CSKA: “Honda hasn’t lost motivation, we’ve had better offers”


CKSA MOSCOW have told Milan again that their Keisuke Honda offer is far from satisfactory after the player scored.

Milan offer €3 million, CSKA Moscow want €5 million and it doesn’t seem like the differences between the sides will be reduced in the summer, although Adriano Galliani said Milan will try to get Honda until the day of the CL squad submission.

The Japanese has already made it very clear that he wants to move to Milan as soon as possible but he’s a true professional and on Sunday he took the field and scored a great free kick in his team’s 2-1 win over Lokomotiv Moscow.

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“We’ve had better offers for Honda compared to the Milan one. Certainly more interesting and economically viable,” CSKA President Yevgeny Giner said. “The issue regards both the sum payable to CSKA and the player’s wages. Milan are an important club and Galliani is an excellent director. But they have to understand in Italy that they can’t treat us like losers.

“And we will not let ourselves be conditioned by the newspapers. Honda has not lost any motivation. He is a CSKA player and has a contract with CSKA.” Honda’s contract expires in December 31st 2013, he will most likely join Milan in January. Giner stated earlier this week that CSKA are aware that they will most likely make more money than what Milan offer if they keep Keisuke in their squad if they manage to make it past the UCL group stage and they’re willing to lose him for free.

Honda has agreed a contract until 2017 and will be paid €2.5 million per full season. According to the FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti who works as a broker on this deal, Honda turned down many offers, including one from Barcelona, to join Milan.

Translation credit: Football Italia


  1. he is going to end up elsewhere due to milan’s cheap ways

    i wonder where all the money goes, i guess to paying the wages of all the garbage players we pick up on free transfers

  2. Man everyone acts like honda is some kind of saviour. He is not any better than boateng. First off he is slow and his specialty is taking the freekick, that would be useless in milan since we all know balo is arrogant and wants to take all the free kicks. he only looks good because he is the russian league we all seen how horrible he was in the conf. cup couldnt even pick up 1 win

  3. And you my friend are just going to pick up soo many dislikes with that ridiculous statement of yours… Honda may not be a “saviour” as you put it, but, he is exactly what we need in terms of a true no. 10…Creativity that we’ve been longing for the past 2-3 seasons!!!

  4. what is wrong with the ac president i am a barcelona die hard fan but i do care aboout ac milan why are they being super cheap robinho is injured honestly ac needs him ac only has 3 good players balo elsharawy and montolivo. you guys really need honda and im the one that should wish you guys shouldnt but for me being honest you people need a playmaker and honda is the one…

  5. @Ali, barca also need much more betta players to avoid de replica of de 7-0 defeat at de hands of de bavarians. its imp. to mind ur own buss. forza milan

  6. We cannot afford to have a bad start to Serie A. In my opinion, it is a given we fall behind Juve and Napoli this year if we trip up… Just like last season. That leves us in the same situation with battling Fiorentina and possibly this time a couple more clubs. Please just sign Honda. So cheap. Sad times for my Milan….

  7. Milan are the 37 richest sports team in the world on forbs list, so they are saying they cant buy Honda right now for 5million! Thats crazy, Milan should buy him this summer so we can have him in the CL to create goals even if hes popping them in himself

  8. Forget about honda we r being very cheap today he scored an amazing freekick.. face it were being cheap and were not gettin him another team will offer a better bid more then 3 mil

  9. Galliani thinks he is always smart with his cheap attitute and delay tatics. He thinks he’s got honda in the bag due to some stupid pre contract. Right now I wish honda should get irritated with this saga and decide to join another team inorder to show galliani that he isn’t all that smart

  10. Calm down guys, Honda will come next month. The president is talking just to make Milan raise the bar knowing that the boy’s head is already at San Siro. Galliani will sign him soon

  11. What I see is.. Galliani will get Honda before the transfer window closes and he will make it look like a “HEROIC” act.. My question is (Is it too much for Milan to spend at least 30m Euros in a transfer window, considering the fact that we are among the top ten richest football club in the world?) Just a question? Another question is.. Where has the HIGH PRESTIGE Milan always had gone? I mean, we are Milan, yes we may be broke, but are we as broke as the management makes it look? I just wonder when all this nightmares will be over and Milan will be Milan again…. The managements still living on past glories and successes while we the FANS just need a strong and competitive Milan again…. It’s sad though… BUT IT’S MILAN TILL I D.I.E…!!!

  12. @Rkay, who cares?? If Honda stay with Cska and help tgem to qualify for ucl, they will make over that same €3m you offered while you wait to sign a cuptied player in january and who knows he may change his mind and sign a contract extension with cska or even join anotger club.
    And for those that said Honda is not a saviour, if Milan can afford €5m for Honda, is it Eriksen that is worth €15m they will afford?

  13. In other words, wat u guys ar saying is we buy a player 1million per month for d remaining 5 months of his contract. Waste of money to me. Dis is bussiness, u deal to gain. If dey can’t accept the 3 million den we wait till january. Its dias to lose. I.e dey will pay his wages for de remaining months of his contract and still lose him at d end

  14. @Ruby, then lets sign Eriksen. His contract isn’t expiring in months but in years. At least that should be good business or is it a must we sign a player whose contract is expiring?

  15. The whole story is getting too sad – and NOT because Honda is the great player which we might loose (he’s undoubtedly good, don’t get me wrong). Just see the big picture over the last 7 years (basically since 2006 and selling Sheva). Let’s be honest, in terms of spending you are at the same level as Udinese, Parma, Genoa or Samdoria (without any offense to these teams), trying at the same time to compete nationally with Juve, Napoli, Fiorentina, Roma, Inter (yes, Inter, they’ve spend already 10 times more that us) and internationally with Real, Barca, Bayern, Man U and co. – let alone the russian/arab teams. If you do that for a year, it might works (if you are lucky enough – see Montolivo case). BUT over 5 or more years of non-investing (I am only to referring to “reasonable” figures – 20mil-players.) you risk losing completely the contact with the top level. Actually we are very lucky to be still at this level with all this transfer policy. It is ridiculous that we cannot even dream of a player of more than 10mil (see Ogbonna, Astori, Tevez, Liajic to name few). Or we don’t give 2 more mil. to buy 100% a player like Poli who we really believe (I still don’t get this move…) All the teams that we want to believe that they are our competitors, spend these amounts for breakfast EVERY SINGLE YEAR. And for us, this is THE gift of the summer. Just sad…

  16. B&G has been in this busines for more than 20yearz so they knw more dan every1 of us here… They knw the right time and condition to strike a deal… As for Hönda he’l definately b Milan’s b4 the end of this transfer window (havin 2 knw dat our dear Binho is injured)… Remember this sayin ‘and the gift for the fans could b Honda’..forza milan forza honda..

  17. Scenario A: Milan have money but don’t want to spend it. Galliani is an idiot.

    Scenario B: Milan have no money due to Fifa financial fair play rules. Galliani is a genius and we’ll be the only club left standing after rules kick in.

    I just hope it’s B…

  18. @dejan, does ffp or fifa also stop you from making profit? Real madrid are one of the big spenders of recent time but yet they declare profit at the end of every season so how does ffp rule limit them from doing business?
    Bale will be completing his move from totenham to Real madrid for close to €100m and in three seasons would have earned the club over 200m in merchandize.
    Like fiorentino perez sais “great players pay for their own money”
    Porto too buy big time and ghey also sell biggest time. Not players like Traore dude. That is a bad business and its silly to blame thst on ffp.

  19. Injury is wrecking more havoc now. We are playing against Man City on wednesday and all our available forwards are kids.. Petagna, EL92 and Niang. Mario is not fit, Robi out, Pozzo out. We can’t put put the attacking responsibilities of a club like Milan on kids alone even though Mario will be back soon. Galliani must do something asap.

  20. Some of you guys don’t get it. Honda only has six months remaining on his contract, that’s why we don’t want to spend much on him, it’s not a matter of having money or not. I think that we want to save as much money as possible so we can acquire that one top defender.
    According to some reports we are after Luiz Gustavo as well. If, somehow, through some Galliani magic, were able to sign Honda, Gustavo and Mangala, or only Honda and Mangala, we would be looking great for this coming season.
    Forget about Silvestre as he won’t get to play and forget about spending unnecessary money on an attacker.
    Come on Galliani, I know he can make this happen.

  21. milan needs honda now, but as a bizman i can understand galliani. Y spend 5m on some1 who will b free in 4mnth? Y not spend d money on some1 else and then get honda 4 free in jan? Afterall, we r changing our formation to because we got saponara…right? What if we get honda 4 5m and he gets injured like binho and bonera in pressn? Dt will b a mess! So, inasmuch as i’d like 2 c honda asap…i say, ‘forza galliani!’

  22. @Udochuku u’re damn right. Only the wise can understand the logic. Why pay 5mil for a player whose contract will end in 5months time? Wake up guys, honda will have to settle in before he can producing either goals or assists. So why the damn 5mil?

  23. Real Madrid has high ambitions every year,not like us,our main objective for years now is to qualify in the C.L. They spend money,we spend nothing,our every transfer is a cheap fix. It doesn’t show as much in the Serie A,but in Europe we struggle every year,we haven’t been in a C.L. last 4 since 2007,that’s 6 years,a number that “the most successful club in the world can not let happen. And it’s not only that,the sells of our best players,then doing nothing with the money,buying players like constant,traore,muntari….. Berlu should just SELL Milan,if you can’t invest in it anymore than sell it,the fans have suffered enough.

  24. @Milanista121, Is it a must to be linked with player that his contract is expiring in 4months time? Or does it mean if we won’t sign a player if his contract isn’t expiring. What if we all wakeup tomoro morning and we got the news that Honda has renewed with cat Milan will drop intrest in him. If Milan truly has the money like you said, them lets go for Eriksen. At least, his contract won’t be expiring in december and with that we won’t over pay to sign him.

    • I understand what you’re saying, but the thing is, at least with the Honda saga, it’s good business. I mean, if we spend 3 or 5 million for him, whatever it is, it will be good, because he’s a player we really need to improve the squad, and we will not have spent too much for him. Not to mention how much we’ll gain from expanding our market in asia. This will allow us to save some extra money to spend on a top class/highly rated defender. I’d rather spend 3-5 million euros on Honda, than on Eriksen who will cost 15 million. That’s a 10-12 million difference, and that money SHOULD be spent on acquiring that one defender that we really need.
      I don’t know how well I’ve written all this, but do you get my point?

  25. You guys can’t be so naive, this is just business. The CSKA director just wants Milan to pay more. I believe he will go to Milan this window for about 3.5 million and all because of galliani’s brilliant tactics.


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