Official: Storari joins Milan until the end of the season, Gabriel extends his contract and goes to Cagliari on loan

Marco Storari holding the Milan goalkeeper jersey after signing the contract at Casa Milan on the 10th of January 2017 (
Marco Storari holding the Milan goalkeeper jersey after signing the contract at Casa Milan on the 10th of January 2017 (

Marco Storari is the first signing of Milan in this January mercato, as he arrives in a swap deal with Gabriel who is joining Cagliari until the end of the season.

The deal seemed already done, and then appeared to be on the verge of getting called-off; but it can now be said officially: Storari joins Milan until the end of the season with Gabriel heading to Cagliari.

“Milan announces to have signed Marco Storari until 30th June 2017 while Gabriel has joined Cagliari Calcio on a loan-deal until 30th June 2017. Gabriel has also renewed his contract with the club until 30th June 2019,” a statement on the Rossoneri’s website reads on Tuesday evening.

Gabriel and Storari underwent the medial at the La Madonnina clinic this afternoon and later signed the contracts to make the swap official. This is Storari’s second term with the Rossoneri as the 40-year-old previously owned by the Rossoneri from 2007 to 2010, making 10 appearances in total.

“If I expected to return to Milan? No,” Storari, who was Gianluigi Buffon’s back-up at Juventus from 2010 to 2015, told reporters. “If I feel that I’m leaving Cagliari with my head held high? I did what I had to do. I’m sorry that it ended this way. No I have a new adventure in front of me. Milan was the right choice? It’s a thing that was born by chance… Cagliari didn’t want me anymore. [Milan #1-choice keeper] Gianluigi Donnarumma? He’s surprising everyone, he has a great future ahead of him.”

Gabriel during training at Milanello (
Gabriel during training at Milanello (

Upon leaving Casa Milan after signing the contract to go to Cagliari, the 24-year-old Gabriel, who joined Milan from Cruzeiro in 2012, said: “I am happy with this new adventure. Milan remains in my heart, but we’ll see what happens in July. I am happy now and thank the club for giving me this opportunity. I haven’t spoken to [Cagliari coach Massimo] Rastelli yet, as it was all done so quickly.”

Milan’s next (and apparently only) objective for the rest of the market is to sign a winger. They are still waiting for Everton’s answer regarding Gerard Deulofeu who Milan want on loan with option.


      • Is it really what we need? Galliani give out players for free and cant even make 1 loan signing and we are almost in mid january. Juve,inter,napoli etc … can all get top players on loan but milan? No. If it was juve that asked for deufoleo on loan everton would hv given him longtime. I am just waiting for the day that Galliani would leave. Experience my ass, donna is a world class keeper and i think storari should learn from donna and not the other way round. A national team 2nd choice keeper you are asking to learn from a gabage.

  1. Please let Donarunma have the no1 jersey. This move is a step in the right direction as it will allow Gabriel gain ample seria a experience .I hope we are able to tidy up some low profile but highly productive deals as we have no hope for major signings until our sale details are completed

    • ‘I hope we are able to tidy up some low profile but highly productive deals’ are you implying these low profile players go to China? as i really dont see a ‘highly productive deal’ for these guy in this days football, clubs have become wiser… just wondering what we were thinking when signing Sosa, another average, really didnt upgrade the midfield, hoping Mati proves himself anyway.

  2. It will be good for donnarumma to have someone with experience behind him. And its very good for gabriel who will finaly get some matches under his belt. (hopefully) as he did not play at Napoli. If he develops milan can earn some money on him.

  3. Some people on this are ridiculous, Storari is being signed as a third keeper, an experienced keeper to provide direction to Donnarumma and Plizarri. He’s not here to take the number 1 spot. And it gives Gabriel a chance to prove himself as a first choice keeper.

    • Lol yep exactly. People say “it’s good Gabriel will get playing time but why sign storari we have donnaruma and plizarri!!”

      As good as they may be and as fantastic as donnaruma’s attitude and mentality may be, they are 16 and 17…. they have ALOT to learn. Wtf does it matter anyway? Gabriel wasn’t going to play all season, and storari won’t play all season either. (Possibly coppa italia)

      Let’s face it Gabriel’s future is NOT with Milan and never has been with donnaruma’s emergence. He will get consistent playing time and maybe drive his price up a bit for a profit.

      It’s almost as bad as the people who want to play with two strikers up top but also want to sell niang, so you know, we have zero substitutes for the striker position.

      Unfortunately, there are many people who talk while having no idea what they are talking about, hence why sheva’s comments actually get likes.

    • Why do we have a goalkeeping coach for, if we need Storari? He is so good that not even Cagliari wants him anymore.

  4. Pathetic. I remember milan offering him to juve for free because buffon got injured playing against milan. While i’d never wish harm to anybody, what milan did showed extreme case of inferiority complex, especially considering how juve always behave during mercatos.
    Hell, i understand that 2 young reserve gks need playing time but why storari as replacement? Didnt this garbage reject milan not too long ago?

    • And even on another occasion, we offered and loaned them Abbaiti after Buffon got injured but I don’t see it as inferior mentality, it’s just good relations. Milan were on top back then.

      • Good relation? With juve? Damn mate. Maybe thats why milan gave juve pirlo for free too right?
        Milan were top class but so were those cheating asshats.
        Put it this way, would madrid offer their reserve players to barca to help them cope with their injury problems or vice versa? More importantly, would juve do same favor to milan? Maybe they could offer rugani, pjaca, bentancur all in one basket next mercato like when they gave alex “il pinturicchio” matri years ago, right?
        I dont know about u all but i always remember 6-1 drubbing that practically sealed baresi illustrious career every single time i think about juve.

        • Well, Real and Barca are enemies. I always considered Juventus a rival, not an enemy. That’s Inter. I think this is also the mindset of the club.

          I don’t know man, I thought it was a classy move by Milan. Serie A is one of a kind.

    • I watched Villareal-Barcelona a few days ago and I have to admit, that guy Musacchio looked like one hell of a defender.

  5. i promise you fans these management will still give us a special transfer like Dida,van der sar or the likes of jay jay okocha


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