Berlusconi: “Milan will continue to focus on youth”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI will watch the derby from the stands tomorrow and says he likes Montolivo.

Berlusconi directly or indirectly changed Milan’s season as after his Milanello visits earlier this season, the Rossoneri began to pick up points and they now sit in the third place (above Lazio on goal difference).

Milan are taking on Inter tomorrow for a very important game and the attack tomorrow will most likely consist of three players that together are at the age of 60. Berlusconi enjoys having youth in the team.

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“I’m here to give credit to Adriano Galliani and Massimiliano Allegri as no one expected to see our team in the position that it’s in after the loss of 15 champions in the summer, some due to age and some due to the club’s balance sheet,” Silvio Berlusconi told the press at a press conference today at the Milanello center.

“We followed a policy of young players as a cycle had come to a close and rather than start with players that had already proved themselves at the highest levels, we wanted to build a new team of young talents. We were happy to do so as a young team is one that can grow with certain advantages. We had to find a player to take Andrea Pirlo’s place (went to Juventus) and we choose well with Riccardo Montolivo, who I like a lot.

“In that role, you need a thinking player and not necessarily a very young man. Montolivo is playing well and he tackle hard. He’s good person as well and he shows that in the dressing room. Considering the results from Round 17 onwards, we’re on top of the table and that’s where we should be and in the future that’s the direction we want to continue in to give satisfaction to our fans as we’ve done for the last 26 years.

“There are some rules which never change. If a team has a strong point, then it should play to its strengths. We’re not a poor club. If other clubs were to make offers for coach Massimiliano Allegri, then we could tell them: we can make him even richer.” Roma are reportedly keen to sign Max Allegri in the summer.

“We, Milan, have started to follow the 100 best young players and now our scouts have chosen 50 players which are being observed. We plan to take another 10 players from this list that will go on to become the best young players emerging,” continued the former Prime Minister of the peninsula called Italy.

“Up front we have three players who have 60 years between them: Stephan El Shaarawy, M’Baye Niang and Mario Balotelli. I’m proud to have them here. I don’t like their hair-style but as long as they score… But the good thing about the Mohawk hair-style is that it makes them easier to recognize on the pitch.

“Alongside them we have a product of our youth system De Sciglio.  Robinho is an important champion. He wants to return to Brazil, but we will try to keep him. Boajn is another player that we consider an important part of our plans an could become one of them. We have also bought Salamon and Saponara which are two players we expect much of. Cristante and Petagna are great prospects in our youth team.

“We decided to follow the same tactics and the same training session for all our youth teams and that’s something that only two teams in Europe do: Barcelona and Ajax. Today our Primavera team are in the semi-final of the Viareggio Cup (they won 2-1). That’s the road we’re following and we intend to continue.

“Despite what’s been written in the sporting press, there has been no problem with our coach and there are no players in our squad who are anything other than happy with where they are. Racial abuse against Balotelli?  It would be absurd and uncivilised, especially as Balotelli is an Italian. We should also change the laws to help people gain citizenship when they live and work here legally,” added the 76-years-old.

“I hope that Balotelli can remain the measured and educated man that he is.  The Balotelli negotiations? Everything I said about Balotelli was just a tactic to make sure that his price didn’t go up. Even today, when I spoke about Bojan, Galliani kicked my leg under the table. It was Galliani that advised me to say those things about Balotelli as a strategy to make sure that the price didn’t go up. Balo is a perfect professional.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t see the Barcelona match as I had some eye problems. I heard the result afterwards and I was very happy. I was informed of the result and I was very happy about it. What our team did with Messi was excellent. I have recorded the match, and I will watch it tomorrow before the game with Inter.

“I’ll be at the stadium tomorrow with my grandchildren. Our objective is that within 2 or 3 years to be able to put out a team based on our young players that will be competitive at all levels,” concluded Silvio.


  1. But the good thing about the Mohawk hair-styleis that it makes them easier to recognize on the i can’t stop laughin.hahahaha

  2. I knew it was a tactics to reduce the asking price of Balotelli,i thought as much,anyway keep on with the gud job.

  3. Gud tactics there. We still await monty’s heir in the summer. We also hope to see more spaces for mastour,chrisante,salamon,petagana,sapanora and gabriel next season. Pls get us the best young prospects across the globe and we will triumph for the next 15 years. FORZA MILAN!!!

  4. shouldnt have revealed those tricks silvio. now prices will be alot harder to go down for us. u have messed up boy

  5. Omg! Galliani & Berlusconi r two gr8 dudes….thanks 4 been in Milan…we love u guyz a bunch….dnt jst let us down pls

  6. berlu is patient and great. We and he doesnt toil with us fans the way abrahamovich does at chelsea does. I like his dedication. Forza Milan

  7. Those were very well thought out comments. I hope we bring in a few of those top 10 young talents this offseason.


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