Tests show Suso suffered a left thigh biceps femoris injury, will reportedly miss at least two weeks

Suso during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of January 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Suso during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of January 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Milan must do without Suso for a few weeks due to a left thigh injury, tests showed on Saturday.

The Spaniard left the pitch last week when Milan faced Chievo after 34 minutes but was on the bench last night for the controversial 2-1 defeat to Juventus.

It seems, however, that Suso’s injury did not heal properly. “Milan announces that Saturday 11th March, Suso underwent medical examinations which revealed a left thigh biceps femoris injury,” a statement on Milan’s website reads. “Recovery times will be evaluated based on the evolution of the clinical picture.”

Sky stated earlier that the estimations are that Suso will 100% miss the game next Saturday with Genoa and will try to use the international break to recover. It’s also said that it could take him up to four weeks to recover but these are voices that have not yet been confirmed by the club.

This is a huge blow for Milan as the 23-year-old has been instrumental this season so far. It’s important to note that Jose Sosa and Alessio Romagnoli are suspended for the Genoa match, while Carlos Bacca is in doubt after suffering a knock last night at the Juventus Stadium.

With both Giacomo Bonaventura and Suso out, it will be up to Lucas Ocampos and Gerard Deulofeu – both joined Milan on loan in January – to carry the team on the wings. Get well soon, Suso!


  1. Get well soon Suso! He needs this rest and time to recover. We’re waiting. I think tha Ocampos can actually step up, remember that Suso wasnt that great in his first games, but suddenly exploded.

  2. I think its high time to use 4-4-2 with bacca and lapa the hutt up front

    Get well soon suso, uve earned ur weeks off.

  3. We are glad it is happening when the confidence level is high and when every one is committed to proving his worth.Get well Suso for u actually deserve some rest.

  4. Milan doesnt deserve suso or donnarumma. Disgusting team, once italian cancer trio montella, galliani, berlusconi is gone, we will get rid of cancer trio poli, bertolacci and bonaventura. Once that happen, milan WILL BE milan again! and when milan is milan there will be no more mati, pasilics (i dont even care how to spell his name) zapata, paletta players.

    The ONLY players who deserve milan jersey is, donna, kucka, suso, bacca, locatelli, mds. Not even roma, i havnt seen SH*T from him yet other than “young italian potential”

    screw italian “young talents”

    • Screw Italian young talents? Last time I checked Milan was an Italian team representing an Italian city it ITALY. I Agree that football has become a globalised sport but there is no need to loose the identity of a team and a league. Just jog on mate you are a fake little plastic fan and just a troll a complete waste of time and space on this blog! Who do you support over the international break can I ask?

      Also screw Yong Italians. Let’s take Donna Mds and locatelli out that list. Let’s sell the, to juventus then? F*** the young Italians and the future of Italian football. Yea!

      • Yup, boateng compared to poli bertolacci or bonavenutra is.. not even a world class player.. boateng is a GOLDEN BALL WINNER compared to these so called football players. Yup.

        • How can you even say this? Did you remember how inconsistent Boateng was? His first season was good, but in his next season he started thinking he was Iniesta EXACTLY what you blame Bonaventura for trying. There’s a reason Boateng is in Las Palmas now and not in Munich with his fellow brother. Bonaventura is miles better than him, way more consistent and better with the ball. Boateng have more power in his shooting i’ll give him that, and is stronger, Bona beats him in every other aspect of the game.

          • His goal against Barca? Wait your life for see the same from any of our strikers our midfieders in milan today.

            Also, did you watch chelsea and man u yesterday? So ibra wasnt playing.. so Pogba is crap. Pogba is nothing without ibra.

            Pogba the worlds most expensive players is CRAP, the same as boateng. Ibra made pogba good according to your boateng-logic

      • donna, locatelli are not young talents.. they are already mature stars. Just look at bacca how he behave, and look at locatelli.

        Donna and locatelli are more professional then the entire squad combined.

        • Ah so by that logic maradona and garrincha were eternal young players, the way they always behaved, right? Brilliant.
          I thought u said bacca, ibra or cr7 could behave badly as long as they play well. After all theyre not schoolboys, u eloquently said.
          zlatan “2 seasons” ibra is bigger player than san “back to back” marco right?

      • Oh, you again. Where were you a couple of weeks ago when you almost gave up. You found some hope now, because you read somewhere that montella will still be coach even after not reaching europe, is that it? lmao montella is gone

        • I’ve been here the whole time. You on the other hand have not been on this site when we were winning. You only show up when we lose. Like a troll. Like an absolute child. This blog will be so much better when ur gone. Boateng is world class? Boateng was not even close. He looked great when he had ibra with him. As soon as ibra left Boateng sucked. Stop pretending you know what you are talking about. Everyone here sees thru you.

          • Im so tired of this. Listen IBRA is IBRA, where ever he go he is TOP three best strikers in the world. Ibra didnt only make boateng look good, also nocerino, muntari, urby etc.

            Look at PSG now, when ibra left. So now what? Cavani is sh*t? Verratti is sh*t, t.silva is sh*t?? No the are not, surely ibra help them.. but still they are good.

            Boateng, i NEVER said boateng is world class, i said COMPARED to poli, bertolacci, bonaventura yes boateng is world class. You are like the media lmao

          • Sheva. You’re comparing Cavani, verratti and Silva to muntari, Nocerino and urby?
            The first three are world class players with or without Ibra, the three latter players i dont even know where they are right now. Thats the difference with and without Ibra.
            Awful example to prove a point.

  5. with our poor medical clinic which millions was spent on, it would take a while for him to get back judging from their past medical treatments

  6. Maybe montella can play again and show the boys how it’s done?

    On another note.. kimmich is not happy at munich.. he’s the regista we need.. and bad.. this way locatelli can be pushed to mezz’ala..

  7. What do you think about this formation :
    De Sciglio, (solid cb), romagnoli, antonelli
    Loca, kucka
    Suso, FABREGAS, Deulofeu

    Once we had sweden trio, dutch trio, and brazilian trio… Why not spanish trio? Fabregas would be a great addition in term of Montella’s philosophy and seniority he could bring for this young team… Hell, our midfield look quite badass…

  8. Suso was overplayed, that is why he got this injury. I do not know the diagnose of his injury, but in general, an injury to the biceps femoris takes at least a month.

    So hopefully it is just a bruise.

    • Yep he was definitely overplayed you could visibly see he has been feeling the effects of fatigue the last 4 games. Yet I clearly remember people crying when montella rested players earlier in the season saying “we aren’t even in Europe why is montella resting players!!!”

  9. Even with this big difference in Milan without Bona some people still hate him! Hmm I don’t know why some people naturally hate some no matter their hard work.

    Get well soon suso

  10. If I am not mistaken, this injury was happened to Pato. And he was never be able to fully recover to his best due to this injury…


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