Galliani: “Berlusconi, El Shaarawy and the Scudetto…”


ADRIANO GALLIANI says the title is virtually impossible and claims there’s only one like El Shaarawy.

Milan are finding form and picked up 10 points from their last 4 games in all competitions. Milan reached the knock out stage of the Champions League (seasonal objective) and are currently seventh in Serie A.

The Rossoneri have scored 24 league goals so far this season – 12 of them were scored by Stephan El Shaarawy and CEO Galliani said Berlusconi will let Stephan keep his hair as long as he keeps scoring.

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“The Berlusconi talisman works. I spoke with the President and I asked him to come back on Saturday and he accepted. It seems we should have called him up for pre-season then we’d be challenging for the title,” Adriano Galliani said. “We’re in better shape and we’re playing with more determination. We’re doing well.

“El Shaarawy is going beyond our expectations. He only turned 20 a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know if many other attackers his age are scoring with his continuity. El Shaarawy is a serious and mature player. He seems older than he actually is. He scored yet another beautiful goal yesterday (the 2nd one). It was an absolute wonderstrike. President Berlusconi will let El Shaarawy keep his hair style if he keeps on scoring.

“El Shaarawy had some problems when he arrived from Padova but now he’s one of the biggest talents in the world.  There is only one player (in his age) like him in the world and that is (Santos’ star) Neymar.

“Kevin-Prince Boateng scored a good goal, an important one, typical Boateng goal. He has those kind of strikes in him.  Milan are growing and are getting better.  If we can win the Scudetto? Absolutely not. We started very poorly and it’s unthinkable, even if we continue like this. We have to take it one game at a time and try to climb the table getting as many points as possible. The market? We have 32 players now; we are many, perhaps too many. I believe that (in the summer) Milan built a good team for the league.

“The controversy (surrounding El Shaarawy’s first goal v Catania which was scored from offside)? Last season, Robinho was denied a goal that would’ve been decisive for the title against Catania. ‘C’est la vie’.

“Milan have regained confidence. At the start of the season the players were discouraged and President Berlusconi has been fundamental in restoring trust in the players. We’ve found belief in our own ability again after the start.” Berlusconi visited Milan before the Napoli, Juventus and Catania games this season.

“If the Champions League will be expanded? I don’t think Michel Platini’s proposal will go through. The TV-rights until 2018 have already been sold. I think that the CL will stay as it is, with 32 teams. Perhaps the EL semifinalists will get access to the Champions League the following year,” Galliani concluded.

Berlusconi revealed last week that Milan’s new direction is investing in youth and mainly sign future champions, and not already-made champions who cost more. Galliani will be in charge of this operation.


  1. i knew this was gonna come from galliani, saying that the team is competitive and that we dont need to sign anyone.
    guess what galliani, it is not we have won 2 in a row yes but we are playing like a provincial side and we will not get in ucl because juventus,inter and napoli,roma and fiorentina are stronger and have more quality than us and in the ucl we have not chance of going throught to the quater finals.

    we only have 4 top players that deserve to wear our shirt el shaarawy,montilivo,de jong and de sciglio, the rest are average at best. ps acerbi is shit

  2. We need to work very hard to beta our position on the league table,seventh place is not our position.we need to buy more quality player to beef up our square.forza milan.Zenit is next on our list.

  3. i dont agree with you franco. we will grow. on paper, we have better and quality players compared to the teams you mentioned. on a good day, we play better football than them. its just a matter of time, we will get there. and with a better coach that plays creatively, our team can go far. you forgot that we are in re-construction process. it is better to build with young and up coming stars than to have already made stars. we are milan, we make stars. dont you see what is happening to some team that have invested so much money? e.g. chelsea etc.

    • i agree with u, we have alot of quality names, we just need another midfielder, kaka or sniejder and i thing we are good, and obviously mbiwa.

      acerbi zap and mbiwa are our future, who will make the cut for 2 cbs tho. de scig is our future maldini, elsha is the future player of the year, bojan and pato can hopefully find form along with kpb, (bojan is accutally in form just need to finish beter.) and we have a great team for the future

      forza milan

  4. Gabriel(leaves on loan)
    Djamel Mesbah(sold)
    Philippe Mexes(sold and a good replacement gotten, though he has been great the last couple of games)
    Dídac Vilá(sold because he won’t be given a chance)
    Giampaolo Pazzini(Sold)

    Get in: CM, CAM, CB, ST during the winter. Your thoughts of some names??

    • I would love N’koulou or Ogbonna, Mvila or Strootman, Djuricic or Felipe Anderson, and Balotelli or Rodrigo

    • imo, give villa a chance, he could be our star lb in the future, keep robinho and mexes, sell the rest and loan gabriel. my starting xl now

      de scig mex zap constant
      monty jong noc
      robin pato ses

      my xl in 2+ years
      de scig zap acerbi, mbiwa villa
      monty ? ?
      bojan/? pato ses

  5. the best player milan should go for in january are defender: dede/ogbona/sakho, MF; Erikson,schurllre, Filipe anderson nd give carmona/christante playin time FW ; bony/ macheda/jelavic…. Players that should be sold in january are zapata, mesbah, didac vila,pazzini, niang, traore, flamini, muntari, robinho,ambro-retire,bonera,antonini,

  6. @milanLEGEND, Don’t be deluded. This team needs up to 3 to for quality addition in January. No one is asking for 20m’s 30m’s kind of player but quality and upcoming players that can bring creativity to our midfield is needed. Only three clubsides qualify for ucl next season and missing out will cause us more harm financially than what we are trying to save. players like strootman are young and won’t cost us a fortune to purchase. Even the potential teams we stand to face in the knockout stages are all very strong so we must be prepared or be ready to pack our bags.

  7. Don’t worry, we will get new players in January, Didac and Traoré will most probably leave, Mesbah also, if he stops being so stubborn. At least they will leave.
    Perhaps Strasser on loan as well, to get some rythm back after his injury at the beginning of the season? Even though I like him and he should get a chance. Maybe Flamini will leave as well, but I don’t know.
    We need one central defender now, and please I really hope we get Kaka back as he seems bound to leave madrid, hopefully for us!

  8. Berlusconi is visiting the team because there is no money for signings.
    So he’s trying to give the team a boost to camouflage the deficiencies and don’t hire quality reinforcements.

    Galliani only came to reinforce that now.

    • Yes to the areas you said we need to reinforce, but no to the names. Perhaps Lewandowski, we don’t need Götze and I don’t think we’ll be able to get him anyway, and a big BIG no to that scum Lucio.

  9. “Kevin-Prince Boateng scored a good goal, an important one, typical Boateng goal. He has those kind of strikes in him.”

    Probably G didn’t even saw the goal, because Prince has probably never actually scored with placement at Milan.

  10. Don’t expect too much from Galliani and Berlusconi…probably, they will dispointed fans again next transfer windows…

  11. I don’t mind…this January we need to offload more than anything else..I don’t mind if we don’t acquire any player, but end of the season its a “MUST”

  12. We need to sell:amelia,abiatti,mexes,acerbi,yepes,bonera,antonini,mesbah,flamini,muntari,traore,ambrosini,nocerino,emanuelson,robinho,pazzini.
    To buy:Lloris,howedes,mussachio,mbiwa,fabio,strootman or mvilla,felipe anderson,bojan;
    And sell boateng to buy eriksen or isco
    I think this would be a good team for the next season…

  13. I would ask administrators and moderators to make report on our players in Seria A and Seria B.

  14. Rumours has it that Berlusconi has decided that he wants to bring Balotelli to us in January, let’s see how serious the rumour is.

      • Yes, I think it’s going to be Robinho though…
        Neymar went out today and said that he wanted him to come back to Santos, I think most signs point to it being Robi leaving, if we’re really getting Balo in January that is…

  15. Ac milan has bin pleading on italian fa to allow Hachim mastour wu is 15years to make is debut.but d rules is 16 b4 playing in a top flight team in italy.


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