Milan to sign Biabiany from Parma if no striker arrives?

The squad in training (

JONATHAN BIABIANY could join Milan if the Rossoneri’s striker pursue fails, it’s reported.

Milan are looking to sign a striker to replace the now-Liverpool-man Mario Balotelli but it’s not easy for them as they are strictly looking to get a central striker on loan. Liverpool and Tottenham refuse to let Fabio Borini and Roberto Soldado leave on loan while the Rossoneri do not appear 100% convinced by Fulham’s Konstantinos Mitroglou and are unlikely to make a move.

This leaves Milan with Fernando Torres for the #9 shirt but the player is demanding huge wages on top of a contract for 2-3 years while Milan only want to take him on loan from Chelsea and pay him €3m at most. Talks continue but are difficult.

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Liverpool, Spurs reject Milan’s loan moves for Borini, Soldado

After getting a ‘no’ from Liverpool, Spurs (who demanded Mattia De Sciglio in exchange – something that was rejected quickly by Galliani) and from Manchester City over Alvaro Negredo and with the Torres situation being complicated, Milan could change strategy. According to Sky, if Milan can’t get Torres, they could turn their intentions toward Parma’s Biabiany.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reported earlier this week that Parma want €7 million for Biabiany and Milan could offer €4.5 million plus Cristian Zaccardo (who rejected an offer from Genoa recently). In the last week there has been talk about Maxime Lestienne but there has been no update on this situation today. If Milan do sign a winger like Biabiany or Lestienne, new signing Jeremy Menez will be used as a false number 9 in which he played vs. Sassuolo in the Trofeo TIM last Saturday.

Menez is expected to play in the false 9 role on Sunday against Lazio at Stadio San Siro with Keisuke Honda and Stephan El Shaarawy on his sides. Nigel De Jong could also get a start as he trained normally with the squad in today’s session.


  1. This is so poor !!!
    At the beginning linked with good players like Martinez, Costa, …
    And at the end mediocre players will arrive!!
    Every transfer period the same shit!!
    Milan the sinking “top club” in europe!!
    And they want to reach CL! hahaha


  2. Can this get any worse? I’m tired of this market already. Why biabiany? Why not cerci, he’s not playing with torino bcs he expects Milan to make a move for him..
    Anyways i’ll judge b&g and this market when it’s over and that’s what others shld do too. Forza Milan!


    • what???! you’ve got to be kidding me. i dont think torres is such a bad idea compared to soldado, borini, pandev. but if they actually sell rami for him, i think i’ll lose my remaining 3% hope in this club.

  4. Taarabt would be better than biabiany….taarabt has the desire to join and is already familiar with milan….I don’t understand why they are looking elsewhere.

  5. So apparently, with selling Balo, we became even poorer? Up until a week ago we had money to buy Cerci, and then we sell Balo…and suddenly have less money in the bank?
    Our management knows no logics.
    We have done fairly okay with getting rid of dead weight, and now we’ll add another one who only has pace and not much more to his game. What happened to going after Cerci? Sign him and use Menez as false nine instead, now that would be an attack consisting of goals, speed, creativity and flair. And instead of signing Van Ginkel, why not believe in Mastalli and give him more playing time? It’s not like we have UCL football, this is the time to give youngsters their chance to shine.
    I believe in Pippo and that he can do great, but I don’t believe in the management anymore. Let’s hope for something good until the end of the mercato.

  6. This club has become a joke that’s not very funny. B&G are the most stuck in the past, up their own ass, senile old men that ever existed on this planet. Forza Miloan. Absolutely pathetic!!!

  7. I don’t understand how before we sold balotelli swe were going to buy Cerci and now that balo is gone we don’t eeven look to Cerci and we are instead going for biabiany?? I thought our top ppriority is a striker and now all of a sudden we have to sell rami who we just acquired this year? We shouldn’t have to sell anyone to get anybody cause they already said if we sell this and that player we gill get him. We will sell rami pretend to go after someone big then end up getting pandev and they will say tthey made a lot of sacrifices to bring him here. I’m sorry but why haven’t we sold mexes yet? He has the highest wages and it looks like he’s been dropped the past couple of weeks.

    There is absolutely no reason y we have to sell anybody to get our man and Ifind it insulting that they ccan’t get anyone, especially our man cerci after tthe sale of balo. I would have expected to buy both cerci and a very good striker after that. You guys r right, why hhaven’t milan fans in Italy called for their heads? Y haven’t they protested about what they r doing and demand something? Wtf is going on with milan!

  8. I always be milan fans however whenever whatever but now im confuse with transfer policy of milan why always “LOAN” word i heard???

  9. Ac Milan!!! D club world stars are always eager and praying they join even on temporary basis if not permanent, now turns to what an unknown upcoming kid will reject. SAD SAD SAD!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wake up fellow rossoneris,wake up!!! Lets stop dreaming. Since after the mr X saga i knew it that galliani is a big liar! People may say “put the blame on berlu for not spending and not galliani” if i were galliani and innocent of all these awkward transfer policies,i would resign to keep my integrity.

  11. Its a big shame that a player that paid part of his sign on fee bcos of the
    Love he has for this club is about to be sold to monaco(rami) SHAME ON YOU BERLUSCONI AND GALLIANI!!! YOU GUYS ARE BASSSTARDSSSSSS.

  12. Hi Galliani, if you cannot sign a good striker for us, please dont go for biabiany.. you hv to sign Cerci. Dont put money from Balo selling to your pocket.. you crazy man!!

  13. Galliani don’t know quality players. He just signs whoever he can get on loan or whoever is out of contract. This is why we have so much dead weight that no other club wants. Get rid of Galliani and Milan will return to greatness.

  14. Damne it! What’s the essence of buying Biabiany while we ve got Pazzini?? I seriously don’t understand Milan’s transfer policy again,and am getting more irritated anytime i open this Blog just to see unconvinced news always!! God,when ‘ll all this stop?!!!!!

  15. I don’t think any other clubs had sold more players than we did this summer. We were supposed to make fund for a star player. How can we even think of getting back to CL? Any mediocre clubs have more funds than we do. We used to be a team where big name players would love to join. Now a young bench warmer rejected us, and clubs like Spurs try to take advantage of our situation by offering Soldado for MDS. When did we become so poor? How could we ruin the legacy we had?
    Remember what Maldini said once? That management is destroying Milan? The rumor of selling Rami, who paid part of his fee to join Milan, is giving me heart ache.
    At the beginning of the transfer season, we had so much hope. Now I just want this window to close. B & G, please stop hurting us. Just because we love the club didn’t make us weak and prone to embarrassment. You think the TIM trophy was good enough to change your transfer policy? Well, keep dreaming.


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