida, Abbiati were not but didn’t stop the Diavolo from conquering Europe and the world of football. Above all, it was done with great desire , hard work and pride of wearing these colors. Donnarumma a world class keeper yet although he’s a promising one for his age and what he’s done so far with the team and Milan give him a golden opportunity to show his talent, but one player cannot make the team.
    Unfortunately, modern world is legally corrupted so are football players and greedy agents. There no loyalty because there’s no true love in this world. Everybody’s faking even in the matrimonial relationships.
    The management is correct on how he dealt with this situation, they have to send a clear signal that they won’t bend down to satisfy players and agent’s greediness. If you don’t feel happy staying just leave.
    I’m sad to see him leave where he would be able to grow in a team that put all trust on you, but at the end of the day that’s his decision and he has made his decision not to renew, don’t hate him just wish him luck on his next journey.
    Without him, Milan will rise because players mangement come and go but Milan will remain.

      • Yes, I dont know why people are hating on him. He could have some huge blunders, especially at the end, but he was one of the best if not THE best keeper between 2002-2007.

          • Do you guys agree that he wasn’t called “Calamity Dida” for nothing? The question is when did he go off the deep end? I agree with Milan10 that the flare didn’t help him but was he really that great beforehand? For example, four goals against Deportivo in 2004…

          • Yeah I remember that, but he wasnt at fault for all four of them from what I remember, I vividly remember one shot though that just slipped through his hands.

        • I think buffon is “only” one of the greatest gk ever, not THE greatest but if there’s an era where he was truly the best gk its between 2002 – 2007 (hello al83!). Dida had outstanding reflexes and was outstanding penalty stopper but he wasnt better than cech, van der sar, casillas, toldo, kahn and especially buffon

      • He was our weakest link. He was overpaid. When he was let go no team of stature wanted him. Berlusconi had a weakness for lazy Brazilians like Pato, Robinho, Dida …

    • At his peak, dida had even better response/reflex than buffon (remember his point blank save vs ajax?) and was arguably best penalty stopper of his time. Too bad after that ucl match vs inter in 2005 where his shoulder got struck by a flare his performance steadily decline.

        • I dont remember anything about boring celtic matches except for kaka’s goal to be honest but im pretty sure its in 2005 vs inter. The game was stopped and milan were awarded 3-0 victory.

        • Milan10 is right. It was against Inter. That Celtic match had another incident when a Celtic fan ran to the pitch and “slightly” touched Dida while celebrating. You know what happened next 😀

          • Yeh he went down like he’d been shot by a sniper. But apart from that, constant c–k ups, costing us CL 2004 and 2005, the most miserable face in football, yeah he was a “world class keeper”.

          • @Milan10 and Kourosh, yeah you’re both right… that was how it was. Haha, wonder which dive of the 06/07 season was the best, Dida’s or Gilardino’s? 😉

  6. I have been really sad since the donnarumma announcement. But after hearing what mirabelli said, I am optimistic again. This is just a dent in the road, and if Milan sign belotti or James then we will all forget this saga. The timing that these idiots (raiola donnarumma) used to break off the negotiations dented the enthusiasm around the project. But by July with Conti and another top player’s signature momentum will get back. This also will give donnarumma time to understand the big mistake that he has made. Well played fassobelli.

    • I honestly believe we will get both Belotti and James Rodriguez this season. My only concern is Perin’s fitness which is a major risk.

      It would be wise to sign Neto or Leno as both are good with their feet. Much better than Donnaruma at distruting the ball.

  7. Spnish giants Real Madrid had offered the services of first-choice goalkeeper Keylor Navas as a makeweight in a potential deal for Gianluigi Donnarumma, Italian outlet La Gazzetta Dello Sport have today suggested that another Blancos star could instead head to San Siro.
    As per the report, Florentino Perez and co. are ready to offload talented Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez to the Milanese giants.

  8. Trust me when I say this if Silvio owned milan still dumbarumma and pizza man would have signed they wouldn’t have had the balls to do this to berlusconi.But as a pure financial deal sell him bring James Rodriguez or even Isco we still haven’t addressed our midfield apart from kessie

      • Maybe,but for whatever reason,i too believe Raiola would not have had the balls to do this if Il Presidente would have been there.Its not that Fassobeli does not have that power,its just that 31 years of experience is too much to throw away.When you are the President of a club for 31 years,its your aura that gets a lot of works done.For the first time i am missing Berlusconi,but thats restricted to only this Donna saga.I still believe Fassobelli are doing most if the job better than Berlu.

    • Yea like how? Offer him a 2 million contract and tells him that this is the max we can offer and then tell him that we are going revamp the squad with free transfers and loans?????

  9. I wish they’d sell Donna, at the latest before the season starts. I can no lo longer search for Milan news on Google without the feed being flooded with rumors or stories about him and I’m tired of hearing about it. Another whole year of Donna drama is a ridiculous prospect. AC Milan is trying to start anew, turn a new leaf, we do not need this to drag on and on. Benching him to punish him is not the way to go, if you ask me. To me, he is just a talented young goalkeeper who doesn’t want to play for Milan, no more, no less. No need or room for hurt feelings; everybody’s acting like their spouse just left them.

    • It’s not hurt feelings -it’s the principle. This is Milan and you don’t take Milan for a ride after they gave you the world. He needs to be thought a lesson. It appears the new owner doesn’t need the money from selling him so he should sit on the bench all season – that will give him enough time to think about the mistake he made hiring the pig agent.

  10. juve trying to be bayern of serie a…
    lewy, sule, rudy… even juve is cheaper… bayern bought stars every season with lot of money… but juve doing italian job on khedira d. alves and next season they will get gigio & keita balde for free…
    what they are doing just like BG few years ago…

    • Don’t worry, Juventus domination will be end, next season or next two season.. because it’s serie-a. Not Bundesliga. I think Milan have the biggest possibility to end that domination, inter also can beat that domination (if their management better).

      Juventus domination is because the flop of AC Milan and Inter Milan

  11. Good. Let Donna sit on the bench until you find an offer both sides like. With the World Cup coming next year, there will be pressure on both sides to get a fair deal for Milan.

  12. To win cups you don’t need the Alfa goalkeeper you need the Omega. In my opinion as much as I hate the idea of Donnarumma not signing for us I don’t want him to seat in the bench for a year. It against the principle of the beautiful game and we cannot act and seat in the same level as others, remember we are MILAN. This Club has become legend because of giving players safety and trust, making them feels like their own child.

    We don’t know all the truth behind the curtains and I do think the player him self has part of the fold on the decision making but we must remember that he is just 18 years old. I mad allots of mistakes at that age with out Raiola imagine having him next to you!!
    Donnarumma is a MILAN supporter and I hope he understands us why we are so touched. What was he expecting???
    If I were in his position I would dumb the man with the glasses and get the negotiations back for signing a new contract with MILAN. If you are a true fan you still have the time to fix it.

    If you want to go to Real than go on, I would ask for Asensio and 20mil extra from this deal. If not than you can find a seat and wait like we did for your decision until your contract ends but this is your decision not to play.
    Milan did a lot and you didn’t even let the talk to me able to offer you more.

  13. montella must make him sit on the bench all the season or practice with u23 so he can’t go to world cup and he can’t go to Madrid and play fix for at least two season
    It’s reward for disrespecting Milan raiola can’t do any thing about this bcus he is our player and we can do anything
    But i still like Donna and I hope he stay for years in Milan

  14. Milan should trade dollaruma for james with real M . And then sign perin or leto and with conte and a midfielder and we are set for the season.

    ??? Maybe locatelli?
    Bonaventura ?
    James !!!
    Andre silva

    • You are the epitome of optimism,my friend. Contract extension does not need the Mercato,so maybe he will have a change of heart somewhere in the middle of the season…..

  15. “Donnarumma is dead to me” “That snake should just die” “We move on with or without Donna, he is not that important” “Who cares about Donna, he is just a goalkeeper” “He just puts gloves on, he will not be missed” so on and on and on

    And yet, the people keep moaning and cursing and shouting on and on and on.

    This kinda shows the sort of influence and symbol of hope Donna has been over the past two seasons. You cannot deny the moments he has given us. He has made a decision, so be it. Just leave this news behind.

    He wants to move on, fine. But lets not make any more comments about him, enough has been said already. If you are a person who have said something that indicates that this drama is over, please, do not comment on Donnarumma again.

    As for me myself, I have defended and supported Donnarumma since before his debut. While it hurts that he wants to leave, I don’t think we should disrespect his decision and throw abuse at his whole family.

    Milan is bigger than Donnarumma, so please fans, act like it.

    Either way, I am done with commenting about Donna after this one. I sincerely hope some more people would do the same.

    Let’s just put it behind.


    • My memory’s not great on goalkeepers circa 2003 – 2007. Personally I prefer ones who don’t flap at corners, let shots slip under their body or get beaten at the near post every single time. That’s just me though.

  16. I want the bastard to be punished hard and also wish we swap him for James Rodriguez. Lets hope both of my wishes come true.The bastard is swapped and then he commits few howlers and Real bench him.Win Win for me.

  17. If i were Montella,i would start a special training for Donna.The gk coach rolls the ball towards him and asks the forwards to go for goal,through sliding tackles.Donna’s job is to get to the ball first.The aim is to break Donnas legs while going for the goal and try your beat to kick him on the face….Try your best to destroy his career….If Mino asks what the fvkk is going on,we tell him its a special training.To increase the agility of Donna.If anything happens we tell,it was an unfortunate accident that happened while training.

    • To allow bunch of people to deliberately injure someone is worse idea than refusing to extend one’s employment contract.
      Seriously, why do fassobelli and some milanisti act like dejected school girl who just got rejected by her crush? To freeze donna or worse, to inflict harm on him for refusing to extend his contract would only serve as lose – lose solution for both parties. The world seriously doesnt need that kind of mentality

  18. am so optimistic Donna won’t leave he will sign a good contract with Milan…I love this kid and I pray he remains in the San siro for 20 more years .. Donna Milan made u and do not let go like this, stay with Milan and am sure u will shine like u dream to,I can still remember how joyous he was on the day we won the supercup and all along I never thought something like this cud cross donnarumma mind (to ever let go of the Milan shirt he kissed so much ).sign a contract Donna and see how it goes

  19. Milan were on the verge of signing conti, kalinic etc before this donnadrama occured. Now, many teams have (nearly) captured milan’s targets such as klaassen, morata, keita. I hope milan mgmt dont let themselves get distracted by this donnadrama and just go along with their plans, starting with james, krychowiak/biglia and hart (hart could act as plizzari’s mentor because he’s experienced and if milan could get him on loan then his arrival wouldnt disturb the budget)

    • Hart would be kinda risk for his too frequent blunders.
      Actually I got reminded of Igor Akinfeev from yesterday’s match.
      He is good; yet away from headlines.
      Probably nobody will think about going for him though. But he is really good.

  20. Once trust is lost then it cannot be earned back. Sadly he has lost all my respect. He is going to leave sooner or later. So stop this drama and do not take a U turn.

  21. Plix let us bury dis dollaruma issue. Emotionally it’s disgusting, but dis is Milan, we don’t need to play dirty like raoila, just turn d boy to a bait to get either isco or James from Madrid…Or even use him as part of negotiation for belotti, simple. Promote plizzari, let him play d preseason so we can’t test his readiness, I’m sure storari is not a bad backup whilst we can also recall Gabriel as backup…Use d 20m for a good winger or MF, day shld be our concern now..Please we shld forget dollaruma n let dis new spirit of joy continue, he was just a distraction… Forza Milan

  22. This Donnarumma thing,is purely Italian mafia,they want to destroy the Chinese investment, the Chinese made mistake to invest in such a hostile business environment of the Italians.is completely not about football,because if it is they should be encourage.(sorry to say juve is the guy destination)yonghong li buy foreigners.secure your investment.

  23. I disagree with the idea of signing Perin. He has serious injury. Better to sign an experienced goalie from the Netherland, Germany or Denmark. They produced best goalies in the past Euro Cup and World Cup. Remember van Breukelen, van der Saar, Tony Schumacher, Bodo Ilgner, Neuer, Peter Schmeichel etc.?
    Please check these 2 giant goalies :
    1. Danny Jensen from Utrecht and
    2. Sergio Padt from Groningen
    both of them are between 25 and 27 y.o.

  24. buddy lost my cricket match in finals vs Pak in championship trophy finals … this week is turning worst to me

  25. Sucks that Andre Silva only played 10 minutes but he had a great 10. Almost instantly set ronaldo through on goal from half but the defender intercepted. Then headed a cross on goal, very powerful header to the far post and only an amazing Ochoa save stopped it. Then on the counter he dribbled and gave a lovely ball in the box for the guy to just miss wide. In 10 minutes only he showed he can be deadly and also contribute in our own half. Very excited!!

  26. I think we should get more clarity in the Donnarumma case. What If we don’t know anything that really goes on there and its mostly media hyping it all up? What If it turns out that Donna actually wants to stay and the negotions havent been closed yet? Maybe its Milan tactic to but pressure on him to sign?
    My point is that lets wait for more news. We shouldn’t be that emotional and angry. Lets wait and hear from Donnarumma!

    • What if you are forcefully sleeping thinking it’s night even after seeing daylight?
      Lot of”What if”. Wake up dude and get used to reality. Milan is too big a club to cry for a 18year old. We need to act stronger against Donna so that other players act properly in future. Milan is Milan and no one can hold this club for ransom.

        • You are not getting my point. As a Milan fan we should be strong. Enough of all this melodrama. We don’t need a player who says he is a childhood Milan fan and trys running away from the club at the very first opportunity. We all placed too much faith in him and he can’t simply take us all for a ride. A good goal keeper is sufficient for us, we don’t need this kinda a guy who acts like a snake. Buffon, Neuer best goal keeper at this time still both didn’t win UCL. So stop placing too much importance on him. At this junction of transfer time this is the strong reaction every true Milan fan will give to a snake who tried to bite it’s owner.

          • You say stop placing too much importance on him, while you have commented nearly 10 comments about him, lol. Make up your mind.

    • Too late for that.
      Most fans already are overexcited like hormonal teens and having a fun time throwing abuse and cursing and calling names and wishing death.

      • @Gman: did you also observe that in every post I also said that Milan is bigger than an individual? Or you just closed your eyes due to your love on Donna? If today we are talking about this situation is because the player fooled us and now we have every right to say anything about him. I am still repeating the same, I liked Donna because of my love towards Milan and vice versa. I still love Milan so I consider Donna a traitor and every traitor deserves to boooooooed

        • Where did i express my love for Donna? I just think people act childish and overreact. Any player under contract would of course say they like/love their club, its common sense. He has argubly been our best player for the last two season. No need for hate, life goes on.

          • Your first reply on my comment was out of place. Go check that and read what I have written to figure it yourself

  27. It’s too funny that some “Milan fans” feel the need to “protect” Donnarumma from the abuse.

    He knew exactly what he was getting himself into. Everything has consequences. He’s not crazy, if he’s silent, then he’s guilty and he knows it, simple as that.

  28. Karma just biting dollarumma nothing else. Do not be surprised if riaola comes to grab all those cash stacks on the pitch too.

  29. Riola is an absolute clown for what he did today. He scheduled an official press conference in Monte Carlo with Italian press but some media were quick to reject the invitation.

    He ended up explaining his “obvious” and pathetic lie IN HIS KITCHEN to 3 journalists from Sky and Mediaset Premium. He said Milan threatened to kill Donna and his family which was the most shocking statement he made.

    He claimed Milan wanted to send him to the stands which Fassone clearly debunked 2 weeks ago. He confirmed that he doesnt get along with Mirabelli and that Mirabelli was his main problem and not Fassone.

    I am not happy with what Milan fans did to the boy during the U21 game, he makes his choice and we should get over it and let him go, afterall Handanovic who is one of the best in Europe could not help Inter get to Europe, so without Buffon Milan won trophies with average goalies.

    Milan fans should stop the nonsense and realise that Milan is bigger than any player let alone an 18 year old Donna. We will do well with or without him.

    As for Riola, his creative work of manipulating a teenager and his family will only bear fruit for some and nemesis will definitely catch up with him. Money isnt everything, time heals every pain and positive vibes take you high.

  30. Mino raiola statement is too funny. The reason why donnarumma rejected the contract is because he was being bullied and receiving death threats towards him and his family. I’m pretty sure everybody loved him until he rejected us. That’s when it started. That pig can lie all he wants karma will happen. One day donnarumma will fire you

  31. I don’t trust raiola but maybe he say right
    Fassobelli do great job but maybe they don’t do right job about Donna
    Raiola say still we don’t want free transfer mean he still want renewal
    I still like donna and hope stay

    • In Indonesia we call Fat Piggy’s words as “Political Party Promises” / “janji parpol” because 95% of what the party promised during election, will not be carried out during terms.

    • No my friend, this is not the case. If you want to stay you need a 3 hour meeting and you can short out everything (including salaries!) like Conti did. 3 hours. And he says that he had an offer for 3 weeks and still there was no time to negotiate? “We didn’t even reach the point to discuss salaries”. So what exactly have you been doing for 3 week (I could even say 2-3 months actually)? That’s bs.
      Finally the truth appears to be that yes Donna wanted to stay but Raiola want to play very hard ball (it’s Donna’s fault to let him act like that). He (Raiola) was the one who blackmailed Milan, not all the way around. Raiola did a bad job for his client in the end, he spoiled his wish, destroyed his image damaging him much more than expected.

  32. Fassone’s interview just showed how much more class we have and that mino is an idiot. Mino can say we’re mobbing his clients and we’re bullying and doing this and that. Fassone stays classy and says the truth, we needed a response and we gave him everything and reassured him and raiola I making up lies

  33. Wow, raiola is such a joke. If he said that donnaruma wont leave next year for free, he should have already sign the massive contract which higher than buffon’s. Refusing the contract at all cost meaning he want to leave next year for free isnt he? Well, gigio should clarify himself. Im tired of hearing shit from Raiola. FORZA MILAN!

  34. Geez. Raiola now playing victim with mirrabeli to blame. He thought all the fans are foolish or what? If the boy loves milan, make him signed that contract, If “Milan” not in the player’s heart, which is not like what we thought before therefore we felt hurt, then say it clearly you slimy agent!! We’ll ok eventually with that

  35. So. We had Silvio Berlusconi as an owner and he never threatened anyone. The guy that is probably the most connected guy in Italy. Yet now we are threatening families? Raiola stop the nonsense

  36. How many of here actually think that its fine what happend in Italy v Denmark? If Milan is bigger than a player then why are you guys so emotional? If he is leaving then fine, I’m already over it, but fans who act like teenage moody girls are not okay. I have a feeling that I might become the next hate symbol in this blog now but I will defend Donnarumma. And thats how grown ass people act!! We don’t start insulting and abusing others because they did something we don’t like. Now if you tell me that he lied to us, let me answer you. GET OVER IT!! Just walk away. When the U21 tournament is over, then he will speak. Lets wait. And it is reported that Mirabelli will fly there to speak with Donnarumma again and try to convince him.

    • I agree with you but how did he lie to us? He never said he was going to sign the contract in the first place. Look at Thiago Silva, he expressed his love for the club, sign on a new contract and then left a week later for fourtune&fame. Claming he was forced to leave which is not true. You have the final desicion to leave a club ect Winston Bogarde).

    • There are many of us here who believe that ANY kind of abuse (including the incident in the u21 game) is shameful. Period.
      Defending Donna’s position/choice in general is another story. I agree though we should listen to all parties even though in my mind it’s pretty clear that the entire mess is Raiola’s fault. I (want to) believe that if Donna was firing him, big part of the fans would change their attitude towards him. But let’s be realistic, that would be an extremely bold move. It’s not something we could even demand/expect from Donna – despite the fact that I believe that Raiola harmed first of all his client, giving a good excuse to Donna to fire him. Not for the shake of Milan, for his own shake.

  37. Can’t believe the BS that’s just come out of Raiola’s mouth. What’s he going to say next – Mirabelli locked Donnarumma in a basement with just the contract and a pen? The sooner we’re rid of this guy the better. Abate and Ely are free to leave imo, the only one I’m worried about is Bonaventura who hopefully has enough sense to get another agent after all this BS. Note to FIFA: hurry up with your investigation and kick this a-hole out the game.


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