Milan: Honda likely to arrive in the summer or in January


KEISUKE HONDA has agreed personal terms with Milan and it’s up to the Rossoneri to decide when to take him.

Andrea Poli is expected to sign his Milan contract either today or in the next days as Milan have agreed a deal with Sampdoria to sign the 23-year-old on a co-ownership deal for a reported €1.3m + half of Salamon (valuated at €1.7m).

Another player who is expected to sign for Milan is the Japanese Keisuke Honda but it’s not clear when this will happen. Milan have informed CSKA Moscow that they have agreed personal terms with the player’s brother/agent yesterday.

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Honda has agreed a four-year Milan deal worth €2.5 million a season and according to Sky Italia, Milan will make a €1.5 million bid for him. The media is unsure how much CSKA are really asking for Honda: some sources claim CSKA want €6-7m for the 27-year-old but Gazzetta dello Sport believes Honda has an agreement with CSKA that €2m will be enough.

If Milan will not be able to reach an agreement with CSKA this summer for Honda, the player will join in January for free after his contract expires on a 3.5-year contract. Honda’s arrival appears to be depended on the sales of Kevin-Prince Boateng and Robinho. Milan want to sell the two players and are in negotiations with Santos for the latter. There are still no offers for the Ghanaian who could find himself without a starting XI spot should both Poli and Honda arrive to Milan this summer.

According to La Repubblica, Milan will generate €7 million more per year in merchandising if they sign Honda. Honda would open a completely new market for Milan – the Asian market – and that makes him even a better investment.

Possible Milan XI with poli and Honda (screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport)


      • Actually I think Ljajić would be a great choice. He is at pretty much same level as El Shaarawy. We need someone for the attack to replace El Shaarawy when he is injured or tired. I don’t think that Niang is still capable for it.

        Also, little competition between these two would force them to become better. And they are both really talented and young – a lot space to improve.

  1. I hope Honda arrives this summer and Robinho and Prince are sold and i hope we buy a strong CB so that if Mexes or Zapata gets injured we have a good replecment

  2. I would say NO to Honda, why him? There are a lot of alternatives before him like Luis Nani or Thiago Alcantara or Angel Di Maria. And get new defender like Angelo Ogbonna. And get new goalkeeper, get Julio Cesar. And our team will be: Cesar, Abate, Zapata, Ogbonna, De Sciglo, Poli, De Jong, Montolivo, Nani, Balotelli, El Shaarawy.

    • Haha, right. We’re struggling to shell out € 2,000,000 for Honda and you’re saying we have to get players like Nani and Di Maria who will costs us around € 20,000,000? Be reasonable, dude. I also don’t see Ogbonna coming – although I’d like to – since he will probably also cost around € 15,000,000.

      I’d still like to see a center back coming to San Siro, though. Mexes and Zapata are solid, but we can use some competition in those spots. Still think it’s a shame we let Acerbi go. Dude had potential.

  3. So far,Milan has added Zapata,Vergara,Saponara,Constant,Poli,promoted Petagna,and likely arrival of Honda.I believe Milan will either buy one more player or look inside their camp and declare that as final signing.A MF or LB is final target,MF being the likely.Fossati,Bortoli,Primavera MF,Nainngolan or someone up Galliani sleeve is the final purchase.After that,Milan just needs to sell the deadwood.

  4. Men…i lov dis formation..wit poli nd honda milan wil rule serie a again..even go higher in CL next season..hop gallian complet d deal b4 d end of dis week..

  5. Football is a business. Don’t be ignorant. They can’t just spend €2mil. They have €2mil, it’s simply not €2mil they, as a company, can afford to spend without getting Robby out first.

  6. I think that the line-up looks good, we still need another quality centre back and perhaps another midfielder to really compete with the very best. According to Gianluca Di Marzio, CSKA has already acquired the replacement for Honda, so he should join us this summer, we need him now.
    With us having both Saponara and Honda as trequartista, I see no need for us playing Boa in that position, so he can and should stay if he’s played in midfield, but if he demands too much money he can leave as well.

  7. De jong,poli,monty,honda—boa,constant,muntary,saponara,cristante

    balo, el92— pazzo, niang,petagna…

    What more do we want??

  8. Honda is virtually a Milan player by principle only remaining an official signature and presentation. Now look at it logically, assuming we put 7mill requested by CSKA on him that means, we are paying for his service from August 24th when season starts in Seria A to December when his contract ends at CSKA (7million Euro for 4 months). How logical is that? FOOLISH!.. In my opinion and of course i trust Galiani, we would not pay more than 2 million for him else, we leave him till Jan and spend that money to strengthen other position. CSKA know this and that’s why they’ve bought a replacement for him immediately yesterday therefore would allow him to come to Milan for a compensational amount like 2million. Honda will join us now i believe

  9. Be reasonable guys.. Honda and poli is not enough for CL or even seriA. We need more quality midfield and CB.. AC Milan forever.

    • Okay, they are not enough – but somewhere shall start the game. Poli is good in Serie A, and Honda was great at CSKA CL matches. Not enough, but we are still improving with them.

      And don’t forget, we needed creativity from midfield badly last season. Next season, we’ll have Honda, Poli and Saponara in addition. So creativity problem i think solved, if Allegri uses them correctly.

      My biggest fear is the defence. Abbiati is OK, Abate, Mexes, Zapata and De Sciglio are okay, but nobody else.
      Constant is fair enough against smaller teams, and i haven’t seen Vergara play against big teams. But we all know that Allegri won’t count on Taiwo, D. Vila, Zaccardo, Salamon (who may go to Sampdoria), and that Antonini, Amelia and Bonera are not CL quality. So after Honda and Poli, we should go for at least one CB, and a Left fullback. And maybe a Goalkeeper, if Gabriel isn’t good enough, and we can get rid of Amelia.

  10. Off topic but Flamini’s pissed at his treatment by Milan after 5 years, Ambro’s pissed as well… What’s going on with Milan’s treatment of their players?? I thought we better than this…

    • The treatment of Ambro was poor, yes, but how did we treat Flamini bad? We offered him two years, he wanted three, they couldn’t find an agreement, it works both ways.

    • Ambro should of left before gattuso, nesta, inzaghi, seedorf left. Ambro alongside bonera was probably the worst players we had. Ambro was finished long time ago, they repected him when they decided to keep him for another year.

      Flamini? He never was a football player, hes a rugby player. One defensive midfielder less is going to gain us, otherwise allegri will start his 3 DMF system again

  11. Guys fail to understand team dynamics. You want Boateng out and put Poli there? Why? What has Poli done? Where did he impress? So if the beloved Poli injures (which he does often) who comes from the bench ? Traore? Poli is a good player but Poli will not win Serie A for us whiles remember that Honda is coming to a new league.. Robinho going is acceptable but I don’t think selling KPB is a must

  12. I think we can manage to get Honda for around 3Million in the summer months, and a player for his quality it is a bargain not worth waiting for any longer, it is a must to join. Since Flamini is gone, the 23 year old highly rated Poli will join this week according to reports. Given that, Boateng won’t have place in the starting XI, meaning selling him, Robinho, Nocerino, Traore, Amelia, Antonini and Didac Vila can give Milan around 30 Million Euros. With that money I think Milan should spend it on a highly rated defender (such as maybe Vidic), and also Astori is a must, being that he was brought up the Milan youth ranks. Honda’s transfer with 7Million increase in profit due to Asian sponsers is also a very good advantage. Milan should definatley take a look at Sakho, Richards, Ogbonna and Raul Albiol. Still not 100% satisfied with the midfield as Poli needs to grow a bit more and Strootman would have been the icing on the cake, I think Milan will be set to go.. FORZA ROSSONERI

  13. I expect few players to leave Milan as it was said before during the season. There is Traore who clearly isn’t good enough to wear Milan shirt (never should have wear it!); then Nocerino who was clearly unhappy last season (and played terribly), Vila who never got a decent chance (regret for this), and maybe Antonini who would like to play more.

    If this happens there should be at least two more signings, a midfielder and a full back – (ideally player who can play both left and center of defense).

  14. honestly guys I feel we should b more competitive next season youth is good but experience is also let’s wait n see how it goes forza milan from Barbados

  15. Honda actually surported milan as a kid, his favourite player was Dejan Savicevic and he has a tattoo of the milan devil at his back.

  16. the boateng situation is interesting to me

    with his skillset, it seems to me he’d be best as a box to box midfielder, but he has been playing as a trequartista or winger since coming to milan

    i don’t know why we can’t use him in a 3 man midfield with montolivo and dejong, with someone like honda as the trequartista

    then strengthen the central defense and we could be in business

  17. Dont sell boateng hes still a good player the one that i think that should be sold is traore,antonini,strasser,robinho,oudamandi, and taiwo after that we can look for a cb option like astori,ogbonna,dede,sakho

  18. Eveyone’s saying we should sell Nocerino, Traore, Amelia, Antonini, Taiwo etc and get 30million for them but where’s the long line of clubs lining up to buy them? We’ll be lucky to get 3mil out of this bunch let alone 30.


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