Report: Galliani tells Fininvest that he will leave Milan after the ‘closing’, could work full-time in Lega Serie A

Galliani before Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on the 22nd of September 2015. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)
Galliani before Udinese-Milan at Stadio Friuli on the 22nd of September 2015. (Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images)

Adriano Galliani has reportedly already told Silvio Berlusconi and others that he will leave Milan after 30 years once the sale to the Chinese is completed.

November will be the month that marks the end of Silvio Berlusconi’s ownership at Milan and it seems that it’s almost official now that while Berlusconi will stay as an Honorary President, current VP Adriano Galliani will be saying his goodbyes.

Galliani has been working for Milan since 1986 and according to today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, Uncle Fester has already communicated to Fininvest that he will not work for Milan once the Chinese take over. Moreover, he’s not expected to take any other role in one of the companies owned by Fininvest, as he prefers to work in football.

While Friday’s edition of Leggo claims that there is a minority among the Chinese investors wishing to keep Galliani in the club, the pink newspaper writes that Adriano, who has a contract with Fininvest to 2009, could go work full-time in the Lega Serie A of which he was already President from 2002-06.

Galliani has already assured that until the closing nothing will change for him and he’ll definitely be there for Milan-Pescara on Sunday afternoon, on which you can bet on the Best Betting Websites.


    • How could you get thumbs down for that?

      Meytar, you really need to clear this forum from people who are on drugs. You must let us know WHO thumbs down, and WHO thumbs up. Just like facebook. Its so coward to hide behind thumb downs.

      I mean really, who ever thumb that comment down, CLEARLY isnt a milan fan. First of all Meytar, you should ONLY be able to vote if your are a memeber of this forum. Secondly we must see whos voting for what.

      If you dont install that feature, this blogg will turn into a circus. Many accuse me for this and that when im ONLY stating facts. Facts like, bonaventura can not be our best player when he simply cant even shoot a ball. Thats wrong, I get that we have to deal with our current players, but bonavenutra is NOT part of any future plans. He doenst have the quality to play in an CL final.

      Meytar, get into it. Let us know whos thumbs up and down.

        • This is how BRAINWASHED some people are.

          I didnt mean the thumbs down on my comment i meant Khalid H. Saads comment, who seriusly thumbs down a comment like that?

          You thumb down on him because he said he hopes maldini to return? Who should return? Do want bonaventura quit football and be director of milan instead? Or do you want LVG?

          Who better than maldini??! When seedorf became coach, everybody said.. he doesnt have the experience blah blah, well he came. And he was better than allegri, brocchi, sinisia, inzaghi combined! and seedorf didnt even have a pre-season time with the sqaud.

          He had love for this club, thats why he said 75% of the squad INCLUDING monty arent milan material. Guess what? HE WAS RIGHT.

          Would any other coach say that?? Inzaghi had some experience in coaching, did he ever say anything like that? Noo.. did Allegri?? did sinisia?? They ALL were puppies.

          Im not saying seedorf was the best coach, he wasnt, but we actually started to play football again when he came. It was fun to watch the games, no matter win or lose.

          • Would u, as a leader, tell anyone outside the group u lead that 3/4 of ur group are not good enough? Im sure seedorf expected confidentiality from the ultras but what he did was a betrayal to his own players.

          • I guess some people on here cannot read…he was not talking about his comment…

            Personally, I thumbed up, because yes, i would love to see Maldini in our management…by thumbing down you are dissing Maldini not Sheva.

      • Who gives a shit about thumbs up/down. What kind of adult begs for approvals from complete strangers on internet.
        The major problem of this sheva boy is that he lets something way beyond his control (the god given human autonomy to decide) determine/control his mental wellness thus he gets mentally raped when someone has different view on something.

        P.s. Bonadinho is main freekick taker of milan (scored some nice fk goals too) and most of his shots are saved by GKs so its a fact that he can shoot. Better than boateng at least

          • Yes and no. If he got a proper hit, sure. But his shooting was as inconsistent as his general game play.

          • Well, i wouldnt make boateng a freekick taker. Thats for damn sure.
            As for his shots in open play, for every goal he scored, he made at least 20 shots which were way off the bar. Its dangerous to the tifosi behind the goal really
            I only brought up boateng because of sheva btw

      • You make very important points sometimes but you also spoil it along the line with insults on your fellow fans and i think thats why you get thumbs down. drop your point and learn how to tolerate others views!

      • I thumbed you down for this comment.

        People can have different opinions and that’s their choice.

        What kind of human being cannot accept that? Pretty certain people have been supporting Milan before you were born considering your a Sheva Fanboy.

        Anyway I am sure we all love Maldini but Milan should come first for a true fan.

        Whether Maldini comes or not is his choice and he has made it apparently.

        Only a silly fan will think Galliani is useless. Yes he made mistakes but he has been one of Milans best assets in 30 years, even Carlo has said that Galliani can do no wrong (in Carlo’s eyes).

        Did you read Galli give him credit for the current Youth system?

        Most of you cursed Kucka when he was bought and now Praise him.

        Uncle Fester may have made MANY mistakes but none of you bleed Milan more than he does. Simple.
        Have some respect.

      • I would down vote that. I respect and love Maldini he is my childhood hero, and I grew up watching him being one of the best defenders of our time but replacing Galliani??? How you are sure Maldini has the skills and personality to do such a massive job without experience???
        So, in s democratic world where people can express their opinions freely you should also look on the pros and cons. Relax, take it easy and no need for drugs talk

      • I hope you reralize everyone here is a Milanista and has the right to their own opinion. If you can’t take people disagreeing with a certain opinion then I suggest you stick to facebook.

    • This is great news!. Can’t wait to see the back of Galliani. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      It’s Braida and Leonardo who was responsible for the best transfers during Berlusconi era. From Van Basten to Shevchenko and Kaka.

      Raiola was responsible for bringing Ibra, Robinho and Balotelli who are all his clients.

      Galliani signed nothing but crooked players like Ronaldo and retirees like ronaldinho and Essien and garbage players Urby, Taiwo, Birsa, and that LB from Leece.

      Galliani is overrated . Check the facts. He has signed some of the worst players to wear the Milan shirt.

  1. This is good news???? His 30 years tenure, i rate him 7 out of 10 and this is even after taking into consideration of the turmoil of the last few years. You want Maldini to take over his position???? Maldini has 0 experience in management. Do you know what you are talking about. Maradona was the world best player but his Argentina was disastrous at world cup. Alex ferguson was an average player but he was the best manager of all times. Maldini is our legend of legends but he is totally unproven at management level. I hope the Chinese can persuade him to stay but i doubt he would as it would be weird to stay on in a job if you are like sort of being demoted after 30 years of service. I wish you all the best Galliani. Love you

    • Maldini wouldnt give/allow pirlo to juve (specially for free)

      Maldini wouldnt sign players like essien, muntari, poli, bertolacci, agazzi, silvestre, zaccardo, traore, constant, acerbi, torres, cerci, destro, bojan.

      Maldini wouldnt say T.silva will stay 99.99 %, and next week be sold

      Maldini wouldnt lie us up to the face and saying selling t.silva and ibra was due FFP rules.

      Yes CK, maldini doenst have the experience BUT he has the heart. You are one of those braindamaged fans im repeatedly talk about. We can have different opinions, that cool. You like red, i like blue. Thats fine. But you are not stating an opinion, you are stating that you are blind, naive, optimistic fan.

      I would LOVE to know, where you come from, how old are you, and WHAT do you to for living. I think that answer would explain your post.

      • I agree with you about maldini actually but you really should show other people some respect. I get you’re pissed about mediocre people in Milan, I am too but just vent your anger without insulting anyone and everything would be fine here

      • essien, muntari, poli, bertolacci, agazzi, silvestre, zaccardo, traore, constant, acerbi, torres, cerci, destro, bojan.

        Other than bertolacci, i don’t think anyone cost more than 3 million. Why don’t you talk about kucka suso menez donarumma locatelli romagnoli paletta etc.

        Galliani was sandwiched by Berlusconi. No funds yet unwilling to give youth a chance as he wanted champion league football. Galliani was just a scapegoat. I still have high esteem for Berlusconi as 4 to 5 years of dismay performance doesn’t erase 25 years of relentless love and money from him.

        Sheva you are just pathetic. W/o funds and aiming for CPL spot, sheva seems like you don’t have enough intelligence and EQ to see what’s going on.

        I agree that Pirlo was a huge mistake. Even though it was Allegri’s suggestion, but Galliani as a CEO could have overturned this. In conclusion, Galliani merits by far outweighs his demerits.

          • History counts for nothing but 25 years he did reasonably well. Last 4 to 5 years except last year, there is basically 0 funds. I think smaller clubs were spending more than us. How can you judge his work base on very cheap players and free transfers. Some work some didn’t. I don’t think Diego lopez Menez (don’t really like menez though) were bad buys. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys. I don’t know why he is being blamed for everything

          • No, if u followed milan u’d he has done badly for 10 years. No stadium plans, bad transfers even when he had money (bonera, gilardino, favalli, oliveira), bad harmony with his own mgmt, key players and other teams, calciopoli etc. His time is done

      • Lmao! You are a prophet now?

        How the hell do you know what Maldini will do?

        We know nothing about what he will do.

        We are all just speaking emotionally.

      • Sheva one thing you shouldnt try is to do sound smart when you arent… You’re pointing out all those things because you’ve seen their results. As much as we all agree NOW that letting Pirlo go was a huge mistake most of us on this blog were happy when he left each for his own reasons (I remember some of the comments)… Many of us here and you in particular cried for the signing of Cerci when he was beasting with Immobile. My point is quit trying sound smart saying Maldini wont do this because neither will any regular person (and that’s only because we’ve seen the results) some mistakes were made selling Sapo and Cristante but do you see those mistakes being repeated? Maldini or not whoever comes now will not make the same mistakes that B and G and Co. did… Donna, Loca, Calabria and Co. will only leave for 100m now that we’ve wisened up… Your opinions are yours, your only problem is you expect your opinions to be the ultimate, to be facts… when opinions are motivated by so many factors eg personal preferences… Now look at you crying like a lil girl who’s candy was taken by a bully because we thumb you down to show our disagreement. If you post something like a person who is thinking with a sound mind and I AGREE with I’ll thumb you UP if the opposite is the case (which it mostly is ) expect the opposite… If neither expect none… Simple dynamics mate

      • Sheva, Please just move on. And stop trying to intimidate anybody with senseless questions. Who are you?? The fact that you like noise making doesnt make you love Milan more than Silver, Lupo or a 10yr old kid. You are sounding more and more like a child. pity I used to like reading your comments but your outburst of today is doing you more harm than good. Just keep quiet and move on

    • I’d give galli 8/10 just for old times’ sake. There was a long period when he really was the best football ceo. To me that period stopped in 2005. So i disagree with u ck, i think there is an end to everything and this is it for galli.
      Regarding maldini, judging by his comments and fact that he owns a fairly successful new club, i think he knows what he’s talking about and most importantly, what he’s doing. Its sad he cant join new project but life and love will find a way, to quote jurassic park.
      Regarding alex ferguson, yes he’s been massively successful but i dont think he deserves the title best manager ever. Firstly, he never revolutionized football. His tactics were very basic and he was constantly outsmarted by opposite coaches who were on his level; it was his extreme drive to win that took mu to where they are now. Secondly, i think aside from 2007/08 season, his mu never looked like complete world beaters. ’96/97 mu were close but thats it. In their treble winning season, MU got outclassed by arsenal, bayern, lazio, palmeiras, and pretty much every team they played against in 1st club world cup. So no, he’s not the best manager ever. Why are you selling guys like milan’s very own sacchi or michels so short mate?

      • Oh well, he won 2 champion league with an average squad. That time, Man U wasn’t really a big spender and EPL was way behind Serie A.

        As for Galliani, i believe he still has a lot to offer to Milan. I am not saying that he should be offered a CEO role, but his experience and track records will be useful to us. Prolly an important role in the new management but not to the extend of being a CEO.

        As for maldini, he wants the final say in signing of players. I really have no idea how successful his American club is but I believe (from the interviews) he doesn’t have an active role in this American club. So whether this club is successful or not, he did not contribute much. Therefore, giving him the final say, in my eyes is a definite no no.

        Yes someone mentioned that Maldini should be given the chance. He was given the chance but he rejected it because he wanted to have the final say pertaining to signing of players. 0 experience and you wanna be the top dog, seriously no way.

        • Ferguson was always a big spender mate. Stam, yorke, van nistelrooy and especially his signing beyond 2000 were mostly expensive. 2 ucl (1 by pure dumb luck, the other by comedy by john terry) in almost 30 years in charge isnt good enough record to me. His mu were always big fish in small pond, almost always get bullied when facing worthy opponents, an english juve.
          Regarding maldini, ive written my view on him. Too bad the new owners and maldini couldnt compromise.
          As for galli, i think he’s made way too many mistakes in his last few years and i think its time to breathe fresh air

        • Maldini is a co-owner in Miami FC. Miami FC is a NASL team (Like Serie B in Italy) not a MLS team. We don’t really know if it is a fully professional league because even the MLS, we see very few talented player but most of them are retiree players from Europe or average players from the Hispanic communities in the USA. Therefore, it’s not enough to say Maldini has enough experience from there to manage a world class team as Milan which is keen to make its come back to conquer back its crown in the world.
          Just because you were a talented player or even a legend doesn’t mean you can be a successful manager or coach. Gifted students don’t automatically good teachers!

          • U do know that starting a business is way harder than just jumping on well oiled business train running smoothly on his track right?
            Maldini says he isnt doing anything right now doesnt mean he literally isnt doing anything. It means he’s just supervising his business entity in the form of football club

    • I agree with Sheva partly on this one. And I thumbed that up btw.

      You talk about experience, how would anyone have experience if you do not give them a chance?
      Galliani has done good jobs in the past. But he clearly has lost his touch and does not have much pulling power.
      Maldini, he does not have the experience you say. But yes, Maldini has the heart, and you know what? If Maldini screws up, he will at least admit he has screwed up and will take the full responsibility, count on that.
      Someone with football experience like Maldini, is more likely than not become very successful at such roles. He knows the game.

      • Nowadays, each transfer is at least 20 to 30 million. Having heart, owning up and saying sorry don’t help. Experience is accumulated. Which part of “Final say in signing of players” do you not understand.

    • Tell me what experience galliani had before he was fixed in his position? Zanetti brought in icardi and even banega listened to him more than galliani and went to inter. anybody would hv handled that position more than him.
      Pirlo to juve
      Mexes out for free
      El sha for 14m
      Matri 11m instead of tevez
      Ibra and ts33 sold
      Should i go on?

      • Pirlo to juve was Galliani’s fault

        Mexes out for free????. Mexes should be long gone. Totally rashless leaving strategic position. Older version of David Luiz.

        El shawaary for 14 million. Please go n watch roma match. He is hardly a starter. Niang has learnt to use both feet and varies his play.

        Matri over tevez. Milan was involved in qualifying round for CPL. Galliani had to wait for confirmation on CPL qualification before he could made signing. Tevez couldn’t wait and joined Juve. Matri was someone Allegri really wanted.

        Ibra and TS sold. What has this got to do with Galliani???? The club was losing money and players had to be sold to balance the book.

        The only question that I really want to ask Galliani is that why he didn’t build Milan into a successful business model like Man U and etc. I do believe this is related to Berlusconi’s love as well as in, Milan is not a business, Milan is my precious baby.

        • Icardi is a joke. I am not saying Zanetti is bad just because he brought in a bad player. Anyway Benega wouldn’t have joined Milan even if Galliani went on his knee because at that point of time, nobody knows if the club would be bought over by new investors or not. Don’t expect players like Benega to join us.

          In Benetia’s interview, he said that Montella contacted him before he signed for Juve. Montella told him to wait for the Chinese owners but Benetia couldn’t wait that long. A player’s career is about 13 to 15 years. A contract is between 4 to 5 years. 1 wrong move can be rather fatal as it is almost 1/3 of your career

          • The thing is mate, say all u want about galli but the fact is milan are at least 8 years behind juve.
            Galli was never known as good at mgmt. All he’s good at was making fantastic transfer deals and i think we can agree that he’s lost that precious skill so i think there’s no point for him to stay. I dont even think ex-ceo like him would want lowly position in new mgmt when not even newbie like maldini would

          • How much experience do you have in signing players and football administration and all, ck?
            If you are confident enough to boast all your knowledge here, you seriously think Maldini would do worse?
            So many guys suggest very good additions, cheap additions but quality players on this blog, and you think Maldini is so dumb that he will not recognize how much money he can spend? He will splash 40mil on Kondogbia?

      • Lmao!

        Most of us complained about the oldies in Milan and we begged for young blood. Milan decided to follow the Arsenal tactics of not offering more than a years contract to players over 30.

        Pirlo didn’t want this and left.

        We are only complaining in hindsight because he was successful at Jude. He has now left as well. There is an end to everything. The same Galliani bought him the in the first place!

        Hindsight is easy, it’s foresight that makes you king.

  2. Woow I have said before that I wish he leave but actually I don’t want him to leave, deep down in our hearts we all love him for all the happiness he has brought to us all this time.last Sunday was a testimony for his love and passion for Milan.Seeing him celebrate like the way he did brought tears to my eyes.Uncle Fester is a LEGEND.

        • To lose something u have to possess it first mate
          Also, didnt this slime laughed at my inappropriate boko haram joke

          • This goes beyond any milan topic blog site Sheva. I am sorry, but please keep it to the topic of milan.

            Milan and that statement are too far from each other. Change your attitude please.

        • Sheva, whoever u are, it’s obvious dat u think u are Milan coach or dat u brought everybody to dis blog! U must learn to respect d opinion of others even when it is wrong, dats y dis isba forum. I love it comments n atimes too u are wrong. Maldine has said he is not interested, we HV to respect dat. Dis is Milan dat we have, bona is good, with some little motivation dis team can achieve greater things. Nobody gave Leicester a chance with average players, dey went on to win d EPL n are doing fine in d champions league, I support Milan n hope dey do well even with what we have at d moment. Don’t forget, man utd bought pogba for 100m n yet dey were spanked 4 nil over d wknd, dats guts

    • Nope, I don’t want him to leave because i believe he still have something to offer to Milan at present and in near future (prolly for the next 3 ton5 years). Nothing to do with his celebration and 30 years of service.

      Nobody lives in history. Other than fond memories and appreciation, past contribution counts for nothing. For example, a sales person should be bringing in revenue or profits that is more than his salary to justify his employment. He should be fired if he can no longer do that regardless of his past track record with the company. Hence i believe Galliani should be given a chance to stay not becase of his love and 30 years of service but because he still have the capability and experience to be part of this new management.

        • Nope. If i don’t give you money and ask you to go grocery shopping to whip out a sumptuous meal tonight. Whose fault is it???? If you have money to spend and yet your food tastes like sh*t, then it’s your fault. To me, Galliani is just a scapegoat. Berlusconi wanted CPL football w/o transfer kitty. Galliani’s role is bound to fail and take the blame

          • So, gilardino, r oliveira, bonera, huntelaar, bertolacci, washed up dinhi, boriello, matri came for nothing did they?
            Fiorentina, sassuollo and many other clubs arent loaded too but they perform way better than milan with galli as ceo. Not only that, most teams automatically reject his offers now because of his bad attitude in the past

  3. Changing times, a good VP to take us back to the top. Montella has been a breath of fresh air at the club and the players are showing it with their performances.

    Let us look forward and have the board and owners in place for the January, where we can strengthen again.

    New CB, CM, AM, CF and a winger.

    Rodrigo Caio or Rugani, get rid of Zapata and leave us with 4 good centre backs: Romagnoli, Gomez, Paletta, plus….
    Bring back Mauri, playing alongside Kucka could help him develop into a good defensive midfielder.
    Bernardeschi, Montelli is said to be a fan, italian too!
    Saponara. I think he has the quality to give our midfield the creative edge.
    Belotti, possibly a long shot but I think he’s gonna be very good. Also a different style of striker to what we have, would add another dimension.

    Signing such players woud set us up well for the future too.

    Possible starting XI for the future: (4-3-3) Donnaruma; Calabria, Caio/Rugani, Romagnoli, De Sciglio; Mauri/Kucka, Bonaventura/Saponara, Locatelli; Suso/Bernardeschi, Belotti/Bacca, Niang.

  4. You know the problem Galiani had was that he didn’t know how to find quality players that we could afford, and that’s because he really wasn’t good at spotting talents early. He only knew a player was good if he had proven himself before, even if he was old. So yeah, a guy like maldini could make a difference in our transfers because even when Milan has more money, we don’t need expensive players, we need quality Players.

    • Exactly
      If we can spot fairly adequate players, you guys think Maldini is so stupid that he can’t?
      Just makes me so pissed off.

    • If 5 million is your budget, what quality do you expect? Other than Ibra, i really don’t remember any major signings building up to last season where we signed bertolacci bacca and romagnoli. After ibra till last season, all our signings is about 5 million or less.

      Not good at spotting talent early. If your target is to qualify for CPL without transfer kitty, what would you do?? It is only recently that Berlusconi says that he wants a young italian core

  5. What do you think guys, will T.Silva come back in Milan?

    His contract is until summer and he would really be great mentor to Romagnoli and also he will be top class CB for at least 3-4 more years…

    We could probably get him for 10m in january or for free in the summer…

    • Yeah, but apparently he has a clause in his contract that if PSG qualifies for UCL, he will automatically get a one year extension, but he will be available for a cheaper price. He has been rumoured to Juve, and well, Allegri is the coach… but I doubt seeing Thiago opting for another team in Serie A other than Milan. If we manage a good position this year, hopefully UCL, then I do think that we can get him back, lets hope so!

  6. Imagine if we could buy T.Silva and Veratti for that 80m in january… What a team we would have…

    —————– Donnaruma
    — Kucka —- Veratti —- Locatelli
    — Suso —— Bacca —– Bonaventura

    I bet we could get in CL with that team…

  7. That’s. Good news galliani I have been waiting for these news for so long Yu have made me cry every season for the past five years selling our good players and buying dead woods Yu almost wasted our acedemy players and young players

  8. It’s funny, when someone here says something that Sheva doesnt like, he’s BRAINWASHED, but whenever he speaks, it’s FACTS and TRUTHS. How is “Bonaventura cant shoot” a fact? Have you seen his free kick goals? His long shot goals? Every player, once in his life manages weak shots, even if its Mesbah or Cristiano Ronaldo. No one talks as much about Bonaventura as you do, and I cant recall anyone referring to his looks here other than you? You seem to have some kind of unhealthy obsession with him.
    Your hate on Poli, I get that, but hating on Bonaventura just for the fun of it, I dont get it. He dribbles? Yeah he has the second best succesful dribble rate in serie A. He thinks his Iniesta? Its good that he is confident in his abilities, we need more players with the same spirit and attitude, and you know what? He performs. Its one thing if he doesnt, but he does. He wont perform in a UCL final? Wait until we get there, we have a long way to go, and currently Bonaventura is one of our best performers, and there is NOTHING you can do about it, except for support him and our other players, because thats what true fans do, support and hope for the best, as there is really nothing more we can do.

  9. Yes sheva does have his point that’s why the only person I really blasted was suracho but sheva is highly extreme with his thoughts and criticisms.

    Bonaventura. Yes, i agree that he can’t shoot and can’t really put in killer pass. In previous article, somebody already mentioned that bonaventura is not a zidane or iniesta. I have mentioned this before that Bonaventura is definitely not a golden ball material but does this mean you should be criticizing the same player everyday????

    And he is highly extreme in the sense that nobody is allowed to make a mistake. Montella did an experiment against Genoa which failed badly and suddenly Montella because the worst coach of the century.

  10. I just hope that this new owners and directors plan to nurture our rising stars such as Donnarumma, De Sciglio, Calabria, Romagnoli, Locatelli, Suso, Niang and let them grow together for a decade to come. They have everything to start new Milan cycle just provide them with proper environment and guidance in these delicate years. FORZA MILAN!

  11. I don’t think suso will ever be good enough. A good right winger is not a tall order so i would prefer a player of higher calibre. I have a feeling that Niang will be good enough so we need a better right wing to emulate Ribery and robben hahaha

  12. I would be smart to have Milan men like Galliani (Lega Serie A), Boban and Van Basten (FIFA) in football organisations.

    • Galli almost made milan got relegated during that calciopoli saga mate. Imagine if he had more power. He’s served milan well but i think for milan’s own good, they should sever connection with gall altogether

  13. Galliani almost got Milan relegated???? Calciopoli doesn’t exist because all teams were involved. All teams were just as guilty except the whistle blower Inter, destroyed all evidence against them. If Galliani did not get involve we will be at a huge disadvantage because he rest are all doing it. You see, the silly thing about Serie A is that they will really.investigate. i am sure such things happen in EPL esp Alex Ferguson’s Man U. But the rest of the major leagues will just cover up, sweep it under the carpet and close the case. They will not investigate to ruin their clubs as each bug club is worth around a billion

    • 1) let me get this straight. its ok for milan to be involved in criminal activity like calciopoli just because u think every team was involved? What kind of logic/mentality is that? So its ok for a student to cheat just because he thinks everyone else is doing it too? And no, just because many teams were involved doesnt mean all teams had to pay the consequences. Just like like no other teams were involved when juve were investigated for match fixing and doping allegations decades ago, or that rolex case of roma.
      2) milan wouldve been scudetti winners for 2 straight seasons by default being runner ups on both occasions if they werent involved in calciopoli. Literally nothing good came from calciopoli to milan and serie a in general (except maybe for their national team spirit playing in wc)
      3) just because u have money/power doesnt mean u can play god

  14. Some comments here shows some fans who claim to know it all actually knows nothing about managing a club.Imagine Rosso138 wanting to buy verratti and T.Silva for the whole 80mil kitty in january?T.Silva is OK for 10m and I won’t spend more than 45m on verrati.There are several talents you can get for that or even less.That’s what we have scouts for.And inbtw,Sheva,Bonaventura has bin good so far with his dribbles and dashing runs except for occasional errors.Better than Monto has bin so far.

    • Poli can also dribble.. so whats the point? Bonaventura is not a defender, hes a winger/attacking midfielder.

      Can he pass killer balls? No. Can he shoot? No Can he score? 2 freekicks

      • So, in essence, bonadinho can score 2 goals without even being good at shooting and can make assists without being able to pass? All hail Gandalventura

  15. Wait guys wait wait wait…. Forget the arguments first… Forget sheva, forget ck, forget milan10 and the rest..

    I still don’t understand the thumbs down on khalid’s comment. What did he do wrong?

  16. If everybody cheats and this is the norm in society, then it is okay. Of course you have the choice to refrain but i feel that if everybody is doing it, Galliani is just being flexible by doing the same thing in order not to be disadvantaged. Many a times, what is right or wrong is usually what is being perceived as the norm in society

    • Milan didnt need to cheat because from 2004 to 2006 they were the best team in the world, beating barca, juve, mu, chelsea, inter the bastard children, bayern and bullying liverpool in istanbul. There wouldve been 2 stars above milan badge if it wasnt for their involvement in calciopoli.
      Regarding cheating, u and i have very different point of views and i accept it as fact of life

  17. I don’t understand why Milan fans go on about Galliani letting Pirlo sign for Juve. If you look back at the situation at that time, this move was justified because he hardly featured in our Scudetto winning team. Either because he was injured or he didn’t fit in Allegri’s plan as he preferred hard running midfielders.
    And besides good teams lose great players all the time and still recover. The past two seasons Juve sold two world class midfielders in Vidal and Pogba but are still competitive.

  18. Till this very day, I’m still baffled at how Galliani stayed for this long, when it was obvious he should have left a long time ago. The moment Areido Braida left, the bubble burst and we all saw Galliani for who he really was. Galliani can go to hell for all I care…


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