Pasalic: “I am happy for the goal but disappointed about the yellow card, My future? We’ll wait & see what happens”

Mario Pasalic celebrating his goal during Milan-Palermo at Stadio San Siro on the 9th of April 2017. (
Mario Pasalic celebrating his goal during Milan-Palermo at Stadio San Siro on the 9th of April 2017. (

Mario Pasalic scored in the 4-0 win over Palermo but is forced to miss Saturday’s noon Derby through suspension.

For the second week in a row, Pasalic was on target for the Rossoneri as he scored the second goal of the Rossoneri in their 4-0 win over Diego Lopez’s Rosanero.

But in additional to a goal, the Croatian, who joined in the summer on loan from Chelsea (Milan have first refusal on him), also got a yellow card and is now out of the Derby della Madonnina – on which you can bet on NetBet – due to a ban.

“I’m happy for the goal and the team’s performance,” Pasalic said in an interview with MilanTV at the end of the match at the San Siro. “The yellow card? I didn’t see the opponent coming, I made a stupid foul. I’m disappointed and I made a mistake. I hope that the team can still win the table.

“The goal? I like attacking and playing close to the penalty area. I’m happy, I’ve already scored four goals and I hope to score again. Against Pescara we lost two points and on Sunday we wanted to get the three points at all costs. The derby? Beating Inter would be very important, they lost [to Crotone] and now we’re in front of them. Winning the derby would be an important step towards our goal.

“We were focusing on the game, we weren’t thinking about the fans going wild after Crotone scored against Inter. My future? Let’s see after this season what happens. We’ll wait and see…”


  1. Go back to Chelsea and stand around the box so Hazard feeds you and the midfielders carry you. Or change yourself into a striker. Don’t eat up a midfielder position and be useless in midfield.

    We have Zanellato and el Hilali coming up. So, go away asap.

      • Um. No.
        He is a professional player, not an amateur. I am not in the business of showing respect to crappy professionals who are not good at their job.

        Also, great idea to put your mail on name.

      • As much as you may be valid in some points regarding Pasalic, man…, just the amount of negativity that you showcase towards him is getting anoying. Do u really have to bash him constantly on every single post?Most of the guys here are reading this page day in day out. We all get your point. We got it months ago. This is just get repetitive…and boring.

        • And true.
          The truth shall set you free.

          Also, ”may be valid in some points” –> ”always right in pointing out his incompetency in midfield”.

  2. that’s unfair ink,the guy played a good match and learn to be appreciative …what else do u want him to do,pasalic we r proud of u and hope to see u on permanent contract next season

    • Owoh come on man, you want him on permanent contract to hope that he will have two decent games in one season and also, sell Zanellato, El Hilai, and let me make a wild guess, Loca?
      He should not start. He has done absolutely nothing that gets him a starting spot ahead of Loca and Kucka.

  3. I’d buy him for Milan if I could. Now that doesn’t mean he has to be a first choice player, but I’d buy him.

      • What have you seen in Zanellato and El Hilali? They most probably will never reach Pasalic’s level. He’s a decent player and he’s getting better and better. Now I don’t like defending this guy every time like he’s some world class player, but you make me do it with your constant, undeserved bashing of him. Just let it go, dude.

        He was in this week’s Serie A TOTW by the way.

        • What had you seen of Donna and Loca and Calabria before they came into main squad?

          And it is not undeserved bashing. It is thoroughly deserved bashing.
          I’ll stop bashing him when Milan stops starting him in midfield ahead of more competent and deserving players.

          • That must be the most ignorant thing anyone has ever said. So just because we haven’t seen much from youth players we have to put them all in the same bracket of the few superstars that once came through and above current first team players? Please …

            By the way, we have already seen both players in pre-season, and I was not impressed.

            Montella is the coach, he sees fit to start Pasalic and he’s getting the results. Pasalic is repaying his trust by playing well and scoring goals. So good luck with your mission of “I’ll stop bashing him when Milan stops starting him in midfield ahead of more competent and deserving players.”

            Please, for your sake, stop this bickering. I’m thinking this might be personal. Did Pasalic ever do something to you or someone close to you?

            To say that Bertolacci is more competent and deserving … LoL what are you smoking? And this is coming from me, I have a tendency towards Italian players.

          • You weren’t impressed by Zanellato?
            Wow. No comment. But I’m glad that you are not Milan’s talent scout.

            And we don’t always get our sh*t right of choosing players from our academy simply because we don’t give them chance. There are examples I could blather on about. But you already know them.

    • Theirs not chance milan can make it to cl even if juve wins cl except we enter 3rd which is as impossible as travelling to the sun

    • I dont think it matters if Juve wins the cup or not. That does not give Italy a fourth spot. U less something has changed? Liverpool lost out on CL the season after they beat us in Istanbul. Winners still need to qualify.

      So no, i dount Milan can make CL. Napoli would have to lose every game, and still even then… 10 points is too much.

      Had we besten Pescara and finished better before the international break, we might have had a shot.

  4. why bashing Pasalic all the time?how stupid can you some of the supporters can be? do know you football at all and can anyone tell me which of our midfielders are better than him?please please lets appreciate him for he has scored 4 goals already.

  5. Comment: he is one of our best midfielder this season maybe ing can’t even control a simple pass and his insulting a midfielder with four goals and some assists.

  6. ink is just jealous and naive…to zanatello is better justifies ur ignorance and pasalic has more experience than loca…ur comments are one dimensional….

  7. Milan are 3points behind Lazio who is currently in 4th position (UCL playoff). If we can end d season in 4th position, we might yet get lucky during the ucl playoff fixtures

  8. To be fair to Ink, Zanellato was hugely impressive in pre-season, he was more impressive in pre-season than Locatelli was. But now suddenly – and luckily for us – Locatelli did take a huge step in confidence and in performances. I also agree that Bertolacci gives more quality to the team as he is actually involved. Pasalic has what, 20 games? He has had five good games, and Im not exaggerating here. But it must be said that he pops up with valuable goals. But as an example, against Pescara, he scored his goal, but wasnt visible before or after it. He had a great game against Palermo though and maybe he has found his footing.
    I wouldnt mind him staying as he is young after all and does have potential, good eye for goal and is ambidextrous, but he needs to be more involved in the game. And I personally dont like that he gets more playing time than Locatelli, while Locatelli has had several good games and a few poor ones, and Pasalic is the exact opposite. Either way, whenever he plays, I support him and want him to do good, and if he were to be signed on a permanent basis, I would still support him.

    • Cheers mate.
      Nice comment as always.
      Hopefully we will kick shinter ass this Saturday, too bad I can’t see it because it is so early.
      Good luck everyone, I’ll return with Pasalic bashing again when he starts and vanishes.

    • Please somebody tell me what has the 20m-rated Bertolacci done ever since he joined the club in 2015.

      Being injured and being terrible doesn’t count by the way.

      • I never said he was good, man, I only stated that Bertolacci is involved in the game, and try to make things happen, whether he is good or bad, he still makes his presence felt in the game, something Pasalic often lacks. But Pasalic is still young, and if he stays with us, I hope he will improve in this aspect, as yes, he has done more in the Milan shirt than Berto has during this year when it comes to statistics. Football isnt all about statistics though.

  9. I just hope the sale of the club is real and not a hoax. It will be a beautiful wedding gift. As I’m getting married tomorrow Friday. New bride, Milan gets sold and possibly beating inter. Wow!!!


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