Bonaventura requires surgery after suffering an adductor injury, De Sciglio out with right ankle damage

Bonaventura lies injured on the pitch during Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on the 29th of January 2017. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)
Bonaventura lies injured on the pitch during Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on the 29th of January 2017. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)

Huge blows for Vincenzo Montella as Giacomo Bonaventura is going to miss a few months while Mattia De Sciglio will be out for several weeks, following injuries suffered in the defeat to Udinese.

It is said that bad things come in threes and Milan suffered three big hits this week as yesterday they lost to Udinese 2-1 and dropped to 7th place in Serie A, and also lost both Giacomo Bonaventura and Mattia De Sciglio to injuries.

Bonaventura scored the goal of Milan in the opening moments but had to leave the pitch already after 26 minutes. As announced by the club through the official website on Monday, “after today’s tests Giacomo Bonaventura was diagnosed with a lesion to his left adductor longus tendon. The player will undergo surgery by Professor Sakari Orava in the coming days.”

News agency ANSA estimates that Jack will be out for roughly 4 months which would mean the season is over for him, while Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano says that Bonaventura, who has been instrumental in the team of Vincenzo Montella this season, playing both as a midfielder and as a winger, will be out for at least two months. Milan are not expected to sign anyone to replace him.

Mattia De Sciglio and Rodrigo De Paul during Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on the 29th of January 2017 (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)
Mattia De Sciglio and Rodrigo De Paul during Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on the 29th of January 2017 (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)

De Sciglio meanwhile, was badly tackled by Rodrigo De Paul (who only received a yellow and then took advantage of the fact that he ‘took out’ Mattia and scored the winner from the left side of the Rossoneri defense before a replacement came on). It was feared that his injury will be more serious but instead it has been confirmed that he “suffered an injury to his right ankle with ligament damage.

“De Sciglio’s recovery time will depend on the outcome of the tests in the next few days.” He’s expected to miss at least a month of action. Bad news for Milan – reaching Europe becomes harder.


  1. I’m reading on milannews now that Giacherini is being considered to replace him. Hope Galliani hasn’t forgotten his medications again.

    • Giacherini another poli, another bertolacci, another bonaventura, antother player who some sleeping fan will ADORE.

      Whats next? Giadinho?.. comon.. we have plenty of sleeping fans.. who will be giadinhos biggest fan here?

      • For the first time, I think you have a point.

        Think Galliani should have done better and everything to get badelj or bernardeschi. They can replace Bonaventura.

      • I have to agree with you on this one Sheva. Giac is not welcome here. At all. After the euros i had a different opinion of him. However, having kept tabs on him since. He is really nothing special. Id rather save the money and spend big in the summer

  2. I just don’t see how Milan can continue the push towards Europe without Bonaventura. Ocampos & Delofelu should make instant impact because Jack was the locomotive that pushed us forward!!!

  3. Jacks injury looks pretty serious and I wish him a speedy recovery, he’s a top guy and seems a decent person but that aside, he’s not all that good as a footballer and certainly not what a lot of fans here claim him to be, he’s a slightly above average player in a very mediocre team which we’ve become
    If you look at it, why has no other club ever made even an inquiry about he’s availability even though we only gave him like 2 million a season? If he was as good as its claimed he is then other clubs would of bombarded him with offers once they knew what we offered him!
    I think it could work in our advantage not having him available as now Montella has no choice other than to rethink he’s entire strategy as he seems to rely on him an awful lot

    • Yeah, the team is too predictable, suso need a rest or he may get an injury too, I feel like it was karma on montella, for not moving him to midfield, stubborn decisions full of ego, montella is a good coach and he may be great coaching young players but is not what Milan needs, Milan need a versatile coach montella reminds me of inzaghi every weekend the same tactics

    • How come no teams bombard Juve for Marchisio? He was scouted by United for a while but then you heard nothing more. Does that make him less classy a player? Atletico Madrid made inquiries for him, if that helps you feel more that he is a good player. Why does a player have to be courted by other teams to be regarded as a good player in some fans eyes here? Make your own assessment of the players instead.

      • It’s because their age, marchisio is a world class midfielder and no team would sell him cheap because of his age, and no team would pay it’s worth because it wouldn’t be a long term deal, heck, it could be a risky move too, player get more injuries when aging, but im sure you know that 121, remember ambrosini? he wanted to play, the medic staff told him he would get injuries, and how was his spell at fiorentina? bonaldhino is 3 years younger than marchisio, he could get interest of other teams if he was a better player, and comparing marchisio with bonaventura is just foolish, all hail lord adel bonaldhino

        • ohh and I forgot, united did signed old players like zlatan and bastian, so it makes sense that they scouted marchisio, but not all teams have this kind of money to spend in 3 seasons players.
          And we all make a good judgement on bonaldhino, I remember menez he was our top scorer, so why did the managment let him leave? and why did a lot of fans including myself got tired of him?

          • Whats this raven guy blabbering about? Milan was winning against udinese when bonadinho was still on the pitch and conceded just 5 m after he was subbed off.
            U’ll see how important bonadinho is for milan from now on until the end of thid season

        • That’s not my point. The United interest in him was a few years ago, when Marchisio was around 26-28 years old.
          And I wrote about Atletico Madrid’s interest in Bonaventura, so yes, other teams have courted him. I do not compare the two players qualities, I compare the situations which should be evident for a smart guy like you?
          And to compare Menez with Bona is also quite foolish to be honest. Comparing Menez selfishness with Bonaventura’s… please. Menez was our top scorer, but half of those goals were penalties.
          Like I said, watch the players and how they perform, and then make your assessment. Not merely their stats and what other teams who are interested or not.

          • For a smart guy you missed my point, I don’t compare I meant that some fans and myself get the same feeling on bonaldhino that we did with menez or adel taarabt, only time will tell, for some fans to feel like he is the star of the team next to bacca or donnarumma is for me to digest this mediocre Milan good for 6 place at best, more playing time for locatelli, honda did well last season, and left wing is his native position, deleafeu is very fast so yeah milan will be better without him only time will tell

          • All hail Lord Bonaldihno #10 we will no have to miss Kaka with this player who got attention from athletico Madrid like that other dude what was his name? Cerci and Torres ohh he is a Lord indeed guy can’t defend useless midfielder, he dribbles but not effective cutting inside way to predictable and he is not fast or physical enough for LW so all hail Lord boneraabt

          • It’s funny that you say that he cant defend, did you see how he got injured? He was down by our corner flag and defending a cross. Kind of ironic isnt it?

  4. Disgusting new year. Everything went so well for us towards the end of last year but this year, it’s going horrible in every possible way. Results are not going our way, incidents and refereeing decisions too, and now these two injuries to two of our most important players.

    Udinese was a game that we didn’t play well but still could have won “ugly”. That’s what the top teams do but we were just so unlucky on the second goal and what happened. A foul that absolutely deserved a red, in plain sight of at least three of the referees (main, assistant and behind the goal referees) and yet the same player scored seconds later by taking advantage of the space left by the player he had just injured. It was a rare incident in football and it happened to us.

    It’s amazing how the haters rushed out of the closet after this loss to criticize everything. You can blame Montella, you can talk shit about Locatelli or Donnarumma but at the end of the day they remain a great coach and amazing players. With Locatelli it was inevitable. The guy is only 18 and he’s playing in the most difficult position, even Xabi Alonso makes mistakes like that every once in a while. Donnarumma was not really at fault but he could have done better in these last two games “BASED ON HIS OWN HIGH STANDARDS”. They’ll bounce back stronger than ever.

    The fact remains that Juventus, Napoli, Roma and Inter have spent hundreds of millions more than us and except for Inter have their coach longer than us. It’s not wrong to wish for a top three finish, after all it’s an unpredictable sport like Leicester reminded us. So I repeat, it’s not crazy to “hope” but it’s crazy to “expect” to beat them all and finish above them. And yet we beat Juve twice already this season after a 5-year (9 match) winless run against them. So that has to count for something. Our first silverware in 6 years has to count for something, too.

    Constructive criticism is good but honestly I don’t know why some people only find their voices after a loss or when the team is in difficulty. I mean you expect that from fans of other teams, but our own fans? I don’t know what kind of sickness is this but please take a moment and think before bashing everyone and everything. Just because your most desired coach is not in charge or you just don’t like player X or Y don’t give you the right to close your eyes on everything else and start pointing fingers unfairly. I bet all the haters will shut up or will be gone again once we start winning a couple of matches. Until then, this is your time, feel free to spread your poison.

  5. too bad for them to be unavailable for the next couple of months. as they are off sidelined from the pitch i hope them had a peaceful respite and get well soon.
    about de paul tackle, i think it’s the first time montella questioned the referee decision at press conference.

  6. I am really losing hope with this team, lost it already with our management…

    Just think for a moment about a team of players we have and are good, players we sold and players from our Primavera and combine them for our starting 11 in, let’s say formation 4312

    Darmian Silva Romagnoli De Sciglio
    De Jong Locatelli Bonaventura
    Aubameyang Zlatan

    A bit of patience, not a lot of money invested and all we needed to do is keep some of them…

  7. The squad has no depth! Did you all believe the fine run of form can go on until the end of the season? With only one good starting 11? Common ! gimme a break!


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