Official: Braida leaves Milan after 28 years


ARIEDO BRAIDA has officially walked out of the Milan office after nearly 28 years working for the Rossoneri.

One of the most important figures at Milan since Silvio Berlusconi took over the club in the year of 1986 and turned it into the most successful club in the world, has left today and will not be part of the ‘new’ management of the red & black giants.

Barbara Berlusconi wanted to lead a more comprehensive change at Milan but since Silvio Berlusconi blocked Adriano Galliani’s departure, the revolution off the football pitch will be more moderate. Braida, however, has paid the price of it.

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“The club have announced that Ariedo Braida will leave the club today. He was a precious collaborator for a very long time, characterised by prestigious results that must also be attributed to his important work,” a statement on Milan’s website reads today. Braida acted as the director of sport in the last years but was the general manager of Milan from 1986 to 2002.

“I thank President Silvio Berlusconi and Vice-President Adriano Galliani for these 28 years. All the best to the Milan fans and all those who have Milan in their soul,” Braida wrote, thanking Milan. Ariedo has offers from Sampdoria, Monaco and clubs in Turkey and will probably not stay unemployed for a long time. Braida played a key part in the signings of many players including Marco Van Basten, Frank Rijkaard, Andriy Shevchenko, Ricky Kaka, Alexandre Pato and Thiago Silva.

Braida, who was less active in the recent years, mainly due to family reasons, will most likely be replaced by Hellas Verona Sporting Director Sean Sogliano. Sogliano will act as Galliani’s right-hand man and like Braida, will scout other leagues.


  1. Berlusconi should invest,that’s the most important thing. It doesn’t matter how is a general director,if he doesn’t have money to buy good players than it won’t make any deference.

  2. i would have loved it, if it were ADRIANO GALLIANI, cos that man ruined Our club- almost as if he took an oath, to see that the club was brought to a low level!

  3. If he did the scouting to bring the like of Van Basten, shevchenko, Kaka, Rijkaard, pato and silva, thank very much Braida for all these efforts. But my big question is? Who brought Traore, Mesbah, zaccardo, silvestre, Matri and co. 2nd after balancing the books by selling sheva and Kaka, who sold ibrahimovic and silva? This responsible person should particularly leave Milan. Alot of midcro players, don’t forget Taiwo, Onyewu, muntari, maxi lopez, Zapata, mexes, kalac.

    • haha how about Marco Borellio, Cassano and another dozen players who’s careers were played with bring them to Milan when Milan never took those players seriously.

    • Yeah, I agree. We can add Senderous,Didac Villa, Adiayah,Muntari,Constant, Leandro Grimi, Cardaccio, Viudez, Amelia, crooked Ronaldo, washed up Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Vieri,Oliviera and Walter Birsa. They all were poor signings and lazy scouting!

        • I’ve seen Didac Villa play and he is not top class. Even the teams we loaned him to did not take up the option to buy him. He is nothing more than another poor signing by Braida and Galliani.

      • Ronaldinho was never given a chance by anti-flair Allegri and has just won the balon d’or in South America…

        • I’m not a fan of Allegri but Ronaldinho was and is finished. The Brazilian league is not the same quality as Europe where the best of the best plays.

          Ronaldinho couldn’t even lead his team to the Fifa club world cup final against a weak team. It was a bad decision to buy him but the right decision to offload him.

  4. Mr Braida was sacrificed for Barbara-Galliani fight but his contribution to Milan in 28 years has been immense. Galliani could claim the glory for bringing Kaka all he likes but Kaka’s agent confirmed that even when Milan seemed not interested again, Mr Braida never stopped the contact till the final signature.

    All the best to a great servant and comrade.

  5. Galliani needs to go as well. Braida went to Uruguay and signed Cardaccio and Viudez when Cavani and Gargano was available for cheap back in those days. Instead Palemero signed them and the rest is history.

    I just hope Galliani leaves asap now that Braida is gone.

  6. as far as I know it was leonardo who signed good brazilian players like kaka,t.silva amd pato, our problems began when leonardo left the club, he should have not be milan coach, cause after 2009-2010 season berlusconi sacked him, and he became a traitor and coached shinter and now hes working at PSG.

      • dats tru,leonardo was far better than allegri cus conciderin da caliber of player @ his tym n was able to com 3rd,he did really well

      • Hmm have to disagree – I think Leo was a terrible manager but a great scout, and that’s where he should’ve stayed. Allegri’s no better though… Hang on, I’d probably prefer Leo to Allegri 🙂

  7. Sold abate 1.5 mil, bought him 6 mil, sold matri 1.5 mil and after years bought him 11 mil, sold abumeyang for 1.5 million, he became an star in dortmund, sold boriello 1 mil, bought him 9 mil, sold astori 1 million now his value is 13 to 15 mil, bought ronaldiniho 22 and sold him only 1.5, pirlo free to juventus. Huntelar to schalke and he scored too many goals every season, we really needed this change, thanks barbara, forza milan!

  8. Good one !… Milan changed the main philosphy ( no more expansive buys ) so it had to come like this ,,,

    If u want to make stars and quality players on your own ..u need the right people to have in there ..

    But the most important thing will be to dont sell the right players when they become good

    F O R ZA M I L A N !!!

  9. I think Ronaldiho has done enough in his career for you to show him a bit more respect. Of course he’s not in his prime and obviously the Brazilian league isn’t the best. Why is he even being mentioned?

  10. I ‘ve been supporting Milan since 1990 and I have never had course for concern untill now. So far not so good this season. Hope the 2nd part of the season treats us so much better.

  11. I really think Galliani is whom should be replaced, he has done great things in his time at Milan and I thank him for his work, but he really looks past his prime now. His love for the club is admirable, but he’s not doing much to better it anymore.

  12. Totally agree. This just shows that we are still heading in the wrong direction! Therefore, Galliani must go! Its time for a change and Milan will not change with Galliani in charge of buying and selling players~


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