Vecchi: “Lopez hates conceding goals, he can do everything”

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VILLIAM VECCHI, the Real Madrid goalkeeping coach, praised new Milan signing Diego Lopez.

Lopez signed the documents yesterday, and later this week – after the medical check-up – his move from Real Madrid will be made official. The Spaniard will be Milan’s first-choice goalkeeper in the 2014/15 season after the guarding the goal of Los Blancos over the past year and a half.

The former Milan goalkeeper and keeping coach, who now works with Carlo Ancelotti in Madrid – Villiam Vecchi – believes that Milan made a good buy, signing the 32-year-old on a four-year deal.

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Lopez puts pen to paper, signs four-year Milan contract

“Milan did a big purchase,” the 65-year-old told “Lopez is a goalkeeper who can do everything. Technically he is complete and on the psychological level he’s proven this year that he can cope well with stress. He’s an extraordinary person with only one flaw: he hates conceding goals and I saw him getting angry in training too.

“Lopez has a good grip and he pushes with both legs. He’s excellent in the air & with his feet. He’s one of the best keepers I’ve coached in my career. His main quality? His reactivity. Despite his height (1.96m), he has very fast movements.”


  1. Hating it to concede goals as a goalkeeper is not a flaw in my view, but rather a strength and a prerequisite to give and reach your best. Nothing´s worse than getting used to conceding goals and regarding it as “usual business” or part of your job.

  2. He does have a flaw, he is terrible from corners. Watched many Madrid games last season and he was always flapping at air.

    • Only flaw this website has is member like you – even if we got the best keeper in the world, you would probably complain. Give the guy some credit, he played in one of the best teams in the world and took the job away from Cassilas.

  3. Haha…that flaw…is only connotation man…not the real meaning….he just want to say Lopez is perfect….I hope that’s true Vecchi…big expectation from Milan fans to Lopez….

  4. What ever..i dont care !!! In my opinion Diego Lopez is much better than Abbiati,Agazza and Gabriel…..

  5. if he hates conceding, as long as it doesn’t make him stop trying or start taking it out on his players, its OK

  6. Sign song he is a really good player. The problem at barca is that he wants too prove himself too much. Milan doesnt have iniesta busquets and xavi, he will be more relaxed knowing he is one of the best midfielders in the team. I also think italian football is more his kind of style. Call me crazy but i rather see song and taarabt then cerci and dzemaili. Best is ofcourse cerci and song and maybe taarabt. Forza milaaan

    • Song sucks, he’s overrated, can’t defend and is too indisciplined, he can never make it in Serie A. And Taarabt instead of Cerci? Please, Menez is better than Taarabt.
      Cerci will improve the quality of our squad, and although Dzemaili isn’t world class, he’ll be good to have in our squad until Montolivo comes back.

      • song is coming like it or not, De Jong will leave as we havent had a star leave this year (except for kaka but him leaving was inevitable and forced)

          • i believe he’s saying that you/we (probably including himself) might not like song joining but the guy will somehow join, and a star will unfoturnately leave, as non has left yet (apart from kaka which is understandable).
            in milans book, every summer a star must leave and get replaced by an unwanted player like song. guess the logic is not that beyong you now 😀

  7. Lopez was training today in solo with Real Madrid.. this shows the determination this guy have.. he could be resting after signing the contract but he instead chose to to be fit and ready for the new challenge .. Forza Milan … Welcome Lopez!!

  8. Di Marzio confirmed Milan will meet Taarabt’s Agent on Tuesday, :/
    I really don’t mind him AS LONG AS we get a natural right winger, if we’re getting both(doubt it) then Niang should be Loaned to get playing time because he’s showing promise exempt the final third where he’s absolutely terrible, that way we have 2 players 4 each position in attack (honda being used as the “1” in 4312 should we convert to it

  9. Hate conceding goals is neither a flaw nor a quality for golie. It is a very common & mandatory characteristics every golie should have.

  10. After Ochoa’s performances at this summer’s world cup, I was tearing my hair out that we missed the opportunity to sign him – FOR FREE.
    Zio Fester, my wife thanks you for signing Diego Lopez as I was at risk of being as bald as you are.
    Complimenti, Signor Galliani!

  11. LOPEZ

    looks nice lineup for this year’s December.

  12. Alt. Madrid has raised their bid for Cerci from 13M to 16M to show much they need him in their squad. For me milan is not doing bad in the transfer market at less we’ve gotten 5 quality players and no milan top player that has been sold sor far. I’m hoping to see Acmilan doing very well this season….. ForzaMilan


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