UCL 2013-2014 playoff draw: Milan’s possible opponents


MILAN WILL learn their Champions League playoff fate tomorrow (Friday) – here are the five possible opponents.

The third qualification 2013/2014 Champions League stage ended on Wednesday evening with some teams booking their place in the playoff games, where Milan await and the Rossoneri have five possible opponents that they can face then.

The draw takes place on Friday at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland at 11:45 CET. There is a split formal with the 20 teams in the hat allocated to either the champions route or the league route, depending on their 12/13 league finish.

Galliani: “We’ll see if Allegri gets a gift, Honda and Ljajic…”
Video: Milan playing basketball in Miami

Milan finished third, which means they are in the league route and can only face teams that have qualified this way. Milan are a seeded side – along with Arsenal, Olympique Lyonnais, Schalke 04, Zenit St Petersburg – so that leaves il Diavolo with 5 potential opponents: PSV Eindhoven, FC Metalist Kharkiv, Fenerbahçe SK, Real Sociedad and FC Paços de Ferreira.

Milan’s possible opponents by level of difficulty *Metalist could be disqualified* (screenshot from La Gazzetta delli Sport).

The Dutch PSV, the former team of Mark van Bommel and Roma’s Kevin Strootman, finished the last season in 2nd place in the Eredivisie. The Ukrainian FC Metalist Kharkiv also were the runner-ups in the league last season. The Turkish Fenerbahçe SK, which features the likes of Dirk Kuyt and Milos Krasic, ended the 2012/2013 season in second place. The Spanish Real Sociedad finished 4th in La Liga while the Portuguese FC Paços de Ferreira finished 3rd in their league.

The first game of the Champions League playoff draw will take place on either August 20 or August 21, the return leg will take place on August 27 or 28 with the draw for the Champions League group stage taking place on August 29 in Monaco.


  1. One team I’d rather not face is real sociedad. I know for a fact we can beat all these teams but real sociedad had a fantastic season in la liga

      • like we detroyed malaga last term????
        we can not underestimated any team……i am really happy we are seeded….i was worrying that we will face arsenal

        • Milan this year are nothing like when we faced Malaga et al last year. I held my breath through the entire group stage last year, based on the lack of communication, crappy passing, etc.. Based on what I’ve seen so far, Milan are in form and are used to playing together. So bring any one of them on.

    • Lol….Real Sociedad is not going to repeat that fine form they were in last season.They have lost some few number of talents in their first team,so yeah I’m hoping Milan gets to face Sociedad head on just so we can destroy them.They’re not even that good….

      • I would choose Real Sociedad over Fenerbahce anyday. Even though we are stronger than Fener, on their home pitch with their supporters you never know what can happen.

    • Real Sociedad have sold all their stars so they won’t be a problem. I’m more worried about Metalist, they play beautiful and very different football, but hopefully they will be disqualified!

  2. I’m waiting for Champions League group stage draw.

    Galliani is amazing. Which player do you guys think will be the “Gift”?

    I also read he met with Real Madrid, I hope the “Gift” is not KaKa/Di Maria.

  3. We are Mighty Milan, we once were the kings of football, destroying clubs after clubs like soldiers. We might have fallen, but…The fallen soldier will rise again to destroy all the Clubs in world.. We are Mighty MILAN! We NEVER give up, we will rise and be the champs of the WORLD! We are the greatest of the great, kings of all kings, champions of all champions.. We are the one and only… MILAAAAN!! And we will destroy any team that comes match us, we. Are. The. BEST.

    • I wouldn’t wish that. They have already 7-8 official games, they are ready plus they are a very balanced team. The only good thing about them is that 99% they will be disqualified so we either play with PAOK or we go directly to the group stage.
      I would choose Pacos Fereira.

  4. As already done for Kevin-Prince Boateng 3 years ago, AC Milan and Genoa are about to succeed in signing a target by joining forces. Rossoneri andGrifone, according to latest rumours coming from Italian sources, have in fact got the lead on Dutch international right-footed defensive all-rounder Bruno Martins Indi (21). Portuguese-descented Feyenoord star is tracked by Everton, Napoli and Tottenham as well, but Serie A tag team seem to have found their own way to get him. Rotterdam club, which the player is currently on a deal with until June 2016, will probably cash about 8 million euros, but in the end they might decide to have Martins Indi keep on with them also in 2013/14.


    • Yes, I would love it if this happens, he’s one for the future, and can play as a starter immediately. Impressive physical qualities.

      • Why r we joinin forces?? He isnt a NON-EU plyr rit…can som1 tell why we cant jst go for him directly…not dat it affects but still…

        • I think it’s mainly due to our really close ties with Genoa. They always work with us and don’t haggle us when we want one of their players and we usually take 50% and help them get good prospects that we are interested in (for the future) and they don’t have the ability to attract them, so Milan helps them in that way.

          Win-Win situation for both sides. They get quality players that won’t normally sign for a mid table club. And we get to see players perform in Serie A before we fully take them on.

          It’s always good to have close ties to reputable clubs. And we’ve already seen how it’s been benefiting us.

  5. I wouldn’t mind Milan facing either Real Sociedad or Fenerbache.
    But Truth be told, Milan possible opponents are hoping they miss us because they know for a clear fact they don’t stand a chance against us.

  6. I Live in Kharkiv..and would love to see Milan taking on Kharkiv metalist..lol..At least I will get a chance to see my loving team in real..Forzzaa Milan !!!

  7. The easiest route possible for us means a harder route for someone else. I’d rather arsenal or zenit get fenerbace or sociedad in the hopes they get tripped up.

  8. U all hav 4goten dat Allegri is d coach,asking 4 any team,its nt dat during & after d matches u wil start bashim him.

  9. I am pretty sure neither of the 5 teams will want to face milan bcos they don’t have a chance,,,,buh i think fernabasche can still stand us wit a 50% and sociedad with 30% or less amongst all 5,,,,FORZA MILAN

  10. It’s nice to see people still have confidence in the team, but can tell you one thing, this is UCL not serie A, so don’t count on Mario’s dives. Any one of those teams is capable of shredding Allegri’s team.

    Iniesta came out and swore that if Milan eliminated barca he would fry his hand. If anyone is that confident about their chances against this team, and everything then unfolds exactly as they promised, then I wouldn’t be going around calling on any team like people do here. I don’t expect much from this team.

    • Honestly,if you’re fed up with Milan because of Allegri why don’t you take a freaking break(you need it) from supporting the team and spare us your pessimistic views.

      Yes,you have the right to opine on issues on here but seriously,I’m calling BS on your opinion.

  11. seriously guys, just try and ignore comments from some guys here.it has been a known fact that some specific folks dont like Allegri and even if he wins d champions league, they ll still complain.I like milan irrespective of who coaches or plays for milan, I ll support this institution called AC MILAN.I like the spirit

  12. Real Sociedad lost alot of key pieces to their team. Id be most nervous for Fenerbahce. Going to Turkey is always difficult, just ask Lazio

  13. I’d like us not to get Fener or Sociedad.
    PSV is rather weak after selling Strootman, Mertens and Lens, but nevertheless they are the strongest from the other 3.
    Metalist could be an easy meal for us although they have a nice team.
    Pacos seems to be the easiest opponent, but never know what to expect from technical portugals.


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