Orlando: “Robinho situation to be resolved within 10 days”


ORLANDO’S PRESIDENT Flavio Augusto seems confident that they’ll be able to land Robinho, in a Kaka-type deal.

Orlando City Soccer Club signed Kaka after his Milan contract was terminated last month but he will spend the next few months on loan at Sao Paulo, until the start of the MLS season; it’s believed that Orlando are paying some of his wages.

The new American team, whose President is the Brazilian Flavio Augusto da Silva, wants to get Robinho from Milan as well and they’ve been in talks with the Rossoneri over the past few weeks. da Silva believes that a deal can be reached soon.

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“The player will have to be signed in the same manner as Kaka, I believe that situation can be resolved in ten days,” the President of Orlando told Radio Globo today. “If it were up to Robinho he’d play for Santos until the end of the year. In my opinion the player’s will always matters, but there’re also some financial considerations & there are other clubs interested.”

Santos Vice President Odílio Rodrigues addressed the Robinho issue, admitting today that they don’t have the financial strength to take the 30-year-old striker on loan: “Robinho has spent his vacation in the city of Sao Paulo. He was noticed by the fans and he has a wonderful story with Santos and he’s an idol here. But there is no chance for his return to the club. The difficulty is that he has a salary that is outside the reality of Brazilian football. Robinho’s salary (€2.5m net) is out of reach.”

Flamengo and Atletico Mineiro are also said to be interested in signing the player. Tuttomercatoweb is reporting that Tigers want to sign Robinho on loan too but his heart is set on returning to Brazil before going to Orlando. His agent, Marisa Ramos, who had two meetings with Adriano Galliani yesterday, admitted that Robinho could join a club that isn’t Santos.

Once (or if) Milan manage to offload Robinho, they’ll most likely turn their intentions to Alessio Cerci of Torino. Filippo Inzaghi reportedly wants a right winger and a left back (some say he also wants a central midfielder for depth and quality) and Cerci, as reported by Sky Italia several times this week, is the number one target. The goal for the left back role is Domenico Criscito but according to his agent, Andrea D’Amico, who’s been in talks with Milan, Zenit don’t want to sell.

“Criscito is definitely staying in Russia,” agent D’Amico told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. “Villas-Boas knows him very well, both from the technical and human points of view, and has no intention to deprive himself of the player, but rather to make him one of the cornerstones of the new team. Zenit aren’t in dire need of money. They sell players only when they are no longer useful to the technical project.” Criscito has made it very clear he wants out, but Zenit are unlikely to respect his wish.

Just like with Kaka, saying goodbye to Robinho would allow Milan to save a lot of money. Adriano Galliani has stayed in Italy and like the Brazilian attacker will not take part in the US Tour and will instead work on the market, perhaps on Criscito too.


  1. O my GOD ..I truly believe that everything is going on the right way, cuz’ selling rubbish players was our first priority …Considering our bad finance situation, my perfect Milan would be …Selling Mexes,Constant,Zaccardo and Robinho …Loaning Niang to an Italian Club(without the right to buy him) …buying a left defender and Cerci …My best lineup would be Gabriel Defence:De Sciglio-Rami-Zapata-? Mid:Monto-DeJong-Poli Att:Cerci-Balo-El Faraone

  2. Goodbye Robinho. Thanks for the good times you made us happy. Goodluck in your furure endeavours.
    Cerci will be great replacement and he is italian international (better option on the right than Honda). With Saponara & Honda push to mid field, we may not need another player there.

  3. Robinho was never a football player, he was a futsall player that is the big difference.

    Robinho is somebody who should take part in a commercial video and doing some tricks in front of the camera. Not a player you field in a CL match.

    Goodbuy Futsall player

  4. At one point robinho was considered to be the next pele. After a successful time at Real Madrid, man city (first season), and Santos I was astounded when berlu opened his wallet and splashed the cash for robinho. I actually thought we could win the champions league since we had pato, ibra, and Binho. After his first 2 seasons, Binho was one of my favorite players. However in the past 3 seasons his level of quality dropped and he became dead wood to the club. Thanks for your time here binho and I hope you and kaká can win MLS together.

    • Bc he do not fit in pippo’s tactics with fast and hard working wingers.

      And he performed poorly in the big games

  5. Hope it will be resolved even sooner, if Robi is still in Italy and his agent is working hard, then I don’t see why not this could be resolved this week.
    I read that since Criscito will probably most likely be staying, the focus has switched towards Romulo. Who can both play in midfield and as full-back. Personally, I have never seen the big deal about him, he seems like an ordinary player, nothing more nothing less. I’m fine with us just getting rid of players and if only Cerci arrives. Maybe one more player depending on various situations.
    Rather focus on our youth like Cristante and Modic, than splash the cash for another midfielder. We don’t have the money for a class player, so rather focus on molding future class players from our own ranks.

  6. Milan should get Erik Lamela, Ochoa, Criscito. And if we sell Balotelli we should get Edin Dzeko. And new midfielder. Ochoa, De Sciglo-Alex-Rami-Criscito, Poli-De Jong-Lamela, El Shaarawy-Dzeko-Menez.

  7. Milan now should make some changes De Jong should be sold as he will turn 30 and next year he will be free. But first we need to get Ochoa, than we should get Domenico Criscito so we should offer Mexes plus 5 mln for him. Than we should sell Abate. Than we need to get Sandro as new defensive Midfielder. And we should make an exchange Lamela and Kaboul with Zapata and Niang. And what else if we sell Balotelli we need to get one striker that has experience and could be very useful. As our team would be: Ochoa, De Sciglo-Kaboul-Rami-Criscito, Sandro, Montolivo-Poli, El Shaarawy-Balotelli-Menez.

  8. great news. useless player, he always was. Now replace him with the best winger in the serie a CERCI.
    cerci would be around 15 million. I dont think milan will sign criscito given that zenith wont sell him. Milan should go back to newcastle united and get santon back in exhange for constand( because constant is useless its fair to put some money along with it). In my opinion then we have a team capable of reaching a top 2 finish next season.
    formation: abbiati, di sciglio, rami, alex, santon; Dejong, poli/montolivo, honda; EL SHAARAWY,BALOTELLI,CERCI. What an attack that would be guys.

  9. i really like the fact we re linked with douglas costa – shaktar donetsk, i rate him higher than cerci, plus he is only 23. he is fast, good at dribbling, and his position is right wing. the only thing he is missing is he is untested in serie a.

    with his relationship with shaktar on the line, i dont see why uncle fester cant pull this deal up. he will be a bargain for us if he come for cheap lol

  10. I read the about the Douglas Costa rumor too. Galliani apparently had meeting with his agent yesterday in Milan and the boy was discussed. Shaktar don’t let go of their player for cheap, you would pay through your nose but i hope Galliani pulls out something out of nothing here. Douglas Costa is better than Cerci and Iturbe 100%, he has played CL and more proven just at 23 year old hence it will be a dream mercato if Milan gets him.

  11. I love we are no linked with doglas and cerci but im so afraid we will end up with Nani.

    Please galliani take one of them and not shitty old timer like nani

    • another player lost? as if milan were considering him in the first place. he’s not a free agent by the way.. so kojak cannot make this one happen. an as long as costa is not joining inter or juve, i’ll be happy if he comes to italy before the french clubs approaches him.

  12. i dont know why some people being naughty with robinho when he’s already making effords to leave and always praising the club and her fans. its important he’s aware of our plans which does not include him, unlike some other players stubborn to leave rejecting good offers. robinho thanks and goodluck!

  13. Most of you guys should show some respect to Robinho. I think it’s time he left too but his goals helped us win that first season with Allegri don’t forget.

  14. I do not c robinho leaving, not willing to lower i salery.

    Next year he will leave on a free transfer, and it would be easy for him to negotiate a higher wage

  15. @ rossoneri and @rossoneri4life pls get a sense of players. @rossoneri4life DeJong did very well last season and in the World Cup. So what if he’s 30 pirlo was older when we let him go. Ochoa May be a great keeper but he will be demanding a high salary after his performance.

    As for balotelli he just needs proper steering. Give him some time he needs to perform well after that World Cup he had.

  16. So now that we lost Iturbe, Costa is overpriced and not good in my opinion and Monaco will splash in for Cerci, who should Milan go for then? We’ll get a deadwood player such as Nani or dos Santos again. Better we keep Niang then at least he is young with potential… There are some rumours about Tony Vilenha from Feyenoord i didn’t follow him a lot, can anyone update me on him?


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