Bacca given one match ban for ‘publicly and vehemently’ protesting against an assistant referee after Juve-Milan

Carlos Bacca during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of January 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Carlos Bacca during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of January 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

The Sport Judge decided to give Carlos Bacca a one-match ban for his protests after the controversial loss while the club has also been fined €5000; the Rossoneri will not fight the decisions.

Milan learned today that they will have three players suspended for the Saturday clash with Genoa (20:45 CET) as the Sport Judge decisions for the 28th matchday were posted today by the Lega Serie A.

And so, in addition to Jose Sosa (red card against Juventus) and Alessio Romagnoli (fifth booking), the Diavolo will also miss Carlos Bacca. The Colombian received a one-match ban for his actions after the highly-controversial 2-1 defeat to Juve (non-existent penalty in the 97′ minute) on Friday night at the Juventus Stadium.

The disciplinary committee of the league explained this decision among others, in a document which you can read here: “At the end of the game, already replaced and in civilian clothes, [he] very publicly and vehemently protested against an assistant referee, approaching him with an aggressive attitude, until he was detained and forcibly removed by the director and Coach of his team.”

Bacca was also fined €10,000 while the club itself was fined €5000 for “failing to prevent a director from entering the field of play”, addressing the fact that Adriano Galliani walked on the pitch after the match was over. It’s also been confirmed that the CEO, along with director of sport Rocco Maiorino, has been warned for insulting Juventus and their players outside the home dressing room.

As reported by MilanTV, the club accepts the decisions and will put the match with Juventus entirely behind them now, not trying to fight the Sport Judge actions. The focus is on the Genoa match.


  1. Oh comeon! It’s not enough that they took point from us and gave two to Juventus? Oh we should now protest more than ever! I smell another calciopoli

    • Whats even more curious case is, who’s that bald dude beside il genio on ur pic? I bet that bruce willis with a vengeance cant even handle my asthmatic grandma on fifa 17

      • No no. That dude would crush you and your grandma with two star lower team. Ohh I kid, bet your grandma is cute little lady
        Baldie is also a great guy and he is not afraid of displaying his picture in public. Especially when he have il genio beside him.

          • Thank you, even tho it wasn’t that hard to take it. He is my contryman and I see him at the airports all the time. This one is special because it’s from Milano, Malpensa airport. 😉

      • Seems like he had a previous life before he became pro. I wonder how old he really is. Its not hard to fake birth certificates in Colombia. + None of thm r good when they reach their 30s.

  2. Debut for Cutrone as sub?

    Kucka (drop deeper to protect the defense plus win the ball)-Loca (advanced role) -Poli (run poli run)

    Possible subs – Mati, Cutrone, Antonelli (or Vangioni – as a winger)

    Also, I wonder when our Montoleader will be fit again.

    • I actually want to see plizzari playing… He is equally talented as Donnaruma but is still waiting for his chance… What if Mino Raiola plays his dirty money game and donnaruma do sigh contract extension… We should have Plizzari at our dispense…

      • Cannot risk that on such an important period of the season, in my opinion.
        If we can tie Donna down on a long term contract, maybe we should send Plizzari out for next couple of seasons and then if we still don’t need him, we can send him for 50mil or something.

        • Plizzari will get his chances when there is less importance resting on the result, such as in the international champions cup this summer, and perhaps a few games toward the end of the season, if we are in a locked position. Donna is still young, but it would be great if we got a second GK coming from the youth sector.

          But from next year I would like to see him play in the coppa games!

  3. Hmm! This is disaster, that’s why Italian team are not performing well in Europe…because they don’t want the progress of the real Italian giant Milan…. Who always makes Italian leagues proud out there.

  4. Same all across Europe. The ref can’t be punished as it exposes them if the league authorities start to publicly expose refereeing performance and errors.

    Only way forward is video refereeing like rugby and those watching being able to listen to the rationale behind decisions.

    What would be wrong with 3 referees in a room being called upon for big decisions?

    ‘The ball struck de Sciglios arm. His arm was close to his body and therefore his arm didn’t actively interfere with the flight of the ball. No Penalty.’

  5. Just thinking how’s Galliani going to explain the last 6 minutes or so of the game ? Maybe watch the replay.?? Attending such important match and idling about.

    • Galliani usually doesn’t watch penalties and the end of intense games. Nothing strange with that. I mean, i would watch them, bir im not 70 years old and have a weak heart. Lol.

  6. I see we have 10 matches left from now till the end of the season, we are also 2 points adrift of Atlanta who’s at 6 position for place-off since all Copa Italia contenders are ahead of us already on the log. 7 of this match to me seems very tough cause it’s against teams from 20-14 which means teams fighting for their survival. I pray we get favour and luckily win 6 or 7 of our remaining games.
    Too bad bona never had the privilege to play along side Deluo, it could have been fan to watch though.

  7. Really messed up. The only compensation is I know Italian teams will keep struggling until Milan is back in Europe. Let’s just wrap up the season with a strong finish and get ready for next season.

    • A Europa league place is very much a possibility. Champions league, no, but i think it would do good for some players to have a year experience in the Europa league anyway. Considering it is the only cup Milan have never won, there will be enthusiasm around those games, im sure. Also lets the new Montella dynasty get to work on the UEFA coefficient.

  8. Some reports are suggesting that Milan new owners want to buy Lukaku for 80mil€. First, what is “Milan new owners”? Second, imaginary new owners should go for Kylian Mbappé

  9. All this takeover is nothing but a hoax.

    As I read this are the latest facts:

    1) First 100 millions of deposit came from Yonghong LI himself (40 millions) and Haixia Bank (60 millions). However Yonghong needed to return these 60 million to Haixia and they backed out of the deal. Where Yonghong Li got 60 millions to repay Haixia is a mystery.

    2) Second deposit of 100 millions came from Huarong which has hq in Virgin Island. Yonghong Li also had to repay Huarong these 100 millions. Where he got the money to repay is a mystery.

    3) Third deposit of 100 millions will come from some unnamed asian foundation of medium size. This fact is a mystery as whole.

    This deal is bogus and fishy. I think its time to call it off since Yonghong Li is now the sole investor as everyone backed out of the deal and he is lending money from some fishy companies. Money he then needs to return. So where will the money for mercato come?

    These Chinese investors or an investor are broke

    • So Suracho was right all the way. Earlier I thought it was all his gimmick but his allegations are now turning into facts

    • Berlusconi will never sell Milan unless you pry it from his cold dead hands.

      The whole Milan sale to the so called Chinese consortium is a complete hoax. Nothing but fraud and money laundering.

      Berlusconi will now claim that Milan is better with him as president and owner. He is playing political games with the Milan fans.

      What a shame. Berlusconi buying Milan turned out to be a blessing and curse.

      Him and Galliani have no shame. They are destroying their own legacy and Milan reputation. Smh

    • This much more like a scheme to launder and bring “his” black money to Italy. After he gets all his money back, the real deal to sell the club will begin. I couldn’t believe a club as big as Milan are harder to sell than Inter / PSG, since Milan is a bigger brand with more valuable worldwide fanbase and history. Felt something wrong with all of these dramas

  10. – In the defense, we’ll se De Sciglio, Paletta, Gustavo Gomez/Zapata and Vangioni (Without Romagnoli, Abate and Antonelli.).
    – In the mid, a fix starter (Montolivo) and Sosa are out.
    – In front, the starting trident (Suso-Bacca-Bonaventura) missing against Genoa.

    7 starters and a substitution. Better squad would feel this, than the current Milan. Anyway, i’d be glad for the 3 points, it’s up the task for Lapadula, Ocampos, Bertolacci, Locatelli, Paletta, Gustavo Gomez, Vangioni…

    If someone would say in 2015 summer, that in 2017 Genoa will play this 10:

    De Sciglio, Zapata, Paletta, Vangioni – Kucka, Locatelli, Bertolacci (Pasalic) – Ocampos (Gustavo Gomez), Lapadula (Poli), Deulofeu

    i would accept it as a reality. It’s completely a B-team, except Donnarumma and De Sciglio.

  11. and wah makes DE SCIGLIO an A-TEAM ahead of KUCKA…….LOCATELLI…….DEULOFEU & LAPADULA? cos he has stayed longer than the rest and wears the captain armband? as far as am concerned…….aside d midfield of ours that is below average..our fullbacks are not world class and add less to our attack thus makes goal shower very unrealistic compared to other top class both in our league and abroad

    • De Sciglio is very solid defensively, he has quite good positioning. Not so much going forward. He is too clumsy or does not know how to combine both his feet, like running up the flank with his left and provide a pass, cutting inside with the right foot from time to time. This is what I miss from him.

      I would much rather see him play on the right side of the flank, maybe even as a central defender next to Romagnoli or even wide midfield…

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