Antonelli picks up muscular injury in training, Vangioni the only available left-back for Sunday’s Samp match

Luca Antonelli during the Juventus-Milan Coppa Italia match at Juventus Stadium on the 25th of January 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Luca Antonelli during the Juventus-Milan Coppa Italia match at Juventus Stadium on the 25th of January 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Leonel Vangioni is set to get his debut start on Sunday against Sampdoria, as all the other options are injured.

In the last match of January, Milan lost both Mattia De Sciglio and Giacomo Bonaventura to lentghy injuries (the season is over for Jack) and today before the first match of February, Luca Antonelli also (re)joins the list of injured men.

As reported by Sky Italia and, the 29-year-old picked up a muscular injury in training today and he will miss the clash on Sunday with Sampdoria (kick off time is 12:30 CET / Italian time).

Since both De Sciglio and Davide Calabria are injured as well, this leaves Leonel Vangioni as the only natural left-back available for selection (Alessio Romagnoli can also play there). If Vangioni starts, which he’s expected to do, then it would be his first start since joining the Rossoneri in the summer. So far this season he has played 19 minutes.

Milan’s luck from the first half of the season seems to have run out and after three consecutive defeats in all competition, coach Vincenzo Montella also finds himself with a growing list of unavailable players.


  1. Well at least he will get a start and we can see how good/bad he is…

    It would be a shame to sell him without giving him a chance.

    Anyhow, we are crippled on the left flank.
    Could we see all new left flank with Vagnioni, Ocampos and Deulofeu? Possible.

    I hope that luck will smile to us again cause soon we wont have 11 players to use..

    • Comment: u can’t judge a player with just a match and those that have been playing regularly flop but it doesnt mean they are bad. to say a player is bad is when he plays the same disappointing game for 5 straight matches. chk if has sth disturbing him or needs more training, field him again nd plays the same way for 3 games. he is out for me.

  2. vangioni will make a differences, I have these feeling in me,he is patients and calm,I love a player with such character, I wish you all the best,stop these saying of ac Italian is killing our team, forza Milan

  3. Comment:i once said sth about trying out these players on the bench,.now see by force we have use them. natural left back benched for 20 games for natural right backs. am very sure a lot fans will conclude on him with the sunday match whc s bad.

      • He is just pretending to be injured test his worshippers’s patience…because its impossible for god to be injured

        • I never looked it that way before. Nice observation mate. I bet when the going gets tough bonadinho will show up with cans of beer in both hands to save the day, just like the stone cold did so many times in wwe smack down

  4. Im sure this is the time our competitors for Europe are waiting for bcos they know we’ve been performing great with just about 12 or 13 players.

    Its a bad time for any squad without depth and hopefully our new signings spring up positive surprise including Vangioni who is almost like a new signing.

  5. Comment:i really want to see this guy play not fair to have bench a natural left back through a half season..i hope he doesn’t flop..all de luck vaingioni.

  6. 2017 just gets better and better… What’s next, the Chinese pull out and Montella gets replaced by Sam Allardyce?

  7. Many players injured , the chinese will wait until march still doubt news , have to wait summer to buy players . My favourite club is too poor to buy players . Goodbye ucl , goodbye Europe League , good bye my beloved ac milan

  8. I know this is off topic but we should sign Simeone from Genoa in the summer What if Bacca gets injured or lapadula.I see we are getting Mastour back on July.I thunk we should give Cutrone a chance as well.The last games was really not in our favour but we are playing good football its just the first half we need to come out guns all blazing. Critizing Donnarumma is really bad for the team as he is still young and the whistles will distract him and Locatelli as well as the others.If we play everygame like we do in the second half we should come up strong against everyone and will definitely play in Europe .

    • Nobody criticised donnaruma, that fat f00l called Raiola started the fake news of donna facing criticism from milan fans,just bcos he wants him to go to juve. Milan should stop doing business with Raiola.

  9. I watched niang match against arsenal that is 2 good nd this prove that he will be a vary good player in years to come pls don’t sell him Milan.
    Forza Milan

  10. Martin Caceres has just signed an 18 month deal with us.

    I’m ok with him coming for 6 months to cover until the summer but a player on high wages for 18months? Come on, Galliani really had to leave his stamp with a stupid deal before he walks out the door!

    I’m only guessing Caceres demanded the stability of an 18 month move so he wasn’t without a job come the summer. Lets hope he does a good job anyway.

    • Considering caceres can play as full back and cb, i’d say its good catch if its true. All the best caceres

    • Really? Is it official? He can play anywhere in defence and even as a defensive mid. He is really injury prone, but when fit he is very good, so if it’s true, Im looking forward to it!

      Edit: I googled it, and it checks out, he will apparently have his medical tomorrow to check his fitness and see if it will be worth signing him or not. If everything clears then he will join us.
      We should have signed him in the summer so he could’ve had a solid pre-season. We’ll see what happens.

      • Yes I never know why Galliani left him in the summer.

        I really hope for belotti and bernardeschi this summer.

  11. Why are we not talking about our major problem which might get worse if things are not change. It’s obvious that fatigue is the reason for all this injuries. before Sunday match, I felt suso and kuka might get injured, not knowing it was the other flack were going to be doom. Some please tell Mr Montella this player need a day break to cool off. The legs are just to heavy and over run.

  12. This guy has been without a club since last season that says everything so no im definetly not happy with this signing the guy has problaby regressed alot and will take much time to get into shape i dont see this helping Milan

  13. I don’t knw why galliani always like to bring Milan down when he sees the right thing to do why didn’t hw bring ronochia of inter Milan b4 he joined hull city last week

    • You complain about Galliani always bringing Milan down and then want him to sign Rannocchia?
      Interesting train of thought brother!
      Just for the record, Caceres injured is probably better than Rannocchia, unfortunately for him, he seems like a good guy but his career hasnt gone exactly how it was predicted. Was seen as the more talented between him and Bonucci during their Bari days, and well.. we’ve all seen how their careers have turned out.

  14. Even in Bari it was clear that Bonucci is better. Ranocchia was well covered in defense and I am lazy to check but pretty sure they overhyped him because he gave more goals than Bonucci.Milan was interested in him, but pulled out easy. Now Caldara looks similar to Bonucci but as I can see we lost that one too.

  15. Deja vuuuu..

    I said if before, i say it again. Montella = Allegri by INCH.

    Remember how fans defending allegri for 3 years? Oh we have 2 players injuried, that why we finished 8th, its not allegris fault.

    Remember that? Well, here we go. Oh, its not montellas fault. Bonavenutra is injuried, MDS is injuried, oh and oh and oh montella.

    But just keep one thing in mind before you “oh montella just before he get sacked” montella lost all the vital points when he HAD bonaventura and MDS available. Just remember that, montella didnt start droping points due injuries, just REMEMBER that before you oooh montella.. poor him.. he didnt have all his player available.

    Just remember..

    • yes he looks really good, but he will cost at least 30 to 40 million euros, which i think we cant afford even if Chinese bring in their cash…..Chinese are very shrewd businessmen they would rather spend that much money on some well established star rather than on some up coming youngsters. if deals goes through which i think it will but overnight success is hard to come by…..


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