Lazio-Milan: The Rossoneri squad


Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face S.S. Lazio on Monday evening when the clock points 20:45 CET / Italy time at Stadio Olimpico for the 24th matchday of the 2016/17 edition of Serie A and coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad for this encounter.

Gabriel Paletta and Juraj Kucka are both banned and are out, as are Luca Antonelli, Mattia De Sciglio, Alessio Romagnoli, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo and Patrick Cutrone. Two Primavera players made the squad.

Probable XI ( Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Gustavo Gomez, Cristian Zapata, Leonel Vangioni; Andrea Bertolacci, Manuel Locatelli, Mario Pasalic; Suso, Gerard Deulofeu, Lucas Ocampos.

Gianluigi DonnarummaIgnazio AbateAndrea BertolacciCarlos Bacca
Alessandro PlizzariDavide CalabriaMattia El Hilali (#46)Gerard Deulofeu
Marco StroariGustavo GomezManuel LocatelliKeisuke Honda
Leonel VangioniMatias FernandezGianluca Lapadula
Cristian ZapataMario PasalicLucas Ocampos
Raul Zucchetti (#54)Andrea PoliSuso
Jose Sosa


  1. thats ok…hope we can be formidable enough to take 3 points away to Lazio. The defence is a major concern in terms of concentration and experience. Zapata + Gomez, who happen to be the only CBs in the squad seems more like an imminent calamity.

  2. Yes agree with both, and on top jack injured :S.. i hope Milan can take 3 points away, what i honestly think we can. But i prefer to start with bacca rather than lapadula. I think bacca can do better against Lazio.

    • It would be a miracle if we bring one point home…Lazio is in great form & I already fear what will their midfield and attack do to us…Savić is the one to watch alongside amazing F.Anderson!

  3. Would rather see el Hilali on the pitch than Pasalic.

    I noticed I got bashed quite a lot, and calls for supporting my bashing of Pasalic.

    Tournament Apps Mins Total OutOfBox SixYardBox PenaltyArea Rating
    Serie A 13 942 1.5 0.5 0.2 0.8 6.60

    That’s for all those who were saying ”he attacks the box” The stats show total shots per match.

    In fact, I won’t bother pasting them, just look them up yourselves.

    He has 33.4 passes avg, per game. For comparison, Loca has 50.1, Kucka 39.4, Bona 39.1, Sosa 38.9, Donna has 32.5 passes per game.

    Pasalic dispossessed per game (even in those few times he touches the ball) – 1.2, bad control per game – 1.2;
    whereas Loca is at 0.7, 0.9 Berto – 1.1, 0.9, Kucka 1.2, 1.3

    And I trust I don’t even have to talk about tackles and interceptions per game.

    So, there you go, now, for all his physcal qualities, why don’t you defend Pasalic with stats, huh? Or you would be back to whining, oh but he doesn’t do anything wrong, or, he is not supposed to do anything on the pitch, he is just supposed to vanish! smh

    I don’t bash him because he is Pasalic, I bash him because he does not play for the team and he vanishes from the game. I wonder why you support him so much. He simply should not start matches at the expense of our own players.

    • You will rather see Hilali on the pitch than Pasalic…a 19 yrs old boy who played 90mins just on sat for milan jnr team over the player who scored us the winning goal against bologna…are you kidding me!!!… If not for the fact you are a milanista i would have refer a brain check up for you

      • I bet Kevin Constant would have scored it too if he was at the place of Pasalic.
        Maybe we should bring Constant back and let him start every match?

        • @Ink, when I see post like yours, i see a light in the tunnel. Spot on. Milan fans are like little school girls. They get hurt 364 days, then they get a flower on the 365th day. And oh my god, what a nice guy, what a gentleman. He is the role model, typcial pathetic milan fan.

          Let the thumbs down pour down, i will smile at each of them ! 🙂

    • It’s OK. No one is saying he’s the best. Other people have eyes and a brain, too. They can see and judge for themselves. It’s OK to point out your concerns and express your opinion about a player, just don’t make it your life’s mission to bash him under every comment and shove your opinion down people’s throat.

      For example, I think Bertolacci has been pretty useless and I pointed it out a couple of times, now I know there are people who think he’s been very good, and it’s OK, I don’t go around giving every single one of them a piece of my mind.

      Don’t overdo it, It makes you look … insecure?

      That’s just my friendly advice though, obviously you’re welcome to do as you like.

      • @Kouroush, spot on. This became rediculous, he acts like a first class troll. Its not even important what he has to say, after so many replies on the same subject it became just… too much. I personally dont even care what he has to say now, it is all just a variation on the same subject. zzzzzzz…..

      • @kuorosh

        If I am attacked and accused of not having any idea of what I am saying, and being retarded etc etc, I will ofc put down everyone who questions me and will defend my opinion.

        Plus, it is always very satisfying to defeat the dumb people with logic and reason. I won’t pretend that I don’t like to embarrass them by shutting them up with logic.

  4. It has been said that Montella could try 4231 with Suso in middle and Deulofeu and Ocampos on flanks. For me, that idea is very welcomed.

    • got to be better than 433 the results will prove that we will be very very lucky to get a point tonight no chance,lazio will get at least 4 goals we will be lucky to get a shot on goal

    • and who are we gonna rotate in there? thats what im having problem with, Id love 4-2-3-1 too. but we simply dont have the squad for it. If we do it then we wont have anyone on the bench to replace the wingers if something happends. its a risky move imo.

      • I know. But on the other hand we do have better attack than midfield. And boom there is an idea, if you can’t rotate, use more than one formation

  5. I will strongly prefer the pairing of deulof -lapadula -suso upfront,I think bacca shud start from the bench he is getting too slow and our midfield should involve bertolaci

  6. Zapata is better than remagnalo and palleta he needs handling and encouraging only u will see wat happened and put sosa instead of bartalocci and start with lapa instead of Becca

  7. I will strongly prefer the pairing of deulof -lapadula -suso upfront,I think bacca should start from the bench he is getting too slow and our midfield should involve bertolaci

    • should we also invite bonera to our backline? And also invite flamini to our midfield and we should add and involve nicklas bendnter to our attack? Who more should be involve?

        • boateng still better than mati, honda, bertolacci, poli, mario and BONALDINHO.

          Boateng made a hattrick, i think its a bigger chance boateng being the president of the US than bonventura making a hattrick.

          The hattrick was against lecce? Well, bonaventura couldnt even make a hattrick in training.

          And i must add, boateng made that hattrick single handed, go and watch the highlights. Bonaventura on the otherhand trips on the ball and scores. Jack is a ice-cream seller compared to boateng.

          • Ah so boateng scored hattrick once against lecce did he? Thats cute. So why couldnt milan #10 save milan after big boy on the block ibra left? Why cant he save milan now? And where is he now? Winning left and right with bayern? Oh wait, no, thats the good boateng.
            How can boateng be us president when he didnt even bother to play for his own national team? Such patriot, right?
            The fact is, bonadinho got injured protecting milan defense, boateng got injured from excessive sex. Enough said

  8. Leave pesalic on bench start with Honda unless 60 minute and warn him with selfish if not showing selfish we will score more and more

    • I wold rder take Honda if Pesalic plays middle and on 70min and take corners and everyting gud Remagnalo no play,sad

  9. I would love to see El Hilali get some minutes, would’ve loved to see Gabbia being called up too.
    Glad to see Calabria back with the squad, lets not rush him back. Wonder why Cutrone isnt called up?
    No matter who plays though, and no matter the formation – all that matters are the three points. Fingers crossed.

    • I think he rather have a one extra midfielder than a extra striker! That’s just my guess.. but I was wondering that same thing

  10. lapadula should get the start before bacca. and if montella would try playing deulofeu as false nine then, okay for me. ocampos-deulofeu-suso, that could work too.

  11. I think people dream and imaging a lot. Like someone said, we’ll be lucky to go home with a point. Let’s be realistic here! Milan must concede a goal(s). We’ve never had a clean sheet with Gomez on the pitch and let’s not talk about the error prone Zapata. I like the idea of Suso playing more of a midfielder since he’s known by teams on the right and he’ll split defenses with his passes. But I’m been realistic. I smell a loss for Milan

    • Gomez came in against Lazio in the reverse fixture and we still kept the clean sheet, and I dont remember all games but I know that he started/played a lot of minutes against Pescara as well where we kept a clean sheet.

  12. Milan test with 4-4-2

  13. If anyone should be false 9 its gotta be suso. He’s slow but has good finishing. Hell, he even looks like messi when dribbling past opponents. Fast technical players like ocampos and deulofeu should occupy both wings.
    But thats about it, no more experiments, especially playing players who cant even perform in their natural positions out of position

      • Sure u can. Imagine relatively slow player with killers (left) foot dropping deep tearing defence apart with their passes and goals. Let me give u examples: messi, raul, thomas muller, goetze, fabregas.

  14. I see tension is rising between montella and berlusconi according to gazetto dello sport, wouldn’t surprise me if he got rid of him as a final act of Milan president. That’s all we need, for all who judge montella let’s judge him when he has a squad to pick from not the thrash he has now, I agree sometimes with others that tactically he doesn’t get it always right, but with what we have he does an alright job, I’d like to see more youth being used before end of season, cutrone etc, better than looking at sosa why we paid 8 mill for that guy il never know

    • Yes… with all due respect for our – nearly ex – president… he is more delusional than ever in recent years

  15. I think Montella did a great job with what he had this season other than the team he fielded against Genoa where we lost 3-0.I would love to see more of Ocampos.Pasalic is awesome and he deserves to be in a Milan shirt.He is probly the best loan signing we had in the last few years,he is far better than Van Ginkel and Cerci,He is still young and wants to play for Milan and therefore i support the team No matter who plays.My score for Tonight is Lazio 1 and Milan 4.If i am Right I would like To see alot of likes lol.FORZA MILAN

  16. If you are MIlanista Then you should be able to spell the names of our players.I saw some strange names i didnt know played for Milan Becca ,pesalic,remagnalo.What if some kid reads this and try to find them on FIFA.

    • you want a gold medal? can sign up for a spelling competition. no need to put down others to boost your low self esteem or ego. we know who they’re referring to that’s all that matters.

  17. We gonna see a compact milan, i love fighting spirit of these lads even when the result was not coming our way recently. It Will be difficult, But i Will never settle for a draw


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