Team news: Milan were without the suspended Alessio Romagnoli, Jose Sosa and Carlos Bacca as well as without Ignazio Abate, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo and Suso. Genoa had to do without the banned Nicolás Burdisso and without Mattia Perin, Miguel Veloso and Nikola Ninković. Kickoff time for Matchday 29 of Serie A was 20:45 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro.

Goal: Mati Fernandez (34′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Gabriel Paletta, Leonel Vangioni; Juraj Kucka, Andrea Bertolacci (3′ Manuel Locatelli), Mati Fernandez (74′ Mario Pasalic); Lucas Ocampos, Gianluca Lapadula (Luca Antonelli), Gerard Deulofeu.
Unused: Storari, Plizzari, Honda, Gomez, Poli, Cutrone, Calabria.

Genoa C.F.C (4-3-3) – Andrea Mandorlini
Eugenio Lamanna; Armando Izzo (69′ Davide Biraschi), Ezequiel Muñoz, Santiago Gentiletti, Diego Laxalt; Oscar Hiljemark, Danilo Cataldi, Olivier Ntcham; Darko Lazović (61′ Edenílson), Giovanni Simeone, Adel Taarabt (76′ Mauricio Pinilla).
Unused: Rubinho, Cofie , Palladino, Beghetto, Orban, Pandev, Brivio, Rigoni, Morosini.

Referee: Carmine Russo.


  1. we need to win this match, since inter have dropped 2points , lapadula pls try to be involve in the game play, Genoa are really attacking us especially taarabt

    • Actually no, if you have one striker on thw field he should be in front scoring goals. Wingers and midfielders need to create chances for him. If you have 2 striker formation then second striker can create chances…

      What is the point of lone striker creating chances when nobody is in the box to score?

      But anyhow I love the workrate of Lapadula, but problem is in our midfield. Bacca would score a lot more if our midfield had player of Modric/Pirlo caliber to create chances…

      • Actually no. We play with two attacking inside forwards. Left footed on right side and other way. They attack the box with the prefered foot to take a shot. Our fullbacks and striker have to be more supportive for it to work. One of the most important roles of a lone striker is to help connect midfield with attack. We are struggling as a unit because our strikers lack this abilitys.

      • in 433 Barcelona, the right wing is left foot (Messi). the left wing is right foot (Neymar). The center striker is Suarez who not only make goals but also gives assist to Messi and Neymar.

  2. Nice one from agustinar..Even the goalscorer(Bacca)in question has not even scored enough..Lapadula all day.I tell yhu

  3. It’s still cool at dis stage, at least seeing milan holding up d ball n patiently building up! Mati is really better dan pasalic! D second half will be faster, let’s hope milan can sustain d pressure n get a second goal! And lapa is really running, just needs a thru pass n he can score! Forza milan, I even think mds is doing better on d right than when on d left!

  4. Very boring first half… luckily we still create chances and are up, well deservedly. A very nice goal as well too, the flick from Lapa with Mati’s cheeky finish! Just have to say though, I expect Zapata to do some random awful passes from defence, but what’s wrong with Paletta? His long passes are always 50/50, sometimes he nails them sometimes not, but his short passing has always been neat and simple. Not focused, they have to step up so we dont concede a silly goal.
    All-in-all, we look in control, but need to step up overall and finish the game off as soon as possible.
    Forza Milan!

    • Convert him to a midfielder if you like that so much.
      I wonder if anyone would mention the number of chances Lapa has missed today. If it was Bacca, most would be calling for his head.

      • What notable chances did he miss lol? I can think of one time when he was on his weak foot and he took too long to shoot and hit the defender. Deulofeu and ocampos wanted to score themselves today and barely even tried delivering crosses to him or anyone in the box. Ocampos had a BRILLIANT day in regards to beating his man, but all I could think of was niang when his end product was complete crap. Blasting shots from stupid angles and just not making the right decisions

        • Agree a 100 % about Ocampos, I wrote something similar to that too. Thought more of El Shaarawy before he started his goal scoring rampage rather than Niang though.

    • But i havent seen much passes coming from hima nd ocampos in the box… they are playing selfish game… dribbling successfully but at last no result… either the ball is skied high or past the goal… no offense but i found Deulofeau to be nothing but second version Menex

      • I can see your comparison with Menez, but he was our season top scorer.

        The way Deulofeu runs, works and wins and chases the ball, i think he earns the time to get his finishing touch right. But him and Ocampos did make choices that prevented attacks from becoming chances.

  5. Why can’t we convert all our chances. 1-0 is not a good score line. We need to be clinical infront of goal. We need @ least one or more goal.

  6. Definitely worthy winners no questions about it… it sucks though that we always do the bare minimum. Im not asking that we win games 7-1 like Inter last week, but we’ve probably won five games with a two goal margin this season. I dont really care how much we win with, or how we win, all that matters are the three points, but when the game looks like it did tonight, its not too much to ask that we kill the game off earlier. We did create chances but poor decision making in the final third was what didnt kill the game off for us sooner. I think that Ocampos had a great game, he completely dominated Laxalt with his technique and strength – BUT he is really lacking in the final third, makes me think of how El Shaarawy was before he suddenly exploded.
    Locatelli was great in midfield and was my favorite.

    • Completely agree. With this team, games like tonight are very exciting but also disappointing in the way we win.

      Few years ago, these kind of matches were already decided before the match even started. The only question then was, will it be a 3-0 or 5-0 victory.

    • totally agree on Loca – that pass from Milan’s half to Dulefeu was “Pirlo brilliant” (and their aint no better complement to give a regista!) in the 63rd minute (I believe) that had him in the clear… of course he missed the net …. but we missed more than hit the net today… wanted to throttle Ocampos… if you miss 5 times dont take the 6th F*CKING shot from the end line… hope Suso is back soon… and that we send Ocampos back to Genoa… poor

  7. Good 3 points. Without so many player we snached it. Mati was solid with a very nice goal and Loca did well. Lapadula played very good, and that assist was amazing. With Suso, Sosa, Roma, Antonelli and Bacca back soon team will be much much stronger

  8. Good win and 3 points but we risked conceding for not killing the game off considering the chances we created.

    Vangioni had a superb game offensively and diffensively and deserves some more chances. De Sciglio was solid and very inpressive on and off possession but Zapata and Paletta were awful in possession, we could have been punished against a quality team.

    Loca was fantastic, he controlled the midfield without a glitch and Mati was impressive too as he added the much needed quality to our play. Kucka had a good game too.

    Ocampos showed some quality attacking skills but should have done better with his final balls in some moments. Lapadula’s flick for that assist is one in a million, absolutely spot and and Deulofeu? MOTM.

  9. I have watched all of Milan games this season and I can sadly say that we practice a low paced game that is boring to the eye. When playing against average teams we control the game, having the better possession but dictating quite a slow speed to the game and I don’t know who is to blame for this, I would blame the coach. Few are the moments when we accelerate the game speed and try initiating combinations between players ( as done in tonight’s goal), the only one taking the game into his own hands and accelerating being Deulofeu. There are too many passes behind and possession is preferred in detriment of initiating attacks and trying to combine. Against top table teams, that play much more offensively than we do, we tend to play after their own rules at much higher speed, but we are not used to this and fail to keep up with the opponents combinations and finish the game behind in occasions. I would love to see an improvement in game speed in the upcoming matches and not wait till the last minute for a one goal difference win.

  10. No Milan fan would have predicted this starting lineup at the beginning of the season. Glad we are pushing through even with so many injuries and suspensions. And it seems Montella has been reading comments on this blog about not starting Pasalic. Everyone did well today. Forza Milan

  11. Montella:

    I Just found my midfield, Mati, bertolacci, pasilic.

    trust me montella is going to use this midfield the season out

  12. 1 commentator of the game I think mateo noticed that delofeu and mati Fernandez partnered up really well on left I enjoyed watching them 2 as well

  13. Here we go again

    Donnarumma – 8
    Strong and mature game. He is a security and nice to have to have for this struggling defense.

    Vangioni – 8
    Best LB of Milan this season. Very fast, technical and smart player.

    Paletta – 6
    Poor passes in build up play. Rest of the game he secured his opponent.

    Zapata – 5
    Too much poor passes in build up play and ball posession. Rest of the game he secured his opponent. But in a passive way.

    De Sciglio – 8
    Strong and good performance. Think he is better on the right than on the left.

    Mati – 8,5
    Good performance. Nice goal and strong in midfield. Good hold of ball posession, defending and build up play. Should play more.

    Locatelli – 8
    Also good performance. Even when he is not 100.

    Kucka – 7
    Decent but could be better in some situations.

    Deulofeu – 8
    Ran his ass off for defending and attacking play. Respect. Needs to learn to make the right decision on the right time. But in overall good performance.

    Lapadula – 7
    Decent and ran his ass off.

    Ocampos – 8
    Starting to like and find his way in the squad. Next step he should be more efficient and score the goal.

    Montella – 8
    Despite missing 7 of the 11 starters, he managed to win this important game. Now Milan is still in the race. But he should learn from the performances of Zapata lately.
    Gomez would have played better.

  14. Some fans here only hate. I dislike this bacca lapadula feud. I thought no one will call for bacca’s head tonight, yet …

  15. Impressively dominant performance with this many absences. Clean sheet for Donna, despite Abate and Roma missing. Gained 2 points on Inter and put the pressure on the others and its cool to see Mati find his feet with his injury-crisis gametime. De Sciglio looking solid with the armband and Deulofeu earning each euro. If only he finished like #7 Sheva.

    • And the gift of Maziia goalless draw means we gauned two pointa on then and Inter, bith teams ahead in the table. If we keep winning, we will overtake some teams and land in a europa spot.

  16. Deulofeu and ocampos were so slefish today………thats one of the reasons lapadula was unable to get on the score sheet……..cant wait to have sosa back!!

  17. Oscampus is a joke.. he just a fair version of niang, lapadula should have hahd a goal in that game of not for the selfishness of that joker. Deulofeu needs competition, yes work rate but most aimless. He needs to learn to efficiency. Get well soon bona and suso.. and my captain Monti.. forza milan

  18. Good 3 points! Sheva n other detractors disappear! Would love to see Sosa loca mati in MF one day! Ocampos too selfish, we cld HV scored more if he knew how to find lapa n his other team mates! MDS seems better on d right, vangioni involved in def n attack but shld be more careful against teams with fast wingers! Deulo shld also learn to decide on time! And to motm, locatelli is proving awesome, good vision, hold up play n tackling, another pirlo in d making! Lapa shld communicate more with his wingers, he’s doing gud, just needs little more time to mature! See a great future ahead with or without chinco money! Forza Milan

  19. Welcome to the 2nd edition of THE SURACHO REVIEW. I decided to write this review only because my faithful milanistis demanded. This is the most authentic review of them all so don’t believe any word of those coy caters above.
    Donnarumma (0/10)- My gigio didn’t do anything. As I am the saviour of truth I’m obliged to give an honest review to y’all faithful milanistis.
    Vangioni(3/10)- Was rock solid at the back just need to become a bit more attacking.
    Zapata (1/10)- Comedy at its best
    Paletta (2/10) – Had an off day at the office. Was Ok nothing great.
    De Sciglio(4/10)- Was like stone cold Austin at the back. Had tararaarabarat in his pocket the whole match.
    Bertolacci (-127/10) – Idk
    Mati Fernandez (5/10) – Don’t know if Mati Fernandez or Macca
    Or mativentura. MOTM
    KUCKA (2/10)- IDK why was he playing as RB . Was very bad offensively
    Delefou(4/10)- We should do whatever it takes to buy this player. He glided past the defender with ease
    Lapadula (1/10)- Useless at St. I repeat again he is not a striker we should put him in cdm position.
    Ocampos (3/10)- Had laxalt in his pocket.But he reminded me of niang.
    This was THE SURACHO REVIEW. I only wrote it for milan10 and faithful grateful milanistis. Ungrateful milanistis don’t you dare read my review and thumbs down me

    • Did u just say “mativentura” good sir? Im glad finally someone understand that san bonadinho is the benchmark to which players are compared. Insta thumb up from me.
      Great review, keep up the good work and keep ’em coming milan purist guru

  20. I have not been able to watch SOSA but I’m not sure I will bench LOCA for anyone in that midfield. It’s good we have a competitive team. Players like Honda and bertolachi should please leave

    • You have not been able to watch Sosa, so you don’t know. He was amazing lately. Certainly better than Loca in regista position. If we need to play Sosa, then Loca should play as mezzala, in more advanced role, which as we already seen was better for him. He is already better in that position than Berto, Kucka, Pasalic and Poli. Comment that players like Bertolacci and Honda should leave. Ahhh let me put it this way, Honda, yes, he just can’t get starting role in this squad, but Bertolacci can still be useful to us given that he is fairly young and lately he proved that he can cause some trouble to opposite defense. Sorry dude, that’s jut my opinion.

      • Sosa is better in spreading out the play, but when it comes to defending, Loca is better, which isnt odd despite the age, because its his natural position and Sosa is naturally attack minded. He does well in defence, but Loca is better. So if they’re in the same midfield, it’s probably better to play Sosa as a mezzala. Personally I think and want our current midfield to look like this: Kucka-Loca-Sosa. And when everyones fit, probably Sosa-Loca-Bona. However, if Sosa plays as mezzala, we’ll lose a bit of the fluent passing he provides… Loca will get there soon though as he has great passing himself, not quite at Sosa’s level just yet. Im so glad Sosa is gaining momentum now though, he has proven to be a very good buy, just took a while to adapt.

  21. I cant wait to have Bonaventura back.I think we are much better with a full squad and end of the season we will have Mauri and Mastour back,I am hoping that Montella can transform Mastour into the prodigy he was at the Primavera.
    Saturday we would win by more goals if would have this team.

    Abate Paletta Romagnoli MDS
    Kucka Locatelli Bonaventura
    Suso Bacca Deulofeuo

  22. suracho or wateva u call urself.. worst analysis ever, if only u watched another entire match or watching from behind ur tv screen… and u too Savicevic ur hatred for some players shows on ur analysis e.g Zapata

  23. all yall with ur gabbage analysis…….praising de sciglio cos we played a dead team that even had 4 on 2 counter and cud do nothing…..d reason milan cant win matches with large goal margins i still repeat is the lack of good midfielders with vision and accurate passes like toni kroos…..david silva…..thiago…..ozil and d likes…..and lack of full backs that time their runs,dribble,have good crosses and are fearless…..i cant even remember when last any of milan full backs scored a goal or pulled one glorious assist…..other big teams have decent full backs…..Mati….Sosa….Loca are the only players in our current squad that try to unluck defence with a pass though sometimes its not timed nor accurate……Deulofeu just ran all day…..he did nothing IMO…..he played better in previous games but i still prefer him to Bona & Niang….cos they are both equally selfish……..he has even earned a national call up……only if VANGIONI had speed…..he wud av been our best full back right now….cos he is fearless….skillful and does some brave last minute tackles that some of our defenders dont have d balls to do….just that speed is his vice……..Ocampos is still SHITTY….he shud return abeg…..Lapadula dint play well cos of Deulofeu & Ocampos…….all in all…….let the points keep coming… all those that say milan was gone when BONAVENTURA got injured… can now see

  24. Hi,can any one from Italy or actively involved with the club tell me how can i contact the club officially,i am from India and I am planning to sell my house to raise money for Donnaruma’s contract.My house is close to 15 million USD,i know its not much but i am sure it will help,may be give it to Mino Raiola and stop him from taking Donna elsewhere.

    • Haha are you kidding or what? Dont get me wrong i support the cause but it sounds crazy to me if u are not a multi millionaire but send that money to feed hungry children instead or something like that instead of giving that to that fat slimeball Raiola

      • What to do friend,i am not that rich.But i really want to help somehow,sitting here in India i cant even show my anger the way supporters sitting at the Curva does.The way Donnaruma is playing Mino is sure to sell him to the highest bidder.I wish Maldini would speak to him and make him understand the value of being a one club man.

        You know friend here in India football is not developed,i support the club Mohun Bagan which is my home town club and there have been incidents where supporters have sold their assets to help the club.This same 15 million is probably the budget of a full team of local players here is India.

        There are so many rich people in India,like Mukesh Ambani,if he would just buy the club and save it from going further down

        I just pray and hope that some Arab comes and falls in love with our legacy and buys the club.

        The day my son starts understand and taking interest in football,i am going to say to him,Son if you want to then be a footballer like Maldini,Gerrard or Totti and never like CR7 or any such player who plays just for money.They are lile prostitutes.Playing for them who pay better.I have been a Milanista and i will infect my kids brain with the same disease.Loving Milan is the disease,a disease i never want to be cured of.

      • Ha ha,Well “its not much” in the sense that he will be earning so much,there is so much money in any football except Indian Football.In that sense,comparing 15 million to what footballers earn is lile nothing,isnt it?

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