Team News: Milan were without Ignazio Abate, Luca Antonelli, Riccardo Montolivo and Giacomo Bonaventura. Chievo had to do without the suspended Përparim Hetemaj. Kickoff time for Matchday 27 of the 2016/17 Serie A season was 20:45 CET at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Bacca (24′, 70′), De Guzman (43′, pk), Lapadula (82′, pk).

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Mattia De Sciglio, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Leonel Vangioni; Jose Sosa, Manuel Locatelli (61′ Gianluca Lapadula), Andrea Bertolacci; Suso (34′ Lucas Ocampos), Carlos Bacca (79′ Juraj Kucka), Gerard Deulofeu.
Unused: Plizzari, Honda, Mati Fernandez, Gomez, Poli, Paletta, Pasalic, Calabria.

A.C. Chievo Verona (4-3-1-2) – Rolando Maran
Stefano Sorrentino; Fabrizio Cacciatore, Dario Dainelli, Boštjan Cesar, Massimo Gobbi; Lucas Castro, Ivan Radovanović, Jonathan de Guzmán (84′ Sofian Kiyine); Valter Birsa; Serge Gakpé (63′ Mariano Izco), Riccardo Meggiorini (55′ Roberto Inglese).
Unused: Seculin, Confente, Spolli, Rigoni, Gamberini, Sardo, Frey, Bastien, Pellissier.

Referee: Fabio Maresca.


  1. Comment:I’m starting to like deloufeu….De guy has pace.Zapata is improving match by match….I liked de long passes Sosa provides in de middle……montella will excel tremendously wen given de right materials to work with.

  2. Ok, here we go

    Donnarumma – 9
    Very strong anticipations and saves. Looks very confident and gives his teammates rest. Just one poor ball to Vangioni.

    Vangioni – 7,5
    Not that strong as his previous match, but for now I think It’s the best LB milan has. Can leak very strong and looks like a very decent back for milan.

    Romagnoli – 8
    Played a good game. Finally. But It’s only Chievo so whats the value of the performance?

    Zapata – 7
    A bit passive in defending and looked sometimes very unsure. Very dangerous if you are a defender. Not his best performance so far this season.

    De Sciglio – 7
    Stupid loss of ball in 1st half but reacted strong. Rest of the game he was decent. Penalty was not his fault. It was offfside anyway.

    Bertolacci – 7,5
    Did his best, I give him that. But I think he lacks talent for a topplayer. At Juve he would always be benched.

    Locatelli – 7
    Still too soon. Still a liability. Made 2 important goals this season, but 5 important mistakes. So to me it is a negative balance. Still not convincing. Even as a talent. But ok, he is still very young. But Thielemans is much better already.

    Sosa – 7,5
    Decent performance but let his opponent unmarked several times. Especially in the 25th minute. Against a better team it would be punished with a goal.

    Deulofeu – 8
    Really tried and ran hard. Shame he forgot the ball often. But he is an improvement for the team compared to Facca.

    Facca – 8
    Rated with an 8 because of his 2 goals and his work rate. His first touches were finally ok but his finishes made me almost go bzrk. Belotti would have done better. Overrated player. He cant even stand upright with a penalty.

    Suso – 7
    I would not have started with Suso. I think he is a bit overplayed. Last matches he missed several big chances or made decisions too late. The guy is not sharp. Result? An injury.

    Ocampos – 7
    He caused a penalty for milan. Only good thing he did. Not convincing this guy. Looks like a panic purchase of Galliani.

    Montella – 7
    I would not have started with Locatelli, Suso and Romagnoli. Only about the last one I would have been wrong. But again whats the value of Romagnolis performance against this veteran team?
    I would have started with the strongest team and after a 3-0 head start I would slowly bring in some subs.

      • Romagnoli for Paletta
        Locatelli for Kucka and Sosa as a CM
        Suso for Ocampos.

        Zapata deserved a start, but is in my opinion not the best DC. Same goes for De Sciglio on the right. Abate or Calabria would be my first choice.

    • I have t to ask who the facca are you to rate the players? For facca sakes thank God you are not a Barca fan, I would imagine how you would feel about Suarez not scoring in every game

      • Now this is how u write funny comment. Not as good as those of suracho’s or angry italian’s pretty close. Bravissimo dear sir

        Some people are indeed facca fans, smh

      • I think were living in a free world so yeah I rate the players. If you cant stand it, then dont read it.

        • An opinion is like a corn hole…everyone has one. Facca fan or not, some players go trough a drough, just look at Suarez or Neymar over at bacerlona. For the goodness of the team Facca is regaining his form, Montella has giving chance to lapadaulla and for some reason he doesn’t use him as a starter. so what the facca? also nobody points out how shaky or crappy the MF is in general. I hope Bacca leaves this summer to a better team and see how is going to score for Milan with the unstable MF.

  3. Great win boys!!! You guys want Milan to make it to Europe and yet you want to sell Bacca??? You guys should shoild change this topic please.
    @Sheva, enjoy your vacation!!

  4. Comment:I didn’t mean I will bench bacca for honda, was only saying I would have subbed honda in tonight to have 2 attackers cos it is clear that lapa and bacca play well together and there has been a goal anytime lapa comes in tagging with bacca. if we could play two strikers i.e bacca + lapa subs honda, cutrone, suso/ocampos and del flanking right and left respectively. if bona should return it ll be interesting 352 with sosa,kuco
    lapa/honda,bacca. any corrections pls

  5. This is gone and we have the main game next week. Milan has always played better than juventus after 30mins in 90mins and I believe we can beat them if only we get ride of fear and the match officials are not blowing for juventus. Milan can do it but no ocampos. He’s not a Milan quality. Congrats for the 3points against chievo

  6. ow many points in d bag and ow many chances created now without BONAVENTURA…….hope yall counting……..i enjoy watching SOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSA…………i really do…..he understands d game too much…….bacca cud av easily bagged 4 goals today honestly…..was kinda wasteful…..but note……after his criticisms his performances have been on a climb……am so sorry but Ocampos to me is notin more than a time wasting substitute…..what a clown every touch of his was like we was going to get into trouble but his work rate is commendable tho……..Decent performance BOYS

  7. sure he got a penalty,but if it were up to me, ocampos has no business on the field………..
    But overall this was a good win..vangioni and sosa are starting to feel like new signings.

    • U re right. Ocampus is never Milan quality. Honda would have done better with the fact that he would have wanted to impress

  8. Somebody best sell bacca. His link up play is average, all he does is score, score and score more. What a one dimensional pure predator

  9. Firstly, as so called fans u should support the players, especially when they are having performance dip. U dont hate players for the sake of hating, especially when said player is topscorer for 2 consecutive seasons. U dont hate ur family member just because he/she does something u dislike, instead u should just embrace and support him/her going through that phase.

    Secondly, statements like “bacca sucks”, “bacca cant pass”, “strikers should have 1/3 conversion rate for scoring” are subjective opinions. Fact is, he scores. U can measure value of his goals objectively but u definitely cant measure “bacca sucks” any way u look at it. How can u determine 1/3 conversion rate is a must for strikers to be considered good? Not even cr7, romario, gerd mueller, or van basten are consistently that good year in year out, not even bonadinho is that good, are u kidding me? For bacca to score 1 out of 3-5 chances he has to be there to make or take those chances, chances that guys like matri wouldnt get. That means, a striker has to be good enough to have 3-5 goalscoring chances/game. Saying 1/5 conversion rate is bad for strikers is like saying juve have worse ucl pedigree than psg because they lose more than they win in ucl finals.

    Lastly, if bacca’s 1st goal doesnt remind u of the way sheva used to score then i dont know what will

      • I didn’t say his style looks similar to sheva. I said His 1st goal last night looked a lot like goals sheva used to score; fast overlapping from left side of the field, quick wall pass, clinical finishing. Regarding his finishing, I’m sure football afficionados here know how hard it is for gk to block low placing shot aimed at the spot around 20-50 cm next to his feet. Guys like raul, henry, messi score a lot using this placing technique

        • Think its clear that Mojdanis, Dejan10, Gman and I at the same expert level.

          Oh and how many times did Belotti score tonight?

          • Ah “gman and i are right” all over again i see. Perfect argument
            Belotti scores? Good for him. Classic case of grass is always greener on the other side of the fence right? How can milan afford him when torino already rejected >50m offers?

  10. Too bad many just comment from emotions, Milan won 4 and drew 1 out of 5 games and i still see some farce here. I suspect many Inter and Juve fans here just coming to leave senseless comments.

  11. Bacca is useless we need to sell him, he doesn’t have “the Milan quality”, his link up is bad, he can’t dribble or even pass, he’s slow, we need to buy a better striker. Deulofou is trash, he’s a mid table player, he can’t pass, was dropped on the bench at Barca and Everton! Return him back ASAP.
    Sosa is finished, he’s not the type of player we need, we need young players, we should have bought that Belgian player..
    Milan’s midfield is finished, they can’t pass, move, clear, mark, shoot they are useless, we need a whole new midfield now… Locatelli Is too young to play, we need to wait until 30 year’sof age before he is fit, though he’s good but he had so much experience with the likes of Xavier or Pirlo, he needs to have a world class performance every match day. Bertolucci is bad, kuco is average, Sosa is finished, Poli is useless, de sciglio is bad, Zapata is catastrophic, romagnoli is not decisive but his calmness, intelligent play, leadership, headers, tackles are not useful…
    We need to overhaul the team and sack the Coach for being honest, intelligent, determined, dynamic, flexible and understanding… We need to sell the club to people “that cares”!!!!!

    • Hahaha its for gold like this i come to this blog. Well played sir, too bad u didnt mention the greatest and greasiest of them all, prince bonadinho

  12. Look guys, when Bacca missed a penalty, I got frustrated. Truth is, this was one of his best performances in a while, but if you want to be fair, it was against slowest defense in a league by far.I mean those guys are slow as fuuuck. Him missing a couple of chances is not a catastrophe when we win a game, and for that critics from me and couple of guys from this blog seemed little bit exceeded. So don’t wanna insult nobody but Bacca wasn’t as bad as we claimed it to be, and he wasn’t good as some of you claim him he is.
    As for a comments that we guys who make some bad remark on some player are not Milan fans, let me tell you something, f*** off. Some of us are have different opinions and wooow this is how this world works. That doesn’t make us less Milan fans and don’t make you bigger and better Milan fans.
    All in all it was a good victory and I am amazed with progress of Sosa lately. Any reports of what happened to Suso? it would be a disaster loosing him.
    Forza Milan

    • I agree. I don’t hate Bacca I just don’t think he’s that great either. He doesn’t score long range or surprising or difficult goals. He can’t dribble and beat people. His link up play is average at best. He’s moody, constantly throwing tantrums. And he’s about as agile as the pirate in Family Guy. Other than that – yeah he scores goals (often at the fifth or sixth time of asking) because his positioning and runs are exceptional.

      • “Yeah he scores goals”. that’s all u have to say really. Words like “topscorer” or “proven winner” wouldn’t hurt either

        • You are delusional… You say topscorer but is he on top in serie a in goals?? Proven winner lol thanks for the laugh

          • Bacca IS milan topscorer for 2 seasons is he not?
            Laugh all u want but anyone following football knows he won europa league (a competition milan desperately want to be in next season) back to back with sevilla

        • My point is if we finally end up getting our hands on any of this mysterious Chinese money there are a ton of strikers I’d rather see in a Milan shirt than Carlos Bacca.

        • Topscorer? Whahahahahahahaha he is level with Boriello. Belotti thats a topscorer.

          Oh Milan10 I overestimated you too much.

          • Immobile AND borriello were topscorer too but none of them win worthwhile anything yet, unlike bacca.
            Belotti is good, for now, but why talk about other team’s st? What good will it bring? Montella himself knows better than to talk about other teams’ players. Its human nature to think grass is always greener on the other side, so its best to resist that kind of thought. Count ur blessings

    • What’s what’s with excessive use of f word lately? Problems at work? Viagra ain’t making it anymore?
      Also, what’s serbian word for top scorer?

      • Currently on holiday standing hard in 22cm. I am usually a gentleman, and do not tell but who am I to stop my curious friend from this blog to get aroused. You are welcome Milan10, you are welcome!

        • Now, exactly how is that information gonna help motivate undisputed #1 st of milan by loong light years, carlos bacca score against rube next week?

  13. Ok I had a dig at Bacca couple times too but credit must go where credit is due.

    This was one of better performances from Bacca in a long time. He made himself available to the team, he was everywhere trying to win space, came a lot deeper for the ball, was involved in the build up etc… He gave us 2 goals and we won, that is what matters. Hope he improves his link up even further with Deulofeu and Suso.

    But I have to stress this again – Bacca and Lapadula need to play together up front, the team improved their game the moment we had both up front. Niang would also exceel if played as an SS up front with Bacca

  14. Lot of sour comments on here after this match. Kinda strsnge, since we not only won but imposed our style of play throughout much of the game.

    The discussions on team selection all seem to disregard the fsct that we olay Juve next week. Romagnoli was started to gain a bit of mstch fitness before Juve, locatelli needs olaying time and against a smaller team that makes sense. Winning 3-1 or 6-1 still gets you the same 3 points, and at the moment thats what we need to ensure we get.

    De Sciglio filled in for an injured Abate, he wasnt picked ahead of him.

    Vangioni is our least reliable left back – shaky in defence, distanced marking, and very little support dorwards, certainly no creator or finisher on the flank, but he has stepped up when needed and helped out in a crisis. Still, apart from a good sliding tackle, i get nervous when someone gets him one on one, or in a running duel for a loose ball.

    Kucka was rested cause he will be running 90 minutes next week against juves midfield and strikers.

    Hooefully Abate and Suso both recover, cause De Sciglio does in no way provide the samr overlaps going forward and defensive solidity. Abates pace is still excellent, despite his aging legs.

    Bacca is our best finisher and outplays the rest when it comes to finding space. His link up play was much better here than in other recent games, but still leaves a lot to be desired. Still, a great game from the man who missed a penalty and two other sitters… i like him and Lapadula together though, because it gives the wingers and fullbacks a target man to cross to, if onlt Bacca could learn to pounce on the rebounds or provide Lapa with a target for his headers and take downs.

    Great coaching from Montella. Adding a striker and moving the defense up to win the midfield spaces was a great move, and i loved seeing him tinker on the sidelines before he made that substitution. Maran had nothing to counter that with.


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