Report: Hernanes tops Allegri’s transfer wishlist


MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI has asked for some reinforcements but Berlusconi has reportedly said Max goes to Roma.

Milan have already begun the preparations for the next season with Riccardo Saponara signed and with Andrea Poli reportedly agreeing personal terms and Milan have more names in their notebook although they’ll wait for Sunday first.

The Rossoneri will visit Siena on Sunday night and only after this match they’ll know if they’re in the Champions League next season or not. In any case, Milan are currently thinking about reinforcements for the elite European club competition.

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According to today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, there was a long meeting at Stadio San Siro yesterday between Massimiliano Allegri, Adriano Galliani, Barbara Berlusconi, Ariedo Braida and some other Milan executives and it appears that Allegri has asked for reinforcements and some guarantees. Antonio Conte did the same thing with Juventus this week.

Today’s Milan story on La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Gazzetta reports that at the top of Allegri’s wishlist there is Lazio’s midfielder Hernanes (27). Allegri is believed to has asked Galliani and the others for already-established good players along with some youngsters and Hernanes’ name fits the bill. Lazio apparently want €30m but with Hernanes’ contract expiring in two years, Milan could work out a deal. Torino’s Alessio Cerci (25), who is co-owned by Fior, is also on Allegri’s radar. Galliani has admitted a winger “wouldn’t be bad”.

Josip Ilicic (25), who will certainly leave the relegated Palermo, is another player Allegri is interested in. Gokhan Inler (28) of Napoli appears to be a target as well and there are suggestions that he could be exchanged with Antonio Nocerino (28) who has barely played this season. Cagliari’s left-back Danilo Fernando Avelar (23) is also on the list of Massimiliano.

Allegri has made demands but it isn’t sure he’ll stay. Silvio Berlusconi reportedly said last night: “Allegri will go to Roma. The announcement will come after the Siena game.” The press claims he joked, but there’s a grain of truth in every joke…


  1. we need two quality center backs and a left back and two mid fielders and we will be completed and will surely win our league as well a gud contest in champs league

    • LOL

      Just that?? Just 5 players?? 50% of a team…

      We need 1 CB and 1 creative MF… thats its.. the rest is good

      Almost forgot, we also need a coach

  2. Roma needs a good coach so let Max go to Roma..if Mr President wants to give Seedorf a chance to coach Milan..then so be it..

    Mr. President is the most passionate Milan fan I know..he puts his money in the club..and its a bit too late for Max to start thinking of playing champaigne football..

    “..Allegri goes to Roma..” dis isnt an oxymoron..its a statement of fact

  3. Though I’m against allegri leaving buh I’d be happy happy if he goes to roma and does well then we would appreciate his efforts

  4. If a new coach comes in and milan gets all of their transfer targets and allegri eventualy gets fired, I’d rilly feel for him, I wish we could give seedorf or whoever is coming in the same squad allegri used and see where we would end up…my hats off for max allegri

  5. Berlusconi is a politician, but he is very poor in reading situation. Why should he tell Allegri leave before the most important game in this season ? Milan should stay condusive and avoid the controversy, so players can do the best.

    Anyone can tell me ? What psychology method that Berlu use that ?

    • Berlusconi is very smart in football terms. Don’t forget he was the one who chose Sacchi, Capello,Zaccheroni, Ancelotti, and Allegri! All winners with the exception of Leonardo-who he also chose!

      So 5:1 is a pretty good ratio!

      In all fairness to Berlusconi he is spot on when it comes to selecting coaches so I trust his judgment as he normally gets it right most of the time!

      Its time for Allegri to go! I would welcome a coach like Mazarri, Frank de Boer of Ajax or Donadonni!

  6. Max prefers van bomel 2 pirlo,thus max wants defensive play.max has realise is error,also max cant read a game,allegri is not a good coach that just the truth

  7. @ donsky, ure right, berlu may have caused the team dis-harmony ahead of the siena game, if we don’t win now,they will say its allegri’s fault

  8. Cyborg doesnt deserve explanations from any of you, as he clearly is blind to them. Allegri is a disciplinarian. I bet you, no other coach would’ve been able to handle cassano, ibrahimovic, balotelli, etc the way he did and is still doing. The reason pirlo left was pirlo’s choice, not allegri’s(you all saw that in his book). Allegri doesn’t like working with player who aren’t ready to sacrifice themselves for the team (ronaldinho going to night clubs a day to crucial matches, robinho not liking to track back e.t.c). Bojan doesn’t play much because he’s on loan, and if he plays too much his asking price will increase. Obviously, Max likes him, else we won’t be seeking a reduced asking-price from barca. Somepeople just don’t think with their brains, maybe they’re bald and all the IQ fell off with the hairs on their heads. Bashing Allegri for senseless reasons..SMH.

    ‘Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes’

    Forza Allegri!!
    Forza MILANO!!

  9. Leonardo you keep whining about said ‘the best team is one with Moratti as president and Galliani as vice’. He didnt even like berlusconi because he couldnt take the rubbish berlu is always saying about coaches in medias. Yet, Allegri has put up with all that humbly, and is willing to go, that’s what I call a Milanisti.

  10. Admin, what are you moderating in my first comment? I didnt use foul languages and didn’t Or are you also against Allegri?

  11. @ladon, barca didn’t dominate europe cos they tracked back……..they ruled cos they barely allow the opponent any time in their half as they do get the job done before the opponents gets into their half and they have the best player in the world to make the diff + teams accord them too much respect………and when the needed the much needed tracking back was needed against bayern, it was found wanting and bayern capitalised on that much weakness!!!!

    Imagine an elshaarawy in iniesta’s place, he might not have scored (iniesta didn’t either) alba would have been less exposed to the torment of robben

  12. Nocerino,Ambrosini,Traore,Bonera,Antonini,Amelia,and Robinho….?? Maybe Hernanes,Cerci,Julio Cesar,Ogbonna,Poli and

  13. Okay what about this for next season:

    Coach: Allegri (IF HE WINS TOMORROW, COME ON!!!!!)


    –De Sciglio—-Mexes/Zapata—–Ogbonna—-Alex Sandro-


    —Saponara——Hernanes/Mugni/KAKA——–El Shaarawy


    Jherson Amu Vergara
    De Jong

    I know I’m just dreaming, but I hope a few of these changes will be made!

    But first let’s get those 3 points tomorrow.
    Forza Milan!


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