Seedorf wanted by Gala, Inzaghi or Donadoni to replace him?


CLARENCE SEEDORF’S days are numbered, if the papers are believable, and Milan are considering the replacements.

The rumours continue. Seedorf carries on claiming that all is well at the Milan camp and that his relationship with Adriano Galliani is good but the Italian newspapers keep claiming that Clarence is likely to be sacked at the end of the season.

Seedorf, 38-years-old, only took over in January after Massimiliano Allegri had been sacked and has done fairly well since replacing the Tuscan coach but the relationships with certain people within the club are what could give him the sack.

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According to today’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport, the Turkish Galatasaray have laid their eyes on Clarence Seedorf as a possible replacement for Roberto Mancini who is rumoured to be seeking a return to the Premier League. Seedorf has a contract with Milan until 2016 (salary of €2.5m net a year) so if the Diavolo fire him they’d owe him €10m, reports claim.

Part of the story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Gazzetta are insisting that the number one contender for the job, should Seedorf leave / be released, is Primavera boss Pippo Inzaghi, who recently spoke in an interview about his great relationship with Silvio Berlusconi and Galliani. It’s believed that Inzaghi will not stay with the Primavera for another year and wants to coach in Serie A (he was offered a role at Sassuolo but the club blocked the move). Another option is Roberto Donadoni, who’s done a good job at Parma this year.

Luciano Spalletti is a third option but Inzaghi, who had been Galliani’s choice before Seedorf’s appointment, remains the most likely replacement. If Seedorf is walking away then it’s clear that it has nothing to do with the on-pitch performances.


  1. This just shows the extent of behind the scenes bullshit politics that goes on at Milan. Things like this really make me ashamed to be a Milan supporter these days.

    I honestly wonder what Lady B’s opinion of all of this is? She is a very forward thinking and business minded person and so far seems to know how to turn Milan around. For that, she is facing staunch resistance by Galliani & Co. unfortunately.

    Hopefully this is all just speculation with very little merit. But I highly doubt it 🙁


  2. It annoys me de most when i read this things ……..ah what is that! You will sack seedof and bring in who?…….inzaghi is not a magician he can’t save milan ….the problem we are facing is galliani… You sold ibra and thiago for no reason saying …financial pro…… You sold kp and brought in matri….what on earth do you want milan fans to do…. Galliani or what ever you call your self we whant u out of milan ….ah

  3. This is all politics from Mr. Berlusconi, he has turned milan into what he wanted. A confused club. Im amazed how many of milan fans who are really stupid. They think the problem is coach, they think the problem is galliani or players, or tacticts or transfer windows, or traning, etc etc. This is what berlusconi wanted, it fans to think the problem is anything but not the real issue.

    The real issue IS berlusconi, we will never see glory under berlusconi again, thats a fact. We wont even be close to glory. Why waste time on discussing the next coach? Milan will only be Milan again when we have a owner who care AND is willing to spend on the team. You cant just care for a club and think thats it.

    When berlusconi sold t.silva even though he has billions of dollar in the bank, shows what hes intention with the club is. Let it be as it is..

  4. if seedorf should leave, then i will prefer Leonardo Jardim from sporting Lissabon he has don very well with braga, olimpiakos, and now lissabnon and is just 39 yers old it seems like a log tearm coach for AC MILAN
    but i still will like Seedorff to stay, and to let him buy some players this summer like Doria, dede and gabriel, frob Brasil, and sell some players to make the team more compakt araund 25 players and not 30 like now.
    because he has don OK if you think he took over ac milan in the worst condition that milan ever have been. and the loss to roma is cler as they have never loss at home this season.

  5. I think the day that galliani and berlusconi leave milan behind for more enthusiastic owners, that will be the day that Milan can come back to the top. Not a single coach on this planet can solve this mess.

  6. I can’t help myself but laugh! it is now obvious that Milan have no future, the management has to be blame including the president. imagine the club is bankruptcy and the president is not ready to sell, the management is not ready to buy quality players and they just want a cheap and inexperience coach. nobody will change Milan or bring them to the glory days if we still continue to with the president and management. to me I don’t have my 100% mind in Milan again. let me watch football for fun.

    • The club is not on a downfall you watch in 2-3 years we will be back up there are many examples of this happening. Seedorf knows his stuff and is a great coach and will get Milan out of this, the rumours of him leaving are extremely wrong. Admittidly Galliani needs to be changed but there are replacements coming in during the summer in the likes of one of the current Hellas Verona back room staff who had a major imput towards Hellas’ success this year.
      Thank You!

  7. You Milan Fans in Italy,what are you guys really doing about this heartbreaking news?.
    1)Seedorf MUST stay and assisted by Pippo next season.[Seedorf=Our Alex Ferguson(long term coach)].
    2)We the fans appreciate Galliani’s hard working for the Club over the past years,but ALAS,we need him to retire and be replaced by Paolo Maldini.
    3)Mr.Berlusconi,if you won’t splash out money this summer,then you better sell parts of the club before the summer mercato,OR YOU WON’T SEE US(FANS)HERE NEXT SEASON.
    4)We don’t need Free transfers anymore,and we don’t need ”if one goes,one comes”during the mercato.
    Do it for the remaining 3 matches,write it on a banner and go with it to watch our matches.

  8. Don’t believe Italian rumours their all bullshit. Seedorf will stay and so will balotelli. The Italian rumours are all lies lately,they only want to give information what the people want to hear so they get their rating.

  9. Of course I want to keep Clarence, but I’d love to see Pippo coach us too, but it doesn’t matter who is the coach as long as we have as many mediocre players as we have in the team, and as long as there’s no real plan that is being followed by the management. It’s not the coach that is at fault, it’s the management that needs to pull themselves together and start acting like they themselves are worthy to run a club of Milan’s legendary stature.

      • Out of all that, that I wrote, you hung up on that, what I wrote actually makes sense, with all due respect, you clearly didn’t get my point.

  10. When I heard Seedorf would be the one replacing Allegri, I wasn’t that sure it was a good choice. After seeing and reading his ideas, I was sure he was the right one to take the job. Now, it makes me so sad seeing all the rumours about Seedorf leaving Milan. I really do like his ideas and after he took the charge, Milan has gone into right direction.

    I would understand that he would get sacked if he didn’t do well, but after all he’s not magician and changing things in a big club really takes time. But if he gets sacked just because he doesn’t get along with Berlusconi and Galliani, is just so stupid.
    Milans problems are not Seedorf, but Berlusconi and especially Galliani.

    I do hope these are really only and just rumours, nothing more.

  11. What the is going on over there at Casa Milan??? Seedorf was just appointed in january by Berlusconi him self, and now he wants to fire him??! Is he a kid or something??? (well, he atleast likes to play with kids :P) Are we gonna be one of thoose clubs that fire our coaches every year? This is a JOKE!!! Give the guy some time. With the right Squad —> Some good signings this summer <—- Seedorf will be a success. The administration in the club is a JOKE. Because of them we are being laughed of by the rest of Europe. We need Maldini in ASAP! Galliani has lost it.

    I also pray that the club is bought up ASAP by someone that actually wants Milan to be great again. It's sad, but Berlo in not going to invest more in AC Milan!

  12. Inzaghi was there when Berlusconi went for Dorf. Why sack Dorf cos he doesn’t get along with old Galliani who have lost his magic touch cos of Berlusconi’s stinginess? Honestly, Milan will be better if Dorf is given time and free hand to mold a new team. Every Milan fan knows that Galliani and Berlusconi are the architects of our misrable season when they allowed Allegri to over stay his tenure (Roma must be shouting Hossanna now as Allegri would have plunged them down the table more than he did at Milan.
    For the sake of we the fans, Berlusconi and Galliani should leave Dorf to be our coach for the remaining 2 seasons of his contract and invest in quality youthful players who knows wat d red and black colour represents.
    Forza Dorf!!! Forza Milan!!!

  13. If Seedorf is fired i will be happy for him, I hope he finds a good job at a better club because after what he has done for milan he deserves better than this. Galliani obviousely runs milan not berlusconi. He gave away pirlo for free and fought to keep allegri therefor pushing us into this hole. It looks like berlusconi has not seen that yet, maybe he’ll wake up when we are already in serie B.

    I like inzaghi but I dont think he can take us where want to go. Next the curva sud will be protesting against berlusconi to sell the club when Seedorf was obviousely starting to find the right balance. Yes we took allegri out of milan but we made a crucial mistake leaving galliani. He is obviousely not happy seeing Seedorf succeed in mending the errors that allegri made.

  14. I know seedorf is good, but i think inzaghi will be better. I read in tuttosport that he wants to get milan more italian just like maldin said. Also i read that milan is targeting one of scuffet and perin, aiming to give cristante more playing time, and targeting darmian and baselli. If it is true it would be great news.

  15. @ Sherbini,if you think Pippo can do better than Dorf,hmm!,a news from our facebook page suggest that Pippo likes Matri and he will keep Matri if he eventually replaces Seedorf.
    @ Cyborg,Are you a member of the Curva Sud,i mean are you in Italy?

  16. I don’t have time to read all the comments in this blog, but it is obvious to most of you and to me that the problems at our club are Berlusconi & Galliani.
    They need to let go. After your circle is complete you must let go, this is life. It is natural that in a certain age the brain cells start dyeing and when that happens than you don’t remember your name, can’t wash you’re a.., can’t turn the TV on, CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT FOOTBALL MEANS!!!!!
    With all the respect and consideration to both Berlusconi & Galiani for what they have done with Milan or better say for what they made Milan (for making me, us Milan supporters the people we are today: living and breathing Milan 24 hours a day).
    I know that if Milan of the past wasn’t successful will all probability I, we wouldn’t be Milan supporters, so let the new generation take care of 2nd most successfully team in the world.
    Sell the team to a reach ambition person who is willing to invest and make them the number 1 team of the globe. Keep Seedorf due to his achievements, experience and wining mentality. His results from when he came in as a manager are speaking on his side, so let him have a full year around from the beginning of the season and than decide what to do for the future.

    I hope we get out of this nightmare,

    Milan forever loud and proud.

  17. We need Maldini in this Milan… He would definitely be very helpful.

    And I would keep Seedorf as our coach, just hive him some money and bring in quality players – Cerci, Doria, Mangala, Coentrao, Erikssen, Scuffet, Verratti, Cuardado, Paulinho, Reus (not all of them, I’ve just mentioned what I think quality players are).

    And I would also like Boban to have some function in our club.

  18. With all due respect, what will make inzaghi more successful than seedorf ? If Milan management is stupid enough to sack seedorf, then they better hire a world class coach. (Not likely)

  19. Where are those fans and Milan management who were blaming Seedorf for a poor result against Athletico Madrid?.
    Do you really know how hard it is to eliminate,Barca not to talk of Chelsea in a game of 2 legs?But Athletico did it.

  20. This is what I don’t get. We hired Seedorf to start something new but galliani wanted inzaghi all along? Yes I know Berlusconi pushed for Seedorf but he already wants him out?? So in 3 months of service we had to pay his salary and now we have to buy out his contract and pay 10 million!?!?!?!?!? That is the most idiotic thing ever and milan r just going downhill. There goes 10 million out the door where we could have so desperately used it on the defence or a goalie. Berlusconi and galliani are losing their minds now we’re going to hear a statement “we don’t have the funds to buy players for the summer window and we have to sell.” sure cause we have to pay 10 mill for complete stupidity. I stand behind Seedorf and if so gone I’ll stand behind the next coach. What I can’t do is stand behind the logic of a couple people who r ruining milan.

  21. So, we might have to lose Rami and Taarabt because we can’t afford few millions but we can sack Seedorf and pay him $10 million? I don’t really know how to react of this report.

  22. I gree with sherbini.. milan more italian can be success again.. likes juve did more italian every year. Milan CB must have the best italian cb.

  23. Hi, i don’t follow Italian soccer that much apart from of course Milan’s games…which team does basello play for and is he good?? ND i hope they don’t replace seedorf just yet

    • Daniele Baselli plays for Atalanta as a number 10. He is very good and only just turned 22 a few months ago so he has a long career ahead. We have Riccardo Saponara who plays the same position and although I am a huge fan of Saponara, I think Baselli is much better and can be an instant starter for Milan. I reaaaaaaally hope Milan can land him this mercato.

  24. Report from our facebook Page(Milan Fans):Seedorf may field the 4-3-1-2 formation with Kaka as a playmaker behind Mario and Pazzo,De Sciglio and Abate at the defensive flanks with a midfield trio in the Derby on Sunday at the Sansiro.

    • Best news for a long time…suits our players, they should go with it.
      Honda as sub for kaka, petagna on for pazzini 2nd half and perhaps el92 coming in for our lw after half time, but hope seedorfs prepped, inters in form

  25. I think 40m can solve few of our main problems if Berlusconi can bring it out and then from the sale of few players we will be okay.
    Cerci 15m,Doria 10m,Perin 8.5m,Rami 7m,from sales of Nocerino,constant,Mexes,Robinho,Urby,Abate,Matri,Niang,Muntari,Birsa,we can purchase Taarabt and a good left back,a midfielder,promote Pacifico as MDS’s back up.

    • It is unlikely to be able to offload so many players in one mercato unless Galliani works in overdrive which I highly doubt he will do.

      Pacifico is a center back not a full back.

  26. I don’t care whatever the case maybe, whoever the coach maybe! I just want the good results to come in.. Cash in on Balotelli when we still have the time to, before he finally becomes an eye-sore! That guy would never change. Sell him to Monaco for 30mill or more. Then buy Arturo bacca of sevilla, and Alessio Cerci off the money, we still would still have a few change at hand to buy baselli also. Balotelli is just over-hyped! He is 24years already, if he can’t find himself now, when will he ever!

  27. IF THEY WILL SACK SEDORF …NO GOOD COACH WOULD LIKE TO TRAIN FOR THIS CLUB ….Because if all this is a true ..thats sick …Sedorf d finished his playing carrer just because he wanted to be the coach of AC milan S.B.was the one wha asked him to come …he came into the midle of this mess ..hes doing pretty well and now they wants to sack him ???? I think its not true but if it is, i wont support this club no more, unless Berlusconis wont sell ACM, sad but true

    forza old ACM

  28. Pacifico can also play at RB.
    Galliani will ask Seedorf to play Mario and Pazzo upfront in the derby,he will also ask Seedorf to play Honda and MDS often.
    Milan may buy Novara striker Manconi 20, and loan him out for experience,just like Juve did with Berrardi and Zaza.From Our Facebook Page.

  29. Just few months ago Kojak was talking about Seedorf project and now this? I think there is a problem with Galliani and Seedorf because Seedorf doesn’t take his BS. He also said he doesn’t want half the team so it makes bold head look stupid because he brought those players in. I was just reading that Cristante wants to stay at Milan and be the future captain – Galliani BETTER NOT get rid of him, he is one of the most promising talents we have and will be an awesome player.

  30. I truely hope that a better club can swoop in on another one of gallianis stupid mistakes of forcing Seedorf out. And berlusconi just like you regret listening to galliani and not firing allegri, you will regret firing Seedorf.

    Athletico are obviousely a way better team than us; Seedorf tried his best to eliminate them but our team had very limited fitness to handle them. Roma have been playing together with the same coach since the beginning of the season, not to mention their obviousely better players than milan, losing against them isn’t so bad, same goes for juve. So give Seedorf a break, everyone is always waiting to critisize him after losing to a stronger club. Allegri lost to sassuolo and chievo and many other weaker clubs, and his job was still safe. (except against sassuolo).

    Now with regards to the derby, if Seedorf changes and goes with what galliani wants, he’s definitely going to loose. He made changes against udinese and parma and we lost both games. My advice is: Not to change anything, he should stick to his guns and show confidence in them, because they are the ones that got him to where he is today, and not take tactical advice from someone GAVE PIRLO AWAY FOR FREE!! And THINKS ALLEGRI IS GOLD!!

  31. Something funny about limited players, they know that they’re not as talented as others, so they play to their strengths along with hard work and knows the value of working together as a team. But this isn’t the case with our mediocre players, they all think that they’re world class because they play for Milan, I always feel bad for saying this, but Constant and Muntari are good examples of this. When they play to their strengths, they can actually be good, but they always try the hard things which they just can not do, which is so annoying.
    Poli is the best example of a hard-working player who works hard, not only for himself but also for the team, of course he plays with heart for the jersey as he’s a Milanista too. We need more players like him, that’s why we should keep Italian and focus on our youngsters, so we get players who know the value of our shirt and will fight for it. We don’t have the money at the moment to buy top class foreign players.
    I hope this doesn’t come off as offensive or anything, as that is not my intention!

    • -This is the “ugly” truth and i’m totally agree with your saying.
      -I don’t think however that ACMilan has the luxury to do worse than this year so i bet A.Galliani will make some smart moves this summer.
      -And a personal opinion as a close, Sevilla’s Bacca as a 2nd choice possible transfer is a solid way of thinking.

  32. With all do respect to inzaghi* wasn’t singling any comment out. Was a general statement since inzaghi is rumored to takeover.

  33. why do i get the feeling that allegri would have remained our coach if we had lost to sassoulo without leading by 2goals on the night………………………….milan’s more of a laughing stock than a team trust me

  34. Guys, what if we occupy Twitter for the next couple of weeks….I mean it’s high time we Milanisti made our grievances heard by ourselves. The Curvature Sud can’t always do that for us. Nor Italian Milan fans like Lumen always says

  35. I think Seedorf should stay, this is his first time as a coach and he is doing okay in the hardest possible time to be a coach. Definitely has the potential to be one of the best coaches around


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