Pictures: Milan unveil 2017/18 home kit

Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura and Gianluca Lapadula wearing the new 2017/18 home kit. Click to enlarge. (via adidas)
Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura and Gianluca Lapadula wearing the new 2017/18 home kit. Click to enlarge. (via adidas)

The Rossoneri’s new home kit will make its debut on Sunday against Bologna in the last home match of the season.

Milan have 2 matches to play until the end of the season, and on Sunday at 15:00 CET, they play their last San Siro game for this term, when they face Bologna.

Vincenzo Montella’s boys will look to finally get a win in the era of the Chinese management and get closer to securing a place in the Europa League, and they will do so while wearing next season’s home kit, which was officially unveiled today (Friday).

As written on, “the simple and elegant design invokes the club’s iconic heritage, taking inspiration from two dominant periods in the club’s history”, which you can read more about here.


  1. It is beautifull! Just put black shorts with it, it looks and feels the best – red and black for a reason!

    Now when this is done choose wisely people who will fill this shirts!

  2. I like it, our shirts for the past seasona have been fresh! Shame our performances havent been up to par with our beautiful shirt..
    Im tired of the Pasalic bashing, but seeing him pose with our FUTURE shirt… I dont like it, it’s like we will buy him at the end, hope not.

      • Look at the comment under “Pasalic looks like a 12 y/o boy”, so clearly I dont find a way to involve him.
        Pay attention before you speak.

        @RKaY, haha yeah but dont you remember that we lost all the games while wearing the black kit? (Almost surrendering a 4-0 lead from San Siro, to a 3-0 loss at Emirates) That’s why Galliani ordered to stop with them

  3. I see Belloti as a better option to Morata and since the former is a milan fan it will be easier to convince him .Offer Zapata and Poli and may be 40 million and Torino and Miha will be willing to do business. If we secure Fabregas and sing Delofue permanently in addition to Mussachio, Kessie and Rodriguez .then we would have got a rich quality to wear this beautiful jersey.

  4. To be honest the kit looks boring, no creativity, there is nothing which really blows my mind about this kit, nothing that really stands out but anyways im more concern about next year’s performance on the pitch rather than the kit, so that been said, im expecting minimum 4 place for next season

  5. AM sick and tired of fake and plastic fans bashing Pasalic all the time.How many goals has any of our milfielders scored and how much did berto cost?This guy has won us many points so lets we the fans be appreciative and stop the crap talk.

    • Macho u r among the few sensible milan fans in here…. Seems d decline of d team is affecting dem. How many of our current midfielders with the exception of Bonaventura has been better dan Pasalic dis season? Yet no matter what he does he gets criticized, take away his goals and am sure we wont even be in contention for Europe. Locatelli apart frm d games against Juventus and Sassuolo has been pretty average and somerimes terrible and even Calabria too yet u fans always come up with excuses not to criticize dem, especially with the excuse dat dey r young like Pasalic isnt still a youngster. Pasalic has been one of our best midfielders dis season so next time u wanna criticize him start with Monto, Kucka, Poli, Matias, Sosa before u menrion him!

      • Muntari and flamini scored goals too, whats ur point. Pasalic doesnt even have the balls to make himself available to receive passes from his teammates. Also, hes not even milan player so theres absolutely no point in playing him more often than milan’s own players, especially At this stage of the season

        • and who shld he play instead? the milan players dat suck? but u dont have a problem with him playing deuloefe

  6. This is the simplest and yet one of the best jerseys. Now our kit from this past season was magnificent but this too, it’s simple and beautiful plus I like the round neck on our shirts better. Good choice for the new season.

    I’m a fan of black shorts though.

  7. Comment:by the way I am seeing it, montella wants pasalic and lapadula, I fear what might become of locatelli.
    if he knows he is not interested in Honda,Poli,Locatelli, he should loan,release or let them find playing time somewhere else.
    I hate when we have a player in a team that he only gets to play when someone he is better than gets injured. I wish Locatelli will be in our starting XI
    wish the rumours are true about Mussachio,Rodriguez,Conti,Modric/Kovacic and either Belotti or Aubameyang.
    I keep saying
    Yaya Toure
    might all be free agents this transfer market

      • Nope, I used to have that jersey(02-03).The designs are similar, the stripes have similar thickness and the adidas stripes on the sides are both cut in half

        • Really mate? Because i couldve sworn the stripes on 02/03 jersey werent even in red and black, its red and greyish black, and there were no stripes on the upper arms, only iconic 3 stripes of adidas

          • I remember that jersey very well. It had a fishnet, a new type of design, similar with france nt jersey 2002. It also had opel written on it with the logo, the next season, they kept the logo, but change the opel name with something else, mervina or something. The 02-03 jersey was red and black. The adidas stripes on the side didnt go all the way down, like the new one. That jersey was very special for me. I had to take a shower before even using it, lol. It was spiritual for me.

  8. Why am i not surprised that they use bonadinho as main model? He stares down on us mere mortals like absolute football boss


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