Romagnoli out with ‘an injury to his right thigh flexor’, will reportedly miss at least two weeks of action

Romagnoli during Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on the 4th of December 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Romagnoli during Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on the 4th of December 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Alessio Romagnoli’s injury will keep him out of the next few matches as the tests showed an injury to his thigh flexor.

Milan will have to be without both of their starting center backs on Monday night when they play Lazio (20:45 CET at the Olimpico) as Gabriel Paletta picked up a red card against Bologna (1-0 win) while Alessio Romagnoli sustained an injury.

“Milan announces that Romagnoli today underwent a medical examination that revealed an injury to his right thigh flexor,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s official website read on Friday afternoon.

While the club didn’t provide any estimation to how long Romagnoli will be out, according to ANSA, the 22-year-old will miss ‘at least’ two weeks and is out of the matches with Lazio, Fiorentina and Sassuolo, and could also be a doubt for the March clashes with Chievo and Juve.

With Paletta, Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio, Luca Antonelli and possibly Davide Calabria all unavailable against Lazio, MilanTV reports that it’s likely that Primavera fullback Raul Zucchetti will be called-up against the Biancocelesti. It’s also possible to see defender Matteo Gabbia and forwards Zakaria Hamadi & Patrick Cutrone in the squad that will be named by coach Montella on Sunday.

Kucka also picked up a red card against Bologna and he will miss the Lazio match as well. According to, Bertolacci is currently favourite over Poli to play in midfield with Locatelli & Pasalic.


  1. When it rains it pours I guess.

    Milan were punching well above their wait earlier this season to be in 3rd/2nd. With a lack of investment in the club in the January transfer window compared to large investments in other clubs I’d say a Europa League finish should be considered a success for this side. At the beginning of the season I think all Milan fans would take a Europa League finish given the capabilities of the current squad.

  2. I don’t understand, why does Milan have always problem with injuries from season to season. And it happened not because of the match but from training sessions. I have seen this for many seasons. Is there something wrong with the training method in Milan ?

  3. Well I don’t think Romagnoli is going to be missed. He still not convinces for 1,5 season. So maybe were lucky.

    • I agree with you. You will get downvoted with opinions like that here, because he is a very overrated player by Milan fans. So what if he’s young and Italian. De Sciglio was also that and uncriticised, look at where he is now? Romagnoli is to sloppy in defending. I don’t think he will become much better than he is right now. If he really had a great potential, Roma would definitely not sold him to us. We need a much better defender who strikers hate to face.

      • Roma always sell their defenders. So the reason they sold Marquinhos has to be that he wasnt good? Please. Romagnoli wanted to leave, they wouldnt improve with him unhappy on the bench so they let him leave. Romagnoli has been sub-par lately yes, but people forget how solid he was along with Paletta in the first half of the season. And he wont get any better? Well tjsnkfully he is only 21 and has at least 7-10 years before he will absolutely peak as a centre back. Ups and Downs are normal as an athlete, especially as a Young player.

        • Don’t compare Marquinhos to Romagnoli’s situation. Marquinhos played many games for them and he played very good as well. Romagnoli was behind players like Yang biwa, Castan, Toloi Manolas, Benatia. When they receive a 30m offer for their 6 choice, of course they would sell.

          • Toloi, Yanga mbiwa and Benatia were long gone, so no they weren’t ahead in the pecking order. Castan also left, so its not that “obvious” for them to sell now is it? After that, they brought in Rudiger and someone else, and this year they brought in Fazio and Vermaelen, Im surprised you didnt mention those two as well along with the rest of the names you brought up.
            AND, Romagnoli had had a very good season with Sampdoria the year before that.

      • He’s just 22 ffs, give him a chance
        All our former greats had established world class players to learn from, who has De Shiglio, Romagnoli and others to look up too and learn alongside? Absolutely nobody, give them a chance there still young men

        • How many chances you want them to give? Romagnoli has already 1,5 season as his chance. And even mihajlovic benched him last season because of underperformance. So please wake up. Gman and I am right. Period.

        • I’m just being honest, unlike Milanista123 who is lying about the players who were at Roma the same time as Romagnoli. I can’t reply directly to you (milanista123) so read this. Romagnoli was in Roma 13-14. Also Toloi, Benatia, Burdisso and Castan. He went away on loan the season 14-15. Came back 15-16, left again the 11. August to Milan. That means he was with Roma for a big part of pre season, so he had some time to prove himself. But they weren’t that impressed and if 30m offer comes, you can’t say no. They quickly spent that money wisely and got Rudiger for only 9m. Romagnoli’s market value has risen, but thats not because of his performances. It is because of the ridiculous modern transfer fees. People get blinded by a defender when he has a good first touch and passing abilities(Ramos&Romagnoli). You shouldn’t judge a defender so much by those traits, look at the greatest defenders, they didn’t rely on those traits, except for Beckenbauer but he has so much more.

          • Am I lying really? You cant name players who were ahead of him in the pecking order while he was out on loan? That’s just irrelevant to begin with. If he was at Roma for a full season with them ahead of him, then sure, but otherwise it really doesnt matter. He was shipped out on loan to Sampdoria, and at that time they had Yanga mbiwa, etc, yes, but im referring to once he was back at Sampdoria.
            Be careful of who you call a liar, and manage to take an argument like an adult.
            Trust me, I prefer defenders who can defend, unlike defenders who only think about attacking like “modern day” defenders are all about, so dont tell me how to think thank you.

          • If you can read properly you will understand that I mention the players who were at the club BEFORE he went out on loan. And then the players who was there when he returned. How hard is to understand?
            You’re telling me to learn how to discuss like adults, well then explain this.. “gman and I am right” hahahaha, ridiculous piece of discussion method.

            According to you two people can’t share the same opinion that goes against yours. You are so mature.

  4. @ Kourosh u captured the situation [email protected] sometimes u find yourself in an unfortunate situation where u have a long run of injuries, most times it is not the making of any one nor is it a consequence of a particular training style.I t is just a bad period simple.

  5. In a team like Milan, you have to understand that injuries are not an excuse. Of course we miss Romagnoli, De Sciglio, Montolivo and Bonaventura, but the team should solve this problem. We signed Gustavo Gomez as a pair of Romagnoli, now he has the possibility to show what he learnt in the past months. And Bertolacci shown great performances recently.

  6. Comment:no CB left on the bench!! probable XI: dona

  7. I will AGAIN mark and stress that montella did fall BEFORE all these injuries, dont even try for a second to blame INJURIES for the bad run for montella. When milan was 2nd montella HAD EVERY SINGLE PLAYER AVAILABLE, he lost it before the injuries.

    Just a mark for all the brainwashed people here.

    And a question for DAN. You support galliani and berlusconi through thin and thick (what a REAL supporter you should be handed a medal for that btw) how come we have changed about 6 coaches and montella soon after this season? Why is that do you think? You galliani supporter, what is your thoughts about that? We have sacked coach after coach, we have offloaded players after players, why do we have problems for almost 8 years now? why is that you galliani supporter.

    Do you think galliani have been any good? Do you think he have bought the right players? Do you think he have done a good job? with or WITHOUT money? What is your defence? he doenst have money? 12 million matri? juve bought tevez less then 10? Bertolacci? .. so dont open your mouth about galliani dont having money then.. so DAN, the galliani supporter, the incredible ” i support thorugh thin and thick” supporter.. what is your thoughts? Why does milan struggle so much?? Is it the weather? The luck? The timeline? God not on our side?.. what is it DAN?

  8. Gustavo Gomez has proven to be reliable but my problem is Lord Zapata, maybe its time for 1 of those youth defenders called to shine.

    • Exactly, Gomez has improved a lot compared to his first game, but Zapata isa huge liability… Lets see if he can have “one of those games”.

  9. IDK but this formation might work:Donnarumma Abate Zapata Gomez Honda Locatelli Poli Deolofue Lapadula(Painfull no more Liuz Adriano) Suso(to be subbed when we’re 1-goal ahead in the 2T)for Berto then we switch to 4-3-1-1-1 with Deolofue just behind Lapadula

  10. i dont know what formtion would be best but i sincerly think starting vangioni would be a bad idea….cause those late runs into the box by parolo would be too much and anderson dribble accuracy would be suicidal

  11. i dont know what formation would be best but i sincerly think starting vangioni would be a bad idea….cause those late runs into the box by parolo would be too much and anderson dribble accuracy would be suicidal

  12. Yk, I don’t understd dis your 43111 style ooo, let’s stick with 433 because dats what we cann manage at d moment! Dona, abate,gomez, zapata, vangioni, poli, loca,n pasalic, deulo, lapa, Honda! Dis is my line up! Suso has been discovered n he is fatigued, he needs rest n can come in d second half! Honda n poli would be able to increase our workrate to compensate for kucka! Forza milan

  13. @Sheva, u said Montella has no reason as he was second at a time but u refused to acknowledge that Montella got us to second place when we didn’t expect it, so don’t complain when we drop points too. The reason we are not doing very well is because we don’t have cash to play around and some how our management have not been able to maximise our limited reources.But I don’t blame them so much as they have the credit also for so many great deals that formed part of our rich history.

    • I agree with you. Milan lack depth, milan lack investments. But again, a coach’s job is to MOTIVATE your players.

      Going out and say Europe is our goal, here already you have set a very low unmilanistic goal, when in the history have milan aimed for europe?? Sure we have had bad season, but we have NEVER aimed for europe league.

      I think the problem is, allegri and montella never knew who milan really was. We are not cagliari nor fiorentina. This is 7 TIMES CL WINNERS team. What serious coach go out to media and say europe is our goal. That is very unmotivating statment.

      Seedorf or inzaghi wouldnt accept anything less than CL as a goal, even if they are not reaching it, even if non of them brought us CL, CL was still their goal, their aim. Beause the know what milan is

      • Allegri knows milan well; remember that memorable away match against pescara in 92/93 which milan won 4-5? Allegri scored pescara’s 1st goal.
        Montella, well, he and inzaghi were from same generation so he damn sure must know who milan were. The real question is, do you?

    • again, our transmission (our midfield) is broken and still we are keep chaning our engine (strikers).. how can you call yourself CEO of milan and NOT realise that milan need a creative playmaker no matter we play 433 or 4321 or 4231 or 4312.

      Some fans think just because you play 433 you dont need a playmaker or a creative player. They think 433 stand for 3 super strikers and 3 lumberjack midfielders behind them. Such an islolated and limitied thinking area these fans have.

      Our main issue has been lack of creativity and explosive players in midfield. It doenst take to be einstein to realise milans problem.

  14. If I were milan, I would buy dolberg from ajax. That guy is showing every week high level of football. He is a complete central striker with unlimited potential. And only just 19 years old.

    • Is he 19 years old and still at Ajax? His career is over then as he hasnt proven anything. To follow your logic about Romagnoli who is 21 years old and at Milan.

      • Ok, someone has his monthly period here. Search and watch for dolberg on YouTube or so.

        If you cant stand being not right, then you should leave this blog.

        Gman and I can handle it here without you.

        • I’m glad you’ve found someone else after you found out Milan10 is being unfaithful to you.
          Youtube makes Bendtner look like Messi, so no thanks but thank you so much for telling me about it though.

          @Gman, clearly you’re the one not getting my point and i have so many more but i wont bother since you have your opinion and stand, and wont change it. Lets agree to disagree.

          • Mathijs, milanista121 and gman walk into a bar, the bartender looks up and says, “sorry, we dont serve dry loans here”


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