Highlights: Chelsea 2-0 Milan


MILAN LOST to Chelsea in New Jersey in the night between Sunday and Monday in the semi final of the Guinness International Champions Cup. The first half was fairly balanced with both Milan and Chelsea getting goalscoring chances. Milan’s defense failed for the first time in the 28th minute when Eden Hazard passed the ball to a totally unmarked Kevin De Bruyne who finished cleverly to give Christian Abbiati no chance and give Chelsea the lead. The second half was quite different – both teams made changes and Milan struggled to find the target and even though at times they moved the ball around well the final pass was lacking and weren’t really a threat. Chelsea had plenty of chances to score but weren’t on a good finishing day. The Blues were clearly the better side and in the 91st minute Andre Schurrle scored Chelsea’s second. Milan will play L.A. Galaxy on the night between Wednesday and Thursday.


  1. Chelsea was the better team, no shame to give credit to them. However, if we can replace KPB with Honda, we will be in a great shape.

    • I am speechless about Boateng…he used to be my favourite along with Ibra…but look at him now..I feel so poor for him not making a single good move…total flop 🙁

    • Oh really??? I think Milan were rather lucky not to have conceded more.. We didn’t create any clear cut chances.. I wonder what you guys have been watching though.. No style, no pattern, Allegri just gets them on the field and hopes they will score somehow… Did you see how Mourinho kept on talking to his players, he never sat down from the beginning of the match till the end, he was on the sidelines giving instructions all through… Allegri???

  2. In all seriousness and in truth…. Allegri should have moved on…!!! I’ve now come to see and understand that it’s the individual brilliance of some players on their days or in form moments that has helped Allegri keep his job… I wonder how Allegri thinks… I mean, I watch several matches from all the leagues around and during the match, I can see that a particular player isn’t doing well or doesn’t have his mind in the game and I suggest to my friends (Hmm, I think this coach needs to bring out this person and bring on this person) and before you know it, you see the sub.. With Allegri mehn, reverse is the case.. Everyone can see the players that needs to be subbed and replaced and you’re just hoping for that sub, and then Allegri shocks you big time, this happens over and over and over again.. I wasn’t being realistic before now, but it’s now clear to everyone, Allegri’s a small times coach, he’s not the type of coach Milan needs, ever…! @Jibola was saying, “He need to rest players for the champions leagues playoffs so he rested key players” Okay, but I can bet all my money on it that Boateng will start in those playoffs and almost finish the games.. Yes he was one of the weakest links last night and still one of the last to be subbed.. Somebody tell me, how does that work???

    • Last night, I wanted to switch off my TV when I saw Boateng’s clueless (1:41 in this video) shot…Come on men, what the hell of him wearing #10 Milan Jersey. He could have done so much more than this if he has a bit of #10 sense. Think Rui or Boban in that place. Antonini apart from that low cross which SES miskicked was useless, too. He couldn’t track back on the flank when Chelsea attacked. He couldn’t block the cross or marked. Silvesrte was also in-confident to pass the ball forward, gave back to GK instead all times.

  3. Ok guys this wasnt as bad as people think. I watch this match from start to the end and even watching the replay over. We pose a big threat to Chelsea and we did very good, maybe not perfect but serious we where just unlucky. Secondly we lack build up play, leader, play maker, believe, lucky and few signing. Anyone who dislike me is either dumb or doesnt understand football. We did good, way beta than our neighbor.

  4. i could see that Allegri wanted to find a way to make Poli a back up in the medfield. U can see throuh the matches we hav played so far. Once again some of the players are not serious on the pitch (k.p.b, binho, and co) FORZA MILAN

  5. milan defend very poor. no play-maker. if they play like this, they’ll out from UCL play-off. anthonini, bonera, zarcado, slivestre, amelia, traore,nocerino,montari, prince boteng…. they are useless players. just sell all of them if someone want to buy. each one for 1M. fucking stupid players. now we need honda, ljajic and two great defenders .why so many useless players in ac milan? huuuuuu.

  6. Please allegri swap eriksen with boateng and bring in honda,ljajic, and astori/sakho please we lack that creativity and deffense with eriksen, honda, ljajic, and astori/sakho we can win every games

  7. A poor preseason will expose the team weakness and an opportunity to fix up which eventually leads to a good season. Our preseason is ok and things will get better.

  8. Thank you!
    I really do not get this @hasowayne dude. I am sure he didn’t get to watch the game because his comments are so unfounded.

  9. I really do not get this @hasowayne dude. I am sure he didn’t get to watch the game because his comments are so unfounded.

  10. Come on, you can’t blame it on Allegri. With Galliani not getting required reinforcements you can’t blame the coach but unfortuantley thats what happens. We do need Ljajic as our right winger and Honda in midfield instead of Boateng. Boateng can mean Sakho, Honda and part of Ljajic, which is a must. Poli is Milans best signing, outside of Italy no one knows who he is. We can’t lose out and become Inter, Please !! But give Milan time this will be a great season and I, being a long time Milan fan, am sure that this Mercato will be turned on its head and in the next 3 weeks Milan will be the centre of attention

  11. I wish we would won. I’m driving 16 hours to Miami. Instead of seeing Milan play a strong European side I get to see them play a MLS team. ..

  12. No build up play.. That has always been milan’s problem since allegri took over, even when we were doing well in terms of results. When we are in possession, our players seem lost and confused just ,oving around with no clear ideas.
    Yes allegri doesn’t have the best midfield in the world (this is why i still think a world class midfielder should be our priority), but he should definitely do better than what we’ve been seeing in terms of build up.
    And what drives me even more crazy is that they got him poli and yet he still insists on playing muntari in friendlies.. Why not give poli more playing time to adapt since the game is not really crucial.. I bet anything muntari will be playing the ucl play-off while promising poli will be watching from the touchlines. What a pity!


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