Highlights: Milan 1-0 Torino


MILAN GOT a very unconvincing but very very important win nonetheless as they managed to beat Torino 1-0 at Stadio San Siro on Sunday afternoon. Massimiliano Allegri started a rather defensive line-up but the defense seemed not in order in the first half with Torino getting a few chances to take the lead, only denied by a great Christian Abbiati who’d just returned from an injury. Milan were very poor throughout the entire game, failing to get to scoring chances and vulnerable on the counter-attacks of Torino. Allegri decided to throw in Pazzini, Niang and Robinho in the second half and Milan finally got the goal in the 84th minute: Antonio Nocerino crossed the ball which found Philippe Mexes, who headed the ball vertically and none other than SuperMario Balotelli took advantage of this ball to score the winner. Milan did not look good at all but this win gives them a four point lead over Fiorentina, who lost to Roma on Saturday.


    • Not really a trequartista but a midfield of Fabregas, Montolivo and De Jong would be pretty sweet. Front 3 of Balotelli SES and Saponara.

  1. about playin beauty and lose, or playin ugly and win?

    the thing is by playin like fiorentina u are expectd to create lot of scorin chances and most of the time u lose undeservingly. while ugly football can only give u ‘a siena type of victory’ like what happend for us yesterday – 2 shots, u scored 1, then victory… how lucky. but as cyborg once said “when u face the big boys, there will be no rebound for pazzini to tap in and abbiati may not be able to make all those superb saves as allegri could wish”

  2. its no ones foult that allegri had a squad of only one creative player. before the season starts allegri said he is happy with the squad galliani gave him and he has faith in the players… that includes muntari, antonini, bekay traore, yepes

  3. i’m sooo glad that de jong was signed. else there will be a strong and long excused that no one can break

  4. Your best coach who has a creative & talented player like Alberto Aquilani and decided to let him go, your best coach who have Bojan K. and decided to sit him on the bench,ur favourite coach who decided to loaned out Emamanuelson and keep Traore, your best coach who prefer Muntari ahead Oduamadi before letting the young lad went on loan, your best coach whose heart and mind is too defensive minded…
    The absent of R.Montolivo yesterday was the reason why milan team were playing like seria D against a Torino who looks decent..
    Allow your coach next season and 4th will be your position..trust me

    • Like coach has anything to do with transfers in Milan, Galliani and Berlusconi decides here as in whole Italy coaches don’t have a word in transfers they can only tell their wishes, reality is different. Allegri asked for Hamsik and De Rossi when he was on a verge of leaving Roma. Aquilani had a clause if he plays 20 games he’ll be bought and Galliani decided not to. Politics of management it’s not Allegri fault

  5. oh common Sola..dont give me dat Allegri won the Scudetto line..the bottom line was there was no competition..dat season Juve placed 7th and Inters aging squad came second..am not here becos I love or hate Allegri am a Milan fan and if we fall short somewhere I point it out and for the past 3 seasons our Coaches output has been mediocre..
    You even pointed it out that every coach has his style and from statistics Allegri’s is not Milan quality..Ronaldinho lost his pace long b4 comin to Milan but Leonardo not Ancellotti brought d best in him..
    Pls get the veil of ur eyes Allegri cant compete even with his very good squad he fell before mediocre Tottenham thanks to Redknap’s superior coaching mentality..he couldnt even score a single goal against them in 180mins and he got 12players that season…pitiful

  6. Aquilani, creative and talented? Wha, u blind thru out last season? Bojan? U need ur sight fixed. Oduamandi is like a less technical Abate on dredds. Ronaldinho was 32 and way past it, he just does couple trick and smiles for the rest 90mins. Pirlo lacked motivation and hard ever 100%, he needed the move and besides MVB was a beast that year. Emmanuelson aint even a starter for fulham till this moment. Robi is been frozen out cos he is sure to leave, remember all his drama in january? When we needed him most? These are analysis based on pure footballing nothing financial and strategic planing which had changed during the said period of Max’s reign. Here’s another one, if Allegri is so anti-creativity, why is monto so vital today? The man has an ideology and knows of the need to strike a balance.

  7. Laugh at u boie.. You need to open ur eyes wide to see what your best coach has turn your club into..
    You need to do more research on Allegri and Muntari..Now i see more reason why i shouldn’t be here.
    Most fans think Allegri has nothing to say when it comes to transfer,y’all wrong! Even the royal club “Real Madrid” wouldn’t shut Jose Mou.when it comes to transfer neither will Arsenal shut Wenger from getting his kind of player,As Roma,Fiore,Juve and d likes.. Allegri is too rigid with his style of play and that’s why Galliani would give him what he love most(physical player),or wd you say Niang is better than Robinho/Bojan..
    If you know what milan is all about,you will know that player like Muntari,Traore,Niang are not milanistas.
    Boie,You need more clips on milan matches. You can start today #advise

  8. I never disputed Max’s weakness. CRITUQUES are tolerable but The dispute was about more than half of these said weaknesses not being logically thought thru by bloggers and ur love for criticising Max.

  9. Christ!
    Why is there so much negativity on this blog!?
    To the extent that i read a certain person wish that Milan lose so he can get his wish!
    And u guyz get annoyed when people question ur fandom!??

  10. Oooo!
    Maybe you’ve forgotten so soon.. Your best coach had Urby28 last season who happen to be a natural left footed but he decided to play him at the right midfield.. Were you blindfolded during that season? ooh! u were supporting another club..
    Allow me to remind you more bout K.P.Boa who’s indirectly telling your best coach that he isn’t comfortable with his current position,what did he do “NOTHING”.
    Marco Amelia (laugh),your no1 coach believed in him that he wouldn’t see that Amelia can’t do nothing on the goal line. Get a viddy clips of the match against Juve both last season and this season..
    Have you forgotten so soon what Didac Villa said about him,Remember what Nesta,Inzaghi said bout your best coach..
    You need more enligthment on Milan.. Ac Milan is not meant for babies fans,#growup

  11. @Lady gaga, stick to day job sweety, football aint for you. Muntari came at a point when a DM was dreadfully needed and made an immediate impact, shame about ur short memory tho. He came for free like so many others and I’m sure Allegri coulda insisted on getting Hamsik like he wanted and didn’t have to wait on monto and mbiwa to become free agents. PS: I don’t need clips to know Milan, all the clip u watched, I saw the games live like a boss.

  12. Well,i wasn’t blind last season.. It’s obvious that you make noise and put presure on yourself when watching football..
    I’ll tell you that what Alberto Aquilani did last season is way better to what your world best mid fielder (Muntari) is doing this season..
    Like i said,i need more breat here.. Maybe when i see the likes of PIB,Giamcarlo and co,then i’ll give it a rethink to come back or not..
    This blog isn’t meant for baby fans

  13. there’s a difference btw a manager n a coach. A manager has a say on who comes or leaves in a club, n he has access 2 d financial books, knows hw far he cud spend.
    Now, mourinho, a manager, wenger, ferguson, guardiola, all managers.
    Conte, montella, and our allegri: coaches. They don’t av a say on d transfers of d club, they can only request. The job falls 2 d directors, galliani in our case.
    Get ur facts right pple.

  14. Abbiati, Flamini, and Zapata will stay.

    Ambrosini is still undecided.

    Bonera and Yepes won’t be offered a contract.

    Amelia, Nocerino, Traore, Urby, Robinho, Antonini, Taiwo, and Vila will depart.

    Bojan will not be kept.

    That means a GK, 2CBs, 3MFs, and 2STs need to be added.

    GK: Marchetti/Perin/Krul
    CB: Amu and Ogbonna
    MF: Nainngolan/Inler and Strootman/Verratti/Eriksen/Fabregas
    ST: Zaza
    Promotion: Ganz/Petagna and Cristante

      • If you mean the targets, then I may agree the midfield targets are from Fifa(PS3), but as for the others it may well happen.

        Zaza is rumoured to be very close, Amu is already a Milan player, Cristante and Petagna or Ganz will sure be there. Ogbonna and Perin are likely arrivals. As for the midfield maybe none of the ones mentioned will arrive and we’ll have to do with Kucka and Bertolacci but hey a man can dream.

        If we go to the departures,all I said would most likely happen.

  15. I rly think cerci should come to milan. After what I’ve seen from the national side and this match I think Cerci would bee a great addition. That will also make Milan the Attacking force for italys national team. with Ses Balo And Cerci

  16. its annoying that most fans still dont know that in Italy,we have coaches and not managers..so its impossible to blame allegri on transfers..milan had the option of buying aquilani but we did nt..is it allegri’s fault or was it allegri that sold merkel?am not an allegri lover as u guys put it.am a milanisti and i stand and support everything associated with ac milan but good or bad and that includes allegri

  17. Exactly, coaches can only request. The only request I remember was that of dejong. No request for creative midfielders, infact, when he was asked about CMs, he pointed at nocerino.

    • Nocerino was pure Gallianis idea, i remember an interview with him about Noce to Milan. He said Zamparini called him and offered him Nocerino for half a million which is really a bargain and he went for him. Nothing to do with Allegri. I remember Allegri requested for Hamsik and De Rossi. Hamsik was on the verge of joining Milan when our beloved president got fined on court and everything broke down. So who’s fault is it again?

  18. we have some sadistic fans here,who derive joy when Max and the team falters.I pity una ooooo.All this blame it on Allegri talk is just plain annoying.It seems some fans see him as someone to put the blame on.
    conte wears a wig,blame it on Allegri
    Cavani scores a hattrick against inter,blame it on Allegri
    Bayern beat barca 7-0,blame it on Allegri
    Pescara are relegated,blame it on Allegri
    Pogba gets a red,blame it on Allegri
    A ufo crashes,blame it on Allegri
    Alliens visit earth,blame it on Allegri
    Damn,don’t u guys get tired?

  19. Lol…i will surely do that..i will blame it on alergy with milan current position. Haaaaa, someone write about PIB n Giancarlo..how are they now? I really miss them comment

  20. My point is allegri, has a say on whom the team should buy, if he wanted some creativity, then galliani would get him some. As the coach he should have been aware that this team lacks creativity, his idea of creativity is nocerino, that’s not the type of coach Milan wants! The good news is that Clarence did not shut the door on becoming our next coach. These three matches now seem like thirty, can’t wait till the day allegri, gets out and never comes back again, hopefully he’ll join k******* at chievo.

  21. jeez…..Balo should let Allegri borrow his “why always me?” shirt. Let’s see if Allegri can bring us the right results these next few games to ensure our position in the champions league. Like it or not, ill say it again, this is a transitional year and what matters this year is not how pretty we play football, its the results. And to be honest, Allegri has been producing results. Our squad is completely different and needs time, you cant expect beautiful football right out the gate. Next year we can worry about pretty football and in the summer we can worry about if we want allegri or not, but right now lets support our team these last few games and get into the champions league where we belong

  22. K bro.no more blamin allegri.
    Playin wit 3DMFS.who’s to blame.the Pope.
    Boateng is now a winger.who’s to blame.his hair style.
    Playin a rigid 4-3-3.it was Galiani’s fault,didn’t buy the write formation.
    Vicnas is starin at dis in amazement.blame it on acbaba

  23. What transition are you talking about? We were embarrassed by arsenal, we made spurs look like they were going to win UCL, we were disgraced by barca, we were embarrassed by a ten men fiorentina, our game is rubbish, and you fans are loving it. Some people here were complaining about SES’s predictability, well it’ s allegri’s job to mould him into a world class striker, and I’m afraid allegri doesn’t see it like you guys, so as long as he’s around it’s never going to change. Our game now is for SES and MARIO to take long range shots, and pazzini takes the rebounds, typical chievo mentality. We can’t even maintain possession past two passes and you are happy with it, and you think w’ll ever win the UCL, please!

  24. @Acbaba, u know damn well that Nigerians don’t fancy rugby. We’re a footballing nation, we know the game yo. And oh, its not 3 DMs but 1 DM and 2 CMs too.

  25. Acbaba says we mak history.acbaba says we trend on twitter with the harsh tag “blame it on allegri”.who agrees?.lets do this

  26. This not aligri folt wy not the manergement spen more like the orthe club they sold our best pleyers and then blam chochi if you want good game spen money like other club does buy like hamsik strucman t silva dede pbregas cavani not like bojan robinio antonini toreri bonera if you want good game you must spent money we are milan not torino don’t blem aligri blem the manergement

  27. @achaba, dose teams. Ure talking abou have better creative players than milan, I can say dat a hundred times. Milan is no more among d. Financial power house of football. Can we afford 2 cough out over 30m pounds on a player @ dis point? Which big coach is gonna cum 2 milan wen derz no money 2 spend excpt for mayb mr. Wenger.

  28. There are reports that Galliani will try to get Astori, offering cash, Fossati and Comi (don’t know if sell, co-own or loan). The only problem i have here is, he’s left footed and so is Ogbonna… But reports aren’t reliable and i’m still hoping for Ogbonna now even more after watching Torino match

  29. Poli? Is dat guy creative? Isint it dsame poli of sampdoria who played for inter? Another average player, is dis also allegri’s fault?

  30. Pirlo was average at Inter and looked what happened when he joined Milan!

    It is hard to judge how a player will develop at another club especially a very prestigious club.

    Poli is another Pirlo in the making. Don’t rush to judge.

  31. Rkay!!
    Balotelli isnt more using the “why always me.” shirt. He’s removed the jersey since he joins Acmilan. I think Allegri is free to use da.

    Balotelli “why always me”
    Is now “why always Goal”

  32. If u want u cn go and cheer on barca,juve,real,bayern,man u or any oda club u admire we love everything about milan dats d fact…. Did u guys 4get dat d 1st leg loss against inter was 1 ov our best performance dis season bt we end up loosing dat game, bt way complaining after getting d precious three point against torino which we played poorly and end up winning my advice 4 u ix jst 2 keep quiet if u have notin important 2 say. Milan 4 eva.

  33. Most of u fans just complain on and on. .if we lose ‘complain’ if we win ‘complain’.Either blaming d coach or players…if u feel ur a beta tactician than Allegri then i dunno y ur wasting time suggesting formations and how players are to be positioned.So why dnt u go to coaching school and shove all your empty ideas down your little brain…some of u fans get ur formation and tactical ideas mainly 4rm video games…how many of u fans has acually coached a team b4?…its now a big club like Milan u tink u can do somtin.Most of u fans r not even beta dan allegri…bunch of Dull boxes!

  34. @MrEskola ur understanding of statistics is questionable..is there a diff b/w 420 & 148?..if his winning rate @ 148 matches is lower than that of 420 den there is a problem..diminishing return is setting in early..cos 420 is abt 3 times more than 148

    Was it Reks that said Pirlo aint giving 100%..that was what I thot but during dis period he was the mainstay in the national team and Juventus..Allegri likes prefers brute to creativity..dat was why he requested for De jong after MVB..Prandelli plays Monty & Pirlo together..why wont the team be creative..

    We know a team shld ve a balance of creative and defensive MF if u r lucky u can get a player who is creative and defensive at the same time, thats what we had in Albertini and thats what we have in Monty..I may be wrong but I bet Monty is enjoying his time under Max for his defensive qualities..cos all creative players are either gone,sidelined or encouraged to ‘defensify’ their game..Urby, Constant, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Pato, Bojan, Robinho etc
    Now the Milan team cant string three passes together..its either Elsharawy runs and try to zigzag thru defenses..Balotelli takes a shot..Pazzini taps in the rebound..Boateng fires in a hopeful ball..there is a disconnect between midfield & attack..thats why our play is so ugly..even Boa thanked Allegri for teaching him how to defend..we all read it on dis blog..

    Where will Max play Saponera? Can he defend..if he cant he will end up like Pirlo, Bojan and Robinho under Max..

    Gentleman this Napoli and Pescara legend have done more harm than good to our dear Milan and I very well guarantee that after the Siena game I will personally Chaufeur him to Roma..a club that thrives in inconstitency a club with purely domestic ambitions..a club thats satified with just playing in Europe..

  35. pirlo was no way a traitor. He left coz allegri chose to play more a defensive midfield even then. And put mvb and ambrosini instead of him even when we had a very solid defense


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