Berlusconi: “Selling Milan is painful, the Chinese asked for a delay and I don’t see anything worrying about that”

Silvio Berlusconi in the stands of Stadio San Siro before Inter-Milan on the 20th of November 2016 (
Silvio Berlusconi in the stands of Stadio San Siro before Inter-Milan on the 20th of November 2016 (

Silvio Berlusconi is feeling confident that Milan are going to be owned by good hands despite the additional delay.

Milan were supposed to be acquired on Friday but a day before that date, it was confirmed that another delay in the closing will take place as reportedly two investors backed out of the Sino-Europe Sports consortium who were unable to finalize the acquisition on time.

In the last days, voices were raised that Berlusconi could decide to keep the money already paid by Sino-Europe and keep Milan but in an interview with il Tempo, the former PM suggested he has no concerns about the positive outcome of the deal.

“I wouldn’t say that the Chinese are moving away,” Berlusconi said, as reported on Sunday. “They have asked us for another brief delay and I don’t see anything worrying about that. We are talking about a financial operation that is not just significant in size, but also complex due to Chinese laws.

“Moreover, the investors have already poured in considerable funds to prove the seriousness of their intentions. That is important not only for the Fininvest group but also the Milan fans. I have always said that I would only hand the club over to people who would be able to guarantee the possibility and willingness to invest in making Milan great again. For me, giving up the club is very painful.

A general view of the Casa Milan during the inauguration of AC Milan's new purpose-built headquarters, Casa Milan on May 19, 2014 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

“Buying it, growing it, leading it to victories on the world stage was not an investment, it was an act of love. The fans are calm. If anything, less than the indicated conditions came to pass, I would come back without hesitation. But I really don’t see reasons why that should happen.”

il Corriere della Sera reports that Berlusconi’s company, Fininvest, is waiting for another payment of €100m from SES and for more specific guarantees from the Chinese. Both CorSer and Sky are saying that if a deal cannot be reached and Sino-Europe, led by Yonghong Li, won’t buy the club, then Berlusconi will most likely enter negotiations with a different group of investors.

Vincenzo Montella and the players, meanwhile, try to focus on things that are related to the pitch. Until something unlocks, Milan is still led by President Silvio Berlusconi and CEO Adriano Galliani.


  1. I really liked watching Deulofeu in the EPL. I was really hopeful that the loan would go through. Aside from Donnarumma, he has been our best player on the pitch. I know there is not option to buy in his loan deal, but I really hope we can pick him up on a permanent deal somehow. This selling of the club nonsense makes me doubtful that anything good will happen at all. It’s a bummer to see him thrive in our colors just to be gone soon!! ;(

    • We will buy him … he doesn’t want Everton any more he’s fell in love with us just like pasalic has too and every other player does who wears our jersey

  2. This can only happen in ac milan.the players are kind of frustrated too cos there are renewals that are pending cos of take over.

  3. one important personality (middle east) was ready to buy milan outright but berlusconi, messed up everything……now see where we stand

  4. I woke up really early every week to watch Milan play. Sometimes it’s 2 a.m. In the morning. And I believe, many people around the world do the same.
    It’s a painful feeling when Milan lose because you sleep again for less than 2 hours and wake up again after that to work with a terrible mood… I wanna ask Mr. Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister… Do you care with fans like me? You are not the only one who loves this club…!!!

    • why dislike? this guy deserves kudos, as well as all other fans that have difficulties watching Milan games but still watch it. My God I am lucky that I live closer to Italy and we have a same timezone.

      • Where do you live friend? You know, sometimes I need to watch it streaming from the Internet because serie a isn’t regularly broadcasted here… Only epl and la liga…

        • That problem I have too. I am paying for best sports chanels available in my country and still sometimes they skip game completely and last week I had to miss first 15min because of post match conference from some Serbian league game. I am from Montenegro btw

          • So Balkan eh? I heard you guys got fantastic ultras… I remeber the time it’s still serbia n montenegro… Mirko Vicinic and Dejan Stankovic were amazing… Mateja kezman was also very good…
            So, good to know u mate. Hoe things go well there. Greeting from a small island of Bali… 🙂

    • Shieeet might as well keep it. Put that money into our transfer funds. We need great players or younger signings so we can develop them and have a future instead do buying mediocre players every damn year.

    • If that happens don’t be surprised if non of that money is spent on Milan.

      Berlusconi is a true politician. Bunch of liars and frauds.

      Now I know why Maldini didn’t want anything to do with these crooks. Nobody knows who all of these supposedly Chinese consortium is.

      Berlusconi will never sell Milan. I will believe it when I see it.

      This could also potentially cause Milan to be relegated to Serie C like Parma for financial fraud.

      This really smells like someone cooking the books. Inter didn’t go through all this Chinese bureaucracy. Smh!

    • This deal with the chinese was more like a scheme to launder and bring “his” black money to Italy. After he gets all of his money back, the real deal to sell the club will begin. I couldn’t believe a club as big as Milan are harder to sell than Inter / PSG, since Milan is a bigger brand with much more valuable worldwide fanbase and history. Felt something wrong with all of these dramas. I’m not Italian, and I’ve been supporting Milan since i was twelve. Now I’m 30 years old. The last 5 years being Milan fan makes me sad.

  5. Montella:
    My biggest aim in my career is to win Europe league

    We have the best coach in the world

    Bonaventura will help us to achieve montellas high aim

    I promise, I still love milan

    • Sheva- my biggest goal is to pretend to be a fan, go onto Milan boards, and troll everyone like I actually care. I will only post when they lose and when they win I will stay in my basement thinking of new ways to incite reactions from Milan fans on the board for when Milan loses again.

  6. Comment:Milan need help we need Carlo back as our coach. we left d champion league for long how can i pay my tax or due as of fan can some onet tell me.from liberia


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