Report: Milan to offer Honda four-year contract


MILAN SEEM to have made Keisuke Honda their number one target but first they will have to sell some players.

Milan lost Carlos Tevez to Juventus and the Argentine has admitted that “Juventus want me more than Milan” and their eyes are now on Honda as they appear to want the player to fill their last non-EU spot (Milan have one left after Vergara signed).

Honda has made it very clear that he would like to move away from CSKA Moscow this summer as his contract expires on the 31st of December and has attracted interest from the Rossoneri and a number of Premier League clubs.

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Sportitalia reported yesterday that Milan are at the top of Honda’s list and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport and il Corriere dello Sport Milan are serious about the player. The Rome-based newspaper suggests that Milan are preparing Honda, who turned 27 earlier this month, a four-year contract worth €2.5 million a season (plus €0.5 million in bonuses).

Part of the story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

It’s believed that Everton have offered €7 million for Honda but Milan are only going to offer €2m (La Gazzetta reported yesterday that Honda has an agreement with his club that this amount will be enough to buy him). The pink newspaper expects Adriano Galliani to start working on the signing of Honda in the next days. Sky Sport Italia, however, insists that Milan will not be able to move for Honda or anyone else until they sell some players as Milan have 33 squad players now.

Gazzetta also suggests that the Andrea Poli negotiations are hold until Milan resolve the Mathieu Flamini and Bakaye Traore situations and writes that Milan consider Alessandro Matri or Juventus way too expensive (they want €12 million).


  1. Ahh come on!! Are we, the biggest club of the world so poor that we can’t even win this from everton?? I mean everton has more to offer than the mighty Milan, how can this be possible? Anyways, Galliani u better get Honda, if u miss him, then we will NOT miss you!

  2. We need him. Milan needs to step up their game with the offer, though. But I doubt Honda will choose Everton for money. He probably wants to play in the CL.

  3. I am willing to offer M1€ from my own pocket so that we can buy honda since M2€ is so big for milan to spend….milan is falling down….pls berlusconi sack galliani and put barbara there…galliani lost tevez to juve even tevez said he snub milan for juve….though honda is better than tevez…now get us poli,astori, and jovetic after these players are sent packing amelia,antonini,bonera,traore,flamini,nocerino,boateng,niang(loan to samp for poli),zaccardo,taiwo,didac,keep emmanuelson.

  4. So galliani still need to sell in other to get HONDA for 2million?.. What have they turn this our great club into.

    Smh for B&G.. Shame on B&G. Stop been cheap.

    B4 we know it, man utd, arsenal, PSG, madrid would come in cuz HONDA is also marketable in asia.

  5. Sale: mexes,antonini,taiwo,didac,mesbah,yepes,flamini,nocerino,traore,emanuelsen,robinho,boateng,bonera,zacardo
    Buy : poli,astori,ranochia,stootman,kucka,

    Abate,zapata,ranochia/astori,de sciglio.
    Super sub : petagna,niang,cristante,

  6. This is Berlusconis fault if he just could have controlled himself he would have not been sentenced to jail for 7 years. I Think he is taking money from Milan earnings for his benefits. Where have the Kaka, Thiago Silva, Zlatan, Pato gone? We can’t pay 2 million? when we sold all of those for over 100 million combined, Just sell the club to someone that cares not saying that Berlu do not care but he doesnt care anymore the glory days have passed

  7. I really think B&G are just waiting for FFP to kick in. FFP will definitely bring the prices of players back in order because no one will be able to spend big and also it will restrict bidding wars with other clubs. Thats when we’ll be able to bring in our stars. It’s absolutely not hidden that we now have a lot of money to spend on players but we’re just not spending stupidly.

  8. Its a pity if most successful clubt in d world can nt afford 2 mil 2 buy a gud & talented playa lik honda. B&g pls sell d club 2 those dat care 2 spend. Rossoneri til tahiti win world cup

  9. Ah swear! Evn Everton is competing 2 buy a player wif Milan!!!
    Tuah!!! Pathetic!!!
    Alwais rumour….as it hapn wif Tevez,d cumin week Honda wil b signin 4 Everton!! God Help Us!!!

  10. Berlusconi should sack Galliani and then sell the club.whenever i open this webpage i always feel fragiled.Ambrosini,bojan,yepez,zaccardo and flamini at the verge of exit,33-5 equals 29,then get Astori,Honda,Strootman,since these people are on free transfer,if you can’t afford them then sell the club.

    • Galliani should leave this club! This is really frustrating! Today he said that he will talk with Sahaarawy after the conf.cup to see if he will stay! How dare you Galliani? Then he said no one will come until anyone leaves. Ambrosini left the club, yepes will leave, get rid of muntari and traore. Bring Poli, Honda, cristante, and Fossati, Astori. Didactic will also leave. The third place was a miracle and a luck that would never be repeated again!

    • Astori,Honda,Strootman these people r NOT on free transfers. but of course shouldnt sound like Milan cant afford them.

  11. It’s more the wages side of things that is stopping us signing players, we want to stay financially safe and not be stupid like Monaco and PSG. It’s sensible on the part of Milan to be cautious.

    • Milan r already safed financialy bro. not to be stupidly spendin like PSG and Monaco?. hav Milan even spent?.

      • Hee hee,its true…our beloved Milan has never spent 😛 so no need to worry for balancing the book..

  12. 6m is an unbelievable bargain for a player like Honda, 2m is just insulting, why should CSKA care about Milan’s history?? They’ll sell him to the highest bidder like any club would.

  13. I think Flamini should stay… Poli should be signed along with Honda. And we simply can not forget the quality centre back. Juve, with the acquisition of Tevez are now really complete, and I would not be surprised if they get another striker as well.
    It’s funny how even mid-table teams don’t want our players who are surplus to requirements :/

  14. I think that flamini & emanuelson should stay. Robinho, taiwo, traore, nocerino and antonini should leave. If a good offer for boateng comes along we should sell him to. then we should buy poli, honda, kucka and a good cb. the milan squad for next season would be:(4-3-1-2) abbiati, abate, mexes, zapata, de scilo, de jong, poli, montolivo, Honda, Baloteli & el sharavy. we would be covered well with the likes of constant a new cb flamini emanuleson kucka saponara pazzini niang. probably thats the best milan can do at this moment

  15. transfer period is the time i like to read about football news, but not milan, you just ve a feeling galliani will do something silly,he was a genius but now i think he is out of he’s wit

  16. “because of FFP coming” and “spending wise” and “Gallianis fault” all this is just bollocks!

    It’s Berlusconis fault in first place, he’s pumping the money out of the club for his own dirty reasons! Paying court fees and bribing and all that cra*p

    Youth policy is a load of bull…. There never was any project just as i suspected

    Milan is 7th most valuable club in the world and numero uno in Italy! And there’s no money for big players?

    This club is going down with this old botox addict in charge!

  17. I was never a big fan of his until I watched him at the Confederations Cup. I think he could be a valuable piece.

  18. Why do we have to sell a player first? Get Honda now and then sell, sell, sell. There’s no point in waiting until Honda is gone somewhere else (like Tevez) and then selling players and having to go and buy a weaker player.

    Robinho, Traore, Nocerino out.
    Boateng and Flamini out if they don’t drop their demand for higher wages.
    1 or 2 players out on loan perhaps and we’re set.

    —————–El Shaarawy——-Honda——-
    ————-Boateng——-De Jong——-Montolivo——
    —–De Sciglio——–Zapata——–Mexes———-Abate—

    Ancelotti’s 2007 Champions League-winning Christmas tree formation with Boateng back in midfield

    We’d still have Niang and Pazzini for up front
    Boateng could be moved behind the strikers if needs be
    Muntari can play anchor or left central midfield
    Saponara can play behind the strikers too.

    This can easily be changed to 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3

    But Honda now. €2m? That’s peanuts…

    If this club was being run correctly we’d be close to signing Thiago as well for €18m but never mind

  19. its a shamefu ting dt we lost tevez 2 juventus nd it wil b a pity if we loss honda 2 ordinary everton. Galiani shame unto u dnt wait 2 sel b4 u buy cuz juv,berca,madrid nd chelsea did sld b4 dey bought bring out 2milion out of alexerndra patos 15milion euro7 nd buy honda dnt lose honda 4 everton d way we lost aly sisoko, thiery henry luiz fabiano edin dzeko nd carlos tevez get honda, strootman,astori nd ogbonna forza milan one luv milan fans lets pray 4 our club 4 Gods intavention.

  20. Its not about the money, milan can buy honda when ever. But they have to sell someone to make SPACE for him, its not about THE MONEY its about the amount of players we have already.

    Milan need to sell some trash but we are realy bad at deleting the trash.

    • NO, definitely it’s about the money. Like someone else mentioned, looks like the FFP rules only applies to Milan.

  21. The ex-Rossoneri attacker has lost his battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and his former club
    have led the tributes Former AC Milan and Fiorentina striker Stefano Borgonovo has died aged 49 following a long battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Italy face Spain on Thursday in the Confederations Cup semi-final, and will wear black armbands in
    memory of the Borgonovo, who earned three caps for the Azzurri. Milan released a statement saying: “The spirit of Stefano will always be with us. Everybody at the club is
    thinking of his wife Chantal and their children Andrea, Alessandra, Benedetta and Gaia. They are a
    splendid family with strength and honour. “He was a dear friend of Carlo Ancelotti, Mauro Tassotti, and Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi were
    also very close to him. “The whole of Milan has worked with his foundation and will continue to work with Chantal to do even
    more now that Stefano is no longer with us.” The father-of-three was diagnosed with ALS in 2006 – an affliction which he later described as “the
    monster”- after it left him completely paralysed. From his bed, Borgonovo wrote his autobiography entitled ‘Attacante Nato’ (Born Striker) through his
    computer which he could only control with his eyes. Following the diagnosis, Borgonovo had set up a non-profit foundation in his name to raise awareness
    and funding to fight the disease. In 2008, Milan and the Fiorentina faced off in a testimonial in a bid to aid their former player’s fight against
    his illness. In addition to spells with Fiorentina and Milan – the latter of which he won a European Cup with in 1990 –
    Borgonovo also enjoyed spells with Como, Sambenedettese, Pescara, Udinese and Brescia.


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