Montella: “Europe depends more on us than the others, the future? Soon we will have a better idea of everything”

Vincenzo Montella during Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on the 4th of March 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Vincenzo Montella during Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on the 4th of March 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Vincenzo Montella talked about the conditions of Ignazio Abate, Keisuke Honda, Lucas Ocampos and others ahead of the clash with Genoa on Saturday, which will be important for Europe.

After losing to Juventus last week in the 97th minute, Milan return to the pitch of the San Siro on Saturday evening when they host Genoa at 20:45 CET.

With 10 matches remaining until the end of the season, the Rossoneri are sitting in 7th, two points behind Atalanta in 6th and 10 points behind Napoli in 3rd.

The Diavolo will be without three suspended players (Jose Sosa, Alessio Romagnoli and Carlos Bacca) as well as without several injured men including Ignazio Abate and Suso, but Montella only looks about the three points.

“Tomorrow we will be patient, we must play with intelligence. It will be a tough game,” Vincenzo said in today’s presser.

“Before the first leg with Genoa I warned that it would be a difficult game given the euphoria following the victory against Juventus. The case is closed about last Friday’s match, we are only thinking about tomorrow. We are focused only on Genoa. We’re a week after the Juventus match? The team should not feel penalized. We must look ahead, we should not feel victims of something.

“We must think only about the next matches. We suffered against Juve. I do not like to talk about our absences, but this team has many and on Friday some players were missed. We could not repeat the victory in Doha, but we have shown we are not afraid. Too bad for what happened at the end [Juve were given a non-existent penalty], but we have proved once again to have a soul.

“Our calendar? It’s not the schedule that plays. It’s true that we have less ‘challenges’ than the others but we always try to win regardless of the opponents. For us there are 10 games left in the league. It is not true that there are teams that have nothing to play for. I do not have the worry of winning tomorrow, Milan must win all the time; we’ll have to win through the performance & a good attitude.

“The standings? The accounts will be made at the end. The league is full of difficulties, not only for us but for everyone. We have to look ahead with confidence, it is important to achieve the goals in the end. Europe? In the race for Europe, the more teams that are involved the better.

“We must do think only about ourselves, concentrating only on our games. If we do our best in the few next games, we will go into Europe. It depends more on us than the others.

Juraj Kucka and Manuel Locatelli during training at Milanello (
Juraj Kucka and Manuel Locatelli during training at Milanello (

“The team? I am pleased with all my players, I am proud to have been playing virtually the whole squad. The players are an asset. Suspensions? Many in the team have been too hot-headed in the last few matches. We should try to have this attitude, except we need to control ourselves more.

“Abate’s eye injury? They’re doing the checks. He’s better, we miss him so much and we are waiting for him with open arms. There is not yet a clear picture of the situation. Lapadula’s condition? I have love for his attitude on the pitch. In recent months, he gritted his teeth, he’s had some ailments and this is why he is not always able to train at his best. He must try to manage himself a bit more.

“Ocampos? In the past, he has always played on the outside, I do not know if I was the first to put him in a central position. It’s a role that can be fulfilled by him, however, choices must be made taking into account what the team needs. Kucka? We don’t always need a player with his characteristics.

“Often, I need a different kind of midfielder and in any case he needs to rest every now and then. However, he should always feel like an important player for this team. Locatelli? He has played a lot this season. He had a high fever, he is not 100% physically, but mentally, he’s ready. Honda? He was not even lucky after the injury to Suso. I know I can always count on him as he is a great professional.

The team during training at Milanello (
The team during training at Milanello (

“The next derby will be played at 12:30 CET [the match will be played on the 15th of April 2017]? Football has changed in recent years and so we can’t even think about not to selling our product on the Eastern market. It’s a great opportunity to make ourselves known, there is no problem.

“The fans? I see a cohesive team and fans that are close to us. I see satisfaction about what we are doing. I am happy to represent this team. Our fans have always been close to us this season. Tomorrow they will be a big help as always. The future? I do not know how the story of the sale will end. In a little while they will have a clearer idea and I will also have a better idea.

“Soon we’ll have a better idea of ​​everything. I have a contract with Milan, there is no problem. The closing? We’re talking about great sums of money, I think this wait is normal. Let’s wait and see.”


  1. The coach just spoke my mind, Europe qualifications lays in our hands. Lets analysis our last 10 matches and compare with teams from 3rd to 7th position currently occupied by Milan.
    We are playing 3 matches against team in the top half of the table, Napoli has 6, Inter has 6, Atlanta has 3, Lazio has 5.

    Let’s consider the tough match up…

    We play Inter, Roma and Atlanta

    Napoli play Juve, Lazio, Inter, Fiorentina, and away to Torino which could be equally deadly.

    Inter play against Milan, Fiorentina, Napoli, Lazio. Also they face deadly Torino aways.

    Atlanta play against Roma, Juve and Milan.

    Lazio play against Napoli, Roma, Fiorentina, and Inter.

    With this match ups I strongly believe we have a chance but we need to make the most of it though, Genoa is no pushover for us so we need hardwork with luck.

    • I said it that torino away could be a tough one for Inter, I guess I was right…..
      UP to milan to make us proud and take full advantage.

      • After the Genoa game we have two teams a measly 2 points ahed. We play against both in the last few rounds. Take out either, and have jive or Roman win the cup, and sixth place is enough for qualification.

        After this international break we will have the suspended Bacca et Al back in the squad, maybe a couple back from injury and surely a lot of confidence in Deulofeu, which could prove invaluable.

        Let’s see what Genoa can do at home against Atalanta. Im always nervous before games against all but mathematically relegated teams, but we should put pressure on Inter before they play a much tougher Sampdoria at home. Lazio away to Sassuolo could end well for us. I’ll finish by hoping Juve win in Napoli, to bring CL qualification to within 7 points. Sitting in fifth, if other key games play out in the Rossoneris favor.

    • Stop overrating kucka, he is nothing special and has only played for average teams. We don’t need him n we should look for replacements in the summer.

        • Nainggolan is like a kucka ,he can do everything what kucka does ,but he can also make a driblling ,also shooting well and can make great long pass.And now ask me what are you thinking 😕 kuck is high level 😕

          • I’ve seen Kucka do great things on his head and with his feet in attack. His moments upfield are just the icing on the cake of solidity the tank brings to our midfield. Reminds me of Ambrosini overall, and at times I see a slight hint of Seedorf.

            Having him put pressure on or win the ball upfield has stopped many counter attacks this season. With the finances what they have been, this is what we’re starting with from Gallianis era for the next cycle. Obviously there are better players out there, but he fills his role in the team well. In good teams players play each other better…

      • In Ink’s defense Montella never even hinted that he thinks Kucka is an average player. Kucka Is a very useful player, even without dribbling and passing.
        Here is a story for yout. Once upon a time there was a player which never passed a good ball and never dribbled someone out, and all of the fans adored him and cheered his name before and after matches! They chanted Gattuso, Gattuso, Gattuso!

        • Spot on Mojdanis, I really miss a player like Gattuso and I am glad we have Kucka to simulate that passion and sacrifice even if not on the level of Gatusso.

          Kucka in my opinion is a great player, he is everywhere, doing that dirty work and also scoring. He is a quiet warrior, very underrated and under appreciated player on our squad

          • Kucka and abate are clearly our weakest links on the pitch. They keep making silly mistakes after mistakes. Kucka is costing us points with his careless tackless n lack of dicipline. Only a team that is going nowhere would look at talentless players as useful and keep using them. If mauri would get all that playing time kucka has been getting the last two seasons he would have been a much better player, just look at our other youngsters have developed with game time.

        • yes ,you ar right ,kucka is a very usefull player ,but he is still avarege player.If we want to play Campions league ,we need more high level players like fabregas ……. Gattuso was amazing but at that time we had pirlo ,seedorf, kaka,rui costa and not bertolaci ,pasalic or mati fernandes ..

        • Yes, indeed. And sometimes we get to cheer cause he heads home a corner or puts away a power finish.

          I remember reading on a forum once “Damn you Carletto, if I have to read out Ambrosini, Pirlo, Gatusso one more time…”

  2. If someone doesn’t suddenly get a good idea to fire Montella before the end of the season we will definitely be in Europe. Although I still believe a miracle can happen and Milan will reach champions League…farfetched but that’s why we love the game. Forza Milan

  3. Montella impresses me! Milan need ball players more than kucka’s ruggedity! He is good when we need to close games down but Milan is supposed to dictate games not run after games

  4. I just read in that the officials of JuveMilan game are punished and serie a official admit that the penalty decision over MDS passive handball was wrong… Massa would be drop as a sideliner in the next match… Booommm, I don’t wanna be trapped in the past defeat, I just feel you guys need to know this considering how Rubentus fans are so annoyingly sure that the decision had been right…

  5. Since it looks like the deal with this fishy Chinese investors could be off (god I hope so) I am afraid Berlusconi will sack Montella if he stays as an owner. That would be biggest mistake since selling Ibra and Silva

    • Why would you even think that? Montella was the choice of Berlusconi and Galliani.

      Montella is doing a proper job this season. So what reason would they have to sack him?

      • Last time I read that Berlusconi does not agree with tactial approach and formation Montella deployed and was also considering sacking him due to their differences but could not as Chinese did not agree with this

        • Aaaaaah bs, the chinese are fake. Don’t you get it?

          And btw, Berlusconi is never agreed to the formations of the coaches. The man thinks he always knows best. And sometimes he has interesting ideas about the formations, but I think he just spars with the coaches.

  6. kucka is average, but poli, bertolacci, mario, bonaventura, mati sosa are above average? the iq of our curent coach match the average iq level on fans here. Thats why the get along so well.

    Im glad montella told us that everything is in our hands, so he can get fired easier when we are not even going to play play-off for europe league.

    Montellas seconds year would be like: Our aim is to stay in serie A

    • He didn’t exactly pick this squad dude. Other than Mati, whose best games might be yet to come and Sosa, who has been behind how many attacks by now, the others are Gallianis crop…

  7. kucka is a good player no doubts about that but comparing him to gatuso is a joke..we are going to Europe and big ups to montella.Milan till world ends

    • brainwashed till the worlds end. isis also talk about crazy things and finish with “till the world ends” typical brainwashed statemetns

    • Rossonero per sempre.

      Some of us were fans in the late nineties. We remember the tough times, it’s not new, but the colors don’t change.

  8. Sheva, I know u will soon disappear when milan wins today! D truth is what montella has said, kucka is good but not enough, he is a fighter but we need ball passers, football is about passing n knowing when best to release d ball! I love d spirit! Qualifying for Europe is not beyond us if well managed n I trust monty can do it! We are demonstrating d cult spirit dat typifies milan of old n gradually we can get dia! I hope milan wins today n we can be serene for d upcoming matches! And as for u sheva n all d other haters, dis is milan! We are acmilan n will stick together through thick n thin, if u ain’t loving milan, u can as well join dupentus o shinter

  9. The best & hottest Ac Milan updates/news/discussion all across the world. To join add u’s on whatsapp:08131515005. Thanks!!!


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