Report: Psg reject Milan’s Pastore loan offer


AS EXPECTED, Paris Saint-Germain have told Milan they have no interest loaning the Argentina man.

Milan are need for reinforcements in midfield due to the poor performances of Kevin-Prince Boateng and the injury of Nigel De Jong and in the last days it was suggested that Milan are interested in Javier Pastore.

The former Palermo man has always been liked by the management of the Rossoneri and has found limited success this year under Carlo Ancelotti so Milan reportedly asked Paris SG to take him on loan.

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According to today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, after a meeting between Ancelotti and Psg President Nasser Al Khalifa, Milan received a negative answer regarding the option to loan the 23-year-old international attacking midfielder. It appears that now El Flaco is no longer an option and Milan will look elsewhere.

Gazzetta also claims that Milan are thinking about Kevin Strootman as a replacement for De Jong. Milan have been scouting him for a long time and could make a move for him this January – though his agent claims he’s never heard from Milan: “I’ve not had contact with Galliani or with Milan or with any Serie A club,” Chiel Dekker said. “In Italy they continue to write of team’s interest but in reality there’s nothing.”

The story on Pastore and Strootman in today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport (screenshot)

Milan were linked with Daniele De Rossi yesterday but Adriano Galliani says it is certainly not an option and did his regular talking of ‘we are fine as we are’, claiming no midfielders will come or go in January.

“De Rossi and Sissoko? No, we’ll remain as we are. De Rossi is impossible. We’ll keep our midfielders, and De Jong will be replaced by one of our own players,” Galliani said. “I swear that El Shaarawy will stay at Milan. I have already asked Berlusconi to come to Milanello on Saturday ahead of Pescara game.”

While one should never take Galliani’s words too seriously, it also seems unlikely that Milan will make a big signing in January – unless President Silvio Berlusconi intends to give the fans another ‘gift’…


  1. Embarassing…they want quality players, but never made a good proposal…if B and G don’t want to spend…just use traore..

  2. Here is an idea just promote from the Primavera. Wait being AC Milan we will most likely sell our Primavera players to Chievo, Genoa, Varese etc then get them back on loan.

  3. Strootman would be an ideal player to sub De jong with…he also has great vision, shooting and passing. Don’t know if we can afford him though.
    If it was up to me, I’d rather spend money on a defender. Ogbonna and/or Dedé. Even though it’s highly unlikely for both of them to join us now, it would be a great and nice centre back pairing.
    We could simply turn to Cristante, give him some playing time, like De Sciglio got his playing time last season, and now look at him! It would be great…
    And PSG were always going to turn the loan offer down, especially with Pastore´s new found form recently.
    Let’s see what happens in january.

  4. sulley muntari is a crappy player, very average & needs to play in the epl. it’s unfortunate that we can’t land pastore, the best cam. just needs time to mature. astori is doing well at cagliari & milan should get him. i haven’t seen a lot of strootman but he seems good & a perfect replacement for de jong. super mario needs to come right mentally, he’s similar to pato in that they both struggling to reach their fool potential. berlusconi seems to be paying more attention to milan, maybe it’s a pr ploy but it can only mean better signings…

  5. Compliment of D season! I dont like d way fans wrote or write on rossoneri wall. Well, 4rm my own point of view,Milan,will sign QUALITY players in january 2013. Also, ac milan 3 vs reggiana 0. Ac milan 3 vs pescara 0. Forza milan! Forza azzurri!

  6. Pastore was neva gonna come winter . He was awesome in his last game so no . Even f.anderson cant play til summer as he is non eu . Van ginkel , clasie or even lodi wud b gud at dis point .

  7. not evri1 who claims to b a milanista is. Spoilt brats! Go support psg or cfc and leave us alone. Empty plastic fans!

  8. @milanista 121 im against cristante starting now . I tink it wud b too soon . Both ses n des were introduced slowly into d team n i dnt tink our team can rely on a 17 year old boy for defensive cover . We cud really use a ddr type player

    • I think he should be given a chance, and I doubt he’ll play all matches there even if he was to impress in the role. That’s why I compared him to De Sciglio, he got the chance when Abate was injued, even though he impressed, he didn’t start all the matches from there on, he took the next step in the coming season and I hope Cristante will be able to do the same. Well even if Cristante won’t play at all this season I hope that he will be promoted this coming season.

  9. Kevin Strootman is the man we need.. he’s a young player with a good attitude.. very powerfull,and he has a great technique and excellent stamina.. !

  10. @ lloyd i dnt tink muntari is a bad player . He was great for us defensively last year . If he is fully fit then we wont need a replacement for ndj

  11. Let’s try to promote cristante as DM and valoti as AM. I want to humiliate KPB if valoti is better than KPB as AM.

  12. Players especially fancy ones would never join Milan in this situation. There’re some great and young talented players in the youth team that we can recruit.

  13. I don’t buy the idea of Milan investing on average players when we have youths who could develop into Milan standard, afterall its a new youth project and if we truely want to follow the process our youth should be given some chance. Chelsea are seriously after Cristante which is a good sign we have a brilliant talent, look at Reus, De sciglio, El Shaawary, even Messi etc. Please youth development is the way forward.

    • I don’t think we have to buy a lot of players but it won’t hurt to have some on the pitch who can help our youth products moving fwd. Also, the aforementioned players in this post are not average.

      We do need to give some of our youths more time on the pitch (I’m still annoyed Petagna didn’t get any time vs Zenit) but we should also bring in a few players who can give us more depth at various positions.

      A core of homegrown talent with a supporting cast of young champions from elsewhere would be ideal.

  14. Same ol’ AC “Miloan”

    I would love it if we purchase Strootman and Eriksen outright as both are young players who can have a lasting impact on the club.

    Strootman in particular would be great as he can play centrally (hopefully Cristante gets his shot as well) or next to De Jong/Strasser in the DM position of a 4-2-3-1 and we can move Montolivo further up the pitch.

  15. Kevin Strootman is not expensive at all. He is valued at aroung 15m. So he would be the best option but ofcourse he will not arrive.

    I dont understand why Galliani play mind games with the fans especially knowing that PSG, Man City and Real Madrid would NEVER loan Pastore, Tevez, Balotelli or Kaka!

    Galliani wants to make the fans believe they are doing something when in fact they have NO intention to buy any players that we are link with.

    So dont get your hopes up fellow Rossoneri’s…Its just the usually BS!

    • There’s no such thing as Bayern Moch so “b sure b4 postin” applies to you as well my friend.

      If you mean Borussia Monchengladbach, it’s true he played for them at the senior level. However, he spent time at the youth setup of his current club, Borussia Dortmund.

      Of those mentioned, SES is not a product of his current senior team.

  16. Looks like balotelli might be coming next month. City declared him as damaged goods and will offload him to highest bidder which with his behavior his stock dropped so we could snap him up for around 10 mil

    I think if he comes to milan he will become a champion and get his act together

  17. I c ur point but wat im saying is dat we hav more pressin issues ( max points ) n wit our current team it is hard enuf . N i also dnt buy into the youth hype really . Viudez, piccolo , paloschi ,verdi , calvano n merkel hav been hyped n didnt turn out so gud . Really glad des luks gud . I just dnt wanna put my hopes on a kid . Dat been said i hope he n niang or carmona play coppa . I was a bit interested afta dat friendly wit inter

  18. D truth is we all are speculatin n fantasizin . Just luv ur team . B angry , b sad , b hapi but b a milan fan n support d team now . I hope we strengthen ( dnt expect balo or pastore) but if we dnt , i wil cheer milan like i always do . Bashin our current player wnt change a tin . It just give u a bad week .

  19. I just believe this whole Pastore story is false.
    January is upon us and its normal 4 rumours to flood d press, judging by d way we conducted business last summer, its normal dat every rumour linking a player to Milan wud have ‘loan’ attached 2 it.

    As regard the January transfer window and subsequent windows, i don’t xpect anything special.

    I ve said it b4 dat wat B & G is doing is saving money and nt investing on youth.

    Promising youngsters don’t come cheap (el-sharaway certainly didn’t).
    So xcept Milan is willing to give d youth players first team football, they shud be willing to spend 10mill. on a talent.
    If not, Milan wud jst continue being a laughing stock n dumping ground for rejects.

    I hope i am proven wrong though!

  20. Just sell those players that the club don’t need like flamini mesbah traore then buy at least 2 players that we really need and have great qualities like strootman etc.. and please give a Damn chance for niang to play he need more experience and play time in that age don’t ever waste a talent like him

  21. cristante has been playing a as a right sided centre back for the primavera and hes been top draw i hear, ovbiously his main position is midfield but who knows what position he’s gonna play for us but hes a great talent.

    Also a lot of credit has to go to allegri for the development of el sharaawy and de sciglio , so we have to give credit to allegri where its due so whatever way he deals with cristante’s development i trust him because look at de sciglio and el sharaawy. The best pleasure about our 3 young best talent el sharaawy ,de sciglio and cristante our all italian and all great teams have a national side core.
    so whatever b and g do i trust them

    • Agree with you, I would like it if he would get his chance in at least 1 or 2 games this season like De Sci last season, and then full on with the first team next season.
      Like you said, credit should be given where it’s due, and he’s handled them very well indeed!

  22. Kaka would be the perfect player for this squad. He has great quality in his game, experienced, an ex Milanista who loves the club, knows the club. Would guide and complement SES, Bojan and co very nicely.

    • Agree, it would be a dream to see him back with us either in January or in the summer, doesn’t matter really!

  23. we need a sticker play besite El Sharaawy! A AM like Strootman and some center defendent… call to Munich and talking about Hummels….:D

  24. Dont keep ur hope too high coz after january market u ll all be talking about summer again…..i heard a rumour about we signing naingolan of cagliari hop its true with dede erickson or strootman,pastore and bony

  25. Allegri is over the moon over this!! Hr rather have flamini as CAM than a natural playmaker.

    Alleri’s body is starting to shake whenever he hears playmaker. Because it would threaten his actuall favorite midfield which is flamini-ambrosini-muntari/nocerino

    • Haha totally! And Bonera starting in defence. He’s up for a Bosman; god I hope he leaves but of course it won’t happen as he’s obviously related somehow to Allegri.

  26. I am never proud of our management since 2007:
    we need to sign good players even if not expensive in January.

  27. They are both great players ….
    As a matter of fact I always thought Kevin Strootman will come to Milan at the beginning of the season but Money was always an issue. How is it any different now?

  28. he will sell SES and replacing him with any player on loan or plus 30 of age i think toni or an avg plyr like lanzafame haha…


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