Berlusconi: “I couldn’t sleep after Balotelli’s goals!” Galliani: “Balotelli is a player we have always wanted”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI has revealed that Balo’s goals left him sleepless but doubts there was a penalty.

Milan are now fourth in the Serie A table and the nightmare start seems like a long memory. Milan took over Inter for the first time this season thanks to a 2-1 Udinese win; a win that featured two Balotelli goals.

Giampaolo Pazzini’s warm up injury meant a start for the new signing and he turned out to be the hero as he scored a wonderful goal in the 25′ minute and a hugely controversial penalty in the very last minute.

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“Balotelli? I could not sleep after his goals,” Silvio Berlusconi told the media of the man who celebrated his brace at a Fat Joe concert with El Shaarawy, Niang and Traoré. “The [penalty] decision was very doubtful. But it was a pleasure for all Milan fans to get the decision. We’ve been due a decision this season though.”

Balotelli obviously made all the headlines today and was selected Gazzetta dello Sport’s Man of the Match with a rating of 8/10 for his debut. “I am pleased he scored and it is great to play alongside him. Hopefully we will do for the national team to,” said El Shaarawy, who was rated 6.5/10 said. “Balo is like a brother to me. There is a great team spirit and it was an important win,” added Niang who was rated 6.5/10 as well.

Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted that there was not a penalty on El Shaarawy in the final minute but said that “Balotelli has extraordinary technical and physical qualities. He can reach his full potential at Milan” and that “Niang and El Shaarawy did a lot of running but we need to make more of our chances.”

“Mario scored a brace yesterday,” CEO Adriano Galliani said. “I don’t know how many points Balotelli will bring us but he has certainly strengthened the squad. Balotelli is a player we have always wanted, he gives us a lot but we have also picked up a lot of points with Pazzini up front. In our last 14 matches we have done better than anyone else with Pazzini playing, so Balotelli did well but let’s not turn it into Balo’s Milan.

“I have not spoken to the doctor about Pazzini but I do hope that Pazzini will available for the Champions League. I think maybe a previous penalty had not been given, but I like to see penalties from the side of the pitch and not on my TV and I was in the changing room just before the end so I didn’t see it. Instead the hold on Mario Balotelli by [Udinese central defender Maurizio] Domizzi did look like a four from the stands.

“If Balotelli had scored after 35 second that would have been unbelievable, maybe too much. Balotelli has a similar physique and charisma to Ibra and I think he is [Paris Saint-Germains’s] Ibrahimovic’s ideal substitute.

“Standings? Let’s leave Inter out of this, we are simply going back to picking up the same points that we had over the last two years. We have 12 new players. If two big stars like Ibra and Thiago Silva go away along with all the other players who had been here for so long then it is only normal that things are harder.” Milan started the season very poorly and 3rd place looked like a dream at some point. However, Milan are just three points away from that very position now.

“Next year we will no longer start the season with such a handicap over the first eight games. We will be more competitive from the start. We were also penalised by the transfer market and we are now running towards the third place and hopefully we will get there. The negotiations for Ibra were far easier than the ones with City for Balo, they were extremely difficult. This is the team for next season too, Abate included.

“I think the atmosphere has changed with the fans and with our sponsors. We have done the mini-season ticket but we need a few more days because of the banks. It is incredible that we are coming up against Barcelona for the sixth time in two Champions League years. It’s good in terms of income but it’s better to face other clubs.  I am happy also for Pato, he is a world class player. Pity Alexandre had all those injuries.”

Like Balotelli, Pato found the back of the net on his debut game for Corinthians. In other news, Christian Abbiati and Mattia De Sciglio returned to training normally with the squad today and should be available.


  1. We need to some sign players of the same quality one in the midfield and one in the defense. Then we will be among the best in europe again. Milan will definitely not try to sign Kaka again as Real are demanding a wooping €18m for him but a coup for Isco/Alcantra and Ogbonna will make us a team to beat again both in Italy and Abroad.

    • I think what Galliani was trying to say was Madrid should wake up and realize reality then we will talk Kaka. I still think Kaka will arrive in the summer as the world cup is next year and his wages are just too big of a burden for another season for Madrid.

  2. I dnt tink barca wud let alcantara go . He is already touted as xavi’s heir . Wud be epic if it happened tho (fav barca player afta iniesta n fab)

  3. It was a nice game for balo and milan. Seems that Balo really comfortable in milan and that is a good sign.

    Still I do believe we need to improve our defence. Well anyway FORZA MILAN!

  4. This is the difference btn quality and quantity,our management should learn from this,one quality player worth more than 6 garbage players

  5. we have a great attack line,a good midfield and a terrible defence,so if we want to win the title next year we should sign following players:

    GOALKEEPING: abiati should stay for one more year and we should swap amelia with stekelenberg.

    DEFENCE: we should get rid of bonera,antonini,yepes and we should sign zapata,ogbona,astori,santon.

    MIDFEILD: we should sign kaka , poli ( and traore should leave)

    ATTACK: sell robinho for 10mil,let bojan go(hes very expensive 14mil) and buy icardi.

    • no need for astori or santon, get ogbonna and zap as starters, mexes for big ggames and back up, or mexes and zap always, sell bojan and robinho as it will save alot, no more fowards promote some to cover injruies from niang elsha and balo, kaka in mid, poli i guess also, traore to leave

  6. following my last comment:
    and our team in next year will be:
    GOALKEEPERS: abbiati,stekelenberg,gabriel

    LEFTBACKS: santon,konstant
    CENTRAL: mexes,zapata,ogbona,astori

    DMF: montolivo,de jong,ambrosini
    CMF:(montolivo) boateng,nocerino,flamini,poli(cristante)
    AMF: kaka,urby,(boateng),(saponara)



  7. I’d rather have Perin than Stekelenburg, if it was up to me, I think the management agrees, well as long as Perin’s price tag isn’t around 20 million as it has been rumoured.
    I think Benatia will join us this summer, if rumours are true, and if he does, perhaps alongside Ogbonna, our defence would be FIERCE. Then we could seriously start to dream about some serious trophies.

  8. I think SES wanted to speak to the ref that it wasn’t a spot kick… He is nt a dirty player bt he did it for da team and 3 points and 4spot. forza milan

  9. Bojan must be sold in de summer cos he does not fit in the play of milan.he handle the ball for too long on the field and his end result is poor.bonera also must go cos he is not in milan youth project he is 30+

  10. Forget abt d goalkeepers, Leave Abbiati until Gabriel gets a lil xperience….d defenders are Okay since we hav Salamon, Zaccardo, Mexes, Zapata and inconsistent Yepes and Bonera whose contract is ending dz summer….jst let them go or take any one of them….the dm 9 gd to go bt u myt get kaka on loan 4 a season to assist Saponara and Mastour and we r gd to go….sell Robinho and buy Bojan….Totally, its jst gonna be two buys, Kaka and Bojan and Milan would be close to perfect

  11. We playing Cagliari sunday, who beat Roma 4-2 in a away game, of which Roma beat US 4-2 in the first half of the season….I’m very uneasy about our match against them especially if king Bonera is on the start-up

  12. Lets stop crucifying Bonera, d guy z playing with his heart….rather, lets pray he improves….datz more important… least, wen T.silva wasnt around last year against Barca, d guy really had a nice game

    • bonera is garbage,he should go to brecia in serie B,which is his hometown too,w can’t reach cl spot if allegri keep playing bonera,he should stop it right now!

  13. Ac milan and juventus has been monitoring Nice wonder kid {Neal Mauray}. The 16 year forward.thou milan has bin un him since last year, y juventus just saw him this year it will be a plessure if we can av him.

  14. “Roma can’t steal coaches from other clubs. Allegri will still be the Milan boss next season,” Galliani told reporters. “He’s a good manager, and we’ve always known that. He reminds me of Carlo Ancelotti, for how balanced he is.”

  15. I think kaka’s boat has sailed. We should focus on how to integrate saponara and mastour…..GEEEZZZ milan future is SO BRIGHT! So many prospect. I heard we are wrapping up a deal for hellas verona jorginho. Who is a spectacular player. Now I can see gallani’s plans…so sory I doubted him.

    • we need experienced players too,we need kaka to lead youngsters,we can’t win any titles with kids, elshaarawy is doing very good because of ambrosini,at the moment he and monty and also pazzo and nocerino are leading this young team.

  16. Guys,bonera can’t improve anymore,,its true that,he play for milan with his heart,the problem is that,he cant play more than that,cuz he is not technicaly gifted,,we are not equal

  17. Gk : Andrea Consigli
    Df : Santon,Albertazzi or Ogbona
    Mf : Strootman,Clasie,Obiang
    Attack : Icardi,Belfodil

  18. @raden, Kaka is no “real” number 10 or modern AMF.

    A modern Amf(trequatista) is a complete player.
    Brilliant in his passes & also able to defend & pressure 4 d ball.
    Sneijder, Hamsik, Modric, Iniesta, Shweinsteiger, are names dat readily cum 2 mind.

    Kaka on d other hand, needs a more complete midfielder beside him 4 him 2 be at his best.
    At Milan, kaka played in d CMF role alongside Seedorf, in d 4-3-2-1.

    Ever wondered why Mourinho doesn’t use him?

    Lets just 4get abt Kaka.
    If he comes 4 free, all good.
    Bt nt 4 d amount Real is asking for.

  19. the only position we need renforsement is CB and may be GK, it depends on Abbiati
    its my first comment in this site but i am a follower for long time


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