Mirabelli officially appointed Milan’s director of sport, Montella & Fassone meet for the second day in a row

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on the 15th of April 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on the 15th of April 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli has officially been entrusted with the sporting side of Milan, and took Adriano Galliani’s old Casa Milan office, while Marco Fassone and Vincenzo Montella are already believed to be working for next season.

This season is still very much alive for Milan as the Rossoneri are still capable for finishing in 4th place in Serie A and secure a Europa League spot. Nonetheless, it’s difficult not to think about what will happen in the summer and next season, as the new Chinese ownership completed the takeover last week and are expected to invest in the mercato to create a more competitive Milan.

President Yonghong Li chose Fassone to be the new CEO and the former Inter man chose another ex-Nerazzurri figure, Massimiliano Mirabelli, to be the Rossoneri’s Director of Sport, as the club officially confirmed today. “Milan announces to have appointed Mr. Mirabelli as Technical Director, and that he will take up the role of Sporting Director,” a statement on the Milan website read on Wednesday. “The Club would like to warmly welcome Mr. Mirabelli and wishes him successful work.”

Mirabelli is the 12th director of sport in the history of Milan, replacing Rocco Maiorino who served in this position from 2013 to last week (the one before him was Ariedo Braida who held the position from 1986 to 2013). Mirabelli used to work as a scout for Inter and he will look to prove his qualities now that he has been given the responsibility to rebuild Milan, together with Fassone and the coach.

Marco Fassone, Han Li, Yonghong Li, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on the 14th of April 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone, Han Li, Yonghong Li, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli at Milanello on the 14th of April 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Mirabelli, who took the old Casa Milan office of Galliani (Fassone took Barbara’s office), was present at Milanello today for the double training session. Fassone was also in Milanello today, as he had a meeting with Montella in the offices. It’s the second meeting between the two in as many days.

Yesterday in late afternoon the new CEO, new director of sport and the coach – who, unless a big surprise happens, will also be in charge of Milan next season – had a 3-hour summit at Casa Milan; Gazzetta dello Sport, Sky and many others reported names of possible summer targets that were discussed in the meeting, but it’s probably premature to talk seriously about anyone at this point.

Fassone, Mirabelli & Montella are already thinking about the preparations for next season but the main focus remains on this year, and beating Empoli on Sunday is the most important thing for now.


  1. Everybody…… former Inter.. where is former Milan.. please we don’t want Milan to be run by Inter ways.. I don’t see anything positive about Inter since Management changed.

  2. So far they have working well in the market. Shown signs of pro-activeness unlike uncle fester. If actually what we read about Villarreal defender joining is true and that of Saed of shalk 04 is true then I expect good things from the the transfer dealings. Milan has the spirit of whatever they touch turning to gold unlike shinter

  3. We must finish this season as high up the table as possible. There are 15 easy points to take before the end of the season, beginning with Empoli. Our direct rival have very tough fixtures so not excuse for not finishing 4th. Forza Milan

  4. I’ve been following the transferrumours lately, it seems we met with Musacchio in february and have a verbal agreement with him.
    I hope he joins the club, he seems like a really good partner for Alessio. What do you guys think?

    Anyways these are just rumours so, we’ll have to wait and see in the upcoming transfer window.

    • My favorite is still mustafi of arsenal.

      Musacchio is rather weak in the air and will not be very effective against the likes of mandzukic, milik, dzeko, and belotti.

      If mustafi is not available then why not sign mamadou sakho of liverpool? He wanted to go out of liverpool and we have another ex liverpool player in suso to persuade him.

      • Mustafi??? Bro, even Arsenalfans are turning against him…
        But I’m pro Sakho though, when it comes to passing he reminds me of Zapata like Herry said, he makes it too difficult for himself, but when it comes to defending, he can be a one man wall… actually I have to agree fully with Herry, he reminds a lot of Zapata lol…

      • I am not a huge fan of Mustafi, however I think he would do well.

        As for Musacchio, he is rather good on handling the ball.
        Which will create peace in our backline. When there is more peace in the backline we can work on our build up. I mean Zapata’s footwork isnt the best and we’ve seen what that can do.

        P.S. Anyone know what happened to Cutrone? I recently saw that he was training with the 1st team again. However he wasn’t called up last few matches, did play with the primavera squad.

      • Oh wow.. why so much hate? Take a look at whoscored and from roma, sakho, musacchio, and mustafi, it is mustafi who has the highest average rating among them all.

        Why I chose mustafi? The consideration is that Mustafi has excellent tackling, good aerial presence (he has the highest success per game among them), has champion mentality (he was in the German squad of WC winner), and the humility of big players. Sakho is the next player who come close to that comparison and is available atm.

        From the statistic, musacchio will be another Paletta. I hope I’m wrong but if the statistic is correct then thos will be an unwise investment..

    • I agree tho, Romagnoli isnt particular good in the air, he doesn’t have the height.
      Same goes for Musacchio, in fact they are very similar. but they are both good defenders over all, just think it would be ideal partner for Romagnoli would be a big stopper. overall the team is lacking in height and ability in the air.

      Sakho is a left footer and so is Romagnoli. It would not fit, its important to have both in the center to better distribute the ball to the flanks etc.

      • What?!

        So a 1.88 cm tall defender “doesn’t have the height” in your book?

        Nonsense. Romagnoli have the height and he is as a matter of fact excellent in the air.

        Romagnoli has gotten really big over the last year, too as he used to be so skinny before. Now he weights around 75 kg, so Musacchio is 6 cm shorter than him and around 10 kg lighter!

        • If anything aerial duels is not our trouble, since Romagnoli, Paletta and Zapa are all great in the air, so I’m 100 % with you Kourosh.
          Aerial duels is where they excel!

          • I watched Schalke-Ajax, I have to say that I am impressed by Kolasinac. This guys seems like an unstoppable train on the left side.

            If he’s consistent, I would definitly want him in our roster.

        • Who is 1.88? Romagnoli is 185 cm. and Musacchio 1.80. And that is not particulary high for a defender no. And no they are not very good in the air, when roma comes up against players like Dzeko(193cm), Mario Mandzukic (1.90cm) they are in deep shit when it comes to set pieces etc.

          Come on you feel safe cuz we got Zapata and Paletta? if we are to go to europe we need a solid pair. and having two stoppers that can work of eachother is must.

          • about romas hight i see that wikipedia has 188 and whoscored.com have 185, i dont know who is right 😛

          • Romagnoli is definitely 1.88 since so many sources are reporting this, and I have a really hard time believing a good defender with that height (even shorter) would have any problems in the air.

            Did Nesta (187 cm) have any problem dealing with crosses? Does Chiellini (187 cm) have any problems? Did Maldini (186 cm) or even Cannavaro (176 cm)? I don’t ever remember these guys in deep shit. And there are endless other examples.

            Now do you want me to name defenders above 190 cm who can’t do shit when it comes to clearing crosses? It’s not as easy as “there’s a ball in the air and anybody who is taller will get to it first” dude.

            Height is important but not everything for a defender. Defending is an art, you’re either good at it or you’re not.

          • I just have to mention this : Sergio Ramos, arguably the best defender in the air if not the best header of the ball in football right know, is only 1.83 cm.

          • Dont get me wrong he is great, but i dont see romagnoli as a great header. All im saying is both of them are ball playing defenders that are not the most physical type of defender, and in my opinion a strong tall center back would be the ideal partner for romagnoli.

    • Heard that too. I really like the fact that only a week after takeover the directors and montella both go to scout a player. Can anyone recall galliani ever bringing a manager to scout a player. He always bought players and made the managers make it work. I like that they’re getting montella involved cause then there’s no excuse of failure with the men he wants.

      On another note, I’ve been hearing so many people complaining about aubameyang and saying to get others instead. He has scored 33 goals in 39 games if I’m not misunderstood and he’s been a key player for Dortmund for the past years. He would absolutely destroy the itinerary league if he ends up coming. Hoping for good things this summer and next season!

      • Defintely, I thought about that as well, but it’s not only Milan, it’s rare that coaches in Italy actually follow the sporting directors, as it’s the sporting directors job to scout the players.
        What’s ideal here is that now they’re scouting players Montella specifially wants, and the difference is that before the coach could ask for a midfielder/attacker/defender, and then had to work with what he got, but now it seems as though they are working in tandem which is ideal.

        People complaining about us going for Auba is weird since he’s a top striker and top clubs all over want him. Personally though, if it came down to Auba or Belotti, I would choose Belotti. But Auba is proven in CL… tough choice, just hoping for a mercato with signings that will actually be necessary and improve our squad.

        • I like both strikers. Personally though at the moment I consider aubameyang a world class striker. while belotti has the potential to be world class. My fellow italian strikers usually have a break out season then disappear the next. Balo, and especially immobile are examples. That 100m buyout clause hopefully doesn’t give him a big ego because I think he should stay in torino for another season to prove he can be an elite stiker

        • I’d love to have Aubameyang at the club, he is fantastic. But don’t like the deal because of his price tag. spending 60 mill out of 100 ish on one player, when our real problem lies elsewhere. I’d rather we spend 30-40 million on someone like Luciano Vietto, young and very good with the ball at his feet, could really help our build up play. And keep bacca and lapa to rotate. then spend rest on midfield and center defense. Cuz thats where we realy need investment. We have always spent all our money on strikers. Time to find some one to really step in tho the shoes of pirlo seedorf etc. We might already have one in Locatelli. But we need someone to play that center mid field role with work rate and speed. Then a creative player. I’d personly love Fabregas and than someone like ngolo kante (I know we wont get him exactly but someone like him.) next to him with loca in the ragista position. I know we have Kuca but he dont have that increadible work rate that makes space for players like Fabregas and Pjanic to do wonders.

  5. Pls guys let us not depend on inter formar player let us build milan wit our formar players guy i tink dat will be best if d chai can call dam tanks guy

  6. I just hope that this Mirabelli guy think as the most of us here that he needs to build around the young italian core(Donarumma, De Sciglio, Romagnoli, Calabria and Loca). The great ACM teams of past were build that way, and even though I don’t want to admit it Juventus was built the same way and we all know where they are now(with Gigi, Bonucci, Barzagli, Chielini etc). Hope for the best either way.

  7. Kingsley onyeneku, ostende belgium league. 15 goals this season , good dribbler and top finisher . He is only 19 and would learn from any of the big strikers we are going to sign. Arsenal and liverpool already making moves for him and i think we should too.
    Thank God Galliani is out! Uffffffffffffffff

      • Mbappe too, but after champions league perfomance his price would shoot up. I scouted kingsley cos he might be cheap and also a big prospect. Watch him on youtube .

        • Mbappe, Goretzka, Mustafi, and Fabregas. We buy these and we will be ok, for now..

          we need a fine midfielder, a Kaka like attacking midfielder, Mustafi and Mbappe.

          or better still, buy all of Monaco

  8. They want to reach the top, and then they appoint those who ran Inter in a period where we played like sht, but still finished above Inter on the table 2013-15. Makes no sense, get former Milan players or other proven sportsdirectors. And how can you go on a Europe tour (fassone&mirabelli) and come back with nothing?

      • Theres something called a gentlemen agreement. If they have a serious ambition a player will agree to this. And you can also strike a deal with a player outside the transfer window, this is common practise, you should know that. Another thing is, if we really have a serious project, why havnt they given Donna&Suso a new contract. That should have happen right away, considering that shark of -an agent Donna has.

  9. Nananana nananana hey hey hey GOOODBYEEEEE! Sheva. Its been real. Montella isnt going anywhere. You know who is? YOU. Honour the bet sir. You are gone.

    • Lmao, you apparently havnt learned anything about milan politics yet, you must be 11-16 years old. Not even 17, no jokes.

      Did you cheer in the same way when galliani said t.silva isnt going anywhere, and he was 99.99% sure?? Did you?

      did you cheer in the same way when kaka was unsellable?? I think you did, just like you just did now.

      In the end, I will win my bet.

      • You know we have sold the club and Galliani and Berlu are no longer around?
        You are referring to something THEY SAID, they’re not here anymore, which you should know since you’ve been waiting for the chinese to take over. So the “milan politics” you refer to, might still be here, or it might not. Point is, you have no idea how the new management thinks, but I seriously doubt that they will turn against their word of keeping Montella, as that wouldn’t give them much confidence if the first thing they do is say something and then do the opposite.
        But I guess simple logics dont apply to you, which is really nothing new.
        Just get over yourself and your “facts”, lika Philaldon said before, its doubtful you will honor your bet.

        • Come on man you should know better at this point than to take his bait.

          Recently, the only answer I can come up for any of his comments is : “SHUT UP”

          But since I’m a polite person and the best answer for this guy is ignoring him, I refrain from doing anything. I don’t even thump him down anymore. I suggest others do the same.

  10. What’s done is done. I never did and I still don’t like former Inter directors working for Milan but we’ll have to get over it as it’s decided now. Let’s just hope for the best and I heard some good things about Mirabelli, so there’s certainly hope.

    Early signs are positive. Aubameyang is a fantastic player and a player of his caliber would be very welcome after such a long time, not to mention it will send a strong signal to the rest of Europe that we mean business now. They went to scout Auba but I hope they also had a look at Mbappe, that kid is already the next big thing in football. At his age, he’s got unreal skills and talent and he’s playing with such calm in such a competitive tournament as the Champions League.

  11. You guys need to stop believe in media crap , wait to see till the players has the jersey in his hands next to Fassone

  12. I don’t know about this AUB rumour but i think going after him will be a very big mistake given his price tag…He is a big talent and there is no two ways about that but if the news about our “£100m” transfer budget is true then it wouldn’t be wise to spend about 70% of that on a single striker when we already know the problems we have in midfield and defence.The remaining 30% of that am sure wouldn’t get us a world class midfielder and a defender Atleast. …

  13. and i hope they where not only scouting Aubemayang……..cos bernando silva…….fabinho…….bakayoko…….pulisic are killers as well……..cos left for me……i will rather have Lukaku or Belotti as our top 9…..i mean someone strong fast and can hustle their way upfront in the situation of lack of supply from midfield…….Bernando silva is another demon especially periods like dis where rumour of suso contract stall is making the news…….Kylian Mbappe shud also be tapped as another option upfront and is still very young……can Milan just make my dream come through by signing Danilo of porto…..that nigga is a rock in d middle……i wish our new management all the best i dont care what club they might be coming from as long as u work for milan then u are part of the family so we have to show all our support

    • Be realistic, why would any Monaco player come to us? Thats like going backwards.And where is the money to bring them in? Do you really belivie we have 150m to spend whn they took 1 year to buy the club with loan. They were even struggling at times to bring 50-100m on the table. But somehow we have now magically a 150m budget? How much sense does tht make

  14. I like Okey Jegede of Wimbledon FC. Wow that guy is a beast 30 goals in 14 matches including 40 assists. Only going for £5m only. Although it is believed that Montella mentioned him to Mirabelli who’ll be in England to scout him. Don’t border looking for the source

  15. I love their proactiveness but talk is cheap hence, i will wait till the transfer window opens to see how realistic they are.

    I dont care if they had worked for Inter as they were mere employees who have the right to work anywhere, even club legends now play for city rivals.

    I wish them the best.

  16. I never liked aubamayang,he doesn’t turn up in big matches, so..what’s the hype all about, we already have a good striker in bacca,whether you like him or not,the guy hits double figures per season, all he needs is good service and fabregas is service, we also need a good holding midfielder with good technique and mussachio is the best option with romagnoli,before you guys talk about transfer target,talk within the budget,Milan can’t buy aubumayang or mbappe,there are similar players out there who are cheaper, all we need is good scouting

  17. For me there’s no one but Belotti and since he has 100 million clause slapped to his name and we need to reinforce in other departments. 60 millions for Auba is too much also.

    My picks with estimated valuation would be:

    Simeone jr (cca 25 millions), Manolas or De Vrij (cca 35 millions), Bakayoko (40 millions), Malcom or Yarmolenko or Martial (cca 30 millions), a Regista (cca 30 millions)

    Of course we would need to sell off the dead weight to raise extra cash:

    Bacca, Niang, Honda, Bertolacci, Mati, Poli, Vangion/Antonelli, Zapata/Palleta, Ely,

  18. Milan will only have €50m at their disposal for the summer transfer market, reports suggest.

    After a takeover from Chinese investors was completed, it was thought that the Rossoneri would invest a great deal in the team at the end of the campaign.

    Reports have linked the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette with a move to San Siro, but according to Leggo the budget will be set at a strict €50m.

    This figure does not include any funds raised from the sale of players such as Carlos Bacca, but club executives Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli would have to be scrupulous in the transfer market if the report is accurate.

    hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAA. Yes the chinese are our saviours. Rather spend those 50 million to bring back galliani and berlusconi than buying trash with the chinese



  20. Just went through football italia it says Milan has only 50m budget for this summer transfer…..so there goes our big summer signings……

  21. Inter management leading to milan trophies > Milan management without trophies

    BAD BOYS (pato, ibra, boateng, menez, taraabt, balo) making milan win matches > ANGELS ( boanventura, bonera, bertolacci, poli) not making milan win matches

    JUVENTUS/INTER/ROMA/NAPOLI fans > Milan fans

    Spice girls > curva sud

  22. If berluconi REALLY loved milan, he would add a clause in the agreement of selling milan. He should only sell milan to the chinese of they would appoint Maldini as CEO. Berlusconi could EASILY do that if he wanted. Merda berlu, what a shitty man he recently became.

    Maldini, sure he doenst have the experience and all that. YES, but if he choice was between singing a good player and making less money himself and signing a bad player and making good money himself, i know by miles which choice maldini would make.

    Galliani JUST like fassone, will ALLWAYS think about their own profit and pocket before the actual player for the club. I value inexperienced maldini over both galliani and fassone any day in the week.

    Berlusconi, i hope your time will end soon

  23. Well, I read that we’re linked to kovacic again. What do you guys think about him? I mean he’s kinda proven in the Serie A.


  24. I think the main problem in Milan’s team is : not having a world class playmaker. Izco Alarcon of Real Madrid is the one. I prefer to choose him than James Rodriguez and Cesc Fabregas. What Milan need is a playmaker, not a striker. With a top playmaker, Montella can develop Bacca & Lapadula into predators.

  25. Transfer market is not the objective now. The season is not over. All this Auba talk and replacing players might disturb the rhythm of the players.


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