Team news: Lazio were without Luis Alberto. Milan had to do without the suspended Juraj Kucka and Gabriel Paletta as well as without Luca Antonelli, Mattia De Sciglio, Alessio Romagnoli, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo and Patrick Cutrone. Kickoff time for Matchday 24 of Serie A was 20:45 CET / Italian time at Stadio Olimpico in the Italian capital Rome.

Goals: Biglia (45′, pk), Suso (85′).

S.S. Lazio (4-3-3) – Simone Inzaghi
Federico Marchetti; Dušan Basta, Wesley Hoedt, Stefan de Vrij, Ștefan Radu (86′ Patric); Lucas Biglia, Sergej Milinković-Savić, Marco Parolo; Felipe Anderson (86′ Cristiano Lombardi), Ciro Immobile, Keita Baldé (65′ Senad Lulić).
Unused: Strakosha, Vargic, Gabarroni Gil, Lukaku, Djordjevic, Crecco, Fortuna, Quissanga, Tounkara, Murgia.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Gustavo Gomez, Cristian Zapata, Leonel Vangioni; Mario Pasalic, Manuel Locatelli (53′ Jose Sosa), Andrea Poli (77′ Matias Fernandez); Suso, Gerard Deulofeu, Lucas Ocampos (63′ Gianluca Lapadula).
Unused: Storari, Plizzari, Honda, El Hilali, Zucchetti, Bacca, Bertolacci.

Referee: Antonio Damato.


  1. We were outplayed and humiliated, Lazio players gave us that point with their casual approach to the game. But it’s time to think who of these players deserve to be in the team when Chinese capital comes (today only Donna & Suso showed something). I’m thinking about 6 names out of squad of 27…we need so much investment because I don’t want to see another Milan game where opponents lost all three points because they thought we were Chievo or Bologna…

    • you are exactly correct! we were totally humiliated. I have never been more embarrassed by my team. any other team with a good finisher and we would have lost 4-0. and the next game we play against a decent side then will slaughter us
      disgusting how montella is a “one trick pony” and definitely needs to be fired as a result. any side with the sorry amount of talent we had on the pitch today DO NOT play possession football. they sit back and absorb the pressure and counter attack. Pathetic coaching…. oh and replacing poli with fernandez …. how stupid was that? one serie B midfielder for another … WOW inspired.

      • Ur so right, montella shouldve brought in gullit instead of mati for poli. Because milan still have that kind of player right?
        Because both mati and sosa didnt change the tide of the match for the better right?

  2. in a way it seems like milan robbed lazio. but lazio only scored from Pk even when they were dominated. milan player arguably had a bad day. but somehow manage a draw?? don’t forget that milan had a lot unavailable player and most of them are starter. so i guess we must not get disheartened by how they play today.

    gigio and suso, got to be protected from injury and ban. we saw how important those two for milan. losing them will hurt the team so much.

  3. Montella undoing all his good work with certain decisions. We may have a depleted squad but that was not the best midfield available atm.

  4. Ocampos touches on ball are really poor…………pasalic is a sub not a starter,even mati fernandes is better than him.

  5. Fans are so cruel when things are bad.
    Vangioni had his first start of Serie A “away to on form Lazio” and against “that beast” called Anderson. You think professional football is that easy? He struggled i know but we need to be more reasonable beyond our emotions. He made some decent contributions.

    I believe most of you would have called Montella all kinds of good names if his false 9 system had worked. It failed tonight but we forgot how he used it to grab 3 points out of nothing against Bologna with 9 men.

    Milan played horrible for 1 reason; Our boy Loca was terrible today couple with less technical Poli who nonetheless worked very hard. Montella made d right change with Sosa and Milan immediately got hold of the game, if u look at the assist you would see the work done by Sosa for force it.

    Injuries is our big problem now and any other side would have suffered same if their main players were out.

    Finally Gustavo Gomez made my day because i believe Milan now have a reliablr CB we can count on. He’s beginning to understand Serie A and he get better considering his age.

    Great draw out of nothing.

  6. It’s either montella is dumb or cr…y! What’s d use of a false 9 when ur midfield can’t create! Y not use a fighter like lapadula! I like d idea of poli coming in for kucka but pasalic is too soft to play beside locatelli, dats 2 softies in d middle, dats y our mf gets easily overrun, it’s either loca or pasalic and then u put sosa n kucka to balance d mf, montella is exposing d defense to too much pressure n dats y we are conceding too many pk of late! Vangioni may be a flop but he’s still better dan using calabria as LB! A draw isn’t bad but d display was too mediocre from my milan! We can do much better with dis squad, it’s not as if d gap btw us n d other teams is so huge! It’s only juve dat is better equipped, atimes dis young boys have big heart n can do greater than d older ones, they just need correct tutelage n dats y montella must go! He shld go back to primavera

  7. What are u guys saying,..dis team played witawt 5 first team starters away to an inform full squad lazio and someone z here talking rubbish….if lazio play our first team squad wit their bench warmers at sansiro we will trash dem haaaaard,we all knw how d first leg went down,,,,,milan tried,getin a draw wit lazio current form now and home adavantage z not easy,,,,be a fan and not a critic but if u think they aint giving their all then you tak ur boot to sansiro n play,,,,forza milan

  8. Players need to do the needful – dynamism, speed, effectiveness and efficiency!… The player aren’t ball players so MOVE!!!! You create space for others to be active!
    Vagioni needs to buckle down, Zapata and Gomez need to be effective, Abate’s leadership is highly appreciated!
    Poli’s movement was superb ( he fits the dynamism, effectiveness and efficiency requirements), Pasalic should be serious about life… Work on your team play as Sosa showed you that, Locatelli just lacks experience should play more often with Sosa as he brought the much needed experience to play, Mati was reliable
    The forward need to move, be strong, work on the teamwork level, oversight functions and risk more!
    All in all, we should try a midfield of Sosa xxx Locatelli xxx Poli!… Tell the coach to use a center forward! Use the wings while using teamwork as a function of understanding! Tell the players to trust their teammates!!!!!

  9. am okay with d result considering playing with a team of ZAPATA….GOMES…..VANGIONI…..POLI…..PASALIC……OCAMPOS……DEULOFEU………seven players who are bench players when milan first team is available……and lets not forget we one of d teams in d league that lacks depth…….good performance by DONNA……SUSO & SOSA…….yeah SOSA played well…..and what most people dont see about him is what i dont understand…..he is obviously the best passer in our team….has vision…..always want to thread pass through and play forward…..he should always have a place in dis regular MILAN……and i still dont understand why HONDA cant play dis kinda matches considering his PAY CHEQUE and has a good work rate……..i still believe we on the right track………still MILAN

  10. play Suso as a second striker in 442 or 4231. He need to be place nearer the penalty box to shoot. It will also save his stamina if he has to play every match. He doesn’t have speed to penetrate from the wing. Give a striker who has speed in front of him.

  11. Comment:all yee Bacca haters how did your false 9 play? No supply right? Good so don’t blame strikers for our sh**T midfield probs. Suso saves d day luckily

    • I don’t recall many people if any people asking for a false 9. You saw how lapadula can hold the ball in tight spaces and contribute to passing the ball under pressure. Bacca can’t, plain and simple

  12. What a terrible performance!!
    -Apart from Abate, d defense was a total mess. Zapata and gomez, like frightened kids, whr all over d place, drawn out of position at will. Vangioni totally left Anderson all alone. I mean, i knw its a makeshift defense, but those guys aren’t even worthy to be called ‘Defenders’. They couldn’t mark and if Anderson n co had their scoring boots on, they wud ve been 3 goals up at halftime.
    -The Misfield!? Locatelli is clearly not a regista. He is jst too young to be one. His passing was sloppy and infact d midfield seemed to always pass back to d defense, thus compounding d situation. With sosa in d regista position, there was a sense of calm, with more attack minded passes. Montella should please play Sosa as d regista. If only Mati could stay fit, i wud luv him and kucka/pasalic to flank Sosa.
    – The attack!? Ocampos is nothing but a squad player. I remember watching a Genoa game early in d season and thinking what a selfish sh!t he was. I had no idea his immediate future was in Milan. He refused to pass n even when he did, they were poor. He failed to control his ball multiple times! Smh! Deulofeu cant play as a false nine in Italy, probably. Montella shud jst play him as a left winger, no more experiments. Suso is really really tired, but without him, i fear for Milan.

    I just hope we get some defenders back for fiorentina, otherwise, its gonna b a long game.

  13. Deulofeu-Bacca-Suso

    this is how he should have played it. Use Lapa, Mati and Ocampos in second half. Much more dangerous side. Dont like his decisions lately. Ocampos is bad and his attitude is even worse, its already clear he has no future even in this Milan. Vangioni did very bad and you start to appreciate how solid defensively is DeSciglio in this games. If only we could take Antoneli’s offensive qualities and insert them into DeSciglio 🙂 Quickly falling in love with Locateli’s flare and Donaruma’s cold blood – great characters, too bad they didn’t catch any of our greats to learn a few tricks. Currently we don’t have any player that can change the course of the game through individual skill, don’t tell me Bona and Suso. We need great players in midfield to make our defenders solid and our strikers great.

    • Agree on everything. We need to have at least two players who can pass the ball properly, and I count on Sosa and Loca. I have been saying this for months now: Loca needs to play in more advanced role. He is rotting in defense. Subbing him yesterday instead of Pasalic who looks like dizzy horse, was total mistake. Loca is twice the player Pasalic is,already and in attack much more useful. We have players for CDM role: Poli,Kucka,Pasalic. Rotate them Montella

    • I think this is total BS. Yes,this takeover is ridiculous, but we wouldn’t have any better chances with Berlu controling the market. I think at the end of this nightmare Chinese will takeover Milan, and that will happen in next 30 days, this is just trowing little dust on mess that this club is right now. Can you imagine that Dalai Lama decides fate of our club? Actually I can imagine, we are Milan after all. But let’s hope it won’t come to that.

    • Ah i get it now. The chinese wont buy ac milan bcause of dalai lama’s visit. Makes absolute perfect sense. What a cruel world we live in, where even holy man like dalai lama tries to interfere with progression

      • Hahahahaha. You guys are totally ignorant. Don’t just read. THINK. what has an exiled tibetan got to do with this takeover hahahaha. He has been exiled like 2 decades. He’s always doing something to infuriate China. Anyway, in order not to offend China, Mongolia and kazahstan have decided to ban this guy for good.

        • Ah our favourite chinese poster is back. When did they take ur funny bones mate?
          Shearer – sutton the 2 CF pairing say hi btw

          • Chinese poster. I am speaking facts. He has been exiled for 2 decades. Nobody stops business for 1 man and he has no political nor wealth to influence on anything. Looks like you don’t have much general knowledge. Now that the Chinese takeover is imminent, will I still see people like Milan10, suracho and Gman on this website? Hahaha. Maybe you guys will be on Juve blog hahaha.

  14. Relax, as sacchi said, “lazio tied against Milan’s reserve team”

    Half these players haven’t played together more than once if at all. A draw is acceptable for what our current situation is.

  15. Shame on you critics of last night’s game.
    We played with a new reinvented defense; there were 2 new players in midfield and in attack. Let me remind you some of this players haven’t played for along time 2 games in a row and they came to this game very tired from the transfer with Bolognia and I have to hear you complain.
    STOP the crap and be happy of the players and the performance.
    This was one of the most difficult game and we got a draw. Lazio have very fast players in the wings and they have played together longer than our new January comers.
    Milan plays with a clean physiology from the time Montela came, and that is press high and control the game. This is the strength of this team and the weakness in the same time. You push high and you have more opportunities to hit the opponent’s goal but 1 little mistake and you see the ball in the other end of the net. If we have very fast players in midfield and very fast defenders than we have nothing to worry but until then we might get more red cards. If we played more compact and defensive game with quick counter attacks I think we can do more points. Yesterday we might needed more legs in midfield to my opinion but other than that I give credit to all the team and Montela.
    Always and forever Milan.

  16. we realy need 3 new midfielders all i see is rumors about strikers … this is a problem we realy need a new cb and new midfielders .

  17. This Chinese takeover is totally a joke… never ending story. Why should Berlusconi choose such joked investor ?

    If you see Inter… Sunning is very famous group in China. what about this random Sino Sport? Just to complete takeover, they can’t complete it. How about running this club for long-term? Making Milan great again? Day Dream…

  18. It’s being widely reported that the Chinese deal is still set to close on the 3rd. You all need to relax. Oh. And. The Chinese have confirmed Montella will remain the manager of the team with or without European football. So Sheva. It was nice knowing you.

  19. Many of you are really funny!!
    1. Our entire left flank had never player a single game together before the Lazio game
    2. Monto, Bona, Roma, Desciglio, Kucka, Calabria unavailable and these are first team material in this depleted squad of Montella
    3. Lazio penalty was dubious and ours not given yet we tied them in their home ground and you are all complaining?
    4. Name 1 of our previous recent coaches who would have been able to achieve this result considering our situation and still have more possession than Lazio in their home ground given their current for as well
    5. Calling for Montella’s sack is plain stupid. Those of you who prefer Mancini to come in are enemies of this team’s progress. Montella is doing great. give him better materials and he will deliver better results.
    Lastly those of you still expecting a Chinese takeover should keep on dreaming. Its amazing that you guys haven’t learnt from Berlusconi’s tricks and schemes yet. He will keep inventing all sorts of stories and planning the scenarios as to why the deal is stalling. He doesn’t want to sell pomp and plain

  20. Nothing can prove that true unless after the long awaited march 3rd the deal falls through. It is only then we can be sure that any other set out date is just a joke. So best we wait n see

  21. To Berlusconi and China’s haters, the chinese takeover is done. Hahahahaha. Like it or not Milan will be owned by Chinese. Don’t like it, go and support Juve then. Enough of all your trash talks.

    Suddenly, Sunning is a prestigious brand with full of money. Where were you guys when Inter was losing at the start of the season. Chinese ruining Inter. Bla bla bla. Fair weather fans. Get lost!!!!

    • Suning didnt ruin inter, de boer did. The way they finished their deal then poured money to buy players swiftly was admirable, we all wished it wouldve been the same way with ses – milan, thats all. No one’s hating suning, let alone china. Chill.
      The deal is set to be completed on march so until then theres no way we’d know for sure

  22. Nope. De boer was appointed by Sunning so people were saying Chinese ruined Inter hahaha. How ruined is Inter now? Hahaha. Short sighted people.


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