Bologna-Milan: The Rossoneri squad


Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face U.C. Sampdoria on Wednesday night when the clock points 20:45 CET / Italy time at Stadio Renato Dall’Ara for the 18th matchday of the 2016/17 edition of Serie A and coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad for this encounter, which was postponed to this date due to the involvement in the Suppercoppa Italia back in December.

Luca Antonelli, Davide Calabria, Mattia De Sciglio, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo are out as is the banned Jose Sosa.

Probable XI ( Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli, Leonel Vangioni; Juraj Kucka, Manuel Locatelli, Mario Pasalic; Suso, Carlos Bacca, Gerard Deulofeu.

Gianluigi DonnarummaIgnazio AbateAndrea BertolacciCarlos Bacca
Alessandro PlizzariGustavo GomezMatias FernandezPatrick Cutrone
Marco StorariGabriel PalettaJuraj KuckaGerard Deulofeu
Alessio RomagnoliManuel LocatelliKeisuke Honda
Leonel VangioniMario PasalicGuanluca Lapadula
Cristian ZapataAndrea PoliLucas Ocampos



    • the squad does not have depth in simple words,.. Montella does not have strong replacements.
      i hope napoli get the scudetto this year but even them they dont have the depth that juve has… juve has many replacements nopoli doesnt… imagine hamsik insigne or calejon injured for 4 months…

      • excuses, excuses.. we kept allegri for 4 years due that mindset. Poor allegri, he doesnt have that.. he doesnt have players.. he doesnt… he .. poor allegri.

        still allegri was responsible for playing the most defenisve and booring midfield (AKA 3 DMF system) for 2 season. Yeah poor allegri.. he had dinho, robinhio, cassano, ibra, pato, boateng, seedorf.. and still he played gattuso vanbommel flamini midfield.

        poor allegri.. his first sub was at minute 89th when we ere down 1-0 in games.. poor poor allegri.

        and now.. poor poor montella.. lets keep montella for also 4 years.. let milan finish 8th for 4 years and the feel pitty for montella.. poor poor montella..

        nope, for me a coach never have excuses, a coach will build an empire from sand. If there is a team built up already, what is the meaning of a coach? When you are building something thats where a coach is need, to motivate the most useless players to play like golden ball winners. Thats the coachs duty.

        But lets close your eyes.. and make same misstake we did for allegri.. lets sleep and poor poor montella

    • Just like Fazio, both are amazing defenders, but we’re going to get injury prone Musacchio & Manolas will end up in Chelsea. Milinkovic-Savic from Lazio is amazing box to box midfielder…just what we need.

    • Indeed, and Rudiger have grown into a really strong CB as well compared to his inconsistent first season.
      I heard that he was rumoured to Inter, I personally think that he is bound for the premier league, but we should definitely make a push for him. Became a fan of him during the WC 2014 and wanted us to sign him before Roma swooped in…

    • Why is he here? He is absolutely, positively nothing special and Galliani signed him? Wth? I would have preferred if we had promoted one of our young players.

      Galliani is a overrated clueless mad man who knows nothing about football.

      Braida was the brains behind Milan success. Our downfall started when he and Leonardo left.

  2. well 4-3-3 again,guess that is a good thing cause we are loaded with good midfielders like Pasalic, Bertolaci, Poli…

    • We’ve been using 4-3-3 the entire season.
      Up until January everyone was praising the system.
      4 games where milan has been unlucky and everyone starts to complain.
      Remember being a sofa coach doesn’t count as work experience when applying
      to be a real one

      • I never praised formation, I praised Montella’s aproach to the game, which is possesion football. I still like that in Montella. And for my expertese:
        I am just a fan, standing in front of tv, asking Montella to change formation

  3. Montella should change formation and play 2 strikers at a time with lapadula inbox striker bcos I have not seen what the hell the 3 midfielders are doing. We should just forget this season and focus on the new owners to take over.

    • You act as if Lapadula is something special he isnt far from it he works hard but he lacks quality… The tactic 4-3-3 is not the problem its the big holes in the squad especially the players in midfield and the lack of depth i dont know why so many of you are surprised that Milan started to collapse it was bound to happen sooner rather than later

  4. nope, bet there won’t be vangioni on the left. even against samp montella start romagnolli there. then i doubt that vangioni will get his first starter.
    lately milan always had possession but lack goal. with the abundant forward milan have, why cant we go back to football history and play 2-1-7 or 2-3-5 like there is no offside. lol. i don’t care how, as long as it legit, i just want them to win.

  5. I think our montella sometimes field players on personal relationship,cos I really wonder y he does not want to play vangioni cos how can he be fit and he prefers to players who r not even use to that position…and I think bacca is no longer sharp in front of the post let’s play more of lapadula..he is a more hungry finisher cos the rebounded goal he missed wud have been a goal by lapa so let him start from the bench to make him hungry

  6. Don’t play Zapata,error prone idiot 2 or 3 errors per match eventually all ended up in goal or players receiving card.

  7. I said it once, montella shld drop suso n pasalic from d starting line up! All serie a teams have studied n know suso’s style of run n cross d ball, let him come in when d opposition is tired! Give vangioni a chance on d lb, pasalic is too fragile for serie a, dats y he loses d ball too much, my candid opinion, even Honda could play on d left side of MF instead of pasalic! We could also use suso a trequartista behind bacca n lapa, our recent loses are montella’s error. He doesn’t change game plan n he looks lost when things are not happening as planned in a game. He takes too long to make substitution. Most successful coaches are very flexible n can change styles twice or more in a single match, he needs dis maturity to succeed he did a gud job in d first part of d season, he shldnt spoil it now. Forza milan

  8. One of the reasons I take a break from this blog is to get away from the fantasy euphoria that comes with a bit of success Milan enjoys now and then; but when reality hits, people rush to blame the coach or a certain player, or speculate on which player would fit in the tactical setup etc, etc. We are like the board. We pass judgement and/or blame all the mistakes on the coach, players, or even Galliani, the abandoned stadium project, the young players who by the way are playing way out of their league, etc. We need to do a reality check. What if Bona had got injured after game 4 or 5? What if Bacca had left and we ended up with a forward half his calibre, what if Paletta turned out to be the same old player of a year ago? Where would the club be, hmm?

    The matter of the fact is that chaos and arrogance at Milan right now are intricately and systemically interwoven into the fabric of running the club. You wonder why a president would want to sell the club to a buyer who is not ready/ignorant of running a football club like Milan!? At this rate, SES cannot run Parma (no offence, Parma fans), let alone Milan! My guess is he still wants to be part of the running of the club and use the successes for his selfish political ambitions. How do you achieve that? By selling it to a clueless entity without direction or purpose. Sunning is allegedly proposing a transfer chest of half the amount SES is buying Milan! If it’s so hard to move money out of China, how come Sunning can achieve that in days?

    Then we blame Galliani because he got the players that he got with virtually an empty coffer. Then we expect Montella to do miracles with a team assembled on fumes! Or anybody else for that matter except the head of the fish that is causing the whole rot!

    The reality is we are in the right league position we are supposed to be. Period. We should be thankful that the boys got some good results while our luck continued. But until Berlu leaves, or the club gets serious investors with experience and know how. My guess is the status quo will not change much. Even SES buying star players will not save us this delirious state.

    Until then, Forza Milan is all I can say

    • You don’t understand. Some of the investors are state owned businesses and in china it is strick regulation on where or when “STATE” money transferes out of china. IF a singel person with a business not owned by the state wanted to buy Milan it would be alot quicker.
      Its because much of this money is coming from the chinese state and not some guys pocket. Sorry for my bad english but hope you understand the reason now.

      • @Misund, I guess if it was any sensible gov’t, it is easier to move/wire money out of your own country from official gov’t/state managed accounts. All you need to do is count the money, stack in in bags, and slap a ‘DIPLOMATIC PARCEL’ sticker, load it on a gov’t plane to its destination country and there you are. Or wire it to one of the diplomatic accounts of your foreign embassy in the destination country, and the embassy manages the payouts. In short to say that it is easy for a private investor to move money out of a country than it is for its government is self-defeating, and also, says a lot about how our beloved club is going to suffer if the buy is finalised – that we shall be waiting for Chinese red-tape to clear our transfer kitty, our player salaries, etc, etc.

        That is not the type of change we fans had in mind!

    • This slow motion takeover is really fishy. SES doesn’t have money, but they want investors to chip in and still be in charge of the whole club? With Berlu as a honoary president? This makes no sense tho. Think about it, if some guys comes to you and offer you a club. They’re asking you to pay 750m + transfer money 400m & salary for years. But! We(SES) gets to deside how the club is run. Who in their rigth minds would accept this?

        • I can comment on whatever i want on this blog. You should stop kissing (unknown) Chinese buttocks. The bank of China said SES faked papers!. Finivest doesnt even know the name of the investors. I can make a list of Chinese companies transfering money over seas. You say this is not possible? You’re wrong. Do some research before you comment.

  9. We play a very slow game. When try speed up things it’s just long balls which we loose. And it’s been like this since Leo…

  10. I bet uncle Montella jst hate Honda,cos I don’t know y u use across as your main finishing touch plus get as many set pieces n bench your BST set pieces n across taker!cos most of our players jst plays in across without no destination or target!!! Dis is worst Dan wat I was expecting dis season!!!!

  11. I see reports that new management’s first target is Franck Kessie from Atalanta, Fassone and Mirabelli are reportedly in constant contact with his agent

  12. logically we can win this match against Bologna. They just at their low and recently got a heavy 1-7 defeat. Destro was performed poorly as well as most of their defenders. If Montela do his homework and put more effort to be more creative in term of tactic on the field, we can win this match by one goal. If not then i wont comment more on this blog until Milan open a new (more) “chapter”

  13. Most of us knew even before January when we were on top that it wouldn’t last unless we sign some much-needed reinforcements in the winter transfer market. Our squad is thin and inexperienced and it shows now. We needed new players and experienced ones if we wanted to push for that CL place.

    Our crisis of result and failure to stay at the top of the table is down to the management, be it the old or new one.

    • Agree. We do need experienced good players. Ones that have leadership skills. Maybe we even need to buy a captain,cause I don’t see one in this team. My idea is, that we need players not to young, who played in champions league. Guys like Christian Eriksen, Joao Moutinho, Thiago Alcantara, Modric,Rakitic and dare to say Marco Verrati

  14. a don’t care about anything all i want is two striker on the field(lapa/bacca)and the same one can do it alone (forza milan)

  15. I think the reason Montella is not using two man pairing up front, is that we do not have any more striker (except Cutrone) on the bench, and it could be a disaster if one of them gets injured or has to get out.
    That being said, playing with two men up front would be much better than only Bacca or only Lapadula, I agree. But this is what happens when we do not have depth in the squad. I am not sure if you can blame Montella for that particular reason.

    • We had Adriano and Niang to backup, one was sold as he was apparently also useless as a sub and the other was played out of position. Now we r stuck with two strikers, one doesn’t know how to connect to our build up and the other is connecting too much but doesn’t know how to score

      • Haha loved that bit ”one doesn’t know how to connect to our build up and the other is connecting too much but doesn’t know how to score”

        As for Adriano, he had his chance to make an impact, he could not.
        As for Niang, he still has his epic finishing skills.
        I wouldn’t trust them on bench to have an impact as strikers.

  16. I think a better formation for us is 4231. Kucka and Loca as CM. Deolofeu and Ocampos as wingers. And Suso behind either bacca or lapa. All teams now know Suso to be our main star so he becomes a threat and they send after him 2-3 players to man mark him, making him impossible to cut-in. Bit if he plays as the trequatista, he’ll be giving out penetrating passes to our striker and wingers. Against samp, he did same when he was deployed to mid. He was responsible for the pass to lapa which he missed. Kucka and Loca should be able to hold down the mid with marking. Although both mark but Loca will have to also do the creative aspects.

  17. The Chinese apparently will push hard for both aubameyang AND Aguero! Even though I doubt we’ll get them it’s nice to see they want to aim for champions. But on the other hand I’ve also heard they want Mancini to coach for next season. That overrated inter scum better stay as far away as possible. Never do I want him behind the milan bench even if he were to win every year.

    Back to this season anyways. It’s really painful to see that in the first half of the season we were in top 3, won the super coppa and looked good; and all in a month it looks like a distant dream. I know this year with 0 funds we weren’t to expect much and the youngsters really did shine but the biggest problem now is lack of depth. Once our good run of form died down, injuries occurred and players for fatigued there was nobody to replace and change things up. In the past 4-5 games our game plan has looked predictable, suso is basically man marked, the strikers can’t finish and there’s no creativity. Bonaventura whether u like him or not will be greatly missed because he would have been in place of pasalic and hes that spark we need.

    For the rest of season. I have pretty much given up on a top 3 finish, but all it takes is win today and a win against Lazio to bring these lads back on track. We know napoli inter roma and Lazio are bound to slip up as they have many times. Problem is when they do it so do milan. Need to start getting those wins and we will climb back up the table.

    On the formation. The 4-3-3 best suits the team but it seems to have stopped working. I personally don’t think we should change formation because we have clearly built a team to play that formation but Its evident how predictable it has become. Same old story we get caught off guard and one lousy mistake costs us the game. Happened 3 times in a row. We can’t always look to give it wide to suso let him beat one or two players then cross it in. When has bacca or lapadula got on the end of a suso cross? It’s the same thing Evey game and it needs to be changed. We need to be more dynamic and make different runs.

    Lastly I don’t know much about vangioni but if he gets the start tonight I hope he plays great. He can be considered a ‘winter signing’ but ever since de sciglio injury the defence has looked shaky down that side.

  18. What we need is a playmaker. Should’ve grabbed Wesley Sneijder ages ago, or at least held on to Saponara. Regarding tonight’s game, as long as Zapata stays away from the pitch I think we have a chance.

    • lmao..look at this fan. We have been in a need of a playmaker since 2009, now almost ten years later he woke up. Our entire is problem MIDFIELD. We only sign central or defensive midfielder.

      We are not allowed to sign a playmaker.. its like its against a rule. Or galliani simply lost the word playmaker in his vocabulary

  19. We need to buy saponara back hes a decent nbr 10 or wesly snijder hes old but also a decent nbr 10 even if we use him for one season and it would be fine . Second we need new midfielders .. milan badej ‘ joa mouthino ‘franck kessie ‘christian eriksen ‘ any of these would be fine because they wouldn’t cost very mutch . And finaly i think we need to sell bacca he’s a great striker but he doesn’t fit us i think if we sell him we shoud recief 20 or 25 m for him now lets say we invest that all and put another 25 on that we could possible buy sanches he would fit perfect hes fast can drible he got a good shot but if we dont get him i realy sugest laccazete from lyon he realy wants to leav lyon i think we could get him for 40/50 m and belief me he’s worth it . Lastly i think we also should grab manolas from roma i know its gonna be hard and hes not cheap but when we will recief that money from the chinees i think we should move for him . I realy hope milan is going to change in the next transfer window and buy players that are serious or als we are doomed


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