Antonio Donnarumma: “You’re insulting our whole family without knowing anything, above all Gigio is a Milan fan”

Gianluigi Donnarumma during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on February 19, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma during Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on February 19, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

The brother of Gianluigi defended the decision of the Milan goalkeeper on his Instagram account, saying ‘anyone who insults him is not a Milan fan’.

Donnarumma is on his way out of Milan, either this summer or next year when his contract expires as yesterday it became official that ‘Gigio’, who previously said he dreams of wearing the captain’s armband and stay at Milan for many years, will not accept the contract extension offered him by the new management (over €5 million net per season for five years).

After the announcement, Milan fans went on social media to express their sadness, disappointment and mostly rage, calling Donnarumma a snake and a traitor. There are rumours that Donnarumma cried last night when he saw the reaction of the fans and today his 26-year-old brother Antonio, who grew up in Milan’s youth sector as well, went on Instagram to show support for his brother.

“I turn to all of them. People who are doing nothing but insult Gigio and all our family,” Antonio wrote at @antodonnarumma90. “Gigio has been a Milan fan since he was little… for him to play with the Milan shirt was a dream, he has always honored and given his soul for these colors. He cried after every defeat. Until yesterday you were all with Gigio, now without knowing anything you are insulting our whole family, writing things that our family wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy.

Antonio and Gianluigi Donnarumma before Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on the February 16, 2016. (
Antonio and Gianluigi Donnarumma before Milan-Genoa at Stadio San Siro on the February 16, 2016. (

“Our family has been overjoyed and have wept along with all you fans. Milan has an incredible history, and nobody can ever question that. For those who have written messages of support for Gigio, I want to tell you that you truly understand the kind of person Gigio is… whatever gesture [like kissing the Milan badge, ed] he did or phrase he wrote or said, he did it out of love for Milan. Above all, Gigio is a Milan fan like you, and anyone who insults him isn’t a Milan fan.

“You can fill this photo with insults now, but leave our family out of it, they always taught us the real values of life. For those who continue to say that I have to thank Gigio because he gives me money… I tell you that no one has ever given anything to me, every year I earn what I deserve. Thanks.”

Antonio also used the hashtags #brothers #love #donnarumma #alwaystogether. It will be interesting to hear Gianluigi’s side of the story. Most of the reports seem to agree that his decision to reject the offer of Milan was not economical but due to wanting a different sporting project. reported earlier today that Real Madrid will soon contact Milan and kick off negotiations for the 18-year-old; their initial offer is expected to be in the region of €25-30 million.

Mi rivolgo a tutte le Persone che non stanno facendo altro che insultare gigio e tutta la nostra famiglia.. Gigio sin da piccolo è tifoso del Milan.. per lui giocare con la maglia del Milan e’ un sogno..ha sempre onorato e dato L anima per questi colori.. ha pianto per ogni sconfitta.. fino a ieri eravate tutti con gigio.. ora senza sapere nulla state insultando tutta la famiglia, scrivendo frasi che la nostra famiglia non augura nemmeno al peggior nemico.. la nostra famiglia ha gioito e pianto con tutti voi Milan ha una storia incredibile.. e nessuno può metterlo in dubbio..Per le persone che hanno scritto messaggi a favore di gigio ci tengo a dire che voi avete capito davvero che persona e’ gigio.. qualunque gesto che ha fatto e qualunque frase ha detto o scritto.. L ha fatto davvero per amore del Milan.. gigio e’ soprattutto un tifoso del Milan.. come voi..e chi lo insulta non è tifoso del Milan..ora potete anche riempire di insulti questa foto.. ma la famiglia lasciatela stare.. loro ci hanno sempre insegnato i veri valori della vita… per quelli che invece continuano a dire che io devo ringraziare a gigio perché mi da i soldi.. vi dico che a me mai nessuno mi ha regalato qualcosa.. ogni anno lotto per guadagnare quello che mi merito.. grazie.. #brothers #love #donnarumma #alwaystogether

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  1. even the great baresi relegated with milan came back strong,won the league and the champions league….another name for every member of ur family is “snake” your family will be known for being greedy

    • If free agency and agent power existed thirty years ago, many of the one team men would have become changing teams continually to enrich themselves and their agents. The Bosman rule contributed to ruining the game.

  2. this issue here, donnarumma shud clarify by himself, not by that pig raiola, not by anyone, just him, us fans and AC Milan. Should you say you’re passionate about this club then this is the time boy. say it out loud, say it by extending more years with us. We did love you before, but when u said no to extension, it just struck us that you don’t show it. simple as that.

    your tears?? WHAT ABOUT US?? WHAT ABOUT THIS VERY SACRED CLUB WHO GROOMED YOU?? how about our tears when you’re saying no to us?? what about that? can’t u see around the world how the club is being RIDICULED TIME AND TIME AGAIN and to see players themselves tossing the honor like a ragdoll, it hurts me so much.

    i am from Malaysia, i never saw u guys live in front of me, i was being ridiculed by my friends and family when they ask me “why Milan tho??” but my love and passion for this club, i will be loyal till i die. Nothing else.


    • I love your point. MILAN for life. We have been laughed at, It’s been six years in hell but Milan is still in our heart. Gigio should understand that. He wants a better Sporting Project? He should come out open and not hide behind Raiola. I love Gigio, but I am indifferent about his current situation, in my opinion great keepers alone don’t guarantee success and you can win big things even with above average goalies ask Real Madrid.

  3. Talk talk talk talk. All we ever hear. It’s sad we’re never going to see another Maldini, Totti or Del Piero. True athletes dedicated to their teams. If he truly loved Milan he would stay. The money he was offered is still well above any player of his age or experience deserve. Riaola doesn’t help the situation any either. It’s disappointing and sad to see.

  4. I fail to see,which hole this shit is talking from?If i say i love my parents and then hit them everyday then surely its not the hole of my mouth i am talking from. Your brother loves Milan,He is a Milan fan and yet he does not signs a contract extension….What type of a fan is he?Ceiling Fan or Table Fan?Totti was a fan.Gerard was a fan.Terry was a fan,Buffon is a fan.Messi is a fan,Baresi,Maldini,Facchetti,They are called Fans.Rest all type of fans are called Prosti*ues.These type of fans start revolving the moment you hang money in front of them.I am a fan.Miles away in India where most matches are not telecasted i download tv apps and search frantically for a live streaming link every match day to watch the match.Sometimes i get Arabic links i dont even understand but i am happy with that.I make false excuses and take pay cuts for those days due to not turning up at work on match days to watch Milan’s every match.I am a fan…So please explain Snr Snake…What type of a fan your shitty brother is?

    How much money does a person needs my friend.Will you take all the money with you in your coffin?How expensive mobile can you buy than an iphone?

    Money comes and goes.The legacy remains.This simple thing your brother does not understand?So he is not this much matured also?and he hopes to play football?For any club?Just be happy that he is not in our country playing for Mohun Bagan or East Bengal.Players have not been able to return home in the fear of getting thrashed by supporters after they played a bad match,imagine what might happen if they did not sign a contract after dragging it for so long…..By the time your family comes to know the body would have been lost.

    You dont know how it feels to have played with the emotions of die hard fans.Your brother would have been made an example. Professionalism is in its own place and Betrayal is in its own.Your brother betrayed us.Your brother lied to us.Mislead us.


    • .. You just hit the nail on the head man.! Am from Nigeria…. I experienced similar situation just to a climp of Milan games.. My heart stopped beating for 3second reading the news…have none and follow this kid since he was in the primivera and always loved his performance to the heart. Milan had been my club since the late 80s.! I still stand by what I said, riola is the issue here not gianluca.

      • let him go milan is bigger than him no trophy he can win 4 us that nelson dida has not win milan is a great team wit great players we will surely get a beta player who will even be better than him we are milan let him go we once had the likes of Shevchenko,kaka ,maldini,seedorf,rui costa,stam, ridkaad,van basten gulit,dida ,cafu gattuso pirlo,nesta ,inzaghi so who the hell is he let him go please we wat players wit tru love not his type let move forward let forget him let rebuild milan around tru fan not fake sell him or free him anyhow.

  5. I am sorry for my bad language admin of this page.I just love Milan a lot and it hurts to see a 18 year old betray the faith we had on him.I am very sad and upset.I just want Mino Raiola to come to India once maybe to see the Taj Mahal and i get to know about it. I will make sure his loved ones find a need to create a Mausoleum as grand as the Taj Mahal for Mino Raiola too….

  6. The thing is donnarumma was toying with Milan like we were just a piece of shit, just last week he said he is looking for a house in milan and that he loves the club then this week he told his agent to tell us he will not renew again, this is lack of respect for this glorious club, can they do this to Madrid,man u or Barcelona? Hell no!!!! Its hurts.

  7. Antonio go f*** yourself. I Milan fans don’t give a f*** about you, your brother and your family. Please don’t try to act like u don’t know what is going on. F*** u your brother and his agent. Milan will always be Milan

  8. I am sorry Antontio but he is not a true ‘Milan fan’ if he doesn’t want to give his blood and sweat to win trophies with the great Milan

  9. just Sell him and be over with it. this news shouldn’t hold us back and am sure by mid season we all gonna ask Donna WHO?

  10. I don’t really care what you have to say honestly, just leave Milan alone… not even Genoa cares about u… Lol 🙂

  11. Haha if he is a Milanista he should stay and even accept a million euro year salary, this makes zero sense tbh.

  12. Just go away.
    You are not needed anymore.
    Milan moves on. This club is too big to moan over anyone, least of all on a teenage goalkeeper who had loads of potential but was still miles off becoming anything as good as neur, Buffon, de gea or courtious.
    If he goes on to become something like that, then the loss is ours otherwise I don’t care.

    Just get over it now. We head our separate ways.

  13. What is this, i thought we’re talking about football. This is slowly turning into mexican soap opera. No, donna doesnt want to extend his contract-his reasons are EXTREMELY irrelevant- and yes its disappointing but seriously, Who gives spelunking fvkk about donna’s opinion or least of all, his family’s? Get over it

    • Told you mate, lack of class.
      Too many overexcited fans.
      Who knows, maybe we fans can push players away to exit in future.

  14. Whit is this this guy ANTONIO DONNARUMMA talking about? What should we understand when no explanation about his brother’s decision to leave is given to us fans? What more could we have done than annual 5 mil euros and 5 years contract? What is this rubbish? I do not get any sense in his words apart from defending his brother and do not insult the family. But he could have explained instead why his brother decided like his. There is no valid point in his defending at all. And why wouldn’t we be true fans after we criticize his brother? We supported this club even before his brother was born…is this guy alright in his mental?

    • Spot on. Need to move on. If Perin couldn’t pass medical check, Milan management can consider 2 Eredivisie giant goalkeepers :
      1. Danny Jensen of Utrecht, 25 y.o from Denmark and
      2. Sergio Padt of Groningen, 27 y.o from Netherland

      I believe their price tag is cheaper than Perin and they have very good skills. Happy hunting and all the best, Milan.

      • Oh shut it with Padt.
        He is very good…. to sit on the bench a backup as long as he never comes on pitch. Better yet, being a 3rd choice. Or 4th.

  15. I hate dollarumma because he hate Milan

    Fassone please sale dollarumma to real Madrid and sign keylor navas as first choice and sirigu as back up

    Dollarumma will never succeed anywhere he go, because he betrayed and cheat Milan

  16. His brother said that Gigio has always been a Milan fan, it was his dream to play for Milan. Yeah, right, that’s why he didn’t sign the first professional contract now, when he’s 18, and after being offered 5 mil/year.

  17. His whole family is retarded. What did they expect from the Milan fans after they betrayed us. A medal? Or a standing ovation.

  18. This just doesn’t make any sense! He loves Milan, a club that is finally back and making strong signings already, we will play in Europa cup next season and Donna decides to NOT sign his first professional contact with Milan. I just don’t get it, there is something we are missing here. I would be somewhat ok if he goes to Real or Man UTD ….. But if he ends up in Juve then I will flip out!!

  19. According to sources in Italy: The Italian agent ( Raiola) has persuaded Donnarumma to leave the club because he believes AC Milan’s new project is not a winning one despite the rossoneri have already signed four new players. Raiola still doesn’t know who is behind the Chinese takeover and has persuaded Donnarumma to pack his suitcase and leave the club.

  20. Comment: Let’s take our minds off this betrayal and his so-called f***ing bush agent….who is donnarumma?
    what has he achieved?
    the likes of kaka, shevchenko, seedorf, Tiago silva pirlo and the likes left milan and yet we never got relegated. MILAN is going to be successful this believe me or not….

  21. Can someone ask Antonio which great football club of milan calibber will allow 18 years old as her goalkeeper? Yet milan put all her trust in your brother bring him to limelight,one good did deaerves another,gigio we love you but you don’t love us,we all stayed with milan when win a match is like dreaming,now with hope of bring back olding days,you running away,am very sure none of those teams (Madrid, PSG or man u) is patience as you thought,any little mistake you back in bench or out of the club,think twice forget about raiola,he is misleading you,we trust you and think you have passion for Milan, it is never too late to prove it,I never see you physical,I subscribed to watch milan match from Nigeria even with difficult economic situation,I still have to squeezed out money to see you guy playing. Now than never. Forza Milan

  22. Forsa Milan. To all Dona betrayal family. U said ur broda cried. Do u know millions of Milan fans that cried and drop of our tears can bath all ur family. Dona do u know how many fans that have died bcoz of Milan. Great of the greatest Maldini,Totti, Del piero and others recieved differents offers with huge amount of money to leave but they turn the offer down and focus with there Great club and fans till today. Who are u that turn our offer down and u can’t come to public and defend urself. U and ur agent will regret this action.

  23. guy ur brother wicked pass snake.donna u r traitor and very greedy felo.pls my honourable CEO help sell this traitor now because he is not worthy to been in Milan and if ve any of is family member in our junior team sent them away.

  24. I dont buy the reason they reject the contract because of release clause? They want only 40m? Isnt it rediculous? Are u telling me Donna only worth that much? U want to command big salary and yet put a low release cause to undervalue? ALSO if Donna love Milan soo much why you want so cheap release cause so you intend to leave easily? And if you not convince milan will get to champion league…you can always sign a short term 3 years contract at least…surely by then if you think the project is no good you can leave. At least you have shown your heart to stay with milan and show some appreciation. BUT i guess not…you choose to betray us Milan..

  25. Milan gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, when it’s time for him to do the same he turn us down. Let watch and see how you end your career. Going or staying… Milan moves on.

  26. Well said, “if you know a Horse…you will never ride on it’s nose”, Dona doesn’t know Milan…he needs to be thought well.

  27. Gigio is a traitor n snake. We made him who he’s today out of nothing. A betrayer he would regret it

  28. My lovely ppl lets forget about this murdafucking 18 years old idiot,,I don’t know if I should say dt his Milan contract rejection affected me n also made fool of me,,bcos I know how I always defend this lil boy in the eyes n present of other clubs fans,,but now all of them have been laughing at me since that day the boy rejected dt contract

  29. Dear Antonio,
    As a player it’s only a matter of simple equations:
    Love the Club = Play nowhere else while you can(needed)
    Love the Money = I love you Mino

    Tell your brother to speak his mind why he didn’t want to extend. I liked him and as you said that we’re fellow Milanista then i’m all ears. #respect

  30. Wait hold on… I just sat down and had a quiet time thinking of every single Milan legend in my head and I was baffled as always by the number… wait… what the hell is a Dollaruma? Please we have more pressing issues like how we’re gonna lift the UCL trophy in 3-5 years, how to get a marquee signing like Belotti/James.

    If you can just sit and think about all the legends we’ve had in this team, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This boy doesn’t even deserve all this attention we’re giving him. Let’s just treat this like Zapata not renewing a contract. We’ve lost far greater legends like Kaka/Sheva/Ibra etc. (even though they aren’t snakes like him), we don’t need all this hassle on a minor snake. This isn’t even a snake, he’s just an earthworm.

  31. let him go milan is bigger than him let rebuild milan around tru fan not fake sell him free him anyhow.


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