Team news: Cagliari were without the banned Bruno Alves, Mauricio Isla and Marco Sau, as well as without Gabriel, Roberto Colombo, Marco Capuano, Luca Ceppitelli, Daniele Dessena, Nicolò Barella and Federico Melchiorri. Milan had to do without Alessandro Plizzari, Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Mattia De Sciglio, Alessio Romagnoli, Jose Sosa Andrea Poli and Gerard Deulofeu. Kickoff time for Matchday 38 – the last of the 16/17 season – was 15:00 CET at Stadio Sant’Elia.

Goals: João Pedro (17′), Lapadula (71′, pk), Pisacane (93′).
Red card: Paletta (79′).

Cagliari Calcio (4-3-2-1) – Massimo Rastellim
Luca Crosta; Simone Padoin, Fabio Pisacane, Alessandro Deiola (80′ Roberto Biancu), Nicola Murru (33′ Senna Miangue); Artur Ioniță, Panagiotis Tachtsidis, Paolo Faragò; João Pedro, Diego Farias; Marco Borriello (69′ Kwang Song Han).
Unused: Rafael, Daga, Di Gennaro, Mastino.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Gabriel Paletta, Gustavo Gomez, Leonel Vangioni (46′ Gianluca Lapadula); Juraj Kucka, Manuel Locatelli, Matias Fernandez; Suso (30′ Lucas Ocampos), Carlos Bacca (77′ Cristian Zapata), Keisuke Honda.
Unused: Storari, Bonaventura, Montolivo, Zanellato, Gabbia, Zucchetti, Cutrone, Pasalic, Bertolacci.

Referee: Rosario Abisso.


    • It was a well deserved win by Cagliari…congratulations to the better side. I hope Milan wakes up next season! Forza Milan!

  1. I’ve noticed a weakness in donnarumma’s game….why doesn’t he rush out for 1-on-1s? He always stays near his line making it easy for the player to find space to finish. He should try to put pressure on the player to make him make quick decisions that are ore difficult!

    • Ive said it before, he’s nice for a 18 yr old but he’s far from world class. Not top 10 gk in the world yet, probably not even top 20

        • No, seriously. He’s not top 10 yet. Neuer, burki, adler, ter stegen, cech, courtois, de gea, buffon, oblak, navas, lloris are all better than him, and thats already 11 gk
          See cagliari’s 2nd goal? Great gk would punch the ball to his either side of his goal to prevent a rebound.

          • And many would have missed the goals he saved.
            imo, a gk cannot be judged based on the goals he concedes, and not even on the saves he makes.
            There are too many variables, like the defence, the mental condition of the keeper at that particular moment etc.
            Donnarumma is not the best. But he certainly will be. And I’d rate him higher than ter stegan – deffo. lloris too. burki and adler may be more even.

          • @Milan10 Why do you always sound like you have a bit more common sense than most of other fans? I would even rate Handanovich better than Donna… ONLY FOR NOW OF COURSE.

          • @ink: Well, ur projecting way into the future. Sure donna has massive potential but theres no way to know for sure if he can fulfill it so we cant say “he’ll definitely be better than burki”. I remember figo saying, “in my youth days at sporting lisbon, there’re many players who’re better than me but they never fulfilled their potentials due to many factors”. Another examples would be quaresma/cr7. Both were labeled “next figo” in their early years but they end up having very different careers/paths.
            Lastly, ive seen buffon at parma in 96/97 and he was better than donna is now so people need to go easy on “donna will be even better than buffon” crap
            @ali: honest to god i was gonna say hart and handanovic’re better than donna too but that would be too much for milanisti

          • I Think we should snap up Adler on a free transfer for sure! Either he will be excellent back up/rotation option, or he Can take op no. 1 if Donna leaves. It is a no brainer. He is a really decent goallie.

      • Donnarumma is in low mental condition due to problem with his renewing contract. It affects him, he’s just 18.

    • Most of the goals Donna conceded were in one-on-one situations. That showed how bad our back line is. However you put it right by saying rushing out is his main weakness. He almost never rushed out, even when the ball is less than 3 metres from his goal line (see some goals we conceded). Any keeper should have done that. He needs to work on that aspect or he should forget becoming a world class GK.

    • Donna is easily top 10 in the world, currently, and his price tag proves that the market also believes that.

      Taking our club for ransom doesn’t make him any less great, professionaly speaking. Despite what Milan10 or some of you think, the rest of the footworld disagrees. He is the real deal.

      Navas? Lloris? Cech ? Please, all are over their prime, and not sure they were ever better than Donna (well Cech certainly was). Buffon also can’t make the saves today that Donna makes. Ter Stegan? Great GK, better than Donna in his footwork, but Donna is still a better shot stopper. Nobody will offer 70 mil (nor 50 for that matter) for him.

      • Says the guy who wrote love letter to his “son” donnarumma.
        Just because clubs that have bad habit of overpricing players (garbage like stones at 50m pound anyone?) value donna at 50-70m doesnt mean he’s once in a blue moon talent, a harry potter of football. Clubs like man city have to overpay because money is their only bargaining power, unlike milan which have rich winning culture and history.
        Yes what donna/mino is doing stalling the negotiation isnt technically illegal but no clubs need that kind of bad attitude from a rookie player. By saying “What do you want? More money? Fine, let Mirabili offer you 4 mil a year, which gradually increases to 5.5 in the fifth year. Better squad that fits your ability? Fine, give us 2 years, and insert a clause in you contract that garantuees release (at a reasonable price) if we don’t make CL by then” ur belittling milan and its history. Are u milanista or donnaista? U made good point by mentioning buffon. Well, i got even better example: baresi. The guy went through 2 relegations but never once thought about leaving milan. His loyalty and skill’re reasons why he’s milan biggest legend

        • @milan10: Yes I love Donna, and Milan too, feel free to bash me on those two faults.

          But regardless of my terrible faults, I think I’m still right. We need to build around something. Football squads need time to jell, and if we bring 11 new starters, most likely most won’t work out.

          And time is not on our side. We gotta make it into CL in 1-2 seasons, or who knows what will happen. We have little time for trial and error.

          And it so happens that we have one of the best GK in the world, who is 18 and home-grown, and already working well with our CBs. Needs 0 time to settle in.

          He is perfect to build our new project around. It’s obvious to everyone. The problem is it’s also obvious to him.

          Am I mad at him ? Sure, maybe more than anyone else here. But our entire project must evolve around him. All plan Bs take us quite a few steps backward.

        • He’s no Barasi, and no Maldini, that’s for sure. But we gotta let go of our pride, and make decisions ONLY based upon what is the most likely to get us back to where we belong.

          • U make it sound like we’re talking about irreplaceable young messi or young pele who’re already the best in the world at such young age. Remember sebastian frey? He was hot prospect too growing up.
            Clubs like man city value him at 70m because 1) they like to overpay, 2) donna’s age. Thats all. Milan can easily replace him with someone just as good so if man city are dumb enough to pay that kind of money and donna is dumb to accept then just make the deal and good riddance

  2. Paletta is discusting, why he has to leave his place, every game he leaves his place more than 1 time.
    Milan relly needs to sell him this summer.

        • Indeed, we can bring Muntari back for peanuts to do the crazy playmaking after we have replaced our whole team except our solid midfield.

      • You’re one crazy fellow @ink. I almost used the f word on you cos you really deserve it but I’m just gonna try and be respectful . I saw in a previous post about us buying Conti and you said we don’t need him cos.we need to develop “our own players (Calabria, bellanova)” . All of a sudden you’re now in support of a new RB . You always sound delusional to me and that’s why I never respond to your crazy posts . If Milan was being managed by you, we would be relegated every season . Smh

  3. FAREWELL TO HONDA…. On the bench all season, not a debate against coach, lowered his head and trained. With so many opportunities has been, and with that level who has to Milan has done well.

    A real professional, goodbye Samurai!!

  4. I hope you guys see how bad our midfieders are…. we can have Ronaldo… Morata …. Benzema or Aubameyang…

    but if we don´t have decent midfielders we can’t do anything….

    • We might have Conti though. Eating up Calabria’s space and scoring five goals to make up for our shitty midfield.

  5. I absolutely hate the 4 3 3. So one dimensional and boring. It has been all year. We look way better with 2 strikers and 3 in the back

  6. Cagliary could have EASILY scored 3 but somehow 1 nil. Our defence and midfield is depressing and hopefully these departments are fixed appropriately. 4-3-3 is awful again.

    The 19 year old Cagliary goalie is on loan from Milan and he has mad tremendous impression of himself especially with that save on Bacca’s attempt.

    Hopefully we win this last game for Honda who has been a fantastic professional all through.

      • Yes he is on loan, he was impressive but I’m pretty sure that was his first game. Donnarumma plizzari and crosta. Have some good goalies in the youth system

        • Yeah it was his first game, I heard the commentator say that too, so we should seriously chill with him being “as good as Donnarumma”, he should stay at Cagliari or somewhere else where he can get more consistent playing time. He definitely looks talented though.
          Im very excited about Plizzari, question is if he should stay here or be loaned out too, we do have one of the best goalkeeper coaches in the world.

  7. Ocampos makes a living by being pro footballer who operates on the wing but he cant even cross properly.
    Paletta, calabria, loca, mati are solid btw

    • Yea mati has looked really good. And I like Calabria a lot best fullback on the ball and crosser. Paletta mostly always solid for me, second most comfortable defender on the ball aside from romagnoli. All those you listed ESPECIALLY our young guys should be kept for depth as backups for next season.

    • Reminded me of Bendtner back in the days for Arsenal, when he blocks the ball from going in and trips on it.

      • Haha sad but true. I hope to bonad..i mean god lapapin wont end up like THE lord. Lapapin’s decent squad player with true grit after all

  8. Well Donnaruma who? Cagliari goalkeeper Luca Crosta is on loan from Milan and looks real worthy of a recall to Milan 1st team.

  9. I would literally keep 4 players from current squad against Cagliari. Bacca missed a penalty but he needs to miss 4 more in order be worse than Ocampos on this match. That guy is making me miss Niang.

  10. I don’t understand, Milan looks like play 3412 in second half with Honda in the right midfielder and Ocampos play as second striker, he moves to the right and the left flank. But who play as left midfielder ?

    • A complete idiot he is.I used to be one of the guys who thought hes solid enough to stay but now im really questioning his mental capabilities.Whenever Romagnoli is missing the defence is a complete mess but somehow i dont wanna blame them cause foremost its that horrible midfield that leaves them exposed.A midfield revamp should be priority and getting a world class player there first,then they can go for attackers.

  11. lol people are going to bash paletta for that card but that’s such a garbage makeup call for the two penalties because the crowd is getting all riled up. The player ran into him because the ball was gone. I’d have to see it again but in live time it looked like a joke. And update they just tried the same thing against Gomez.

    • Correctamundo mate. Its beyond me how the referee espulso-ed paletta but not that garbage #10 skipper of cagliari

    • So true about both Paletta and Gomez.
      I dont know how Gomez got a yellow card there? It was a simple shoulder to shoulder, both of them went in even after the ref had blown his whistle, Gomez went in a little stronger, no way have I seen a player get a yellow card in that situation before.
      Paletta always plays on the edge, his first yellow card was harsh as he went in to head the ball but headed Borriellos head instead, and the second doesnt even need an explanation…

  12. In all my life watching football I have never seen a defender that gets more red cards than Paletta. Lol.

    Milan must get rid of him asap. Smh

        • Well, thats bcause rules of the game were a bit different back then. If billy played today he’d get espulso-ed more often

          • Once upon a time. Gattuso shaved his hair in the dressing room shower, he didn’t clean up after him. Later, Billy went straight up to him and gave him a slap on the face and said ”clean up your mess!”


          • @rosso138: no referee’s bold enough to send gattuso off because the consequences would be “sleeping with the fishes”
            @gman: and then pretty boy rivaldo joined the party and dropped the soap

  13. Today is a happy day …. regardless of result … last time i see this group of players wear milan uniforms…

  14. Montella must forget his trauma as player when he lost his place in starting eleven as striker. He kept trying 433 formation. He simply not a good coach

  15. We finally have another LORD! After lord bonera left, its LORD FOULETTA time! LMAO anyway most of the starting line ups and subs are the one that will get kicked out or sent out on loan except donnaruma and suso. So, no sweat!

  16. ahh the sweet stench of montella is all over this game… at least he made a huge pile of money.. he is obviously betting against Ac Milan
    enjoy another season of losing with him as coach… no player purchases will undo how sh!t of a coach he is… there is no pride in this team… they need gattuso to kick them all in the ass and remind them that the jersey on their back is more important then the paycheque in their pockets

    one word for this season??? disgusting

  17. The new management really need to let go many players. Zapata is an absolute garbage and its beyond me how he makes a living playing football. Immediately he came on he almost gave a pass to Cagliary striker and later gave an header pass to an opponent in front of our box that Locatelli had to cover and drew a foul. The resulting free kick led to 93rd mins winner for Cagliary.

    Bad way to end a season even though we didnt need the game but overall good season for Milan as we won a trophy and back in Europe.

  18. I don’t want to comment on the match.
    I just read the previous reports and your comments on that and the Donna-bashing mania.
    I just have two words for you who are now doing Donna-bashing so loudly.


    Push him away.

    And ever try to think why ANY footballer have agents? Why one club men have agents? Why every single sportsperson have agents?

    • I agree with you on this one.

      Our best young hope and most valuable asset is Donnarumma.

      Just because of one MEDIA caused WAR some of us are bashing this kid?? Kid who saved us so many times and gave us Europa (yes, he is the key) after all this years!!

      He has been in Milan for his whole life, he said it himself that he wants to be here and become a legend.

      You people can’t see that this is pure snake Raiola’s mess?? He knows that if Donna is not sold this summer that Milan will must bring more money on the table to keep him, its pure logic. He is stalling the deal just to put more money in his and Donnarumma’s pocket. Yes, we can all argue that if he wants to stay he should sign the deal but put yourself in his shoes, if you really wanted to stay does it matter when you sign the deal? (For Milan it matters but for him?)

    • It is Donnaruma who is causing the contract delays and not Milan.

      Donnaruma is the one who decides in the end what he wants to do not his agent Raiola.

      Therefore, Donnaruma is acting foul like MDS. Yet you call Milan fans ungrateful?

      It is Donnaruma who is ungrateful because he is holding up his contract renewal.

      If he wants to leave for a big paycheck or for a certain team then Milan should let him go.

      Donnaruma is playing games. Both him and Raiola want more money or he maybe holding out for an offer from Juventus since they are looking for a replacement for Buffon.

      We shall see if Juventus will make an offer for him after the UCL Final.

      Lucas Crosta is a Milan goalkeeper on loan at cagliari and he outplayed Donnaruma today even though he gave up a penalty.

      No player is above Milan and we should sell him to the highest bidder if he continues to delay renewing his contract.

      We can easily replace him with Lucas Crosta who showed he is just as good if not better than Donnaruma.

      • Soooo, that was NOT your point in the earlier comment?

        ”We can easily replace him with Lucas Crosta who showed he is just as good if not better than Donnaruma.” — awesome logic. What you are smoking, must be good. Well, bad for health.

        As Rosso138 said, one report, and so many fans turn completely 180 degree on a young player who saved our ass numerous times.
        Thanfully, I am not him.
        If I was him, I would be extremely indignant, and would have left — instead of dealing with this bashing, and then let you cry afterwards.

        • You commented that I was being ungrateful for suggesting that Donnaruma can be replaced.

          What is ungrateful about that suggestion? No player is bigger than Milan.

          Once again, it is Donnaruma who is not showing any gratitude or commitment.

          He is not committing his future to Milan after they showed confidence and trust in him by making him our first choice keep at 16yrs old. Milan even offered to make him captain.

          Luca Crosta and Plizzari are just as good if not better than Donnaruma. We also have Gabriel.

          Milan doesn’t have to be held hostage over Donnaruma lack of commitment to sign a contract.

          We should sell him to the highest bidder if he wants to leave. So that we can strengthen the squad even further.

          That way we can get Belotti, Morata and possibly Verratti with the additional money from selling him – “wishful thinking”. Lol

          That would make more sense to me than trying to keep a player who obviously wants to leave.

          A player who milan can easily replace with 2-3 of our best upcoming keepers in Luca Crosta, Plizzari and Gabriel.

          • I kind of agree BUT Plizzari and Crosta are no where near better than Donnarumma at this point. Plizzari does have the talent, would say that his talent is equal to Donna, but he doesnt have the two year experience that Donnarumma has, that is a massive difference at this point. And we dont know if he is as strong mentally as Gigio either… Crosta, I had no idea who he was to be honest until yesterday, he impressed a lot but it would be safe to let him stay on loan for another year.
            Gabriel however… I dont see a future for him at Milan, he has done nothing to impress, he concedes cheap goals, both at Milan in friendlies as in official games, and in the one game I saw him play now for Cagliari.
            I do see your point though.

          • I always crack up with laughter when I see ”Luca Crosta and Plizzari are just as good if not better than Donnaruma.”
            Seriously, stop smoking or whatever you are doing.

  19. Well, thats it then. The season is finally over. Pretty pathetic and unmemorable season but considering pile of garbage milan have from top to bottom, i’d say its not so bad. Now its up to new mgmt and montella to take out the trash and start fresh. And i mean FRESH. No more garbage players and no more playing players outta position. No more over the hills 4-3-3 too.
    I wish milan all the luck in the world in mercato and new season

  20. Seriously….. don’t go all on Morata… i would like him, but we need almost a whole new team..

    To add: Musacchio/Ricardo Rodriguez/ Kessié

    Instead of buying Morata we should get some players to our midfield …. creative playmakers…. and new wingers… and of course a new striker… but Morata is overpriced…

    We will have to get some players on loan too…

  21. I feel real bad for paletta, I hv lost count of d number of red cards dis season, as much as I like him, he is not milan standard n dats d simple truth! With his age, he shld learn to avoid cards, even Nesta as hard as he was never collected as many as paletta is getting now. Anyway milan has reached our objective to get back into europe, let’s restrategize for d new season! Forza Milan

  22. I would sell 80% of players but it’s not realistic, because club needs squad…
    Actually these players should leave: Abate, De Sciglio, Paletta, Zapata, Bertolacci, Honda, Kucka, Poli, Sosa, Bacca, Ocampos. Other players have to go but not as much as listed above.

    The most important area that have to improve, is midfield. A lot of moments are created by opponents because midfielders can’t handle anything! They can’t control ball, they can’t defend at all. Are you interested in, why hasn’t Milan conceded so many goals in the first half of season? – There were players such as Bonaventura, Montolivo, Kucka in the midfield area. They have managed to control ball and if you observed you would mention that Milan had been dominating most of the games before these people injured.

    Musacchio, Kessie, R. Rodrigez are in. Do you believe that only Kessie will solve problem in midfield? I’m sure Conti will come. We need Fabregas or Modric too. I don’t know how is it possible to see them in Milan shirt but in my opinion, Modric – Kessie – Bonaventura will be the best part in the club.

    It’s very good that rumors don’t stop about Morata and I’m sure 100% he will come too. It’s all about money. Maybe the next season Milan will be like this:

    ———————— Donnarumma ——————————
    Conti ——– Musacchio ——– Romagnoli ——– Rodriguez
    ——— Kessie ——– Montolivo ——– Bonaventura ——–
    —- Suso —————– Morata —————- Keita ———–

    ———————— Donnarumma ——————————
    Conti ——– Musacchio ——– Romagnoli ——– Rodriguez
    ——— Modric ———- Kessie ——– Bonaventura ———-
    —————————– Suso ————————————
    ————— Morata —————– Belotti ———————

    • I think its more realistic:

      ————— Donnarumma
      — Kessie — Montolivo — Bonaventura
      ——————— Suso
      ———– Bacca —– Morata

      Honestly, this doesent even look so bad, but Montolivo is key part of this midfield and I dont like that… We really need one great creative midfielder but somehow I’m afraid he wont come this window…

  23. men, we need new coach… thats it… we need coach who can read the games and make right strategies include put the right men on the right position…

  24. They played liked they knew that they’re all going to be kick out from the club next season. So whats the point to win the match for the club anymore.

  25. I think 1 win in like 9 matches mainly against teams in an around the drop zone should tell us something about this coach. One of Milans worst scoring seasons in recent years.

  26. What a match ! The players were running up and down the pitch , and down and up again like the season has just started (wink)

  27. Really bad game by Milan but then again, they already qualified for Europe so they took a day off. Inter would love to be in our position but they came just a tiny bit short LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Season is over guys, i learned alot from your comments and i hope i made some sense on my own comments too. To those i offended, forgive me!. To those i felt offended by their comments i forgive too.
    I wish you all a happy holiday season and looking fwd to the transfers, pre season and the season proper.
    Still FORZA MILAN!!!

  29. As another wonderful season bites the dust I just wanted to say a big thank you to some of our amazing players:

    De Sciglio: all the promise of being the next Maldini, without ever actually reminding anyone of Maldini.
    Pasalic: a young Kaka but without the skill, pace or vision.
    Zapata: a one of kind central defender no one can get past, unless they do a trick or run really fast.
    Bacca: more or less Shevchenko v.2.0
    Ocampos: his light shone all too briefly. Has much to offer this club, maybe as a hot dog vendor.
    Abate: a true captain and worthy first choice right back. Granted he can’t defend or attack but why be picky?
    Honda: the samurai played out of his natural position, thus denying us the chance to see he’s really a genius #10 in the mold of Seedorf or Savicevic.

    • ”Abate: a true captain and worthy first choice right back. Granted he can’t defend or attack but why be picky?”

      I have a feeling you did not check out the stats I mentioned earlier.

        • Haha, his crosses arent like that, his crosses constantly gets blocked from the opponents…
          Sure he has made his mistakes. How about when he completely man marked C. Ronaldo and Bale? Eto’o? Everyone makes mistakes, some more costly than others, but unlike others, when he wears the captains armband, he actually raises his game and is more concentrated.
          That is from what I’ve seen, especially during this season. That mistake against Inter was several years ago… dont have to watch the link as I guess its when he misses the ball and Milito scores – their only chance of the game.

          • Fair enough, we’ll have to agree to disagree but I’ve seen too many mistakes and bad games from Abate to call him a shoe-in for right back. I guess I’m just fed up with inconsistent players who are amazing one game and complete garbage the next — Abate, Zapata, Bonera, Antonini, Dida etc.

  30. Well, it’s obvious that we need a much better coach. Milan has won 7 CL and deserves a much better coach than montella. Just look at what inter has done. Spalleti will bring get the best from inter players. We can’t as a MILAN have a coach like montella (due respect to him)
    Secondly, if we want to make impression in Serie A, Europa League and get back to CL, then we need more decent players in the middle of the pack not Bertolachi, Sosa, Pasalic and Honda.
    Lastly, if donna stays fine but he needs a lot of competition. It’s getting into his head that he is the world best youngest keeper

    One love milan

    • The coach is the most important man of the club and i’m not saying this , some old man from Manchester United said this , if you remember who ! Ancelotti would be the dream , someday he will return i think . At some point in time would like to see the boys back in different roles Dida , Nesta , Shevchenko and what happened to Rui Costa ?

    • 70 million for our 18 year old goalkeeper ? why not 170 for him , right ? Cause teams can’t wait to spent that ammount of money on goalkeepers

  31. I wouldnt say this is a season to forget, as there were some highlights, our comeback win against Sassuolo. Our own boy Locatelli ending our Juve curse with a thunderous shot. Supercoppa win in Doha. Win against Bologna away with nine men. Finally being back in Europe, althoguh the second tier competition, but it’s a start at least.
    Or maybe my standars have dropped… Anyways, there were some highs and some lows, lets hope this is just the beginning so the highs overtake the lows.
    Hoping for a Mercato DA MILAN.

    • I agree with you. Too much negativity here.
      We need to remember where we came from and where we are heading.

      Juventus struggled a couple of seasons before dominating even though they were investing a lot of money and even though they had a solid core with Buffon, Chiellini, etc.
      Manchester united and Liverpool have been struggling for years even though they spend ridiculous amounts of money.
      Inter have been struggling even though they have been spending 5 times more than we have.
      Don’t forget we we did not spend anything on the squad this year.

      And fans should stop calling Montella a failure. How many coaches have we replaced in the past 4 years? Montella got 6 more points than Miha and 11 more points than Inzaghi. we do not have the players to finish top 4 and Montella did great with what he had. Of course if we can get Conte or Ancelotti I’ll drop Montella right now. But if we drop him to replace him with a potential coach… no thank you.

      Continuity is important and Montella has assessed the squad for a whole season. He knows more than anyone what weaknesses should be addressed. If by January and despite all the reinforcements we are still mid table then of course Montella should leave. However judging him based on the players he had I think he did more than decent. Please don’t forget Bonaventura and Montolivo were injured for most of the season. Also don’t forget that Bacca has had a horrible form this year.

      Now time to dream… If both Moratta and Belotti join (very very unlikely), we would have a machine up front that will strike fear in all serie A defenses. They can potentially score between 40 and 50 goals combined. And if one is having a day off the other can still perform.

      • Morata and Belotti togheter ? you must be bonkers , Morata and Reus or Belotti and Reus that would be a killer duo , or a player like him since i know Reus had a 25 million buyout clause and didn’t what to leave BVB even if bigger salary was offered to him , and we’re talking about Marco Reus here not our little goalkeeper who thinks he deserves 100 million euros salary per day

  32. Has anyone even thrown this out there besides myself. James is on he market. We are in need of a young playmaker who can carry us to the next level of competition and challenges Juve for Serie A. Yet Milan aren’t even making any attempts to snatch him up. Even Inter sees the opportunity and they are going for him. Instead everyone here are waiting for Fabregas who is 31-32 and is already about to pass his limits to playing a full 90 plus minutes. James is much younger and has proven he can score and provide well playmaking skills. I mean it’s common sense…

  33. Montella started all the players u fans were craving for, Locatelli in midfield in place of Pasalic and ur bekoved Kucka, guess what? our midfield was still sh*t and y’all been acting like Pasalic was our issue, singling him out for criticism

    • Smh… it has never been about singling him out, its about playing a player who practically does nothing. He scored five goals, yes three of them were important, perhaps four. But what else did he do on the pitch? Did he track back? Did he spread the ball to his team mates? No, all he did was run in to the opposition box, there was nothing else. Muntari and others chipped in with goals as well, doesnt make them good players. Out of the players who were fit, I would start all of them ahead of Pasalic – Sosa, Loca, Kucka, Mati and even Poli. Only Berto would be a 50/50 gamble with Pasalic.
      Another problem was that if Loca, Kucka or Sosa had a poor game, they were benched the next game, but Pasalic seemed sacred for some reason. Why, I will never know. Perhaps he was a different player in practice.

    • Its hilariously simple really. Playing and nurturing pasalic meant milan admitted theyre chelsea’s own personal bitches. Worse yet, milan actually had to pay for it.
      Mu used preston north end as a “farm” to develop/nurture beckham. Chelsea used milan. So much for ‘the most successful club in the world’ eh?
      U gotta admire chelsea’s scout though; they know how to spot talents, unlike milan who have to pay 28m for kessie and 25m (not counting inflation) for gilardino (and soon retardedly > 70m for belotti)

    • In my opinion we should get rid of all our midfielders if we can. I’d only keep Bonaventura (obviously) and Locatelli, the rest of them are not quality players. Actually Mati seems like he could be a good squad player but he’s always injured, so there’s really no one. We don’t even need players who are good in fits and starts only and get sent off on a regular basis. I’m talking about Sosa and Kucka.

      An interesting stat about Pasalic though : I think it was after the Bologna game, maybe before that, but the stats at the end of the match showed that he ran the most and covered the most ground between all the players. It was interesting since he looks like he’s just standing there sometimes … . I think he’s definitely better than Bertolacci at least, who’s really the worst of them all and we’d do well to get rid of him as fast as possible.

      I think this was a good season as a whole but some really terrible players wore our jersey this year. I mean HOW THE HELL IS OCAMPOS EVEN A FOOTBALL PLAYER?!! As far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football pitch let alone in it.

  34. Musacchio official, montella extended Kessie medical(with problems)… All in one day. This management wastes no time in building the squad and I like that.


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