Team news: Milan were without the banned Suso as well as without Alessandro Plizzari, Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Mattia De Sciglio, Giacomo Bonaventura and Andrea Poli. Bologna had to do without Ádám Nagy. Kickoff time of Matchday 37 was 15:00 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Deulofeu (69′), Honda (73′), Lapadula (91′).

AC Milan (3-5-2) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Gustavo Gomez, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli; Gerard Deulofeu (85′ Patrick Cutrone), Mario Pasalic, Riccardo Montolivo, Andrea Bertolacci (46′ Matias Fernandez), Leonel Vangioni; Gianluca Lapadula, Carlos Bacca (57′ Keisuke Honda).
Unused: Guarnone, Ocampos, Zapata, Sosa, Kucka, Locatelli, Calabria, Altare.

Bologna F.C. (4-2-3-1) – Roberto Donadoni
Antonio Mirante; Vasilis Torosidis, Daniele Gastaldello, Filip Helander, Ibrahima Mbaye (64′ Emil Krafth); Godfred Donsah, Saphir Taïder; Simone Verdi, Ladislav Krejčí (56′ Luca Rizzo), Federico Di Francesco (15′ Orji Okwonkwo); Mattia Destro.
Bench: Da Costa, Sarr, Oikonomou, Kraft, Pulgar, Viviani, Nagy, Sadiq, Petkovic, Rizzo, Masina.

Referee: Piero Giacomelli.


  1. First to comment on our win that takes us back to Europe. I hope this is the beginning of a glorious Milan… The future is now.

  2. I didn’t watched the match but Milan thanks you all for giving us Europer as our trophy dis season….. It been long we see European football….!

  3. I hope this means using the money after qualifying for an additional transfer.
    more investments generally, we cannot continue to calculate for europe like this every season.
    its not an option, we just have to remain in europe, fight for the scudetto, the coppa and all that.
    congrats guys!

  4. White shorts and socks always brings us success. Next season Europa cup win and top 4 finish in Serie A. Forza milan.

  5. While i think qualifying for europa league will only serve as distraction, it is actually good for the players to gain some sense of achievement after all this time. This means less pre season preparation though.

    P.s. So much for new owner – i write “new owner” not “chinese” because i dont want my comment to be deleted again like my comment about good old ck- forcing montella and the boys to lose on purpose eh

      • That’s my opinion too. I’d rather them play a match that matters in preseason than a friendly. I think getting into a competitive mindset sooner would help overall. And yes milan10 a sense of achievement is very important which is why we needed that super coppa win. And they also need to get experience playing in multiple competitions as well as experience playing against teams outside of serie a.

      • @king james: really? I didnt know winning trofeo tim/berlu would take u to europe.
        @rkay: yes i agree they will get priceless experience from playing in europe but i remember milan ’99/00, ’04/05, ’05/06 and even mu ’97/98 failing to win/achieve anything despite having reasonably nice half seasons because they got overwhelmed by tight schedules that led go fatigue, suspensions, injuries or just plain performance dip. I think qf-ing for ucl is much more important than experiencing elimination at group stage if europa league

    • What are you talking about? New owners forcing milan to lose???? Can you express this clearly?

      First you can’t comprehend why elliot loan Li 300M. Not you are totally confused as why the so called ‘loan’ is a 120M bond and 180M of loan. This causes you to think that the new owners want Milan to lose?

        • You can eat whatever you want. It’s a free world. So how did the new owner want milan to lose or not qualify for europa league?

          • Anyway you should travel and eat more dishes from around the world. Don’t be stuck in your own world. Broaden your horizon will improve your knowledge and learn to look at things from a bigger perspective hahaha

          • Look sweetheart, i think it will do u good to just do research on topics of discussions before actually commenting. Before this win over bologna, milan, as u know, performed so badly week in week out, so bad that some people here (some said even some tv pundits) claimed that maybe new owner told milan to lose on purpose so they could avoid europa league, hence more time to play in highly paid friendlies. It was i and i alone that actually dismissed that claim, my reasoning was no one would be stupid enough to be involved in yet another calciopoli. So in essence, i was the one defending ur precious little compatriot from cruel world, in particular this very blog. Ur welcome

          • You alone???? Looks like u r the only one talking about this. I don’t need you to defend what compatriot. I am a Singaporean. I don’t hear such a thing from commentators. Wonder what channels are you watching.

  6. Congratulations. I appreciate everybody’s effort most especially we the fans bcos we never gave Montella a breathing space unless he changed his formation and he did I also wanna appreciate our captain for a good game today and all the players. The management also Gallani for coming to cheer the team up. My final words it’s now to start building for greater Milan. Buy experience striker and keep Honda. Forza Milan

    • Grumbling fans…. u guys criticized him for changing formation after criticizing him for not changing formation in the first place

  7. Great to see us back in Europe after months of frustration together in which sometimes we were right and sometimes we were wrong in our judgements of the team and most especially the coach but one thing is certain, we all love Milan and want the team to succeed. Sometimes i wished we had signed Montella 2 seasons ago and sometimes i wanted him sacked immediately just like many of us, it was tough to control our emotions in certain horrible situations.

    I wish Milan all the best during the European qualifications and next season. Congrats everyone!

  8. Forza Milan

    My match ratings

    Donnarumma; 6,0. Didnt have much to do, distributed the ball well with his feet.
    Romagnoli; 7,0. Solid performance, good passing.
    Paletta;6,0. Overall pretty decent performance, could’ve been given a yellow card outside the box, where he blocked Destro.
    Gomez; 7,5. Played really well, calm and had good passing. And come on his backheel flick was amazing hahah.
    Vangioni; 7,5. After a few games with ‘bad’ performances I think that he played really well, he quite often beat his opponent.
    Bertolacci; 6,0. Played decent, good free-kick that almost lead to a goal.
    Monty; 7,5. Really good performance of the captain if you ask me, won a lot of balls and gave some cheeky passes.
    Pasalic; 6,0. Made some very good runs, should work on his decision making, time his shots.
    Deulofeu; 7,0. Scored a nice goal, made a lot of good runs, bit selfish sometimes but he managed to contribute to the end product.
    Bacca; 5,5. Wasn’t very pleased with his performance, decent amount of bad passes and first touches. Expected a bit more.
    Lapa;6,5 Missed a few chances, including a big one. After all he worked really hard for the team and got some nice touches along with it. At the end he got the goal he deserved.
    Mati: 8,0. 2 assists, some amazing passing around the midfield, definitly my MoTM.
    Honda; 7,0 Though I am not a huge fan of Honda, credits for showing he can come off the bench and perform. Free-kick was very good and the passes were good too. Was nice to see him again.
    Cutrone; -. HE MADE HIS DEBUT, almost got a goal with his header, too bad he got a yellow card. Few good minutes for the youngster.

    We should’ve killed the game earlier on, we had a great amount of chances, In total I was pleased with what I saw, the team played with joy and lust. Was pretty impressed by Gomez and Monty how well they played. I think after all we had a good match and a nice score 3-0.
    If we manage to win the qualification we will be back in Europe again!

    Today was a good day

    Forza Milan

  9. I must say, boy was I glad with Gomez, romagnoli and montoliv ‘send passing!!! It was terrific!!
    Deulofou was a bit selfish as he has been all half season round, lapa was really strong yeah!! All in all, I saw a composed team ready to fight till the end!! 3 or 4 players should do the trick!!! Forza Milan!!

  10. Look at most of you making speeches like we have won a trophy. Why did Montella start changing formations at the very end of the season.

    The best part is that our defence can actually play better with 3 at the back e.g look at how comfortable Gomez and Romagnoli are with the ball. We just need to send Pasalic back to Chelsea and I’m still waiting for a Monto-Loca-Kuco partnership because it will be best if we are to continue with this formation.

    Europa league is a step in the right direction just hope we won’t be knocked in the first round

  11. Look at most of you making speeches like we have won a trophy. Why did Montella start changing formations at the very end of the season.

    The best part is that our defence can actually play better with 3 at the back e.g look at how comfortable Gomez and Romagnoli are with the ball. We just need to send Pasalic back to Chelsea and I’m still waiting for a Monto-Loca-Kuco partnership because it will be best if we are to continue with this formation.

    Europa league is a step in the right direction just hope we won’t be knocked out in the first round

          • 3 automatic and 1 play off… that is how it goes… some people need to shut and get their own facts clear

          • @Maldini, Maybe google it before posting something and look stupid? It’s easy.

            From next season, the top 4 finishers will have direct entry into the Champions League group stages. Don’t give people false information if you don’t know anything.

          • They are doing big changes to the CL. Very strange. If next year a Italian/england/germany/spain team win CL and EL it could have as many as 6 teams in CL. Which is fucked up if you ask me.

  12. Too bad Honda didn’t have more chances,especially on no.10 role. I think Montella made a mistake on that one.

    • Agreed! Especially since players like Ocampus got more opportunity for what I don’t know. Honda would have made the difference more than Ocampus.

      Really like the back 3 formation better than a back 4. We just need some quality midfielders now. The right formation was used today by the coach.

      I think Montella might be on to something even though it’s a bit late in the season. This 3-5-2 looks way better than the 433 formation.

      Still would like to see Milan get rid of Deluofeu even though he scored today.

      Now I see why he didn’t make it at Barca. He doesn’t pass the ball and he loses it way too often. His decision making and passing is also horrible.

      • But when he was converted as a striker he made good runs and played really good. Antoine Griezman was labelled as average winger when he came in Atletico Madrid after just few games. Now he is a whip in all competitions and Atletico’s best player. Not comparing those two but just saying that he can be of a better use than most of the players that we currently have.

        • Good point! But I highly doubt Milan will use him as a forward next season since they are planning to find a replacement for Bacca and Niang.

          Therefore if Deluofeu stays he will most likely be used as a winger. If not, he might not get enough playing time especially if Milan sign a top striker.

          Deluofeu is ineffective on the wing and there are better and much cheaper alternatives that Milan are tracking like Papu Gomez who I prefer over Deluofeu.

      • Agree that 5 3 2 / 3 5 2 Milan nice to see, it “cone” opponent attack through centre and make Paletta look huge in CB.

        Dont blame Montella though, He did not have any choice, playing 3 backs when only have 3 dependable backs (sorry) is suicide recipe. Furthermore, all Milan back are stoppers, except (maybe) Paletta have a talent as Pure Defensive Sweeper. We did not have Ball Playing Defender nor Versatile CB to complement them.

        • Romagnoli are labeled by the experts as a Ball playing defender. And is very versatile as he have played left back and center midfield before.

  13. Milan fans:


  14. It’s funny though, now that Honda has been good in his substitutions a lot of fans are crying “why hasn’t he played more”, while when he played before,, example in his- perhaps – only start against Genoa was completely SLAUGHTERED by fans on here who never wanted to see him play again. Just putting it out there.
    He along with Mati were fantastic today though. Funny that the players who scored and assisted – Mati – are players who might not be here next season… It will be an interesting summer, where the choices being made, hopefully are for the best for our beloved club. Even if it’s not champions league, at least we’re back in Europe, it’s been far too long!
    Forza Milan!

    • Correctamundo mate. I mean, who are we kidding really? Honda and mati are slow and pushing 30. Serious team with serious aim shouldnt play guys like honda/mati on regular basis. Praising them saying “i told u he should play” AFTER knowing the result is classic case of hindsight bias

    • I do feel you and get your point, and i haven’t said anything about him before, but I just have to say it now, I’m disappointed in Lapadula. I mean, knowing his record from last season and after his early season contributions off the bench I thought he would perform much better if given the chance. He’s playing as a starter for many matches now, and it’s the right choice by Montella as Bacca has become simply horrible and I don’t know why, but he really did disappoint me in all these games. He runs and fights well but, just look at that chance in the first half, shooting wide in front of an open goal, that sums it up. I’m convinced that a “striker” just can’t miss a ball like that, he just can’t. He scores some difficult goals but then he also misses the easy ones.

      If it was up to me, I would have changed both our strikers (Bacca and Lapadula) for next season. I don’t know why Fassone-Mirabelli are not looking at Patrik Shick. That guy is amazing and one hell of a striker at his age. Maybe it’s the high competition for his signature.

      Mati was fantastic though. He completely changed the game.

      • Correctamundo mate. Its nice and kinda cute to score tap in when the game’s already long decided at 2:0 but its totally different matter altogether to botch a sitter like that when the game’s still on at 0-0. Misses like that week in week out tell me lapapin doesnt possess icy calmness/nerve to bury the chances when it matters most. I havent even talked about his penalty miss vs juve in supercoppa yet. Yes he has tenacity and thats admirable but thats not enough.
        Remember dinho’s 1st season at milan? Milan still couldnt win anything despite having legendary playmakers like him, seedorf AND pirlo because boriello et al in front of them lacked quality. And those st were better than lapa.
        In short, lapapin is nice player to have as reserve but he wont be the one leading milan to scudetto, let alone that coveted ‘big ears’

  15. In this game we saw lot wich we can use for future, we can to get rid of Bertolaci, Baca, Pasalic….. before of any star striker (Beloti, Morata, Auba) we have to get midfilder who know to atack i don’t care who Fabregas, Toliso, Calhanoglou…. example of Mati and Honda show how much we need that kinde of player, Honda deservs new contraktt, he canbe extremly useful, and Gomez definitly should stay

  16. I really like those 3 that scored. Some of the handful that I like with Roma, Donna, bona, and kucka. I think these players and a few more should start or be in the bench.

  17. Honda is a very good player.But he is a trequartista and Montella played 4-3-3 all season long.Where would he fit in.With 3-5-2 at least he could effectively make the formation look like 3-4-1-2.Honda shoul stay.Maybe Montella would want him to stay after today.We need to get rid of Kucka,Poli,Mati,Pasalic and get at least 2 world class players.Kovacic and Fabregas or Moutinho maybe.

  18. Montella’s tactical flexibility is something I’d like to continue to see going forward. Compared to when he’d wait till 80th minute to change something. hope he’s tactical stubbornness is finally gone because as a modern coach you need to be a chameleon. A good example is Conte and Allegri @ Juve, not to be confused with Allegri @ Milan.
    On the transfer front, Morata & Auba transfer is nothing but fantasy and transfer websites just wanting traffic, So many factors can’t make it happen. I don’t know if Timo Weiner of RP Leipzig has plenty suitors, but that is on fine young legend in the making. I know Germans don’t like leaving their homes, but Milan could try to get him.
    As much as I’d love to see him come, I don’t think fabregas is coming anywhere near Italy, at least not next season.

  19. I think italy will start getting four teams in europe from 2018/2019 season, not 2017/2018. bt may because juve got into final of UCl that why we granted that opportunity, I hope is from next season nt the other one. thanks to milan players nd the new owners, atleast milan will bounce back for sure.

  20. Comment: AC Milan are close to completing their first summer signing. Villareal’s Mateo Musacchio, in fact, is having his medical with the Serie A giants ahead of his summer move to the San Siro.

  21. We can get Kessié 28€. Mussachio 15€. Rio 18€ .balde20€ dduleofu 14€ sissoko of totenham 15€ balotelli 10€ de burne 70€ dat 190€ ..bring back Mauri n mostaur ….sell barca 20€ .belorti 10€ sosa 5€ zapata 3€ niang 15€ we can havearound 50€ . To make transfer fees


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