Team news: Inter had a full squad while Milan were without the suspended Mario Pasalic as well as without Ignazio Abate, Andrea Bertolacci, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo and Patrick Cutrone. Kickoff time for the Derby della Madonnina was 12:30 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Candreva (36′), Icardi (44′), Romagnoli (83′), Zapata (97′).

F.C. Internazionale Milano (4-2-3-1) – Stefano Pioli
Samir Handanović; Danilo D’Ambrosio, Miranda, Gary Medel, Yuto Nagatomo; Roberto Gagliardini, Geoffrey Kondogbia; Antonio Candreva (91′ Jonathan Biabiany), João Mário (80′ Jeison Murillo), Ivan Perišić (67′ Eder); Mauro Icardi.
Unused: Carrizo, Andreolli, Palacio, Ansaldi, Banega, Sainsbury, Santon, Brozovic, Barbosa.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria (81′ Lucas Ocampos), Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka (57′ Manuel Locatelli), Jose Sosa (75′ Gianluca Lapadula), Matias Fernandez; Suso, Carlos Bacca, Gerard Deulofeu.
Unused: Storari, Plizzari, Honda, Gomez, Poli, Vangioni, Paletta, Antonelli.

Referee: Daniele Orsato.


  1. Locatelli, you are a hero, take them all out & continue to show those elderly fools how football is played

  2. HUGE POINT. We needed to deny inter 3 points at this point. That’s all that matters. Let’s move on to the next game.

    • He still can’t play.
      It is so amusing to see you jokers who come up with that comment when someone has one good moment.

    • We are here, and we will be here.

      Muntari has scored some goals too. Remember him?

      Is that all that it takes – one goal?

      Just because he had few good matches it doesn’t mean he is good.

        • My point being. Don’t write people off before they can perform. But u guys don’t understand that.

          Ink mate get a life instead of calling people over the Internet jokers. If you’ll read the older comments I said I’m not in favor of Zapata starting. But since he is u need to learn to support him

          • Well, I realise my comment sounds personally pointed at you. But that was not my intention. I was meaning the whole gang who jump with that same comment when Pasalic/Lapadula/someone else does one good thing and then gets too overboard.

            I still stand by my comment. Zapata has his moments. But he is too inconsistent. I’d rather have had Mexes than Zapata. I support the players who start (except damn shite Pasalic).

      • I think Muntari was decent and as a Milanista, I will cheer any player wearing the red and black, especially those whose goals bring in points.

  3. I don’t really get all the hate against Bacca. In my opinion he doesn’t deserve the critics, especially in first half where he 3 times ran in open spaces in counter attacks, while you had a selfish Deulofeo or a slow Sosa who didn’t deliver the ball.

    and there you have fuckins Zapata!! i raise my hands!


  5. Next match, Loca over Pasalic, any day.
    If you saw the amount of work Loca put in the match.
    Zapata was not at fault for any of the goals. However, I would feel much more calm with Paletta or Gomez. What happened to Gomez?
    Anyway, not a bad result. We are still on for Europe.

    • Gomez played crap against Fiorentina and nearly cost us that match that’s why he has not played since.
      Paletta for all his strong points gets too
      many red cards.
      I think a Chelsea type of setup where we have 3 at the back is probably best suited to us.

      • Gomez has not played at the best level, true. But He needs some chances to get used to the Italian style of defending. It can take a while to get used to the style. And the only way to do that is by being involved in the game.
        I don’t think he should start the derby or the important games. But for example, like in Pescara, he could have got a start and get used to the play.
        He is strong and fast and technically is not all that bad. He just needs to get settled, and he needs playing time to do that.

        • Comment: maybe gomez should play most of the playoffs or cam play Dmf for now since he has spanish game in him and next session he should be able to play CB

  6. Shit yeah zapata, scoring in 7th of 5 min added time. Talk about fergie/juve time. Nice assist by baccaka btw.

    Man its so nice to see my interisti friends’ faeces, i mean faces. A friend who is interista/juventino is not a friend

      • Juve time is that moment when u almost finish with ur woman in bed but ur pet dog/cat starts to interfere by licking ur balls clean.

        In all seriousness, u know exactly what i mean. are splitting hairs here?

  7. Montella should seriously question his attacking tactics.

    With Deulofeu, Suso, Ocampos, Lapadula, Bacca on the field our two CB-s score goals…

  8. SIIIIIII BRAVI RAGAZZI!!!Sooo important, we really deserved this, and if you think about the extra added time, the game started in the 91 minute really because of their substitution, and then how the inter players complained and wasted time after Loca kicked down Nagatomo.
    I think it’s beyond question that Loca should be a starter with the commitment he has, the effort he puts in, and the quality he has.
    Romagnoli redeemed himself, and Zapata carries on his good form, that he surprisingly actually has.
    So important, so so so so important to NOT lose the game and to come back like we did!
    Forza Milan!!

    • Bet Pasalic starts over Loca next match again though.
      And yeah this 1 point can be season defining for us. Lets hope for the other results to come our way this week.
      Also we need an alternate tactic that to make all attacks through our wings. It is too easy to shut the wingers down if you don’t have to worry about midfield.

      • Probably haha… but I think Loca will start over Sosa since Sosa went off today with perhaps cramps, but it’s time for Loca to start again.
        Yes, fingers crossed man!
        We need someone like Fabregas/verratti/modric in midfield as a solution to when our wingers arent working, and are closed down. We dont have one at this point, the closest is Loca and Sosa.
        But you’re right, especially a game like this where Deulo was pretty poor by his own standards.

        • Yeah I saw some headline earlier that Fabregas has had a verbal agreement with us.
          But I have not had much time to explore those news yet. He could be the quality we need but he also has some question marks over his performance last couple of seasons.

          Lets see how things go in the next few weeks. I am getting excited about the summer transfer window for the first time in years lol. Personally I’d like to have Isco in the team but that may not be possible.
          A very good feeling about transfer window 😛

    • To be fair, You can see Loca was going for the ball and not Nagatomos leg!! Sosa-Loca-Kucka
      Is what I wanna see.

  9. Fuck yeah! Fuck you shinter. You didn’t deserved even 1 point from this game! I screamed so loud I can’t talk right now. Europe, here we come!!! Forza Milan!

  10. I’m still happy about the goal I was nervous at first but now the hope down to Europe is still much alive I remember inter merda score a last minute goal at the first leg of this tie now we also spoil the fun for them go go go go Milan..

    • No bro bcos after the 5mins added time inter player was on the floor pretending to be injured and the Ref indicated that he will add extra minutes when locatelli complained

  11. Orsartooooooo, the moron finally paid us for all the harmhe has done to us over the years, thanks Zapata, I always had hope in him,

    kudos to the players, can’t believe even donnarunma came for the corner kick, that’s belief & determination from the players, but montella should not be given credit, his changes & selection was absurd, I feel calabria should hv been brought out for antonelli, so MDS can move to the right, he seems to be more effective on the right & antonelli, being fresh would attack the inter defence from the flanks, didn’t know why ocampos was brought in, even why kucka was brought out

  12. The ref will be rightly criticised for the added time no doubt but what can i say after they did it to us against Juve? I take it wholeheartedly.

    • The difference though, is that there the time wasted was perhaps 20 seconds where he added a whole minute,
      But this time, the game was stopped in the 90:th minute and only proceeded in the 91, and then there was a whole lot of time wasting, especially after Loca kicked down Nagatomo, so I think the added time was just, and he would be criticized if he didnt let us take the corner which we got around 96.20. If you add it all up it’s fair. Besides it’s at least five minutes left, not tops.
      And as you said, they did it to us against Juve so it felt extra good now haha!

  13. A great comeback that hopefully will be the start of new era that will take Milan back to the top.
    Goodbye Berlusconi and Galliani. Welcome Yonghang Li and Fassone

  14. Comment:phew what a game …..well the Chinese should open their eyes….and fassone should get us ERICSSON (tot)…Berardi and Belotti….fabregas can come….then get us a 2 quality CBs…..sell BACCA and DEsciglio please! Honda,poli,ely,niang and other ghost players should be sold or included as makeshift in transfer deals….all the same this was OUR best match this season…if we had LOST…we won’t RECOVER….and now that we have won we’ll take OVER!

  15. Comment:Ppls where is sheva?? Who said milan we lose??!…..well good comeback but we need to take more chances…we are jst lucky nt to loose….nice game though

  16. Btw, Suso now got 9 assists which puts him at the top, same number as Hamsik and Icardi. What a gem we got, he should be playing as a Trequartista. Same as Kaka.

  17. BAWSE 16,
    All the players you mentioned can leave but POLI is not a bad player. The coach is not just sure how to use him

  18. Milan should sign Amin Younes from Ajax and get rid of Deluofeu. He doesn’t pass the ball unlike messi which he is definitely not.

    Montella is clueless. Tactics and formation was that of a mad scientist or a mad doctor.

    Bacca is not a lone striker. He cannot hold up the ball and he rarely help out the defence. Lapadula should have started over Bacca without a doubt or play both.

    Plain and simple. Smh

  19. With the number of chances Bacca threw away in the last match against Palermo and now Inter, I believe Montella would be considering his options for next season. The defense was guilty in the first half, but turned it around at the dead. Let’s go to Europe guys. Forza Milan

  20. Men dis boys gat cojones! We fought bravely n it was d closest remembrance of d milan of old! Never say die! Locatelli can play! He is a diehard rossoneri! Zapata shld stay! Just a bit more creativity in midfield n we can compete! Forza Milannnnnn! I love dis feeling

  21. i scattered the whole house after the equalizer……Europe still on……..but cant we just sign Mahrez,tielemans,isco,danilo,belotti,mussachio &pulisic?…………

  22. suppose the positions remain the same, does that qualify us for Europa League, since Juve and Lazio are in European positions already?


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