Montella: “Coppa Italia one of our objectives, Torino a well-coached side, there will be some changes in the XI”

Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello (
Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello (

Vincenzo Montella has said he would’ve preferred an easier opponent for tomorrow’s Coppa Italia and discussed the idea of playing with two strikers.

Milan will be playing the first of two consecutive encounters with Torino tomorrow at Stadio San Siro as they host the Granata for a Coppa Italia Round of 16 match at 21:00 CET / Italian time.

“We care about the Coppa Italia, it’s one of our objectives this season and we’re only thinking of this match. It’s just one leg so we have to play it like it’s a final,” Montella said in today’s press conference and MilanTV interview. “As a player, I never won the Coppa Italia… I was in the final with Fiorentina and then the following year we were knocked out in the semi-finals.

“Torino? I would’ve preferred a more affordable match because moving forward in competitions is always nice. We want to do well also because we have to remember that making into the final of this competition, last campaign, gave us the opportunity to play and win the Supercoppa in Doha.

“It will be a difficult match against a well-coached side that has great potential. Their midfield is very technical and up front they are very mobile. They’re a difficult opponent and we’ll give 100% in order to prevail. Facing them twice in just a few days means there won’t be any alibis on Monday’s match.

“The first league match against Torino? The penalty save of Donnarumma against Belotti may have given us certainty. Since that game, we have grown a lot. We care about this match and the Coppa Italia. Torino are well-trained and tomorrow we will have to play at 100% to win. They have a fine attack with a lot of depth especially with Belotti, but we will be good at closing down their lines.

Vincenzo Montella talking to the squad during training (
Vincenzo Montella talking to the squad during training (

“The Milan squad? Since the first day I saw a team with a great desire for redemption. From the first day, I was optimistic, I saw how the team trained and therefore I’m not surprised by the performance of the players, who can do even more. The formation? I usually always play with the same one. It also depends on what you want to do and the players that you have available. The team is doing well.

“The starting XI against Torino? There will be some changes, but no huge turnover. There will not be more than one change per position, I do not think that we are a team of only 12 regulars as some would say. I try to play as many people as possible. Playing with two strikers? On Sunday, we played higher up the pitch, played shorter and were more compact, and we had 29 shots on goal.

“Cagliari did not create almost any chance. I think we played a great game, which was then decided by our two forwards [Lapadula and Bacca]. We can always decide to change the game plan, but it’s a stretch because we only have 2 strikers in the squad, since Luiz Adriano is about to leave.

Giacomo Bonaventura, Carlos Bacca, Mattia De Sciglio and Davide Calabria during training at Milanello (
Giacomo Bonaventura, Carlos Bacca, Mattia De Sciglio and Davide Calabria during training at Milanello (

“Patrick Cutrone [the Primavera striker is called-up for the match – see the full list here]? He trained with us today, as did [Primavera forward] Zakaria Hamadi… There are lots of good attackers in our Youth Sector, so we have different solutions. The team creates a lot because there’s an extra player in midfield and maybe with two strikers up front less balls would come forward.

“There is a healthy competition between Bacca and Lapadula. Carlos’ goal on Sunday was important and he demonstrated his value. It wasn’t easy to score, he was lucid. Bertolacci? He’s player important games against big opponents and has proven to be able to do different roles in midfield.

“Bertolacci shouldn’t have to prove anything. He’s our all-rounder since he has played as playmaker as defensive midfielder and in a more offensive position. The injured players? Antonelli didn’t train yesterday due to slight fatigue while Romagnoli has a fever. Kucka is definitely recovered.

Jose Sosa during training at Milanello (
Jose Sosa during training at Milanello (

“The team? These boys are on the rebound, and I hope to convince them that there’s still room for improvement. It’s hard to point at just one player that surprised, many have grown a lot… If I have to choose a name, then I would say Abate who is the current captain and is doing very well.

“The transfer market? I always discuss the market with Galliani, it falls to me to say what we need technically but I must always take into account the financial aspect. If there is chance we will improve the squad, but I would be happy if the group remained as it is.

“Marco Storari [Milan’s first signing]? I’ve known him a long time, our choice was primarily to send Gabriel to play and then we learned of this possibility. Marco knows the environment and despite his age he has great desire to play. He can be important both on and off the field and give us a hand.”

Probable XI: Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Gabriel Paletta, Gustavo Gomez, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka, Andrea Bertolacci, Jose Sosa; Suso, Gianluca Lapadula, Giacomo Bonaventura.


  1. This means Montella doesnt want to win this game, his speech a copy of allegri.

    Allegri in the press, the talked 40 mins about the opponents ” lecce is a fantastic team, they have won this, they are very dangerous, we have respect for them, the coach has done a fanstastic job, they have this player who is on fire and BLA BLA BLA BLA

    40 mins he talked about the opponent. Then his own team 2 mins: Well, milan, we have some problems we have to work on, but we have a spirit, we have HUGE CHARACTER (allegris favorite sentence) Then we he will talk about the opponent again. Lecce wont be easy, they… their coach.. their player…

    Thats how you show your mentality. Stupid lineups changes for NO REASON just like montella.

    Biggest issue with allegri and montella is, they focus too MUCH on the opponent rather their OWN TEAM

    • No, that is how you put pressure on opposite team. Man, you either always search for lame excuses to whine or you just ain’t bright enough to figure this one out.

    • Torino have a good squad especially in belottI and they’re coached by miha, so it’s fair to talk about the opponent since they’re good. Besides, I don’t know what interview you were seeing because he talked a lot about the squad and he shouldn’t, so that the opponent don’t know what to expect. The market is still on and looks like delafeu is a done deal, so hopefully we’ll be able get a midfieder too to inhance the squad

      • as long as we dont value the importance of a creative midfield, we will get NOWHERE.

        At the very best, winning coppa or qualifying for europa league. Thats it, winning CL? not even in the dreams.. its not about money, its not about our players, its not about the coach.

        Its all about right tool in the right place in the right time. And sadly galliani is CEO of that

        As i said before. We have a broken transmission but we keep chaning brakes and engines and hoping that would solve the issue. As long as the mechanic dont realise the tranmission is broken and we need to find options, that car will not run smoothly.

    • My God LoL

      The reporters always ask the coach’s opinion of the opponent (Torino here) before a match.

      And there isn’t even any drastic changes in the line-up. Abate had a nasty bruise from the previous game so Calabria is in. Romagnoli is sick and unavailable so Gomez is in. Lapadula is not really worst than Bacca. Kucka and Bertolacci are first choice midfielders. So there’s really only Sosa.

      Do you even think before you type?

    • All those sentences u wrote is cute and all sheva but would u be so kind as to retell us mere mortals: who scored for milan in supercoppa vs juve 2 weeks ago?

  2. Great line-up but Suso is going to burn at this rate. We really need a back-up in his position. Even Jack is playing a lot and will get exhausted at some point, specially if we qualify to the next round in the Coppa.

  3. Forza Milan. Potential Clash with Juve awaits…really hope we sign Defeulfo, excuse the spelling and he score on his debut against Juve.

  4. Look there’s no need to turn on ourselves.. Obviously we need reinforcements but seeing as the takeover isn’t going to happen on time all we really need this Mercato is a quality winger who can give niang competition as well as back up Suso.. There really is no sense in signing a bunch of average loan players who will mess with the balance of this team… We have the third best defensive unit.. We are lacking goals though mainly bcoz Bacca ND niang aren’t playing to well at the moment..

  5. Gustavo Gomez’s little Serie A experience may be risky against an on form Belotti and that’s my only fear but i pray he has a fantastic game because he has shown some great improvements in his last game.

    Like @Kourosh mentioned, Suso could get burned at this rate and our management must help Montella to keep this Milan going, a smart loan like that of Deulefeu could help.

    All the best to our guys tonight and FORZA MILAN

  6. I do not believe Milan will sign a winger in the winter window, which is why Patrick Cutrone has been added to the squad for this match. Perhaps there is a faith he can perform well enough to join the first team, such as others have. Milan want to look at their academy first before spending money they do not have yet


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