Niang: “Milan the ideal place to grow”


M’BAYE NIANG says he had no doubts once Milan came in for him and wants to be the best in the world.

The derby is just a few hours away and the players are getting ready so they can get in the best mental shape and without fear to one of the biggest games of the season as both sides fight for the third place.

One player that will arrive without fear is M’Baye Niang. The 18-year-old doesn’t have fear in his lexicon. Niang believes the Serie A is tougher than Ligue 1 and has a answer to Barcelona’s pitch complaints.

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“Can I become the best in the world? I can make it. A club like Milan is the ideal place to grow because of the many champions here that you can learn from,” Niang said in an interview with La Repubblica. “Serie A is a tough league – physically and tactically. There is less professionalism and tactics in the Ligue 1.

“If I regret not going to the Premier League? No. Arsenal wanted me. When Milan showed up, I had no doubts. The post I made on Twitter (Niang wrote on twitter that he won’t start against Barcelona)? I only wanted to make it clear that I wasn’t left out of the starting line-up because of any injuries, but that it was a technical decision by the coach. I would be crazy if I had started arguing with Allegri. I owe him so much.

“I have now understood how it works here in Italy. (Vice President and Chief Executive Adriano) Galliani and (Captain Massimo) Ambrosini have made me understand that in order to get my breakthrough, I need to lead a serious private life – that I need to rest and train well. It’s not like in France: here in Italy there is real professionalism. I’ve started to lead a serious life here in Milano. I spend time with my girlfriend and my friend Radouane. I go shopping, to the cinema, listen to rap music and think about work,” he added.

“The car incident? I have never pretended to be Traoré. It was his car, but I had just arrived in Italy and I didn’t know Italian. I was just saying “yes” to all the questions that the cops were asking me. I admit my mistakes. I didn’t appeal against the ban that the French FA gave me (he was banned for breaking curfew and partying late). It’s water under the bridge, and I’ve decided not to go back to doing those things.

“If I will choose to play for France or Senegal? I still have time to choose. For now, I’ve chosen the French youth national teams. I’ve other things on my mind now. This season is a big opportunity for me.

“If I was close to leaving Milan in the January transfer window? I have never thought about leaving Milan. I feel really happy here. I met Balotelli for the first time in Paris, when he was playing for Manchester City. And I immediately got along with El Shaarawy. We’re young and we can still win a lot, but we haven’t done anything yet. My position? In France, I always played on the left or the right, and sometimes in the middle.

“My reference points? Ronaldo has always been my idol. And Karim Benzema. I only think about scoring goals. Or rather, I also think about making assists now. People in France call me arrogant? I don’t think that I’m arrogant. It’s just that I don’t get moved or excited, not even in front of Barcelona,” continued Niang.

Part of yesterday’s Niang interview with La Repubblica (screenshot)

“The Barca players complained about the pitch? Yes, but they did that only after the match. They had trained on it the day before the match. The best players always play better than the all the others on any pitch – and our pitch at San Siro is good. The truth is that we closed down the spaces and without any space their playing style doesn’t work. There’s still time to go before the 2nd leg. Now we’ll think about the derby.

“The racism incident in Busto Arsizio? I’m happy with the solidarity that the squad showed us colored players by leaving the pitch. In those cases you can only wait for the referee to stop the match. It would be the right thing to do in every match. 90 minutes of ‘boooo’ is a very long time,” said the youngster.

According to the latest reports, Niang will start the game from the bench tonight with Kevin-Prince Boateng again playing in the right side of the attack. Antonio Nocerino will replace Max Ambrosini in midfield.


  1. I love u bro keep it up,but please Mr.Allegri dnt start Niang frm the bench!forza Allegri,forza Niang,forza Milan!

  2. mbaye one of milan’s high points this season .. from nothing to what was to be a flop signing .. to turning out to be a bargain

  3. I know i’ve neva been a fan of Bojan but i’m really beginning to feel 4 d guy.

    Wud like to see him given some game time in todays game either as a replacement for ES or Niang/Boateng.

  4. Gud. Ronaldo is the best idol 4 u bt don’t copy Benzema of the last three seasons. Hey, u must work on scoring goals to be like CR7. Wish u the best 2day. FORZA MILAN!!!

  5. yea i would also like bojan given bit more starts. not neccesarilly tonight but it wont kill filling him from start once in a while to gain confident and believe of the coach. besides he can be judged well before season ends. i feel he can do better and we are all certain of his class.

  6. I prefer that Niang start, but I understand Allegri’s reasoning. If the game is at a stalemate, Niang can be a difference maker off the bench, especially if Inter is tired. Niang will provide that same burst of energy he did against Barca.
    Plus, from a psychological standpoint, given his youth, Niang will be more accepting of coming off the bench than KPB. Not to mention that KPB is a bit of a defensive liability in the midfield.

    -Regardless, I am excited, we must beat Inter…FORZA MILAN!!!


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