Montella: “An epic win that gives you more than just the three points, Poli was decisive, Deulofeu as a false 9…”

Vincenzo Montella during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall'Ara on the 8th of February 2017 (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)
Vincenzo Montella during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

Vincenzo Montella said Milan showed they have ‘a soul, heart and balls’ in the incredible 1-0 win over Bologna.

It was an absolutely crazy night at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara as Milan – somehow – returned home with the win, beating Bologna 1-0, despite spending the last 30 minutes of the match with 9 men.

Milan could’ve scored early in the match but missed after Gerard Deulofeu’s blocked shot got to Mario Pasalic who sent it to the stands instead of the back of the net. The Rossoneri’s misfortune continued as before the half-hour mark, Romagnoli was forced to leave the pitch due to an injury. As if this wasn’t enough, Paletta received two quick yellow cards and in the 38′ minute was sent off, for the third time this season. And so on half time, Milan were in 10 and without their 2 starting CB’s.

Bologna tried to score but found a compact Milan at the back and a great Gianluigi Donnarumma who saved the match for il Diavolo on numerous occasions last night. In the 59′ minute the task of getting a result got even harder as Juraj Kucka picked up his second yellow card, leaving Milan in 9 men for the reminder of the match. But somehow, Milan managed to stay alive.

And not only that but in the 89′ minute, a fantastic Deulofeu dribble from the left ended with a pass to Pasalic who from close distance gave Milan the precious victory. After four consecutive defeats in all competitions, the boys of Vincenzo Montella return to winning, and what a win it was.

Cristian Zapata, Mario Pasalic, Andrea Poli and Gerard Deulofeu celebrating after Pasalic's winning goal during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
Cristian Zapata, Mario Pasalic, Andrea Poli and Gerard Deulofeu celebrating after Pasalic’s winning goal during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)

“It was difficult to hold in emotions after a game like this,” Montella told Sky Italia after Daniele Doveri’s final whistle. “It’s a great victory that makes us take a major step forward which is worth more than three points, as it proves this is a team with a soul, heart and balls too. After three underserved defeats as we saw on the pitch, we were out there with determination; we needed this to show ourselves that this spirit was within us and it was a victory earned with sheer determination.

“In the first half, we could’ve scored and we must do better in those cases. I told the players at half-time that this was a game that needed to be a turning point and it’s what I saw. I’d seen teams down to 10 men turn games around, but winning with nine men was even more extraordinary.

“The defeats? Naturally during the season there are peaks and troughs, but our biggest problem was a lot of injuries and defeats in quick succession, freakish defeats, because the one with Udinese you lose once a year [Milan lose that match 2-1 last month]. Those results made it look as if Milan were losing their way, but we absolutely were not. The results were bad, not the performances.

Gabriel Paletta shown a red card by referee Daniele Doveri during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)
Gabriel Paletta shown a red card by referee Daniele Doveri during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

“I want to compliment Andrea Poli, as in a moment of great difficulty he was absolutely essential and helped out every single teammate [Poli was brought on from the bench in the 62nd minute]. It’s with this spirit that you become a winning team. He had an injury too, so we were basically down to eight and a half men, but he worked so hard and I wanted to single him out for praise.

“Bacca? He’s part of the team, there’s a lot of talk but little disagreements are part of the locker room. He rejoiced with us after the win and the participated in the happiness of the boys. Deulofeu? When Galliani and [sporting director] Maiorino proposed him, I said that I know him very well. I’ve followed him a lot and I didn’t know if he was on the market. When I found out he was, I gave my approval.”

Gerard Deulofeu congratulated at the end of ologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)
Gerard Deulofeu congratulated at the end of ologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images)

“We did not win this game by chance, this team really wanted it,” the boss said in the post-match press conference. “We needed to show we were capable of putting this negative spell to an end and we did it. It was an epic win. Numerical inferiority? We always played to win the game.

“During the break, I told the boys we could do it. With this win, we end the first half of the season with 39 points and we want to do even better in this second half. Poli? For me, he was the best, he came on with such a great attitude and he was decisive. His performance is the result of how well he trains Deulofeu? [Everton boss Ronald] Koeman uses the ball a lot in training, I was expecting to find him in good shape. He’s a quality player and perfectly fits our style of play.”

Mario Pasalic after scoring the winning goal during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)
Mario Pasalic after scoring the winning goal during Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

Speaking to Premium Sport at the end of the encounter, Montella added: “This is a moment that didn’t come by chance. The players put the souls on the pitch and it’s and it’s a well-deserved victory. We could’ve gone up in the first 20 minutes right away. This goes beyond the three points, the boys played with the real will to win, stay close and made themselves available for each other.

“The energies of the team? Pasalic has important physical qualities. We wanted to win in 10 men… there are millions of stories of teams in numerical inferiority that overturned the result but I didn’t think it could happen once we went down to 9. In fact, we were 8.5 because of Poli’s injury.

“It’s a victory that gives you more than just the three points. The defensive errors? Lately they’ve been individual mistakes, we need to see if it’s because of lack of mental energy of something else. The many red cards? They’re analyzed… I don’t want to talk about referees, even more so when you win.

Andrea Poli and Mario Pasalic celebrating with Milan staff and players at the end of Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (
Andrea Poli and Mario Pasalic celebrating with Milan staff and players at the end of Bologna-Milan at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara on the 8th of February 2017. (

Bacca? I hugged every player a bit as we are a united group and we’ve demonstrated it. Sometimes there is some disagreement but this is part of the normality and the will to win is shared by all of us. Deulofeu? He played an incredible game and he preoccupied their defense alone. But it was Poli who gave us something more, helping his teammates at the time of maximum difficulty.

“Playing Deulofeu as a false 9? Bacca fought a lot. In the spaces that were there in the second half he could’ve done better. I like to play Geri there but it depends on the harmony of the team. He is different than [Napoli’s] Dries Mertens, but he can play this role.

“The many absences against Lazio? Is it not postponed? (laughs).” The match against Lazio, at Stadio Olimpico, is on Monday night (January 13) at 20:45 CET and Montella will have to find his solutions.


  1. the fans who consistently bash montella and pasalic should be ashamed of themselves. the team lacking two most important player in bonaventura n desiglio. not to mention, many other injuries too. the team had zero reinforcement in midfield too. this is absolutely a broken team. the last 3/4 years milan would never play a game like this. and we might loose some matches but nobody can say we were playing that bad

    the thing is, the team is youngest among the whole serie a. so it was expected we will loose some matches. as good as players like donnaruma, locatelli, suso, calabria etc are, they are still very very young. sir alex feguson said, at 27 players are in their best form. so if you are waiting for world class players like kaka, then you have to wait a while, unless the chinese buy outright.

    abate, paletta, poli, honda, zapata, antonelli, vangioni etc will almost surely will not play next season. it is reported, the chinese are only interested in buying top class talent. no more fringe player. thats why caceras didn’t get a deal.

    until then, we should support our younger boys. there’s not too much game left to play anyway. forza milan!!!

    • You are right about youth in this Milan side & every real fan must be patient with young lads like Dona, Loca or Roma, but the ones who are putting this team in trouble are the ones who should lead by experience. This isn’t the first time Kucka or Paletta did this idiotic fouls that end in red cards. It’s unacceptable behavior that puts already troubled team in more trouble.

      About Chinese, I would take that story with reserve. It’s a sad day when Milan CANNOT pay Caceres, a guy with no club for half a year, and when last PL club can outbid Milan for every player on the market. I’m not very optimistic about that takeover for more reasons (not excited with new sporting directors, no real guarantees about how much money will be available for new players & most importantly Chinese never let the official plan what are the goals of their Milan in public) & there are no guarantees that our budget will be big enough to bring top class talent…because aside from GK position, we need talent in all other departments…so hold your horses & let’s hope for the best.

    • I’m one of those who blame Pasalic, but its not about singeling out one particular player for the bad results, its about playing Pasalic who DOESNT contribute, granted he scored the winning game last night, and i’m super happy for it and for him, but nobody would’ve said he had a good game unless he scored, which he didnt, and he constantly keeps playing despite this.
      Otherwise i agree with you, and Montella has done a great job so far and he sums it all up good in this interview.

      • Outside your physical attraction I agree with you. Pasalic was a bum. Think poli played him outside the first eleven. I hope so.

        • I don’t agree with you often. But I do on this one.
          Poli deserves to start.
          Wonder what Pasalic would have done with busted knee.

      • I disagree on Pasalic. He is fit and strong on the ball, with great positioning that’s why he almost always gets on the end of dangerous balls. Wonder why even Strikers are not getting the chances he gets?
        You can only blame him for not scoring so much.

        He is a simple player but he is very impactful and useful.

        Poli on the other hand; I was happy for him yesterday but he flatters to deceive more often than not. He has heart, that is all.

        • Pasalic performs sh*t.

          ”Great positioning” = vanished
          ”Impactful” = great impact at never showing anything to win the ball back and seriously, how many times does he get on the ball in a match?

          Two tap in goals and one penalty, and suddenly he is extremely useful to the team. Deluded fans. Do you even actually watch matches, the Pasalic lovers?

      • Indeed, Milanista121.

        It is not about blaming Pasalic because he is Pasalic. It is about blaming a player who does not do his job and show the desire to play and put any sort of effort.

    • 1. I have always spoken against Pasalic, because he does not contribute to the match. And I will continue to do so against him and any other player who does not do his job for Milan regardless of their goal.
      Did you see Pasalic going for the glory in the match instead of crossing it to Poli and Suso both of whom were unmarked and in front of open goal? Obviously, Pasalic wanted the glory to please his Chelsea overlords and so he blasted it……. over.
      He does not play for Milan. He plays for himself.

      2. You are wrong about Caceres. He did not tie up the contract with us because he wants better salary that PL clubs can afford for him. It does not have anything to do with the elusive Chinese.

      3. You cannot define an age for players to be in their best form.

  2. The criticism of Montella seem very very familiar. A certain former coach was once called tactically clueless, stubborn in his formations, senseless substitutions, injuring his players with his harsh training methods, etc. Now that coach is at juve n i am yet to see a juve fan say those same things about him. He is now the most popular coach in italy, for all the right reasons- tactical flexibility et al.

    I’ll always be sympathetic to coaches expecially when they find themselves in this perculiar Milan mess.
    Races are won with horses n not donkeys. If a coach is equipped wit a good squad-with quality n quantity- n yet fails to get d best out of them, i will b d first to call for his sack. Just d way i called for d sack of de boer when inter were clearly underperforming.
    But in Milans case, Montella have exceeded expectations. We have as much quality as Torino, so if we have faired better than them so far, it is only testament of d coach’ capabilities.

    I hope d chinese come thru with d purchase of milan. I also hope they keep Montella as i wud love to see what he can do when given d right tools- quality n quantity.

    • Allegri had and still has the best team by far in Italy. Juventus at this moment is like Bayern Munich in Germany. I couldn’t stand and I still can’t stand him as a coach. The moment we sold Ibra and Silva and Berlusconi didn’t invest like he used to do we didn’t play anything with Allegri as a coach.

  3. “Poli? For me, he was the best, he came on with such a great attitude and he was decisive.” – montella
    Amen. You know ur football sir, thats why u actually get paid managing one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Tell us more about him and especially bonadinho sir

    • I think Montella is a very good coach and I really hope he stays. Last night with 2 man down, I kept watching because I never thought milan is not gonna loose or draw this match. But I was afraid montella would be sacked with another loss. And it would not be his fault. Despite he made several errors lately.

      • Deulofeu doesnt matter one bit as in doesnt matter in the long run because by the time this season ends roughly 3 months from now he will have been gone and milan will be back at square one, with no progressions compared to the start of this season. Not even cr7 would make significant difference for milan if he only had 3 months to show his worth.
        Get it?

  4. gomez and zapata playd very well.
    montella needs time and money to get the players he want that can play his stily. milan has not yet the players to dominate games. so i belive montella should play more like atletico madrid.
    ac milan fitness coaches should all be fired. YOU CAN SE SO CLEARLY THE DIFERENCES BETWIN DELUEFEU AND THE OTHERS and thats why we have so meny injured players lack of fitness.
    milan transfer strategy has been shitty. even the new sporting direktor that targets top europien player that is bad for milan milan dont need 2 plahyers worth 150M
    milan needs 5 players worth 150M talentet top players in their erly 20.
    no option to buy pesalic or Deulofeu, they cant sell or wont sell they got 20M for kucka they did not sell, niang should have been sold right now for 18M not with option to buy in that case they shold add bonuses to the deal for milan.
    and lack of transfer on youg players.
    look at juve they have pick up all young italian players if not they have uportunety to buy them any time like berardi

  5. Why not try playing lapa and bacca ?, since opponents have learned how to block our wings,and our midfield dont assist in any goal. Or try other tactics cos the 433 isnt working for our strikers.

    • do you realize that bacca performance has been poor in this season? almost every game he got only 4-5,5 (max) rating. he also always invisible, some of fans in this blog, still think the only problem is our midfield. i disagree with it, bacca also our problem, he didnt give a pressure to enemy’s defence. belotti, higuain, dzeko, icardi, kalinic, insigne always involve in game, that makes diffrences

  6. Poli was actually great! He was with Deufleou most important player on the pitch. Now Pasalic gave us a victory,but he was awful before that goal in last minutes of the match. We don’t need to bitch about refereeing because both of the red cards were fully deserved. Montella can maybe see something from this game, like:
    1.Kucka and Pasalic can’t play together in 4-3-3 formation.
    2.Locatelli was great yesterday, he should play against Lazio.
    3.Vangioni was also very good, that guy showed more fighting spirit that De Sciglio in most of his games
    4.Maybe Bacca should sit next one out, problem is not that he isn’t scoring, but mistakes in passing that he makes
    And yeah,sorry, I am not one of the fans that only swim out on this blog when something like this happens, and that everything is not peachy to just because we had one heroic night against Bologna. Problems are still there and we can repair them. Hope for the best in these few days. Forza Milan!

    • I agree on a few things but to say Pasalic and Kucka can’t play in the same formation? Prior to the return of Bertolacci which is about five games, our midfield formation has been Locatelli supported by Pasalic and Kucka. It has been a winning format. That midfield kept us in top five.
      I will always disagree that Pasalic is a bad player because you don’t see fancy stuff from him. He is a hard worker, strong on the ball and excellent Position. Montella is not stupid.

  7. “The many absences against Lazio? Is it not postponed? (laughs).”

    i wish it was. bologna and lazio were a different story. the many problem with injury already bad, plus it been added up by red card. two at once at that. i wonder how montella will prepare his team against lazio. all that available to him are reserve/bench player.

  8. Montella got it all wrong yesterday and he was lucky to have a moment of brilliance from Deulofeu to bail him out.

    A good coach should know his players strengths and weakness and how to get the best out of them.

    Consistently selecting players like Bacca who is under performing over Lapadula is causing more harm than good to the team.

    Bacca is not suited for the formation Milan plays and Milan looks uninspiring with him leading the front.

    I would have played Niang over him who showed in preseason that he is good at playing as a central striker.

    Any coach can look like a genius with great players, for example Zidane and Luiz Enrique who are not as good as they look.

    Take Niang for example, who looks so much better playing in his natural position at Watford than on the wings at Milan.

    We might end up losing a good player because our coach kept playing him out of position and therefore could not get the best out of him.

    The same thing happened with El Sharaawy when Balotelli arrived.

    Bertolacci should be played over Locatelli and Sosa as he looks way better than the two of them.

    Instead, we risk putting unnecessary pressure on an 18yr old and playing Sosa out of his natural position instead of using Bertolacci who is more suited for that role. What sense does that make?

    That’s what coaching is about. Milan should be doing better than Lazio and Atalanta who are ahead of us in the table.

    It all comes down to the coaching for me. Diego Simeone gets the best out of his players because he plays them in the position that’s best suited for their skills and talents.

    It’s not rocket science. The team needs the right chemistry and consistency.

    You can’t achieve that by playing people out of their natural position and consistently selecting players who are under performing.

    Why stick with players who are under performing, playing out of their natural position and a formation that is not working? Smh

    • Nick, I totally agree, besides niang would be better.
      But in overall I completely agree. Bacca does not suit milans playing style. Or the other way around. But in the end, yes you have to play your players in their best roles. Thats why I think Deulofeu should replace Bacca in his position.

      Also Locatelli made more decisive mistakes than decisive actions or goals. Can you blame him? No you cant, but he will learn a lot from this season.

  9. Oh look. A win. And Sheva is no where to be found. And yet people here question my allegiance. What a joke. I actually don’t even care what happens with my bet with him. If I lose I will be happy to leave this blog. Some of the fans here make me sick

    • You are done. Montella will now start POLI every single game which basicly means we will at BEST draw games. Playing with poli is like playing with 10 men. A maratoon runner doesnt make milan more creative or better.

      Montella just made you leave this blog with the help of POLI. Its sad, its almost so sad that I want to withdraw my bid, so you can stay here

  10. I think the criticism towards Pasalic is unfair. You know when a coach selects his players, it is not based on who is stronger technically, who can dribble better, etc. It is about balance. Just like you need a Kaka, you need an Ambrosini. I am not saying Pasalic is Ambrosini, but he is a good box to box midfielder. Bertolacci and Sosa are stronger technically but you feel they get bullied in midfield and they lack the physical impact.

    Having said that I don’t think it is a good idea to play Kucka and Pasalic at the same time. You still need a technical midfielder who would create something out of nothing and I think Sosa is capable of that.

    I would play a Locatelli/Sosa/Pasalic midfield or a Locatelli/Bertolacci/Pasalic. If Kucka is available it would be a toss between him and Pasalic.

    • Uhhh
      Pasalic does not get bullied in the midfield? He puts some physical impact on the game? Like what, like, he pressures the opposition midfielders and tries to win the ball back physically? Like, he tries to hold on the ball for teammates to come on support? Like, he dives into tackles when necessary?

      Watch the matches mate.

      • So he should dive into tackles and receive red cards?? You’re very clueless my friend. I’m a college soccer coach and one thing I know about the 4-3-3 formation is that, you don’t play three defensive minded midfielders in the midfield. You need one of them to move up and help the attackers, hence, why Montella plays pasalic. Look bro, I’m not a huge fan of him either bUT you need to understand that he’s an attacker (not a striker) so he’s being converted to play midfield which is not he’s main position and he’s been trying too. Give the guy a break bro. Every single goal he’s scored for us (“tap in” or penalty”) have been critical for us . So, give him a break bro

  11. pasalic is box to box..he is not supposed to creating chance a lot…his duty is to coming into penalty box (thats why it call box to box) when the chance is created so there can be another option together with striker…not only to finishing..but to confuse the marking of opponent to the striker..thats why he’s not play with the ball too much…and guess what that the reason he look like invicibles. But his duty is clear…box to box. He has stamina,technic and vision to do that. Of course he has to train more his finishing…he could be look like lampard. The goal today at 89 minute is because of his stamina and vision

    • The best box to box midfielders in the world have a bit of everything, they need to both defend and attack. Not just attack the box.
      He should create chances for others and help defend.
      Box to box means he have to run from box to box. defending our box and attacking the opposition box.

      Arturo Vidal is a box to box player. I cant say I see Pasalic have the potential to get to his level

      • Indeed, Misund.
        Seriously, so many people here who have no idea whatsoever about what box to box midfielder means.

        Box to box mids need to run their asses off on the pitch. And you will always see them get involved in the play, be it to attack or to defend.

  12. Niang still plays on d wings for WATFORD……….the best striker that will suit dis Milan is LUKAKU……..very strong……..good on air and can take out his man plus he holds up play very well……he is also young too……..or u bring in d BEAST BELOTTI

  13. I’m still not happy with the way we defend. Maybe one experienced, world class center back should be brought in to the squad? Someone like Mascherano but younger.

  14. Here we go again

    These deluded fans don’t come here chatting about invincible Pasalic until he ONLY scored yesterday. I got words for you…. YOUR BOY WILL BE SHIPPED OUT OF MILAN ASAP COME MAY.

  15. Poli had a great game yesterday and I will not take anything away from him but one good sub appearance and now we want him starting over pasalic? Do people remember how he was when he used to start? Absolutely no where to be seen. Let’s face it, against Lazio, pasalic will start again. Let’s just not hope poli and him start together cause that’s bad news. I see montella either using a pasalic loca Sosa midfield or pasalic loca berto. I don’t think pasalic is as bad as everyone thinks, but he also doesnt do much. One thig for sure is he has amazing positioning he seems to always be there at the right time just can’t finish. But that something he can improve on. When players come back I think we should try a Sosa loca kucka mid and vangioni should be given another start against Lazio. Build his confidence

    • Really. He is always there at the right time.
      Because 1 – he was in the box for a head in, and 2 – he was in the box for a tap in, in all the matches he has played, suddenly, he has AMAZING positioning!

      And Poli was nowhere to be seen when he started for us? Are you mad?
      Poli is fooken everywhere. Making mistakes or not, one thing you cannot blame him for, is the drive and presence on the pitch.

      • @ink, u clearly either blindly hate pasalic or do not even watch d games.
        You cannot fault pasalics positioning. Against bologna alone i counted 3 opportunities he had to score but his finishing wasn’t there. And he has had those opportunities every time he has played.
        So stop mouthing off like you knw what u talking about, when u clearly don’t.
        Pasalic is certainly not a complete box to box midfielder but he sure his qualities, his positioning being one of them. I would rather he gets benched for Mati than for ur favourite player Poli.

  16. Bacca with all due respect is not a kind of striker needed at Milan or infact seria a…..Milan is playing better football then previous seasons and yes we don’t have depth…..once our take over saga is over and hopefully some funds are available I am sure we can challenge for top……yesterday never say die attitude is what is needed…..winning or losing is part of the game but at least Milan this time around is showing some guts and head on approach on their rivals…..with this kind of team
    I was really not expecting to Montella to get us in champions league but I am very optimistic about the future though

  17. I never doubted Montella but if he’ll try to sign players such as Badelj and Papu Gomez with Chinese money…

  18. This dude “Ink” gets on my last nerve bro… he has been bashing this dude Pasalic way before he ever played a game for Milan.. and now u telling people to watch the games, u obviously have not been watching the games because Pasalic is strong on the ball and he keeps it simple, he is always lurking around the box. I am not gonna call him a box to box mid because he rarely does anything defensively and is not aggressive enough for me but he has not been performing poorly like u claim”Ink”

  19. Ink,Rkay,Pelle80,Mathijs,Nick,Rosso,Jibola and the rest of other guys.If you on twitter drop your handle here so that we can follow each other and talk about Milan,just the way other club fans do.

    Or you can follow me @bluntfranceez and i will follow back instantly.

    The discussion will be more swift and faster too.

    It will also be an avenue to seperate the boys from the men.

    Too much clowns and arm chair coaches who are only good at Fifa manager.

    Mature and intelligent folks only.

    Too many childish comments here

  20. Milan is a club in disarray, I just saw rumours of Roberto Mancini to take over from montella, montella doesn’t deserve to b sacked,he has brought a playing style for Milan which berlusconi wanted, all of our players are not that bad, poli is important, pasalic is not as bad as we think. Montella has given Milan a never say die attitude with d options available to him, patience is needed, we shouldn’t critize players anytime we lose. The major concern do this Milan team is the fact that we get too many yellows and red which is wat montella has to adjust.

  21. An epic win indeed.

    People criticize Montella and say this win was nothing to be proud of because Bologna is weak or because Napoli beat them 1-7 or …

    Every game is a story of it’s own. We were playing well and creating chances then we went down to 10 men in 36 minutes. Of course we’re gonna lose our advantage. Then we go down to 9 men and I thought it’s gonna be another match like Udinese and Samp where some rare incidents decides the game in our opponent’s favor and we lose, yet we went and won the match. I am nothing but proud of this team, the players and the coach. They fought so hard for these points against all odds. It was torture throughout the match but in the end you gotta enjoy this amazing win that will definitely go down in the history of the game otherwise you’re doing yourself no favor as a fan.

  22. i wonder wat some fans on here smokes… Can u imagine someone saying bacca isn’t needed in milan even in serie A? Some Milan fans are so pathetic, rating a serie B strikes over a world class striker?

  23. For over two seasons i have watched poli run all over d pitch like some headless chicken and lacking invention when on d ball. Every single person i knw dat ever watched poli were happy to see him on d bench.
    Now just because he played some minutes, wit his only significant contribution being playing with an injury, he deserves to start every match!!??
    @ink, you are the one suffering from a delusion.
    I never want to see poli on d pitch except we have no other option or in d final minutes of a game.

  24. INK INK INK, man…. do you really have to reply on every other post and talk sh’t about Pasalic??OK, man, we get it, he is awful player, chelse reject, chelsea fan boys support him, they are clueless, Poli is better, Mauri is better, my grandmother is better. God, ok… take a chill pill. How old are u??


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