Allegri gets injured in Milan training session


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI picked up a minor thigh injury when he trained with the team yesterday morning.

An unusual thing happened in the training session on Wednesday (yesterday) morning as it was Massimiliano Allegri who had to withdraw the training session at Milanello complex due to an injury as his thigh raised a white flag.

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According to this morning’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, coach Allegri joined the squad – as he sometimes does to keep himself in shape – and after riding the mountain bike he started the running session in the Milanello woods with his boys, but sustained a slight muscular problem in his thigh. Nothing serious of course but it was enough to make him limp.

The Milan fans will be 100% okay with Allegri getting the injuries instead of the players in the 2013/2014 season. Milan start the pre-season with a few injuries: Giampaolo Pazzini, Mario Balotelli and Ignazio Abate are still out of action as of now.


  1. He will still go to the field, No problem really.

    I see most people here complain about our transfer. De Jong is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world, Montolivo no argument, Boateng is a top class Midfielder given he plays in the centre, he can score long range shots and beautiful goals which there very very few CM who can do that, he got good aggression. So our mid is not bad as you guys think. Our main problem last year was the absence and De Jong, Monto had to adjust defensively and Boateng was forced to connect Mid and strikers even though he does not have pace and dribbling needed for that role. Now imagine all of them playing where they are most comfortable we will definitely win something next year.

    Look at Chelsea for example when they won UCL. Most of Chelsea fans did not believe in their squad but what they did is to look at other clubs, what players they bought but through the balance of the their squad they won against all odds. can we please stop mourning and start supporting the clubs. I seem to be the only one who believe in this squad and i’m not shaken by players bought by other clubs. El Sha, Bola,Boa,Monto,Ricky, Cristante, Sapo, De sciglio, Poli, Pet, Niang …….

    • You’re absolutely right, especially regarding the case De Jong, but for one point you’ve got a false impression: You are not the only one, who believe in this squad. The Voting should underline this.
      Besides I love your frase “can we please stop mourning and start supporting the clubs”. I’ll second that!


    according to a Danish newspaper “Ekstra Bladet” Christian Eriksen has agreed a 4 year contract with AC Milan.

  3. (According to; Ekstra Bladet) can Some one translate this:

    Milan bliver Christian Eriksens nye klub. Hvis bare lige italienerne kan få solgt Kevin Prince Boateng, så de har penge nok til at lægge de 16 mio. euro (cirka 120 mio. kr.), som Ajax forlanger.

    Christian Eriksen er tidligere blevet kædet sammen med AC Milan, og ifølge det italienske medie så skulle klubben og danskeren været nået til enighed om en fire-årig kontrakt, der giver den danske kreatør omkring 15 mio. kr. årligt netto.

    Ajax-danskeren har tidligere sagt nej til Bayer Leverkusen, mens Dortmund, der var nævnt som varmeste bejler, i stedet købte den armenske offensivspiller, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Sidst Eriksen blev kædet sammen med Milan, var lige inden han sammen med resten af Danmark blev knust i Parken med 4-0 af netop Mkhitaryan og Armenien.
    Men Milan er altså stadig lune på danskeren. Der er dog en enkelt forhindring, inden AC Milans vicepræsident, Adriano Galliani, kan præsentere Eriksen i den italienske modeby.

    Lige nu arbejder Galliani benhårdt på at få solgt Kevin Prince Boateng, der sidste sæson lavede to mål i 29 optrædener. Til sammenligning lavede Eriksen 10 mål i 33 kampe.

    Milan forventes at kunne få omkring 100 mio. kr. for den ghanesiske midtbanespiller, og kommer de penge hjem, så er man klar til kunne byde 120 mio. kr. for Christian Eriksens ydelser.

    Ifølge skulle West Bromwich, Galatasary, Liverpool og Monaco være inde i kampen om Boateng.

    Galliani skulle se Christian Eriksen som transfervinduets vigtigste indkøb, men skal altså først lige have skaffet kapital.

    Onsdag var Eriksens agent ude og sige, at det ikke drejer sig om pengene i forhold til et skifte:

    – Hvis Christian gik efter pengene, så havde han takket ja til Leverkusen. Den sportslige forskel på Ajax og Leverkusen er ikke så stor, og han ønsker at tage et større skridt rent sportsligt, siger Martin Schoots.

    Christian Eriksen har et år tilbage af sin kontrakt med Ajax Amsterdam.

    • I’m not danish, but to sum it all up it says that:
      “Milan will be Eriksen’s new club – but only if Milan manage to sell Boateng. That Eriksen turned down Bayer Leverkusen, and was close to Dortmund but they turned their attentions to Mkhitaryan and bought him instead.
      Galliani is working really hard to sell Boateng, and are expected to get around 10 million euros from his sale. According to, West Brom, Gala, Liverpool and Monaco are all interested in Boa. He only has one year left on his contract.”
      I think I managed to sum up the more vital part of the interview.

  4. @ redNblack ur spirit 4 the team is as strong as mine. The only fin we need to do now is to surpport them. I personaly like ur spirit and courage. Forza rednblack Forza milan.

  5. Report:Eriksen agreed 4-years milan deal…
    Cant wait to be offficial….forget ljaljic and give us Eriksen….with honda-Eriksen-elshaarwy we can play with 4-2-3-1 formation

  6. Dude why do u think 4231 is the best option? Who are those 2 defensive mid? De jong recovering from an injury? Cristante and montolivo should play defensive minded? I dont think so. We dont have kedi or bastian neither gundogan. Im sure allegri will play 2 midfielders more offensive maybe boateng muntari or poli hope not emmanuelson/traore and our new captain will play more defense minded maybe score some from long shots

  7. Eriksen would be awesome and would probably soften my opinion of this Milan. Won’t be excited till it’s official. Fingers crossed

  8. Good for all acmilan fans cristian eriksen agreed 4 yrs deal for acmilan he does,t wanna to Liverpool and he cost 10 to 16 mil

    But you guys know galliani he brakes our heart he will say let,s until his contract expire

  9. Milan is Christian Eriksen’s new club. If just Italians can sell Kevin Prince Boateng, so they harpenge enough to put the 16 million. euros (about 120 million), as Ajax forlanger.Christian Eriksen was previously linked sammenmed AC Milan and, according to the Italian media as to the club and the Dane been agreed enfire-year contract that gives the Danish creators omkring15 million . per year netto.Ajax-Dane has previously said no to BayerLeverkusen while Dortmund, named somvarmeste suitor, instead bought the armenskeoffensivspiller, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Last Eriksen was linked with Milan, was just before he sammenmed rest of Denmark was crushed in the park with 4-0 afnetop Mkhitaryan and Armenien.Men Milan is all still crush on Dane. There is Doge single obstacle before AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani, can present Eriksen in denitalienske modeby.Lige now working Galliani tough to sell KevinPrince Boateng, who last season made two goals in 29 appearances. For comparison made Eriksen 10 goals I33 kampe.Milan expected to get about 100 million. £ Forden Ghanaian midfielder, and get the money back, then you are ready to welcome 120 million. £ forChristian Eriksen ydelser.Ifølge to West Bromwich, Galatasaray, Liverpool and Monaco to be in the game on Boateng.Galliani to see Christian Eriksen somtransfervinduets main shopping, but must first just have obtained kapital.Onsdag was Eriksen’s agent out and say that it is not about money compared to a switch: – When Christian went for the money, he had takketja to Leverkusen. The sporting difference between Ajax ogLeverkusen is not so great, and he wants to take etstørre step purely sporting, says Martin Schoots.Christian Eriksen has one year left on his contract medAjax Amsterdam.

  10. When I first read the article my first though was that it’s better for the coach to be injured than the players, if this means he coach in the wheel chair. hahaha That said Mauro Tassoti can always over.

  11. The only doubt I have with Eriksen is that it could mean Saponara will be left in the shadow.

    However, we could switch between a diamond and a Christmas tree formation.

    Eriksen has been playing in part of a 4-3-3 formation this season and could play in an old Seedorf position in the Christmas tree system which was next to Kaka (perhaps it will be next to Saponara this time…).

    In any case, the only thing that might worry me is what happens to the strikers if we only use one CF.

    Although some could play behind the striker. I guess then we could either rotate Eriksen and Saponara in a 4-3-1-2 or play them together in a similar way in the Seedorf and Kaka partnership.

    I absolutely agree with what @RedNblack is saying. When or if all players play in their most comfortable position, we’ll most likely by that stage found our best identity and we can compete on all fronts.

    Let’s hope this is the season where Allegri plays Boateng in his rightful position. If he stays.

  12. Cesar abate Ranochia mexes Ds Dejon montelivo eriksen Honda ss99 balo

    Nacorino to inter get ronachio sell boating to Liverpool for 15mil buy for eriksen sell Robinho for 6mil keen niang for strike back up

  13. I personally DON’T want Eriksen to Milan, and here’s why: You guys have forgotten about Boateng, Honda, and Saponara. Eriksen is the 2nd best young playmaker (after Gotze), but Saponara is underreted, and will become great, Honda is also underrated just because he plays/played with a non-champions league russian team, and he shall make a name for himself at Milan. Boateng had a bad season because he played out of position, but now with our new 4321 formation, we have Saponara, and Honda, and maybe even El Shaarawy to play trequartista, so he can play in his preferred cm position and be a beast. He will be the box to box midfielder at Milan as Montolivo will be the creative one, and De Jong will be the defensive bulldog strong one. Anyway, enough of Boateng. Honda and Saponara have covered the CAM position , and I think Eriksen would stunt the gowth of Saponara, even though Eriksen himself has alot to grow. we don’t need 3 trequartistas especially if El Shaarawy can also play there, we should instead invest in a defender, someone like Sakho.

  14. It surprises me a lot when we constantly draw attention to the team’s weaknesses which though they are many but are not enough to write us off already. But are we forgetting about the team’s strengths already? In attack,we have perhaps the most frightening young attack in El-Ba-Ni which when allowed to gel together will terrify defences all across Europe. In midfield,we have Captain Monto,perhaps one of the best deep-lying playmakers in the world. Then there’s De Jong who is among the best DM around;ask Man City how they are still struggling to replace him. In CM there’s KPB who many of you want him to leave but has proven himself to be a beast of a CM;just watch Ghana’s world cup performances and you will see why. Then there’s Saponara, one lad who will definitely bring back memories of Kaka. Finally in defence,we have Vergara who played well in the just ended under-20 world cup and has a point to prove. Not forgetting Mexes and Zapata who performed admirably for their previous teams Roma and Villareal respectively. Surely there’s nothing like a ‘perfect’ team;ask Barca and they will tell you more about that. What we should be concentrating on is using our strengths to the maximum with dynamic tactics instead of bickering about on who we should sign to make a ‘perfect’ team.


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